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Labeling of certain containers.


Penalty for violation.

When effective.

[No. 176.]

AN ACT to regulate the sale of condensed milk, and to provide for the labeling thereof so as to prevent fraud and deception.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

SECTION 1. Every container of evaporated, concentrated or condensed whole milk, and every container of evaporated, concentrated or condensed skimmed milk, sold or offered for sale or had in possession or custody with intent to sell by any person, firm or corporation within this State, shall have plainly printed thereon in the English language, or attached thereto on some firmly affixed tag or label, a formula for extending the said evaporated, concentrated or condensed milk and said evaporated, concentrated or condensed skimmed milk, respectively, with water. The formula for the extension of said evaporated, concentrated or condensed whole milk shall be such that the resulting milk product shall not be below the Michigan standard of milk solids or fat for whole milk, and shall be in the following form: By adding.. of water to one part of the contents of this can a resulting milk product will be obtained which will not be below the legal standard for whole milk. The formula for the extension of said evaporated, concentrated or condensed skimmed milk shall be such that the resulting milk product shall not be below the Michigan standard of milk solids for skimmed milk, and shall be in the following form: By adding.... of water to one part of the contents of this can a resulting milk product will be obtained which will not be below the legal standard for skimmed milk.

SEC. 2. Whoever, himself or by his servant or agent, or as the servant or agent of any person, firm or corporation, sells, exchanges or delivers, or has in his custody or possession with intent to sell, exchange or deliver any container of evaporated, concentrated or condensed milk, within this State, not marked or labeled in compliance with the provisions of this act shall, for the offense, be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not less than three nor more than six months.

SEC. 3. The provisions of this act with reference to the labeling of containers of condensed, concentrated and evaporated skimmed milk shall take effect upon the first day of October, in the year nineteen hundred thirteen; the remaining provisions of this act shall take effect upon the first day of January in the year nineteen hundred fourteen. Approved May 2, 1913.

[No. 177.]

AN ACT to provide for the health and safety of persons employed in and about the coal mines of Michigan, for the appointment, qualifications, duties and compensation of an inspector of mines, and for the protection and preservation of property connected therewith, and to provide penalties for the violation thereof, and for the repeal of all acts and parts of acts inconsistent herewith.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

SECTION 1. For the purposes of this act, the terms and Ț definitions contained herein shall be as follows:


Mine. In this act the term "Mine" includes the shafts, M slopes and drifts connected with excavations penetrating the coal stratum or strata, which excavations are ventilated by one general air current, or divisions thereof, and connected by one general system of mine railroads, over which coal may be delivered to one or more points outside the mine, when such is operated by one operator. Excavations and workings. The term "Excavations and E Workings" includes all the excavated portions of a mine, those abandoned, as well as the places actually being worked; also all underground workings and shafts, slopes, tunnels and other openings, in the course of being sunk or driven, together with all roads, appliances, machinery and material connected with the same below the surface.


Shaft. The term "Shaft" means a vertical opening through s the strata that is or may be used for the purpose of ventilation or drainage, or for hoisting men, coal or material, or both, in connection with the mining of coal.

Slope. The term "Slope" means an incline or opening used for the same purpose as a shaft.

Operator. The term "Operator" means any firm, corporation or individual operating any coal mine, or any part thereof.

Superintendent. The term "Superintendent" means the person who shall have, on behalf of the operator, immediate supervision of one or more mines.

Mine foreman. The term "Mine Foreman" means the person whom the operator or superintendent shall place in charge of the inside workings of the mine and of the persons employed therein.

Inspector. The term "Inspector" means the person commissioned by the Commissioner of Labor to have supervision of the mines as hereinafter prescribed.

Mine committee. The term "Mine Committee" means men employed to represent the miners.



Further proviso.

Appointment of Mine Inspector.

SEC. 2. An inspector of coal mines shall be appointed by the Commissioner of Labor, subject to the approval of the Governor of the State, who shall have had at least eight years' experience in the mine, three years of which he was employed in mining and loading coal, and he shall not, while in office, be interested as owner, operator, agent, director or otherwise interested in any coal mine, gas, oil or other mining interest, directly or indirectly, or in any way whatever be connected with a miners' organization during his term of office, and he must have been a resident of the State at least five years before his appointment to office, and shall receive as a salary for his services the sum of four dollars per day, and in addition thereto shall be allowed an amount not exceeding seven hundred fifty dollars for traveling expenses per year. The inspector shall present all bills for traveling expenses to the Commissioner of Labor, and the same shall be approved by him before being presented to the Board of State Auditors for allowance. The salary and expense of the inspector shall be paid semi-monthly from the general fund of the State upon warrants drawn by the Auditor General.

Police Powers of Inspector.

SEC. 3. The inspector of mines is hereby empowered to act as police officer with full power to arrest and detain any person found violating any provisions of this act, or engaged in any attempt to violate this law or any part thereof, or against whom there is found any evidence of a previous violation of this law: Provided, however, That no such person shall be detained for any period of time longer than twenty-four hours without warrant or the fil ing of a charge against him in a court of competent jurisdiction. Such inspector shall also have the power to immediately stop the operation of any coal mine, or part thereof, in which any dangerous or unlawful condition is found: Provided, however, That where conditions exist justifying him to do so, he may grant a reasonable length of time for making necessary repairs: And Provided further, That where any stop is enforced, such inspector shall have the power to subsequently allow such mine, or part of mine to be re-opened when the dangerous or unlawful conditions have been remedied or removed, so that they no longer exist.

Authority to Enter.

SEC. 4. It shall be lawful for the inspector of mines to enter, examine and inspect at any and all seasonable times, by day or by night, but so as not to unreasonably obstruct or hinder the working of such coal mine, and the operator

of every such coal mine is hereby required to allow free access for making such examination and inspection.

Posting Notices.

SEC. 5. The result of all coal mine inspections made by the inspector of the mines, showing all his conclusions as to the condition or safety of the mines and orders given in the inspection of any coal mine, shall be posted in writing at the entrance to such mine immediately upon the conclusion of each inspection, and he shall furnish a copy of such report to the mine office, and also to the mine committee. The inspector of mines shall make personal inspection of all coal mines in the State at least four times each year.

Inspector of Weights.

SEC. 6. The State coal mine inspector shall be ex officio inspector of weights, measures and scales used at coal mines, and he is hereby empowered and it shall be his duty to test all the scales, correctly measure the weight of such coal, and if defects or irregularities are found in such scales, which prevent correct weights and measurements, the inspector shall call the attention of the mine owner, agent or operator to such defects, and shall direct the same to be at once properly adjusted and corrected.

Test Weights.

SEC. 7. For the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this act, the State inspector shall be furnished by the State with a complete set of standard weights, suitable for testing the accuracy of track scales and of all smaller scales at mines. Such test weights shall remain in the custody of the inspector for use at any point within the State, and for any amounts expended by him for storage, transportation or handling of the same, he shall be fully reimbursed upon making entry of the proper items in his expense voucher.

Weighmen to Make Oath.

SEC. 8. All weighmen who shall perform the duty of weighing coal shall be sworn by some one competent to administer a legal oath, that they will perform their duty accurately and impartially as between employers and employes, and that they will honestly report and record all weights of coal with which they are entrusted. The coal mine employes shall have the right to name a competent and fair check weighman, who shall be paid by the employes and be sworn by one authorized to administer oaths.

PUBLIC ACTS, 1913-No. 177.

Map of Mines.

Copies Furnished Mine Inspector. Sur-
veys Ordered. When.

SEC. 9. The owner, operator, lessee or person in charge of any coal mine, shall make or cause to be made an accurate map or plan of such mine, drawn to a scale of not more than two hundred feet to the inch, on which shall appear the name of the State, county and township in which the mine is located, the designation of the mine, the name of the company or owner, operator, lessee or person in charge, the certificate of the mining engineer or surveyor as to the accuracy and date of the survey, the north point and the scale to which the drawing is made. Every such map or plan shall correctly show the surface, boundary lines of the coal rights pertaining to each mine, and all sections or quarter section lines or corners within the same; the lines of town lots and streets; the tracks and sidetracks of all railroads, the location of all wagon roads, rivers, streams, ponds. For the underground workings said map shall show all shafts, slopes, tunnels, or other openings to the surface or to the workings of a contiguous mine, all excavations, entries, rooms and crosscuts; the location of the escape ways, and of the fan or other means of ventilation, and the direction of air currents and the location of permanent pumps, hauling engines, engine plans, abandoned work, fire walls and standing water. A separate and similar map drawn to the same scale in all cases, shall be made of each and every seam of coal operated in any mine in this State. A separate map shall also be made of the surface whenever the surface buildings, lines or objects are so numerous as to obscure the details of the mine workings, if drawn upon the same sheet with them, and in such case the surface map shall be drawn upon transparent cloth or paper, so that it can be laid upon the map of the underground workings and thus truly indicate the local relations. of lines and objects on the surface to the excavations of the mine, together with any other principal workings of the mine. The original or true copies of all such maps shall be kept at the office of the mine, and true copies thereof shall also be furnished the State inspector of coal mines within thirty days after the completion of the same. The maps so delivered to the inspector shall be the property of the State, and shall remain in the custody of the Commissioner of Labor during his term of office, and be delivered to his successor in office. They shall be kept at the office of the Commissioner of Labor, and be open to examination of all persons interested in the same, but such examination shall be made only in the presence of the inspector, Commissioner of Labor, or his office assistant; no copies of the same to be made without the written consent of the operator or owner of the property, except as herein otherwise provided. An accurate extension of the


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