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faithful performance of his duties and the accounting of all funds and moneys, material and apparatus coming into his hands; which bond shall run to the board of supervisors of such county and shall be filed in the office of the county clerk thereof, and action may be brought thereon for violations of its conditions and provisions, the same as on other county officers' bonds running to said board.

raised, etc.

SEC. 7. The fund created by this act shall be raised and Fund, how collected as are other taxes for county expenses, and paid over to the county treasurer, and by him kept separate from all other funds, and to be paid out only on the order of said farm commissioner or transferred to the general fund of such county as hereinafter specified.

account of,

SEC. 8. Such commissioner shall keep an accurate account Expenditures, of all of the expenditures by him made from such fund and etc. of the orders drawn thereon, and he shall make annual report of all such expenditures and orders drawn, and of his doings and actions in full to the board of supervisors of such county at each annual October meeting thereof.

SEC. 9. The duties of such commissioner in general shall Duties of be as follows:

a. To be of every material benefit and assistance to the farming and fruit interests of his county;

b. To render advice and instruction to the people of the county who need help most, to make for successful cultivation and cropping of the soil for all products grown therefrom;

C. To contract with farmers and fruit growers throughout the county for demonstration and experimental purposes, for acreage of ground and orchards or small fruits, to the end that each farmer or fruit grower so contracted with will fertilize, fit for crops, plant and sow to crops and care for and harvest the same in accordance with the instruction and direction of such commissioner, but without compensation; such farmer to have the crop grown thereon and to keep such records and data concerning the same, as to the kind of seed and fertilizer used, cultivation, rain fall on same, harvest, care and yield of crop and other information as such commissioner shall require;

d. Such commissioner to so manage and keep records of each tract that each may be such a demonstration and experiment station in itself as to tend to bettering future conditions;

e. To instruct as far as possible the inhabitants as to important farm questions relating to soil fertility, crop rotation, fertilizers (crop and commercial), kinds of crops best adapted to various soils, and in every way to raise and improve the standard of farming and fruit growing;



May contract with farmers, etc.


Office fixtures, etc., may purchase.


Supervisors may discontinue office.


f. To work in conjunction with the Michigan Agricultural College or any governmental or State aid that may be secured by federal or State appropriations for similar purposes;

g. To stimulate interest for more scientific farming and fruit growing, and in every reasonable and practical way raise the standard of farming and fruit growing in such county.

SEC. 10. Said commissioner shall keep an office in such county, and there keep on file and for public examination in systematic form, records, data and results of the various experiments and demonstrations in such a way as to be of the greatest benefit to the public, and turn over to his successor in office all the records, files and documents, fixtures, apparatus and material of his said office which shall belong to the county.

SEC. 11. Such commissioner may enter into contracts with farmers and fruit growers in his name of office, and sue them for violations thereof in his name of office, and may employ such assistants as he deems necessary to carry on the work outlined by this act to the best advantage: Provided, however, That said commissioner shall devote substantially his whole time to said work, and shall not expend portions of such development fund for other assistants, except when the same are necessary to carry out the purposes of this act to the best advantage and benefit to the people.

SEC. 12. Such commissioner is authorized to purchase such reasonable office fixtures and supplies and record books as are necessary to carry out the provisions of this act, and is authorized to purchase such reasonable supply of apparatus and chemicals and material as is necessary for him to test soils, fertilizers, spraying materials and seeds, and carry on experiments; but he shall make no charge for such testing nor for any other services performed under this act, and he shall receive no other or further compensation or fees than such as are prescribed by this act: Provided, however, That if such commissioner can procure adequate tests of above materials, soils, etc., at the Agricultural College of the State, it shall be the intent of this act that he shall so do, and only purchase material for or hire such tests made as are necessary for adequate and efficient service in the work of his said office.

SEC. 13. The board of supervisors of each county having appropriated or raised funds under this act may discontinue the office, and discontinue the raising of further funds thereunder by a resolution of such board adopted by a majority of the members thereof: Provided, however, That such action shall not terminate the office or salary of any commissioner elected thereunder until the expiration of his term of


office as provided herein: Provided further, That the said Further proviso, office shall not be terminated except by a referendum vote referendum. the same as is provided in section fifteen for its adoption. SEC. 14. No funds appropriated or raised under this act Funds, where shall be used for contribution to agricultural societies or any other purpose than that prescribed in this act: Provided, Proviso. however, That if such office and work should be discontinued by resolution of the board of supervisors, then in that case all moneys remaining in such development fund shall thereupon be by such county treasurer transferred to the general fund of such county: And Provided further, That funds Further raised under the act may, by resolution of the board of supervisors or by order of said farm commissioner, be appropriated or used to comply with and in co-operation with any State or governmental requirements for agricultural development, demonstration or experimental work in each county respectively.


SEC. 15. The provisions of this act shall not apply in any Referendum, county of this State until the question of adopting the same shall have been submitted to the qualified electors thereof. Such question may be submitted either by resolution of the board of supervisors or upon petition, signed by not less than five per cent of the qualified electors resident in such county, addressed to said board. Upon receipt of such petition it shall be the duty of the board of supervisors to submit the question at the first general election held after the meeting of the board at which the petition is presented, or at a special election called for that purpose. Ballots for the submission of such question shall be prepared and distributed by the same officers as are required by law to prepare and distribute ballots for county elections, and the canvass and return of the vote thereon shall be the same as is provided by law for the canvass and return of the vote upon county officers. If upon the canvass of the votes upon such question it shall appear that a majority of the electors voting thereon, are in favor of the adoption of the provisions of this act in their respective counties, then this act shall be in full force and effect in such county and not otherwise.

Approved April 16, 1913.

Drunkenness on train unlawful.

Idem, public drinking.

Conductor may make

arrest, etc.

May seize liquor.


[No. 68.]

AN ACT relating to drunkenness on railway trains or interurban cars, and prohibiting the drinking of intoxicating liquor thereon as a beverage, and providing for the arrest of offenders, and penalties for violation of this act.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

SECTION 1. No person shall while in an offensive state of intoxication enter or be on or remain upon any railway train or interurban car as a passenger.

SEC. 2. No person shall publicly drink any intoxicating liquor as a beverage in any railway train or coach, or interurban car, or give, or cause to be given to any other person therein, intoxicating liquor as a beverage, except in a compartment or place where such liquor is sold or served under the authority of a license lawfully issued.

SEC. 3. The conductor of any railway train or interurban car, may summarily arrest, with or without warrant, any person violating any of the foregoing provisions, and for such purpose shall have the same power and authority as any peace officer, including the power to summon assistance; and such conductor shall further have power to deliver any such person to any policeman, constable, or other public officer at the next station stop where such public officer can be found, and it shall be the duty of such officer to bring the person charged with such offense before the nearest justice of the peace or municipal court of the county where said offense was committed, and to make a complaint against such person, and such complaint made upon information and belief of said officer, shall be sufficient.

SEC. 4. The conductor of any railway train or interurban car may take from any person found violating any of the foregoing provisions, any intoxicating liquor then in possession of such person and deliver the same to the nearest station agent, giving the person from whom it was taken a receipt therefor. Upon the presentation and surrender of such receipt within ten days thereafter such liquor shall be delivered to the person presenting same, and if not so delivered within such time shall be destroyed by such station agent.

SEC. 5. Any person violating any of the provisions of this act shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than ninety days, or by both such fine and imprisonment in the discretion of the court.

Approved April 16, 1913.

[No. 69.]

AN ACT providing for State inspection of sugar beet testing, weighing and taring, the appointment of inspectors, and the payment for their services.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

testing, etc.,

SECTION 1. The Dairy and Food Commissioner of the State Sugar beet of Michigan shall select and appoint two inspectors of sugar inspectors. beet testing, weighing and taring, who shall be competent sugar chemists, and sugar testers of practical experience.


SEC. 2. Said inspectors at all times shall have access to Access to such laboratories and weigh stations as are maintained by etc. manufacturers of sugar in the State of Michigan, and shall devote their time during the active working season to the inspection of the beet sugar factories of the State.


SEC. 3. The head of the department of chemistry at the Uniform Michigan State Agricultural College, the State experiment method prestation chemist, and the State analyst shall prescribe a uniform method to be used in weighing, taring and testing all sugar beets purchased in the State of Michigan, by manufacturers of sugar, whether such beets be received at weigh stations or at the factory or factories owned by such sugar manufacturers; and the method thus prescribed shall be used by all manufacturers of sugar, purchasing beets in the State of Michigan; but all beets shall be tested for sugar content in the beet laboratories at the beet sugar factories.

SEC. 4. Whenever a petition, requesting the inspection of Petition for the work at any sugar beet testing laboratory or weigh sta- inspection, tion, is signed by one or more sugar beet growers, who are contractors with the sugar company conducting the laboratory or weigh station they desire inspected, is forwarded to the Dairy and Food Commissioner of the State of Michigan, it shall be the duty of an inspector to make the inspection requested, as soon as circumstances permit. And whenever any Complaint sugar manufacturer in the State of Michigan shall make com- against inplaint to the Dairy and Food Commissioner concerning the conduct of any of the inspectors, beet chemists, weigh men or tare men, at any factory or weigh station, it shall be the duty of the Dairy and Food Commissioner to cause an inspection to be made of the conduct of any such person so complained of, and to take such action as he may deem proper.


SEC. 5. The sugar companies shall keep a daily record Daily record. which shall show the name of the seller of beets, the weight and sugar per cent of all beets delivered, and such records shall be accessible to the inspectors at all times.

tax, how

SEC. 6. Each manufacturer of sugar in the State of Michi- Inspection gan shall render to the State Treasurer, within thirty days determined. after the close of the campaign each year, a sworn statement

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