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Act establishing Michigan Farm Colony for Epileptics.

Amending act providing for registration, etc., of motor vehicles.

Act regulating the sale of butter and cream.

183. Amending act providing for the examination, etc., of persons engaged in

the practice of dentistry.

184. Act regulating the business of selling farm products on commission.

185. Appropriation for State Board of Fish Commissioners; current expenses,

building and special purposes.

186. Act establishing a court of domestic relations in each county of population

of upwards of 250,000.

187. Appropriation for Michigan Home for Feeble-minded and Epileptic; special


188. Act relating to the conduct of hotels, inns and public lodging houses.

189. Appropriation for State Public School; current expenses, building and

special purposes.

190. Appropriation for Western State Normal School; current expenses, building

and special purposes.

191. Appropriation for Mackinac Island State Park and Michilimackinac State


192. Appropriation for Central Michigan Normal School; current expenses,

building and special purposes.

193. Act prohibiting misrepresentation and twisting of life insurance policies,


194. Act providing for incorporation of grand chapter of the Order of the

Eastern Star.

195. Amending act authorizing, etc., the business of plate glass, accident, em-

ployers' liability, etc., insurance.

196. Amending act providing for incorporation of medical milk commissions, etc.

197. Amending act revising, etc., the laws relating to public instruction and

primary schools; asistant superintendent.

198. Appropriation for Newberry State Hospital; building and special purposes.

199. Amending act providing for a State Live Stock Sanitary Commission.

Act for the suppression of contagious diseases among bees; creating in-

spector of apiaries; appropriation.

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