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He loath'd the Bird, or rather Beast,
That so befould her charming Nest,
And spoild that kind refreshing Smelt
Which Ry always lov'd so well,
That her past Service he rewarded,
And from that time the Punck discarded

Thus the who by her S--gn L---d
Wás for her Beauty once ador'd,"? 1
In one sad Hour loft Royal Favour,
By dropping what had too much favour,
So those who by good Turns have won 14,
And signal Friendsbips oft have done i,
Yet if they disoblige at last,
We bury all their Kindness paft.
Nay, Kings themselves, that are

for vain And gen'rous when they're pleas’d,

what then ? If vex'd they're just like other Men.

A third more beauteous than the reft, That proy'd a Snake in Royal Breast, ?


Was rais’d for hum’ring his Debauches,
From a lewd C-----fs to a D-fs;
But being troubl’d, as some say,
With such an Itch that none could lay,
She could not be content alone
To bind her Honour to the Throne,
But loving well the am'rous Sport,
Turn'd Prostitute to half the Court:
Nor would herG--ce confine her Favours
To their weak surfeited Endeavours,
But search'd both Play-houses and Fairs,
For Dancers of the Ropes and Players,
Such that would drudge as hard to earn
The Pence, as Thrashers in a Barn,
Exert their Strength and strain their Si-

(news For a green Purse half fill'd with Guineas This made the Court as mad as Devils To find they had such scoundrel Rivals, That they, to be reveng'd upon her, Whisper'd to R----y the Dishonour


Done him by such a Jilting H---fy,
Who'd so abus'd her T--zy-m--zy:
This made the King at once resign her,
Altho' he he never had a finer.
So the clofe Harlot that detects
Her Neighbour joyning Sex with Sex,
Will cry out Whore upon the Dame,
Expose her Faults to publick Shame,
Tho' me herself has done the same.

The M----rch, tho’ in Pocket low,
Being proud, at his Expence, to know
What difference Nature had begot,
Berwixt a French and English T-t,
Takes a gay Tit from France to mount,
The Caft-off of a Paris Count,
With Apple-Face and slener Walte,
All over Jilt, yer looking Chaste;
With her the M---ch next agreed, :
To pleasure his adult'rous Bed,
That he might know the worth & nature
Of French Commodities the better.



This Madam with her nimble Scut, Now toffes My about, And from the Pockets of his Britches, Shakes out her R---y C-s--y's Riches, Thus like a true experienc'd W---, Ev'n keeps her very Keeper poor. Nor has he yer the sense to see How much his Generosity Dishonours his M----ck Station, And makes bim slighted by the Nation, Whilst she, her Country to advance, Sends golden Pies from hence to France, And strips the M-a-ch of our Ine, T'enrich her own dear native Soil : Is but a treach'rous Spy upon him, To hug him till she's quite undone him, Does all his grand Affairs discover; To cunning L---s at the Louvre. O C---s! how happy had we been, Hadst thou but had a fruitful Queen Or else been Gelt before Fifteen.


Besides these mercenary Crew, Who drain his Purse and

- too, And with their B---d Broods deceive him Of all the Wealth the People give him' Yet such a Crowd of Ladies ply Around his Throne, who, by the by, Are proud to ease his L---ry That scarce a D-fs of Renown, Or wanton C---ss in the Town, But wait the motion of his L--ft, In hopes to have one R-- T--It, Each striving when his Love grows

(fervent To be his very humble Servant; Well knowing that the only means To win the Favour of their P---ce, Is to surrender when he's ready, The Seat of Honour in a Lady; Then let 'ein ask what 'tis they want And T --- will gain what Merit can't. Thus he that needs a Boon at Court, And has but small Pretentions fort,


C 2

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