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[N. B. The figures with crotchets refer to the History; those with a * to the

Appendix to Chronicle, &c.; and the others to the Chronicle.]

ACCIDENTS : at Friary chapel, Callan, action for libel, Root v. Editors of

1; in a mine at Whitehaven, ib.; on the New York American, 105
the ice, St. James's-park, 3; two America, South; relaxation of the navi-
wherrymen drowned at London gation laws, in fayour of the new
Bridge, 7; a leopard gets loose at states, [67] ; war between Brazil and
Mold, 9; bursting of a cannon, Buenos Ayres, 384. See Bolivia,
Gravesend, 23; accident at an ex Brazil, Buenos Ayres, Chili, Colom-
hibition of wild beasts, 27; explo, bia, - Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Rio
sion of fire-damp, ib.; horses in a de la Plata.
hackney coach drowned, 28 ; Dorking Antigua ; petition from the House of
coach overturned, 52; six pilots Assembly to Parliament, [157]
drowned, 55; bursting of the Pad- Antiquities : excavation in Dalmatia,
dington canal, 68; R. Gower and his 13; fresco discovered at Pompeii, 16;
wife drowned, 69; scaffold breaks temples, &c. at Brescia, 124; shield
down at Mr. Green's ascent, City and sword found in the Witham, 127;
road, 70; Mary Belcher and children arch of Augustus, and mausoleum of
killed by an explosion of gunpowder, Julius Cæsar, at St. Remy, 130; piles
77; explosion in the Townley col discovered in the Thames, 147
lieries, 92 ; deaths by lightning, 96, Arctic expedition, 95, 170, 1716
104; explosion at Cowes, 107, fall' Arigna mining company, discussion on
of the town-hall tower, Limberg, in parliament, [184]
111; fall of a warehouse, Liverpool, Arson, trial of C. T. White for, 43*
120; fall of the cornice of Bow steeple, Ashantees; their territory attacked by
125; explosion of gas, Coburg the. the native chiefs and the British;
atre, 135; child drowned, Sheerness, under colonel Purdon, [223); total
138; explosion of a powder maga defeat of the Ashantees, (224)
zine, Ostend, 141 ; explosion of a dis- Assizes: Chester.-Joseph Whitelegg,
tillery, Shoreditch, 147; fall of stables, sedition, 124!
&c., Bartholomew Close, 152 ; ser Gloucester ; A. Briton and others,
vant girl falls into a well, 159 ; ex. assault and robbery, 118
plosion in the Graham steam-packet, Kingston ; T. Jones, uttering a forged
170 ; fall of the Guards' club-house, note, 190

171 ; mate of a tender drowned; 196 Lancaster; James Evans, murder of
Acts of Parliament, 306

Mr. Price, 33; J. Stott, and T.
Adams, ex-president, United States, Barnes, assaulting and robbing a
death of, 263

Chinese, 122; Alex. and Michael
Africa, see Ashantees ; new colony at M'Keand, murder, 29*; James
Natal, 16

Chambers, &c. rioting, 32*
Albufera, duke of (Suchet), death of, 219's, Lewes, Hannah Russell and D.
Alexander, emperor, funeral of, 35) aj Leary, murder of Benjamin Rus.
Alien Act, expiry of [166];, new

sell, 26

Maidstone ; Joseph Finn, threatening
America, North ; see United States ; letter, 120

Canada naturalization act, [165); Staffordshire; W. Barnes and R.
pay of members of congress, 22;

Wood, poaching, 10

by cault, [222]

Taunton ; S. Gilbert, robbery and Blucher, monument to, Berlin, 95
assault, 52

Board of Trade, &c. Downing-street,
Warwick'; Michael Ford, murder, new buildings, 145

Boat-guns, new mode of working, 145.
York; J. Holdsworth and W. Bolton, Bode, astronomer, death of, 286
rioting, 31*

Boethius, translation of by queen Eliza-
Astorga library, 11

beth, discovered, 75
Astronomy, see Comet.

Bolivar returns from Peru to Colombia,
Atlandic and Pacific oceans, navigable (401); his views with regard to Peru
communication between, 145

suspected, [413] ; conspiracy against
Austria : proceedings of the Hungarian him, [414]; elected president of
- diet, (267); decrce against the slave Peru for life, ib.; gives a constitution
trade, [269]

to Bolivia, [415] ; his address to the

constituent congress of Bolivia, 114*
Baggesen, J. E. Danish poet, death of, Bolivia, plan of a constitution for, [415],

115* ; senate, 116* ; censors, ib. ;
Balloon : Mr. Green's'ascents, 48, 61; functions of the president, 117* ; of

novel aërial excursions, 62; Mr. the vice-president, 118* ; slavery
Green's third ascent, apd accident, prohibited, 121*
70; his ascent at Boston, 92; at Bradford, riots at, 72; inquest on Jonas
Vauxhall, 112

Barstow, killed in the riot, 73
Banditti, gang of, apprehended at Brazil, treaty concluded by France
Wickwar, 116

with, [253]; Don Pedro resigns his
Banking in Scotland, [25], [33], 64* claims to Portugal, [314]; war with
Bank-notes; prohibition against stamp-

Buenos Ayres, (384):

naval engage-
ing small notes, [6]; bill for pro ment, [386] ; plan for a constitution,
hibiting circulation of do., [9]

[387]; national assembly, [391]
Banks ; Mr. Hume's motion for return Bric, Mr., killed in a duel, 195

of bankrupt country banks, [8]; bill Bridge, Menai suspension, 14
prohibiting circulation of small notes, Brighton; murder of a woman by her
19) bauking system in Scotland, husband, 128
[25] ; bank of Ireland, [34]

British Museum, new building at, 145
(Bank of England, motion in parliament Brougham, Mr., motion respecting the
FB: for its įssuing small notes, [19] ; ar West-India colonies, [158]; atend-

rangements with government, [31]; ment to the king's speech, [176]
put allowed to establish branch banks, Brussels, hurricane at, 120; operations

on deaf and dumb persons, 185"}
19b security of goods, [38] : two sorts of Buckingham, Mr. petition' to parlia-

Exchequer bills held by, [74] ; cor ment against the India government,
2259 respondence between the directors

101 and the lords of the Treasury, rela- Budget, English, [69]; French, [229];

vd_tiye to its privileges, 57*

Mexican, [407)
il Bar merriment, 24

Buenos Ayres blockaded by Brazil,
Barbier, A. A., death of, 218

[385] ; naval engagement with the
Batavia, steam-boat built at, 22

Brazilian squadron, [386]
Bavaria character of the new king Burdett, sir F., speech on the corn-
dov: Louis, [266] ; his financial reforms, laws, [46]
&c. [267]

Burmese, recommencement of hostilities
:. Beechey, captain, his mission to captain with, [206]; advance of the Burmese
Franklin, 21

army to Prome, [207];' advance of
Bells at York minster and Bow church, the British to Melloone, and capture

of Patanagoh, [212] negotiations,
Berbiguer du Thym, M. singular pub. [213]; treaty broken off, (214); cap-
lication by, 188

ture of Melloone, [213] ; battle,
Berlin, Blucher's monument at, 95 (216); and capture of Pagahm-Mew,
Bathnal: Green,

Areen, riots and outrages at, (217); treaty concluded and ratified,

Bhurtpore attacked

d by lord Comber Burton-park, fire at, 184
mere, [220]; taken by
Biela, comet discovered 96

Cambridge, coins discovered, 19; dis.
Blackburn, riots at, 63

turbance at, 108

13411, agrees to advance upon the

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Commercial embarrassmento, [41

, [36];

Latham, robbing his employers,
message to congress, 104* ; . treaty

Campbell, T. Field-Flowers, 179*
Canning, Mr., speech on the affairs of [38], [41]
Portugal, [192], [200)

Conflagrations in the Highlands, 100 ;
Carlisle, riot, 94; murder of Mary in Sweden, 103; in Yorkshire, 106 ;
Brown, 136

in Aberdeenshire, iba
Cavern, subterraneous, discovered near Congress : Panama, [419] ; Columbia,
Leeds, 114

102* ; Mexico, 106
Chamois, present of, to the king, 13 Conspiracy in Russia, [274]
Chancery, parliamentary proceedings Constantinople, fire at, 148
respecting, [121]

Convention of Commerce with France,
Child, singular instance of the desertion 82*; with Sweden, 86"

of one, 155; one offered by its mother Convict boys, 21
for dissection, 158

Convocation of the clergy, address of
Chili; Chiloe taken from the royalists, the two houses of, 177

[416] ; insurrection in favour of Corn laws, discussions on, in parliament,
O'Higgins, ib. ; cabals, (417); Enca [44] ; in France, [233]
lada chosen supreme director, ib.; Coronation of the emperor of Russia,
he resigns, [418]; provision for pay 133
ing the interest of the loan, ib.; Corsica, poisoning in, 2
Freire's message at opening the Na Courts : Admiralty ; Salvage of the
tional Congress, . 119* ; agriculture, Wilhelmine Auguste,

60; Prize-
121* ; police, ib.; taxation and reve money of the late sir R. Hall,
nue, 122* ; navy, ib. ; division into l'; Slave-trading, 36, King v.
provinces, 123* ; foreign relations, ib. Kenny, manslaughter, 40*
Chinese college removed from Malacca Common Pleas, Tooth 0. Bagwell,
to Singapore, 18

right of lands, 12; Marsh,' v.
Cloyne, bishop of, death, 271

Horne, liability of carriers, 75;
Coal-pits, explosions in, 1, 27, 92

Fisher v. Stockdale, libel, 77
Cobbett. Mr., offers himself as a candi Kempson v. Saunders, rail-road

date for Preston, [170] ; his address shares, 47* ; Harris &c. v. Per-
to the mob, ib.

ring, joint-stock-company, 48*
Cochrane, lord, undertakes the com Court of Exchequer ; King vi Peto,

mand of a naval force in Greece, New Custom-House, 17, 23*

Edinburgh Jury Court; Dr. ''J.
Coins found at Cambridge, 19

Hamilton, jun, v. Dr. Hope, libel,
Cold, intensity of, 9

Collieries, disturbances at, near Dudley, King's-Bench, Guildhall 7 Bucking-

ham v. Bankes, libel, 49*
Colony, new one at Natal, 16

Old Bailey ; Mary Cain, for murder
Columbia ; discontent in Venezuela, of Maurice Fitzgerald,

5; F. J.
| [394] ; Paez impeached, (395) ; su-

preme authority conferred on him, 161; G. Ancliff and J. Hill, for
1'. (396) ; Venezuela and Apure declared causing the death of a child by
64, federal states, [400]; election of gin, 184; C. T. White, årson,

deputies, ib. ; return of Bolivar from 43*
B Peru, (401); non-payment of divi. Prerogative Court; Det v. Clark

dends on the loan, (402); laws regu and Clark, validity of Mr. Stott's
2.3. lating the public debt, [404); ware will, 6* ; Ustick v. Banden, revival
housing act, (406); vice-president's of an uncancelled will, 12

Requests ; Brown' v. Pearce, singular
with the

States, &c., 105* ; defence by the defendant, 196
finances, 106*;, treaty with Mexico, Sherif's Court; Messrs. Bell v. St.

Katherine's Dock Company, 54
Combe, Taylor, death of, 268

Cowes, explosion of powder, at, 1078
Combermere, lord, capture of Bhurtpore Crimes, state of Newgate, 24; increase

by, [220], [222] ; returns to Cal of committals, 198
cutta, [223]

Criminal law, bills for amending, [113],
Comet seen at Marseilles, 40 ; at [115]

Augsburg, 57; return of the comet Currency, metallic, advantages of [9];
of 1825, 70 ; Biela's comet, 96

gold, [15]
Commerce, treaty of, with France, 82* ; Custom-house, case respecting the build-
with Sweden, 86*

ing of, 17. 23

chartered schools, [132] ; law regu- Lunatics, returns of, 58
lating the sub-letting of property, Luxemburg, fortress ceded to the Ger-

[136] ; committee on tolls and cus man confederation, 39
stoms, [137]; outrages at Limerick

and Kiltinan, 26 ; distress in Dublin, Macdonald, sir Archibald, death of, 251
75; intended robbery at Eastly house, Mad-dog, singular encounter with, 52

near Mallow, prevented, 87, election Malte-Brun, geographer, death of, 289
i riots at Tralee and Galway, 105 ; Manchester, murder of Mr. Price, 18;

attack on the Dublin mail, 191; riots at, 66, 70, 109; murder near, 81
amount of bankers' notes in circula- Manslaughter: Mr. Blackburn stabbed
tion, 75€

by Mr. Carlile, 82
Juries: Mr. Wynn's bill regulating Manso, German writer, death of, 258
juries in India, [163] ; in France, Mattocks, Mrs., death of, 260
123, 137

Maundy Thursday, celebration of, at

the chapel royal, 47
Karamsin, Russian historian, death of, Mauritius, number of rats and birds

destroyed in, 160
Kelly, Michael, musical composer, death Mausoleum, ancient, at St. Remy, 130
of, 280

Mazois, Fr., architect, death of, 290
Kenrick, Mr., charges against, in the Medway Canal Company, damages
House of Commons, [120]

awarded against, 86
King's speech, [2], [175] ; letter to the Menai suspension bridge, 13

archbishops, authorizing subscriptions Mexico : surrender of St. Juan d'Ulloa,
for the distressed manufacturers, 189 [407]; budget and revenue, ib; ne-

gotiations with the pope, [409]; pre-
Lancashire, riots in, 63 ; number of

sident's message to Congress, 108* ;
power-looms destroyed, 67; compen its independence recognized by Great
sation obtained for ditto, 128

Britain, ib.; capitulation of the
Landon, C. P., artist, death of, 231

Spanish squadron, 111*; surrender
Larceny, improvements in laws respeet of St. Juan d'Ulloa, ib. ; finances,
Uing, (114)

112*; institutions for education, &c.,
Lemontey, death of, 259

ib; state of manufactures, &c., ib.
Leopard, dangerous accident occasioned Middleton, riots at, 111
by one, at Mold, 9

Military evolutions introduced by sir H.
Libel: Dr. Hamilton v. Dr. Hope, 44 Torrens, 29
* Fisher v. Stockdale, 77 ; Root v. King Milner, rev. Dr., death of, 241
1.5 and Verplenck, 105; singular case of, Miloradovitch, count, death of, 218
. At Paris, 188; various actions for libel, Missolonghi, siege of, [361] ; capture of,
- 1:9 197; Buckingham v. Bankes, 49*

[385] ; massacre of the inhabitants, ib.
Lighting theatres, new method of, 131 Mobs, see Riots.
Lists : Sheriffs, 1993

Monuments : Blucher's, at Berlin, 95 ;
The Births, 200

Granville Sharp’s, Guildhall, 106
Marriages, 203
c's Promotions, 212

Mr. Price, Manchester, 18",
9431-Deaths, 2184/

33 Benjamin and Alice Case, 38 ;

Thomas Creane, 40; Richard Perry,
st' General Acts, 306

1129 Local Acts, 309

Mr. W. Cooper, 58; Mr. E.
liefill Patents, 172*

Murphy, at Ballynamona, 79: at Mr.
Liverpool : fire at Mr. Price's ware-

Blears', 81; Mr. Carter, 86 ; near
thouse, 39 ; fall of a warehouse, 120

St. Etienne, in France, 115: a shoe-
Liverpool, lord, clause introduced by,

maker at Brighton murders his wife,
for allowing branch-hanks to the Bank 128 ; Mary Brown, at Carlisle, 136 ;
s of England, [34]; speech on the corn W. Timpson murders his wife, 149 ;
laws, [56]

J. Akehurst and Eliz. Haines, 158 ;
London : privileges of freemen of the {at Baissey, 178; singular trial for

city, 42; election for the city, 93; murder at Dijon, 192; a female mur-
election of an alderman, 101; violent dered by her lover, by being thrown
storm, ib.

into a burning lime kiln, 197 dol
London Bridge, 1

Murphy, Mr E., murder of, 79 Bas
Longevity, extraordinary instance of, in orgotel Bogeiedo a los

Murray, Lindlov. death of. 299 role
Russia, 9

Musgrave, sir P., attack

Carlisle, 94


's Denuncia

parts, 82

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ib. ; failure of the intended armament, India. Mr. Wynn's jury 1164); see

1 ed,
ferences with Holland respecting the Hurricane, at Santa Cruz, 1681-
'navigation of the Rhine, [260] Huskisson, Mr., statement relative to
Gifford, lord, funeral of, 137; memoir the effect of the alteration in the
of, 146*

navigation laws, [64]: proposed in-
Gipsies, robberies by, at Priddy fair, crease of salary to, [108]

Hutton, Dr. anecdotes of, 1654, 6)."
Glasgow, rat-hunting in the theatre, 23 Hydrophobia, singular case of, 130;
Grave opened by a grave-digger for occasioned by the bite of a catgi-149;
teeth, 158

case of, 193
Greathead, Bertie, death of, 222

is nie?
Greece : feeling towards, in France, Jacob, Mr., report on foreign corn-

[245] ; Miaulis' engagement with the trade, [45], [46] is light
Turkish fleet, [361]; -siege of Mis- Jamaica, trials of slaves, [140]; six
solonghi, ib.; Ibrahim's attack, [362] ; executed for a supposed conspiracy,
the islands of Vassiladi and Anatolico [143] ; bills formerly passed there for
taken by him, ib.; capture of Mis abolishing slavery, [157] *;*34;
solonghi, and massacre of the inha- Java, insurrection at, [265]; expedition
bitants, [365]; siege of Athens, [366]; against, from Holland, [266] 312
attempt of the Greeks against Negro- Jefferson, ex-president of United States,
pont, ib.; proclamation of the national death of, 264
assembly, [367]; measures of the Jenner, Dr. Signs of Rain, verses by,
commission of government, ib.; policy 180*
of the European governments, [368]; Jesuits, Montlosier's Denunciation
piracies under the Greek flag, [370]; against, [253)
finances, [371); commission to the Jews, computed number of, in various
United States to fit out frigates, [372];
contract for steam-boats, England, Incledon, C., death of, 225

and misapplication of the loan, [373]; Mr. Buckingham's case,
i, conduct of Mr. Hume, &c., [376] Burmese ; steam-navigation, 69, 144
Greek loan and committee, [373]; state. Inquests : on a person frozen to death,

ment of first loan, (374); second do., 9; Mr. Price, Manchester, 18; J.

Purvis and E. Manning, at Graves-
Green, Mr.y ascents by, see Balloon. end, 23; Mr. Lodge, killed by ex-
Goethe, anniversary of his birth-day, plosion of fire-damp, 27; James Hard-
169 1758

ing, thrown from a cart, 30; w.
Goff's oak, 172

Cooper, stabbed by James Pollard,
Gold-mines in Russia, 157

58 ; Jonas Barstow, shot in the riot
Guards' club-house, fall of, 171

at Bradford, 73; E. Fearnley, ditto,
Guatemala: internal dissensions, [410]; 75; rev. F. Lee, 80 ; Mr. James

extraordinary: congress : convoked, Blackburn, 82; W. Spencer, 88;
1 [411]

Isabella Pattenson, and Mary Birrell,
Guernsey, question relative to the right shot in a riot at Carlisle, 95, M.
**?' of customs, 181

Soliere, 98; J. Dickinson, 102 ; s.

Luttal, deserter, 113; J. Harrison,
Hall, sir Rt case of prize-money, 1" killed by an explosion of gas, at the
Hanover, destructive fires in, 88
Harvest, state of, [173]; rise of oats,

Heber, bishop, memoir of, 155* Johnson, captain, obtains 10,0007. for
Hindoo widows, burning of, 22

making the first steam voyage to
Hogarth, paintings by, discovered, 3 India, 69
Holland, see Netherlands.

Joint-stock companies, liability of
Hume, Mr., motion for return of bank rectors, 48*

rupt country banks, [8]; for deposits Ireland : Catholic emancipation, (125):
from bankers as securities for their Mr. O'Connell's speech, ib., note ;
issues, [20]; forty-five resolutions re state of the Protestant church, Mun-
garding the finances, [79] ; opposition ster, [1271 first-fruits, [128]; abuses
to the navy estimates, [86]; motion in the administration of church-rates,
respecting prisoners for contempt of [130]; salutary effect of the tithe.
Chancery, (121]

composition, (131); education and

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murdered, 136; John Pen

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