Biennial Report

Report for 1871/1873-1903/1905 contains a list of additions to the miscellaneous and law departments.

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Página 25 - HORTON (S. Dana.) Silver and Gold, and their Relation to the Problem of Resumption. 8vo. 1 50 HORTON (S. Dana.) The Monetary Situation. 8vo. Paper. 50 HOUSEKEEPING IN THE BLUE GRASS.
Página 76 - MASSACHUSETTS DIGEST. — Being a Digest of the Decisions of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, by EH Bennett and FF Heard.
Página 34 - Report of a Geological Reconnoissance made in 1835, from the seat of government, by the way of Green Bay and the Wisconsin Territory, to the Coteau de Prairie, an elevated ridge dividing the Missouri from the St. Peter's River.
Página 63 - BROWNE (Causten). — A Treatise on the Construction of the Statute of Frauds, as in force in England and the United States ; with an Appendix containing the existing English and American Statutes.
Página 48 - Report on the benevolent institutions of Great Britain and Paris, including the schools and asylums for the blind, deaf and dumb, and the insane ; being supplementary to the Ninth annual report of the Ohio Institution for the Education of the Blind.
Página 28 - The American Art Review. A Journal devoted to the Practice, Theory, History, and Archaeology of Art.
Página 58 - Shakespeare, his life, art and characters, with an historical sketch of the origin and growth of the drama in Eng.
Página 73 - The Lex scripta of the Isle of Man, comprehending the ancient Ordinances and statute Laws from the earliest period to 1818, edited by Mr.
Página 20 - American group known as the National Association for the Protection of the Insane and Prevention of Insanity.
Página 85 - Treatise on the powers and duties of justices of the peace in the state of Michigan, 7 ed.

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