The Cholera epidemic of 1873 in the United States

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1875 - 1053 páginas

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Página 11 - President is authorized to prescribe such regulations, and make and issue such orders and instructions, not inconsistent with the Constitution or any law of the United States, in relation to the duties of all diplomatic and consular officers, the transaction of their business, the rendering of accounts and...
Página 514 - Then, after a lapse of some weeks, or even months, it would suddenly return, and scarcely reappearing in the parts which had already undergone its ravages, would nearly depopulate the spot that had so lately congratulated itself on its escape.
Página 55 - That the respiratory and digestive organs are the avenues through which individual infection is accomplished; that through the atmosphere of infected localities, cholera is frequently communicated to individuals...
Página 643 - DR. WILLIAM W. GULL. REPORTS ON EPIDEMIC CHOLERA; its Cause and Mode of Diffusion, Morbid Anatomy, Pathology and Treatment. Drawn up at the desire of the Cholera Committee of the Royal College of Physicians.
Página 45 - Cholera can he transmitted by personal effects coming from an infected place, especially such as have served for the sick from cholera ; and certain facts show that the disease can be carried to a distance by these effects if shut up so as to prevent free contact with the air.
Página 45 - It cannot be too distinctly understood that the person who contracts cholera in this country is ipso facto demonstrated with almost absolute certainty to have been exposed to excremental pollution; that what gave him cholera was (mediately or immediately...
Página 444 - We have extracted from the annual report of the commissioners of emigration, of the State of New York...
Página 435 - Texas, and is the terminus of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas, and the Houston and Texas Central Railroads.
Página 10 - States, the master shall submit for inspection to the officer of customs who first makes demand therefor, and shall subsequently deliver with his manifest of cargo on entry, a correct list, signed and verified on oath by the master, of all passengers taken...
Página 30 - The evidence is conclusive that the exhibition of opium, followed by alterative doses of calomel, and absolute rest in the recumbent posture, almost invariably arrested the disease when in the premonitory stage.

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