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RAINES, John, New York State Senator and Republican political leader, Canandaigua, N. Y., Dec. 16. RICHARDS, John K., United States Circuit Judge, 53, Cincinnati, March 1. ROGERS, Henry H., capitalist, 69, New York, May 19.

SPRECKELS, Claus, sugar refiner, 80,
San Francisco, Dec. 26, 1908.
STARIN, John H., ex-Representative in
Congress from New York, former Rapid
Transit Commissioner, New York City,
developer of harbor transportation, 83,
New York City, March 22.

STEWART, William M.. ex-United
States Senator from Nevada, pioneer,
84, Washington, April 23.
STURGIS, Russell, architect and art
critic, 72, New York City, February 11.
SULLIVAN, Timothy P., New York City
Alderman and Tammany leader, 39, New
York City, December 22.

TURPIE, David, ex-United States Senator from Indiana, lawyer and orator, 80, Indianapolis, April 21.

WARD, the Rev. Seth, Methodist Episcopal Bishop (South), 51, Kobe, Japan, Sept. 20.

WARD, Rev. Dr. Seth, Bishop of Meth

odist Episcopal Church South, 51, Tokio, Japan, Sept. 20. WRIGHT, Carroll D., ex-Commissioner of Labor and Director of the Census, educator, statistician and sociologist, 68, Worcester, Mass., Feb. 20.

NOTABLE DEATHS ABROAD. AMADOR, Manuel, first President of Panama, 75, Panama, May 2. BARTH, Theodor, German journalist and statesman, 59, Baden-Baden, June 3.

CERVERA, Pascual, Spanish vice-admiral, 70, Puerto Real, Spain, April 3. CHANG-CHIH-TUNG, Chinese statesman, Pekin, Oct. 5.

COQUELIN, Benoit Constant,


actor, 68, Pont aux Dames, France Jan. 27.

COQUELIN, E. A. H., "Cadet," French actor, 61, Paris, Feb. 8.

DON CARLOS OF BOURBON, preten der to the throne of Spain, 61, Va reso, Italy, July 18. GALLIFFET, Marquis de,

French general and Minister of War, 78, Paris, July 8 GEVAERT, François A., Belgian com poser, 80, Brussels, Dec. 28, 1908. IGLESIAS, Manuel, Peruvian general and statesman, Lima, Nov. 8.

ITO, Prince Hirobumi, Japanese states man, 71, Harbin, Manchuria, Oct. 26. LEOPOLD II, King of the Belgians, 74 Brussels, Dec. 17.

LOMBROSO, Cesare, Italian scientist an criminologist, 69, Turin, Italy, Oct. 19 MARTIN, Sir Theodore, English scholar translator and author, 93, London, Eng land, August 18.

MENDES, Catulle, French poet, novel ist and dramatist, 67, Paris, Feb. 8. MEREDITH, George, English novelis 81, Boxhill, England, May 18. PENNA, Alfonso M., President of Brazi 62, Rio de Janeiro, June 14. POIRE, Emmanuel ["Caran d'Ache" French cartoonist, Paris, Feb. 26. ROJESTVENSKY, Sinovi P., Russia vice-admiral, 60, St. Petersburg, Ja


SWINBURNE, Algernon C., Englis poet and essayist, 71, Putney, Eng land, April 10.

VON SONNENTHAL, Adolf R., Au trian actor, 74, Prague, April 4. VON WILDENBRUCH, Ernst, Germa poet and dramatist, 63, Berlin, Ja 15.

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Note The number of immigrants for the fiscal year 1908-'09 was 751,786. Figures countries are not yet available.


January 5-United States Supreme Court held the New York State 80-cent gas


January 23-Steamers Florida and Reblic in collision in fog off Nantucket ghtship. Use of wireless telegraphy ved 1,000 passengers. Republic sank way to New York.

January 28-United States evacuates iba and José Miguel Gomez was inilled as President of Cuban Republic. February 21-United States battleship et returned to Hampton Roads, Va., ter circumnavigating the globe. Length cruise, 42,303 miles.

March 4-William H. Taft inaugurated President of the United States. March 15-Congress met in extraordin✓ session to revise the tariff schedules. March 24-Lieutenant Ernest H. Shackon, of the British navy, returned from tarctica and reported that he had ched a point 111 miles from the South le.

April 9-Payne tariff bill passed the use of Representatives.

April 13-Reactionary movement to deoy the constitutional parliamentary vernment of Turkey was begun in Conntinople by the garrison of that city the instigation of the Sultan.

April 18-Troops under orders from the rkish Committee of Union and Progress ved on Constantinople from Salonica. April 24-Turkish constitutional forces upied Constantinople after subduing garrison.

April 27-Sultan Abdul Hamid was deposed and his brother Mehemmed Effendi succeeded to the throne as Mehmed V.

June 14-Alfonso M. Penna, President of Brazil. died.

July 1-Indictments were found by a Federal grand jury in New York City against officials of the American Sugar Refining Company for violation of the Sherman anti-trust law.

July 16-Ali Mirza, Shah of Persia, was deposed, and his son, Ahmed Mirza, put

on the throne.

July 25-Louis Bleriot crossed the English Channel from Calais to Dover in an aeroplane. Time of flight, about 30 min


July 27-Orville Wright fulfilled the conditions of the government's endurance test for aeroplanes at Fort Myer. Va., by remaining in the air 1 hour, 12 minutes and 36 seconds.

July 30 to August 2-Riots in Barcelona, Spain, caused by popular feeling against the war with the Moors.

July 31-Orville Wright flew 10 miles in 14 minutes and 43 seconds at Fort Myer, Va., meeting the conditions of the government's speed test for aeroplanes.

August 5-The Payne tariff law was signed and took effect.

August 25-M. Paulhan flew in an aeroplane for 2 hours, 53 minutes and 24 seconds at Rheims, France.

August 27-Henry Farman flew 111.78 miles in 3 hours. 4 minutes and 56 25 seconds at Rheims, France.

August 28-Glenn H. Curtiss flew 12.42 miles in 15 minutes and 50 3-5 seconds at Rheims, France.

August 29 Glenn H. Curtiss won the prize for swiftness in flight, doing 30 kilometers in 25 minutes and 49 2-5 seconds, at Rheims, France.

July 12-The House of Representatives passed the resolution, passed by the Senate on July 5, submitting an amendment to the Federal Constitution enlarging the government's power to tax incomes.

September 1-Dr. Frederick Cook reported from Lerwick, Shetland Islands, that he had reached the North Pole on April 21, 1908.

September 6-Commander Robert E. Peary. U. S. N.. reported from Indian Harbor, Labrador, that he had reached the North Pole on April 6, 1909.

September 8-Commander Peary de nounced as fraudulent Dr. Cook's claim to have reached the North Pole.

October 13-Beginning of constitutional government in China.

November 20- The Standard Oil Company of New Jersey was declared to be operating in violation of the Sherman anti-trust law and ordered dissolved by the United States Circuit Court for the Eighth Federal Circuit.

November 30-The British House of Lords suspended the operation of the budget passed by the House of Commons and forced a dissolution of Parliament and an appeal to the electorate on the constitutional question of the right of the Lords to annul budget legislation.

December 10-The American Ice Company was convicted of violating the New York State anti-trust law forbidding combinations in restraint of trade.

December 16-José S. Zelaya resigned as President of Nicaragua.

December 21-The University of Copenhagen pronounced worthless the proofs offered by Dr. Frederick Cook of his alleged discovery of the North Pole. ascended December 23-Albert 1 throne of Belgium.



On Dec. 20 President Taft sent to the Senate a long list of nominations to posts in the diplomatic service. Most of these changes appear in the table of ambassadors, ministers, agents and secretaries, on page 56. These additional corrections, however, should be made on pages 56 and 57 and in the consular list, pages 59 to 68: Edwin V. Morgan succeeds Edward C. O'Brien as Minister to Uruguay as well as to Paraguay; Philip M. Brown succeeds James G. Bailey as Secretary of Embassy at Mexico City; Henry L. James succeeds Lewis Einstein as Secretary of Embassy at Constantinople; Montgomery Schuyler, jr., succeeds Peter Augustus Jay as Secretary of Embassy at Tokio; George Post Wheeler succeeds Montgomery Schuyler, jr., as Secretary of Embassy at St. Petersburg; Lewis Einstein succeeds Henry R. Fletcher as Secretary of Legation at Peking; Paxton Hibben succeeds Charles D. White as Secretary of Legation at The Hague; Charles D. White succeeds M. Marshall Langhorne as Secretary of Legation at Christiania; aBlkam Schoyer succeeds Paxton Hibben as Secretary of Legation at Bogota; Peter Augustus Jay succeeds Lewis M. Iddings as Consul General as well as Diplomatic Agent at Cairo; Horace G. Knowles succeeds Fenton R. McCreery as Consul General as well as Minister Resident to San Domingo; Hoffman Philip ceases to be Consul General at Addis Ababa.

On page 34, under Department of Justice, Charles W. Russell, Assistant Attorney General, was nominated on Dec. 20 to be Minister to Persia. On Dec. 20 Joseph E. Morrison was nominated to succeed J. L. B. Alexander as' United States District Attorney for the District of Arizona.

On Dec. 21 Chang Yin-tang was received by President Taft as Chinese Minister to the United States, succeeding Dr. Wu Ting-fang.

Joseph C. S. Blackburn has resigned as a member of the Isthmian Canal Commission, his resignation dating from Dec. 4.

On Dec. 16 José Santos Zelaya resigned as President of Nicaragua, and on Dec. 20 the Nicaraguan Congress elected José Madriz to succeed him.

It has been announced by the War Department that Brigadier General Winfield S. Edgerly will be retired for disability on Dec. 29, and that Colonel Walter Howe, Coast Artillery, will be appointed to succeed him.

Anselm J. M'Laurin, United States Senator from Mississippi, died at Brandon, Miss., on December 22.

King Albert of Belgium ascended the throne on December 23 and took the title of Albert I.

The vote in the 3d Assembly District of Erie County on Dec. 21, to break tle of Nov. 2, resulted: Leo J. Neupert, D., 2,645; George J. Arnold, R., 2,564.

The vote for Assemblyman in Richmond County was: John Anderson, R. C. A. and Pro., 7,147; William A. Shortt, D., 7,537; Charles Bickel, Soc., 159; Ralph Van Name, Pro., 95.

President Taft on Nov. 26, 1909, issued an executive order extending the scope of the examinations required for admission into the lower grades of the diplomatic service. An executive order instituting such examinations was issued by President Roosevelt on Nov. 10, 1905. The order of Nov. 26, 1909. provided that initial appointments from outside the service to secretaryships in the diplo matic service shall be only to the classes of third secretary of embassy, or, case ofhig her existent vacancies, of second secretary of legation at such post has assigned to it but one secretary. Vacancies in secretaryships of higher classes shall be filled by promotion from the lower grades of the service, based upon efficiency and abilityas shown in the service.

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