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Author of · Cross Currents,' 'A Mist of Error,' 'Her Inheritance,'• A Social Success,

• Kitty's Victim,''An Outstanding Debt,' &c.

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Sold at all Railway Bookstalls, Booksellers', and Newsvendors'.

Printed by JOHN C. FRANCIS, Athena um Press. Bream’s-buildings, Chancery-lane, E.C.; and Published by the said

JOHN C. FRANCIS, at Brean's-bnildings, Chancery-lane, E.C.-- Saturday, January 21, 1893.

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, Limited.


Removala prethome en behera e pense to sellers. Libraries Catalogue: BIBLIOGRAPHICAL COLLECTIONS




ready, Part L. of The INDEX LIBRARY. Contente-Calendars *NOTES AND QUERIES.'

of (1) Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills, (2) Gloucester Wills,

(3) Lichfield Wills, (4) Dorset Wiils, (5) Sussex Wils, (6) Chancery The Crown having acquired Nos. 4 and 22, Proceedings temp. Charles I. Abstracts of (7) London Inquisitiones Took's Court, the Printing and Publishing p m., (8) Gloucester Ing. p.m.

Subscription, 11. 18. per annum. Departments are now REMOVED to the New Apply to the Hon. Sec , F A. FRY, 172, Edmund-street, Birmingham ;

or to the Agent, Mr. C. J. CLARK, 4, Lincoln's Inn-fields, W.C. Offices at Bream's Buildings, Chancery Lane.


QUERIES. Published the 15th of each month. First Number by & PRACTICAL BINDER at moderate prices. Estimates published Oct. 15th Price 6d. net, or 4s. 60 per annum. post free, it furnished ; large or small quantities; Libraries Bound or Repaired; prepaid. Remittances and Orders may be sent to Frank Murray, Moray Binding for the Trade.--SHELLEY, 81, Carter-lane, Broadway, Ludgate- House, Derby; Frank Murray, Regent House, Nottingham Frank hill, E.C.-Established 1861.

Murray, Stuart House, Leicester ; Frank Murray, Shakespeare's Head,
Leicester; and Marshall Brothers, Keswick House, Paternoster-row,
London, B.C.

Or may be ordered of any Bookseller.
-HENRY SOTHERAN & CO., 87, Piccadilly, and 136, Strand,
Second-hand Booksellers, PURCHASE LIBRARIES, or Smaller Col.

COMPLETION OF THE BIBLIOGRAPHICAL COLLECTIONS lections of Books, in town or country, and give the utmost value in

OF W. C. HAZLITT. cash; also value for Probate. Experienced valuers promptly sent.

and and Arranged. Established 1816

NOTES (1474–1700Series. 8vo. Telegraphic address, Bookmen, London. Code in use, Unicode.

106 pp. 1892, cloth, 15x.



GJ. GRAY. Edited by W. C. HAZLITT. 8vo. 866 pp. double Southampton Buildings, Chancery-lane.

cols. 1893, cloth, 36s. A few copies on large paper, royal 8vo. THREE PER CENT. INTEREST allowed on DEPOSITS, repay.

BERNARD QUARITCH, 115, Piccadilly, London. able on demand.

TWO PER CENT. on CURRENT ACCOUNTS, on the minimum monthly balance, when not drawn below £100.

C. Β Ε Ν Ν Ε Τ Τ'8 PO EM S. STOCKS, SHAREs, and ANNOITIES Purchased and sold.

The GOLDEN LIBRARY.-Square 16mo. cloth, 28. SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. For the encouragement of Thrift the Bank receives small sums on CONTRIBUTIONS to a BALLAD HISTORY of deposit, and allows Interest at the rate of THREE PER CENT. per

ENGLAND. annum on each completed £i. FRANCIS RAVENSCROFT, Manager,

Atheneum :-"These ballads are spirited and stirring : such are 'The Fall of Harald Hardrada,' Old Benbow,' 'Marston Moor,' and Corporal John,' the soldier's name for the famous Duke of Marlborough, which is

a specially good ballad. "Queen Eleanor's Vengeance' is a vividly told DENCE offered in a Private Family. Central position. Close

story. Coming to more modern times, The Deeds of Wellington,

• Inkerman,' and . Balaklava' are excellently well said and sung. As a to Common, three minutes' from S.E. Rly. Station. Dry, invigorating

book of ballads, interesting to all who have British blood in their veins, air.-R. G., Roxwell, Guildford-road, Grove Hill-road, Tunbridge Wells.

Dr. Bennett's contribution will be welcome. Dr. Bennett's Ballads will leave a strong impression on the memory of those who read them."

The GOLDEN LIBRARY.-Square 16mo. cloth, 28. delightfully situated opposite Bickley Park. TOBB LET, for the SONGS for SAILORS. residue of Lease (six years unexpired), a SUPERIOR RESIDENCE, with spacious and lofty Reception and Billiard Rooms, Nine Bed and

CHATTO & WINDUS, Piccadilly. Dressing Rooms, Btabling, Lodge Entrance, Glass Houses, &c., and all the adjuncts of a Gentleman's first-class establishmeri aurre worden de TOOK'S-COURT AND ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD, 14) acres of perfectly charming (though inexpensive) Pleasure Grounds,

No Gardens, Wilderness, and Pasture. Original rent, 3601, per annum. premium.--Detailed particulars, &c., may be had at Inglewood, Chisle

and QU E RI E S hurst, Kent; or from Mr. DAVID J. CHATTELL, of 29A (corner of). Lincoln's Inn-fields and Chisleburst, who strongly recommends the

for SATURDAY, April 2nd, 1892, property.

contains an Article upon the HISTORY of TOOK'S-COURT and its

NEIGHBOURHOOD, by Mr. GEORGE CLINCH, of the British Museum, COLLOWAY'S PILLS. — Weary of Life.

with the following Illustrations by Mr. A. Bernard Sykes:Derangement of the liver is one of the most efficient causes of dangerous diseases and the most prolific of tho-e melancholy fore

LINCOLN'S INN GATEHOUSE, bodings which are worse toan death itselt. A few doses of these noted

THE ROLLS CHAPEL. Pills act magically in dispelling low spirits and repelling the covert

CLIFFORD'S INN. attacks made on ihe nerves by excessive heat, impure atmospheres, over-Indulgence, or exhausting excitement. The most shattered con

OLD SERJEANTS' INN, stitution may derive benefit from Holloway's Pulls, which will regulate

THE ATHENÆUM OFFICE, TOOK'S-COURT, disordered action, brace the nerves, increase the energy of the intellectual faculties, and revive the falling memory. By attentively study.

SKETCH MAP of CHANCERY-LANE. ing the instructions for taking these Pills, and obediently putting them in practice, the most despondent will soon feel confident of a perfect

JOHN C. FRANCIS, Notes and Queries Office, Bream’s-buildings, recovery.

Chancery-lane, E.C. 8TH S. No. 57.

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CAUSLEHURST (near the Railway Station, and



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THE LARK, Songs, Ballads, and Recitations,


Edited by 814 Poems (174 Copyright) by 169 English, American, and Continental

Poets, among whom are the following: BY WHICH THEY ARE DISTINGUISHED IN WORKS

Lord Tennyson, Poet Laureate.

Leigh, Henry 8.

Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P. Lennard, Horace.
Arnold, Matthew.

Locker-Lampson, Frederick. By the late Very Rev. F. C. HUSENBETH, D.D.

Allingham, William.

Locker, Arthur.
Aide, Hamilton.

Lowell, Hon. James Russell.
A New Edition,

Anderson, Alexander.

Lushington, Franklin.
Ashby-Sterry, J.

Lytton, Earl of.
With numerous Corrections and Additions.

Austin, Alfred.

Macaulay, Lord.
Bailey, P.J.

Mackay, Dr. Charles.

Bucbanan, Robert.

Martin, Sir Theodore.
Bennett, W.C.

Meredith, George.
Forming the Seventeenth and Last Volume of Mr. Baring-Gould's Béranger, Pierre Jean de.

Marston, Dr. J. Westland. Lives of the Saints.'

Bennoch, Francis.

Marston, P. Bourke.
Blackie, J. Stuart.

Morris, William.
Burnand, F.C.

Morris, Lewis
Calverley, C. R.

Norton, Hon. Mn.
Carleton, Will.

Ogilvy, Mrs. David.
Clough, Arthur Hugh.

Pfeiffer, Mrs. Emily.
Collins, Mortimer.

Prowse, w. Jetfery.
Crossland, Mr. and Mrs. Newton. Rossetti, Min Christina.
AND Dobson, Austin.

Sawyer, William.
Doyle, Sir Francis Hastings.

Scott, Clement.
Dunphie, c.J.

Sims, George R.

Ferguson, Sir Samuel.

Stedman, Edmund Clarence. Graves, Alfred Percival.

Stoddard. Richard Henry. Being the Additions to the Old Testament Canon which were Harte, Bret.

Taylor, Sir Henry. included in the Ancient Greek and Latin Versions; the

Holmes, Oliver Wendell.

Taylor, Bayard. English Text of the Authorized Version, together with the

Iogelow, Miss Jean.

Vere, Aubrey de.
Kingsley, Rev. Charles.

Waugh, Edwin.
Additional Matter found in the Vulgate and other Ancient Landor, Walter Savage.

Whittier, J. G. Versions; Introductions to the several Books and Frag- Latey, Job Lash.

Yates, Edmund. ments; Marginal Notes and References; and a General

HART & Co. 22, Paternoster-row, E.C.
Introduction to the Apocrypha.
By the Rev. W. R. CHURTON, B.D.,

ALLEN'S PORTMANTEAUS, Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, Canon of the Cathedral of

St. Alban's, and Examining Chaplain of the Bishop.

Large post 8vo. pp. 608, cloth, 78. 60.




Very large type, demy 8vo. cloth, 108. 6c


Illustrated Catalogues free.

Cash Discount, 10 per cent.

PRIZE MEDALS FOR GENERAL EXCELLENCE. It may also be had in imperial 32mo. cloth, 38.; Persian

37, STRAND, LONDON. toan, 48. 6d.; morocco, 6s. Royal 34mo. cloth, 38. 6d.; morocco, 68. 6d. Foolscap 8vo. cloth, 48. 6d.; Persian roan, 68.; morocco, 98. ; and in several other sizes.




A most nutritious and invigorating beverage, made Containing the Narrative of Our Blessed Lord's by the simple addition of boiling water, at a cost Life and Ministy.

within reach By the Rev. W. MICHELL, M.A.,

Sold by the principal Chemists and Grocers through. Diocesan Inspector of Schools in the Diocese of Bath and Wells. out the United Kingdom. A New Edition, Revised. 2 vols, cloth, 68.

Caution! Beware of Imitations,


tot homines vales


A second one of O'Connell is inscribed :

Counseller D. O'Connell,
CONTENT 8.-N° 57.

The undaunted assertor of
NOTES :-Pottery at Brighton, 61–Parliamentary Polls, 63

Ireland's Rights -Transcendental Knowledge, 64-First English Theatrical and champion of Catholic Emancipation. Company in America-- Francis Lennard, Lord Dacre-Newspaper Cutting Agencies, 65—" Quot linguas calles Among electioneering pottery is a jug with :- Centenarian Foxhunter

" What cheer ?"-Lee's 'Alexander the Great'--Belinda-Gram

Majority of 44 mar Schools of Edward VI., 66—Parish Register: Preston

In the year Candover-Surname Turner, 67.

1796. QUERIES :-Thomas Neale, 67 – Curran and Overbury

Honour and Honesty Brawn-The Siege of Belgrade'- Welsh Songs-Châlet

John Hill for ever Miss Campion-Rubber-Abbotsford-Taunton-Recorder of Salisbury-Frank Whistler – Collings-Furze Family,

Prosperity to the 68—– The Chimes of Ware-Bronze-Thomas Milton-Kings

House of Hawkestone. mill - Public Speaking - Music in Norwich — Arms on Another is inscribed:

Token-Authors Wanted, 69.
REPLIES :-Sbakspeare and Molière — “ Brouette," 70-A

No Corn Law
Jesuit Playwright--Shakspeare and the Commentators-

Hunt and Liberty. Gloves and Kisses — "Cross-purposes," 71–French Prisoners of War-Fairs–Engraving : Nancy Walpole-Ten- Showing the great interest taken by the nation nyson and Tobacco -- Plainness versus Beauty --Boileau's in the case of Queen Caroline, is the following on • Satires,'72-D. Lock- Local · Notes and Queries '-Shakspeare in Oxford-Rattlin the Reefer'--St. Citha, 73–

a mug: Princess Anne's Horse-Thunderstorm-Alice FitzAlan, 74

Long live Caroline -Stewart's Rooms-Slaughter Family-Gray's ‘Bard'

I'll sing a song of sixpence Fire by Rubbing Sticks-- The Devil's Books, 75–Vayne

A green bag full of lies
Castle - The Cause of Death - Charles Lamb-Hannah

Four and twenty witnesses
Lightfoot — “ Eating Poor Jack” – Mulberry Tree, 76–
Hannah Snell—Telephonic-Tananarivo—“Burn the bel-

All proved to be spies. lows," 77–Miserere Carvings-Lines on Tennyson'-Cad

When the bag was opened wallader-Whitechapel Bell Foundry, 78.

The Lords began to stare NOTES ON BOOKS:-Castle's • English Book-plates'

To see their precious evidence
Dobson's Holbein's ‘Dance of Death'.- Ross's Three

All vanish'd into air.
Generations of Englishwomen'-Drury's Waller '—Fitz-
Patrick's · Secret Service under Pitt -Smith's · St. John | There is also a plate thus inscribed :-
the Evangelist, Westminster.'

To ye Pious Memory
of Queen Caroline.


The army and navy, as would be expected, HISTORY IN POTTERY AT BRIGHTON.

figure largely in the collection. There are numer(Concluded from p. 45.)

ous portraits of various great commanders: WelOther portraits are of Lord Chatham, Hon. W. lington, Nelson, Rodney, Keppel, Wolfe,&c. There

are several caricatures of Bonaparte, and many Pitt, Wilkes (“Wilkes and Liberty "), Alderman instances of the contempt in wbich the Britisher of Beckford, the Bristol Philanthropists, Reynolds, former days held the French. and Colston, Wilberforce, Leinster (the honoured and great), Brougham, Russell

, Cobden, &c.; some of at his post; or Boney's peep into Walmer Castle,"

A large jug has the inscription, " The Centinel these are on Bellarmine or Grey Beard jugs. These and below is an amusing sketch. From behind the jogs, of which the neck is formed by the head of walls of Walmer Castle a sentry starts up, ". Who the man and the lower part by his body, were goes there?” A boat full of Frenchnen is apderisively named after Cardinal Bellarmine, who proaching. “Ab, Begar ! dat man alive still? Turn died in 1621. The cardinal baviog, by his deter, about, citoyens, for thero will be no good to be mined and bigoted opposition to the Reformed done. I know his tricks of old !" Religion, made himself obnoxious in the Low

Another has a monkey in field marshal's uniform, Countries, became naturally on object of derision running after a bull-dog ("John Bull” on the and contempt with the Protestants, who, among collar) with a large bone, inscribed “Malta,” in his other modes of sbowing their detestation of the man, mouth. Dog is saying, “There, Monkey, that seized on the potter's art to exbibit his short for you !” and the monkey, “Eb, you Bull Dog, stature, his hard features, and bis rotund figure, to become the jest of the ale-house and the by-word take dat myself. I vas good mind to lick you but

vat you carry off dat Bone for? I vas going to of the people.

for dem dam Tooths.” Below is, “The Bone of Later on, naturally, these jugs were made to Contention, or the English Bull-dog and the represent any noted character, though the original Corsican Monkey." name "Bellarmine" sticks to them. One, of Lord

A third jug has a sketch of “Facing the Enemy"; John Russell, bas the words—

a very jolly Englishman with a "Jobn Bull” dog, The true spirit of Reform,

looks at a shivering, small Frenchman, and says, and another, of Daniel O'Connell,

“I declare it would be charity to give the poor The Irish Reform Cordial.

fellow a meals victuals [sic] before I fight him !”


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The Frenchman remarks, “ Begar ! me no like de and names of shipowners, when the trade was in look of dat Jean Bool!”

its infancy. One has a ship in full sail, and below The following illustrations on a large jug are is written :still more anti-French. One is of an Englishman

May Peace with Plenty

On our Nation smile with oaken staff and sturdy dog, facing Bonaparte,

& Trade with Commerce behind whom is the Devil. Bonaparte says, Oh,

bless the British Isle, vat a terrable Jean Bull, me be half afraid, much rather make Peace now, I have obtained the Crown. Turning from ship to compass is a short step, and To reign is worth ambition tho' in Hell.” The on one jug we have the full history of the latter. Englisbman says, "Come on you Murdering Cor- A compass is drawn, with "Come box the compass”

on a scroll above ; below is a man with a measican Tyrant, this Sprig of Oak will soon do

your business, and my companion sball fight your Father suring rod, a ship, and the words : there behind you. The Devil says, “Fight him, “Invented by Murphy, a Dutchman, A.D. 1229, first dam him, fight him, Body; you 'll sooner, come Naples, 1302; its declination discord by Hartman, 1538."

exbibited at Venice, 1260. Improved by Giora, of home, and you know how impatiently we all wait for you.” The other picture on the reverse side is on the other side, we suppose to point the moral called “Bonaparte's last shift.” He stands with that a married couple should try to steer their small attendant devils around him, all with scrolls course through life well, is Matrimony and

The two faces are so drawn that issuing from their mouths, “Murderer,” “Poisoner," Courtsbip.” “Fraud,"

," "Deceit.” He is saying, “What will be- one time they look smiling at each other, but come of me? My ships taken.” Myself escaped when the jug is reversed, they look grumpy.

The on a Plank. I who have done such wonders must mouths, seen one way, curve upwards, laughing, now be drowned in salt water. 0! what horrors seen the otber, downwards, and sulky:does my imagination picture to me now-down I

When two fond fools together meet sink, Heaven will be avenged.” Below is the Devil,

Each look gives joy, each kiss so sweet;

But wed how cold and cross they be pulling him down, and saying, “Thy time is ex

Turn upside down, and then you 'll see. pired; well thou hast executed thy Commission,

That form once o'er, with angry brow and well thou shalt be rewarded.”

The married pair both peevish grow: To turn to the naval heroes. Many of the pieces

All night and day they scold and brawl; of china in this department will be recognized by

She calls him ass, he calls her fool. those who saw them in the Naval Exhibition of

A very amusing set of figures is that of a crossing 1890. A pint mug has a picture of a war-ship sweeper with his broom, the same man in different (Duncan's, the Venerable), and the words :

attitudes and expressions. They might be entitled : Vain are tbe boasts of Belgich's sons

1. Quite done up. When faced by British ships and guns;

2. A deep drink-satisfying. Tho de Winter does in Autumn come,

3. Pocketing the bottle : glow of content. Brave Duncan brings bis harvest home.

(Fate cannot barm bim-he bas dined to-day.) Among the many portraits of Nelson is one on a

4. Preparing the pipe : perfect bliss. jug, supported by two cherubs, one with trumpet

The collection has its Obamber of Horrors. to sound his praises, one with bay leaves to crown There may be seen figures of William Corder and bim; a ribbon with “ Battle of the Nile," and his sweetheart, Maria Martin, whom he murdered below a plan of the order of the English and (1827), and buried in the Red Bard, which is reFrench ships during that battle. Hardships of sailors in the piping times of peace miles from Ipswich, has only lately been pulled

presented in a separate piece ; this barn, twelve is shown on a jug inscribed “The Neglected Tar.

down. The murder was brought to light by the girls The picture represents rich people looking from a step-mother dreaming three times consecutively window and giving money to a man and boy with of the

murder and secret burial, which caused indancing dogs. A melancholy looking sailor stands quiries to be made. Another murder, connected by in rags ; below are the verses:

also with a dream, is that of Mr. Percival, the I sing the British seaman's praise

Premier (1812), by John Bellingham, in the House A theme renown'd in story:

of Commons; the dreamer was a Cornish gentleIt well deserves more polished lays Oh ! 'tis your boast and glory.

man, entirely unconnected with either party, and When mad-brained war spreads death around

who had never even seen the House. Thartell is By them you are protected;

there, who took part in the notorious murder in But when in peace the nation's found

1823, near St. Alban's, and from whose trial dates These bulwarks are neglected,

the oft-quoted reason of a man being respectable There are representations of favourite vessels, as “ because he kept a horse and gig”; also the cook “Success to the Lucy, 1792," and "The Mariner's being asked if supper was " postponed” the night Compass." Some mugs bear the signals used at of the murder; answered “No: it was pork.” Bidstone Lighthouse, near Liverpool, with the flags A blue and white jug has a picture of the guillo

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