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phasis he waited another moment, and course, she could not speak, and would began to move his fingers with Delsart- she be so indelicate as to touch him, at ean grace. “Lillian, I have wanted to this time of all others? And he, he went show you something for a long while, on fingering his sentimental chords with but alas! (gesture of despair) the words the ease of a Romeo. are hard to form, you see

"Oh, Lillian—how I love the name, “Yes, I see,” was her eager gesticula- for the name is but a symbol of yourself, tion. She looked at his fingers with pas- and while I love the name, yet it is you sionate abandon.

I really love. Yes, I love you. Now with “We have known each other for niany closed eyes I see your face light up with months now, and in that time there has a smile of joy! Shall I look and see existed, I am sure, that silent sympathy whether the picture is like the real? No; which brings people close together.” For- not yet. Speak to me and it shall seem tunately, both he and she were uncon- as though the goddess speaks-Lilijan, scious of his humor.

the goddess only smiles. Alas! I must He glanced at her hands and saw that

open my eyes to see her answer." unformed words were there; but he did He opened his eyes; the room was in not know it was only nervousness. Then darkness. he continued: "Somebody has said that Of course, the most casual reader will sympathy is but a grain of love. Lillian, see that from the dramatic point of view the few grains that I have had from you the story should end here; but while the have sunk deep into my life, and tonight writer is absolutely ignorant as to how I want you to help me reap the harvest." the proposal was finished, he knows that She did not smile at his strange figures Frederick Paulson, by reason of his odd of speech, though they looked so peculiar wooing, was in a curious dilemma. Did to her: she loved him.

she love him and was she modest; or did "When I met you in New York last she put the light out to stop him? winter, I knew then that I had found one with whom I could pass many hours in perfect communion. Here by the sea

II. BEFORE SHE HEARD LA TRAVIATA. shore, the gentle murmur of the ocean

Place-In the drawing-room of and the sight of the waves crested with

fashionable novel. silver have fostered my feelings toward

Time—An evening in January. you, until now, now, there seems to be Characters—The woman something more in my life." His fingers meet and a man. stuttered with intensity. She sat there "Sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr. in silence; her blush was but a shade Struthers, and especially when I asked fainter than the light.

you to come early. You will forgive "Yes, Lillian," he resumed, "Some- me, of course? Thanks. I received thing more has entered my life; often I your card. I saw the New Year in at sit with eyes closed and out of the depths Tuxedo. What's the opera tonight? of darkness an image bathed in the soft- Traviata? Does Sembrich sing? I never est light is pictured before me. Can you liked that last act, so we can leave earlier not guess what I would say ?”

and avoid that frightful crush. But I She blushed more and lapped his fin- don't want to miss “Ah, fors e lui.” No, gers with her romantic glances. But he, we'll meet them at the box. You haven't he did not look at her, for he had closed seen him lately? Well, I suppose you his eyes and was evidently looking at the knew he went bathing last summer and imaginary figure bathed in light rather broke a rib. When a man in bathing is than the real woman, who, if the truth be forcibly thrust against a post he genertold, was almost enwrapped in darkness. ally breaks his Third Commandment. To explain, the oil in the lamp became But then Mr. Livingston always was divorced from the wick on the grounds original. Mr. Blakeslee? Penetrating? of non-support, and the light was flick- Yes; a very penetrating instrument of ering because of the separation. Of torture—ennuyeux comme il faut. No;




Madge Spence. She wanted more than they are thoroughly tired of it—that's he could give, but, nevertheless, she took part of the scheme of things. It is like less than she wanted. I got a letter married people who always say marriage from her today. She always writes as is a failure. It may be because they though she were out of breath. It was . know, but it's generally a confession of only announced last Thursday. Oh, yes, poor taste. But the fellow? I suppose she's very nice; too bad she carries her he was a Gibson type, went to the opera head as though she wore a Roquefort on odd Mondays and was glad he didn't breast-pin. La mere est tres savante- have to applaud Wagner, because it writes for the Theosophical Review and really bored him to death. He belonged Mind. Its the easiest thing in the world to three or four fashionable clubs and to criticise a subject which nobody knows smoked expensive cigars. No? Well, then anything about. Yes, of course.

It the girl-was she a frivolous Huylerian would hurt a person's pride to disagree devotee? Did gossip always credit her Besides, it would be of no avail— like be- with catching engagement rings in her ing witty to a deaf man. Why certain- social merry-go-round? No; then, if she ly; what's the use of being witty unless was more than that, why didn't he proit is appreciated? That's why I always pose? Why certainly, tell me. Other like to talk to you, Mr. Struthers. Oh, people's love affairs are always interestI don't flatter you; I only flatter those ing. You are the man? No wonder my who cannot appreciate frankness. And delineation was wrong. Don't call yourwe are always so frank. Do you think self a fool; it would reflect on me and I I am? I always try to be interesting. won't agree avec vous.

When a man Entre nous, let me give you my secret tells a woman he has been a fool, he formula : the way to get friends is to be would be hurt if she said that she agreed interested in them, and the way to keep with him. No, you should tell her. Even them is to get them interested in you. negation is better than uncertainty. You How do I do it? Well, do you think the want my permission ? How funny? latter element would be so hard? I sim- Why, of course. I? I am the woman? ply puzzle them! That does seem con- You love me? And I detest Huylers. tradictory, doesn't it? But then, frank- Then the story in Scribner's was both ness is very puzzling, because it is gen- an autobiography and an apologia? erally unexpected. The unexpected in Well, Mr. Struthers, let me think, let woman always interests you men, n'est

me think

Why am I looking ce pas? Besides frankness, I am a good so intently in the fire? I'll tell you: I conventional liar—that is, I am tactful. was wondering if I could find an answer I never cut my nose off to hurt my feel- there. It's just a quotation from my faings; though I often feel like it. Come vorite author: “Later we love the wonearer to the fire. Did you ever observe man in a woman; but the first woman we how often a thought is the mother-in- love is the whole of womanhood.” Do law of a deed? I could have risked indi- you believe it? Yes. Well, which stage gestion and eaten my maid tonight by are you at? A very satisfactory answer. the way she fixed this gown. Do you I? Oh, I have had my little affaires de like it? Redfern generally fits better coeur, too—they have their advantages. than this. But don't talk gowns; I hate I think I love you. Don't step on my conventional topics. I read your story in train. But I have not quite decided if I Scribner's. I don't know if I agree with want to marry—yet; even though my your denouement. I think he should have fling is almost over. Try and out-argue told her that he loved her. It never hap- me, voulez vous? There's the carriage. pens, as you wrote it, in real life. Well, Help me on with my cloak. Do you? I not so far as shown. You do? Tell me am so glad it isn't raining out. Well, about it. He loved her? She was a so- isn't it a trifle premature? Oh, if you ciety belle? How unfortunate! Yes, I want to, I guess I wouldn't object. Only know-people in society always pretend be careful—don't muss my hair."



The honor system is to be tried at the highly successful. Its section dealt with University of California. The commit- extremely varied subjects. The Red tee of students appointed has reported as Cross, temperance, socialism, chess, edubeing in favor of all students signing the cation, peace and the sciences were all following at the end of all examination discussed in Esperanto. The delegates papers: "I hereby pledge my honor that from the United States were enthusiastic I have received no assistance from any regarding the possibilities and usefulness other person during this examination."

of Esperanto in traveling. Professor A. The students of the university will be N. Grilon, of Philadelphia, and Professor called on to vote on this proposition in a Huntington, of Harvard, actively particishort time.

pated in the debates. The Esperanto con

gress of 1907 will be held in England. On account of race prejudice, the authorities of the Louisiana State University have refused admission to three

Harvard University is going to have Filipino students brought to this country

an unusual number of foreigners enrolled

in the various departments this year. In by the United States Government to be educated in American institutions. W. A.

this number will be the two Hindoos, the Sutherland, of the bureau of insular af- usual quota of Japanese, Canadians and

Englishmen, and a number of Chinese. fairs, who is superintendent of the Filipino students in this country,

Of the 34 Chinese students who came to

was anxious to have the students take an

the Harvard summer school in July in agricultural course, because agricultural charge of Dr. Charles D. Tenney, 16 will conditions in Louisiana are similar to

remain in this vicinity to take up work those in the Philippine islands. The uni

in Harvard University. Eight of these versity authorities, however, concluded

men will take courses in general sciences, that it would be unwise to take Filipinos

seven will study political economy and

departments in which on account of the race prejudice. The government, authorities believed the students would

Harvard has the reputation of being betnot allow the Filipinos at the university,

ter equipped than any other university in even if they were allowed to enter.

the world, and one man will enter the medical school. The men who are to

study political science will enter the Work has been commenced on the Harvard law school at the close of their restoration of St. John's chapel in St. college course. Saviour's church, London, where John Harvard, founder of Harvard University,

Miss Harriett Stratton Ellis has been was christened and the body of his father appointed by George Washington Unilies buried. The work is undertaken byversity to a position designated as adHarvard graduates, who raised $12,500 visor of women, in addition to that of infor the purpose. When the work is com

structor in English in Columbian College. pleted the chapel will be known as the

It is stated that the university authorities John Harvard Memorial chapel. The

attach considerable importance to this work will occupy six months.

position on account of the fact that there

are so many young women now enrolled The Esperanto (universal language) in the college. Since the college was congress which was recently held in opened to them a few years ago the Geneva, Switzerland, was reported as number of women students has steadily

increased, until last year there were about If President Day is determined to one hundred and forty enrolled. These revolutionize modern college life he has students have distinctive interests, and taken the right way. The non-smoking the new appointment, it is stated, is a student! How is such a thing possible ? recognition by the institution of these in- For generations the reeking pipe and calterests and the administra

low cigarette have been the badge of col

lege swaggerdom. They are the disThe regents of the University of tinguishing hall mark of the 'varsity Colorado have recently authorized a Col

"man.” They have the same intimate lege of Commerce as a regular depart- place in our educational system as the ment of the university. It is established

green sweater and the rah-rah trousers. for the purpose of providing professional How can Chancellor Day expect his training for the practical demands of young men to absorb the pearls of wisbusiness.

dom from his class room unless said

young men are allowed to smoke, keep A chair in chemistry has been added bulldogs and hoot at the broiler chorus? to the University of Buffalo, and the in

If the students are required to pay tuicumbent will be Prof. Herbert M. Hill, tion they might as well go to some other city chemist of Buffalo. Prof. Hill has college where the regulationis place no had charge for many years of the chemi- inhibition upon those ancient student cal course in the pharmaceutical depart- practices without which a college educament of the university. This last-named

tion is a barren waste. course requires students to attend lectures half a day every other day for two

Professor Goldwin Smith some time years. The new course will require attendance mornings and afternoons for

ago formally willed his brain to Cornell

University. six days a week through a period of

Some remarkable brains

have been sold, not given. An Englishthree years, and students graduating in this course will receive the degree of university for $10,000. He is a man of

man has disposed of his to an American analytical chemist.

little education and for many years

worked as a coal miner. He has a marTobacco users and theater goers among velous memory, especially for dates, and students of Syracuse University must

is now earning a good salary on the music pay full tuition, according to an order issued by Chancellor James R. Day when college opened for the fall term.

"Young men who can afford to pay for Heads were bruised, faces scratched indulgences can afford to pay for their and wrists and legs sprained in a fight tuition and will receive no concessions between the freshmen and sophomores of from the faculty,” said the chancellor. the medical department of Purdue Uni"Such students need not expect to be versity, Indianapolis, Ind., and after the given scholarships. A young man who badly injured had been sent to their smokes is a fool, at least in that particu- rooms for medical treatment the remainlar. He ought to take better care of his ing freshmen were chained together and nerves and present a cleaner exhibit of hurried through the principal streets. himself.”

The freshmen got a tip that the sophoThe ban has been placed upon the mores would attack them and they asscholastic bulldog for more than two sembled in a room in the institution and years and that erstwhile boon companion barricaded the

the doors. There were of the struggling undergraduate is now twenty-eight of them and the forty odd relegated to other institutions of learn- sophomores forced the door and the fight ing where he is still recognized and ap- began. Freshman after freshman was preciated.

overpowered and carried, bound hand

hall stage.

and foot, to the basement, where they stitute or officer if he is under discipline were piled up on the floor till all had been for irregularity in attendance or conduct, captured. Four were so badly injured or if he has failed to complete twelve that they had to be sent to their rooms hours of college work during the preand a half-dozen others were badly vious semester. bruised in the melee. When the last freshman was taken they were all bound One feature which marked the begintogether and paraded through the ning of the new college year at Brown streets. Those who witnessed the fight University was the unveiling of a new say it was the fiercest they ever saw. statue of Augustus Cæsar, a gift of Only because outnumbered were the Moses B. I. Goddard to the university. freshmen beaten.

Lord Kelvin once performed a daring Senator Beveridge of Indiana once en

experiment before a class of students. In tered a competitive examination for ap

the course of his lectures he said that pointment to West Point and lost his op

while a voltage of 3,000 or so would be portunity for becoming a great soldier be

fatal to a man, a voltage of some 300,000 cause he laughed at an inopportune mo

would be harmless. He was going to ment in the examination and was fined

give a practical illustration on himself, several points for indecorous conduct.

but the students cried out, “Try it on a 1

dog!" Lord Kelvin cast a look of reThe Sigma Nus at Indiana University proach at his class. “Didn't I figure it are to have a new chapter house costing out myself?” he said with magnificent $20,000 exclusive of the lot.

self-confidence, as he walked to the apparatus and safely turned the tremend

ous voltage into himself. The Vossiche Zeitung of Berlin has unearthed from the records of the University of Koenigsberg a full report of Mrs. John D. Rockefeller gives a great the "salary and emoluments” paid to the deal of money to maintain the “Spellman professor of metaphysics and logic, Im- Seminary” at Atlanta, Ga., which she and manuel Kant, at the time of his death, her sister, Miss Spellman, established and Feb. 12, 1804. Kant drew a salary in named for their mother. The Spellman a three-fold capacity, as a professor or- Seminary is an institution where several dinarius, as a senator, and as the senior hundred negro girls are instructed in inof the philosophical faculty; and he was dustrial methods by which they may earn also entitled to "extraordinary" addi- a living. They may graduate as trained tional emoluments. The total income nurses, dressmakers, cooks, housemaids from these four sources was 749 thaler, and may also receive academic training 23 groschen, and 10 pfennigs. In addi- which will fit them for teaching. The tion, as professor of metaphysics and seminary is in the edge of the town, and logic, he was entitled to 44 bushels of rye the buildings, all similar in design and and 8 cords of wood.

building material, are set in the midst of

large and beautiful grounds. FlowerThe new rules relative to the disquali- them, and a beautiful smooth campus is

bordered drives and walks approach fication of students at Williams College for athletic and other organizations were

grass covered and shaded. drawn up before the close of last year by the Williams Athletic Council, and are "Simplicity and truth, modesty of deincluded in the administrative rules. No meanor, and purity of life" is the phrase student will be allowed to represent the by which Secretary Bonaparte defines a college in any athletic, dramatic or gentleman. This is comprehensive and musical organization as a member, sub- admirable, but a definition made not very

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