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The University of Illinois has recently The omission of the old custom of the issued a complete record of the alumni Yale freshman-sophomore rush through of the institution, together with much York street in front of the freshman other material of a historical and bio- dormitories is taken by Yale undergraphical nature. This Alumni Record graduates to mean that the faculty of is a volume of 710 pages, containing the university will try to prevent the thirty-one pages of annuals of the in- turbulence on the city streets which stitution, biographies of 2,540 baccalau- brought the freshmen last year into disreate, twenty-six graduate and thirty- repute and led to general complaint on two honorary alumni; of 284 members the part of citizens and numerous clashes of the faculty, past and present, not between students and the police. Owngraduates of the University of Illinois ; ers of private dormitories had police of seventy-seven members of boards of

officers on duty all night, and blue coats trustees, and the names and addresses were posted every fifty feet until long of 374 students who were given degrees after midnight. The abolition of the in 1906. It contains also a directory of rush also did away with any street disalumni associations, and a geographical turbance and the hazing of freshmen was and a biographical index. There are done in the college dormitories and with five illustrations, and an introduction by much noise. The mettle of the freshPresident James.

men may be tested later on and several

plans for this are on foot, even to a reviAn ancient custom disappeared at Yale

val of the Omega Lambda Chi, which when the exclusive senior societies

the faculty abolished some years ago. stopped wearing their pins displayed. The faculty of the Scientific School is The three, Skull and Bones, Scroll and enforcing its decision to abolish FreshKey, and Wolf's Head, have removed man row in Temple street, one of the their pins from sight, Scroll and Ker

localities in which disturbances were so being last to give up wearing insignia frequent last spring that the city attorney of the craft.

at one time held thirty complaints

against students and brought a number Students, faculty and alumni of the of them into court. At the opening of Harvard Medical School are uniting to

the college year the anticipation is that raise $10,000 to purchase a life annuity the upper class men will exercise greater for James Skillen, who is about to retire influence over the freshmen and sophoafter faithfully serving them as janitor

mores and relieve the faculties of the for 29 years. One-half the amount has several departments from enforcing a already been subscribed. When Skillen number of restrictions which had been was made janitor, in 1877, Dr. Oliver thought would be necessary to keep orWendell Holmes was at the head of the der. anatomical department, and in many details of his work and in lectures was assisted by the janitor. The friendship

A new plan for the help of poor stubetween Dr. Holmes and his assistant

dents was started at Harvard when the was always strong, and even intimate. new textbook loan library was thrown “James,” the author said to him several open.

About 300 textbooks, covering times, "you are a slave to duty. And most of the large courses in college, that is one of the highest kinds of serv- were collected by the social service comice any one can perform for the bet- mittee last spring, and they have been terment of the world."

placed in the Phillips Brooks house. This number will be added to during the of the girl students a dollar and told half year, and by the beginning of next them to return it to him with its earnyear it is hoped to have a large library ings at the next college day celebration. that will cover all of the courses in the The money will be devoted to the endowuniversity, and to have a large number ment fund. There were 240 of the girls of textbooks for the larger courses. The who received a dollar each, and from library is designed for the use of men reports there will be several hundred who are not able to buy textbooks, and dollars returned from the dollar investthe books will be loaned for the time of ments. One girl earned $4 by selling the course. A small deposit will be re- garden truck; four girls went over to a quired when they are given out, but the Michigan summer resort, hired the deposit will be refunded when the books launches and made $100 running short are returned. This whole affair was un- lake excursions. Others did equally dertaken and carried out by the under- well. About $50,000 is still needed to graduates who make up the social service complete the $250,000 endowment for committee.

the school, and this has been promised

by Andrew Carnegie. A decision of interest to every American student who desires to enter Berlin

A students' sick fund is the latest University has just been made.

movement to be put on foot among the The recently issued catalogue of the

students of the University of Kansas. university, containing the conditions for For some time a committee from the entrance, stated that on presenting di- faculty have been working for the esplomas from high schools or gymna- tablishing of such a fund at the univeriums, all applicants except English and

sity, but nothing definite had been done. Americans would be required to show

The recent diphtheria scarce in Lawdiplomas giving the degree of B. A. or

rence brought the matter to a head and M. A. Dr. Dickie, pastor of the Ameri- representatives from all classes, the fracan Church in Berlin, took up the mat- ternities, eating clubs and other organiter with Dr. Althoff, head of the uni- zations of the university met to discuss versity bureau of the ministry of edu- plans for the adoption of such a scheme. cation. Dr. Dickie said to him: "Do The sentiment of the meeting was enyou mean to say that American high tirely in favor of the movement and a school diplomas are not equal to those

committee was appointed to meet with of Russian schools ?"

the faculty committee on health and

draw up plans for establishing a fund. Dr. Althoff admitted that the order

The general plan upon which the com

mittee is working is to make a voluntary did not seem just, and remarked that it was not in line with the emperor's policy dent, which entitles them to free medical

assessment of 50 cents from each stuof promoting friendly relations with

and hospital services. There has been American and German universities. He

no general epidemic amoung the stusuggested that Dr. Dickie confer with

dents of the university for years, and the authorities of the university. This

the establishment of a sick fund is taken was done, with the result that the rule purely as a precautionary measure. now is that Americans desiring Ph. D. diplomas must show B. A. certificates, but those who intend to take only short

The directors of Memorial Hall at

Harvard are facing a courses need only to produce certifi

new problem: cates issued by the United States am

How to police a thousand students. That, bassador.

and more, is the number of men who
take three meals daily in the great dining

hall of Harvard, and whether or not to Last spring the financial secretary of try to discipline them is now the quesWestern College, Oxford, O.; gave each tion.

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For 800 men to pound the dishes preted by the bewildered visitors as a when a man comes into the visitors' gal- personal comment on their exterior or lery without removing his hat has been, behavior. in the words of a recent ivy orator, “the custom from time immemorial.” Scenes Professor John Grier Hibben conof the wildest commotion have ensued tributes to the Alumni Weekly a report when a visitor, not realizing the cause

on the progress of Princeton which conof the first disturbance, has removed his

tains a summary of present conditions hat in deference to the applause and then that should be of interest to every son of replaced it on his head. But this year Old Nassau. These reports will be made the disturbance is not confined to such through the columns of the Weekly cases alone. The mere appearance of three times a year. In the present ara visitor, male or female (and oftener

ticle Professor Hibben devotes much in the case of female visitors), is the

space to the changes that the last few signal for the pounding to begin, and it months have made on Princeton campus. was kept up with increasing vim till the

"Many changes," he says, "have taken visitors retreat in dismay and disorder. place. Unless one has visited Princeton The management of the hall has so

in the last three or four years, he can far vainly taken all the steps in its power have no adequate conception of the imto restrain such demonstrations, and as

provements. The line made by Little a result on the dinner menu card has ap- and Blair halls on the western border of peared a notice to the effect that the di

the campus is being extended along Unirectors were empowered to expel at once versity place as far as the observatory, any member of the Harvard Dining As

and it is expected that the extension of sociation "for disorderly or ungentle Blair Hall will be finished by next Febmanly conduct.” The directors may, as a ruary. It will accommodate about thirty last resort, be compelled to close the gal- students. lery to all visitors during meal hours.

"Patton Hall, the gift of the ten classes But this step will not be taken if it can

from 1892 to 1901, inclusive, has been be avoided, for the custom of admitting completed and was opened for occupancy sightseers to this gallery is as old as the

this fall, with rooms for about 150 stuhall; and the view from this point dur

dents. Extending the impressive line ing the dinner hour is esteemed one of

formed by Blair, Little and the new the most remarkable sights of the uni- gymnasium, this dormitory is a handversity.

some addition to the campus, on the east It is believed by many that the dis- side of Brokaw field. It is hoped that turbances originate with groups of fresh- by next spring ten additional classes men who do not understand that the will have given another dormitory, to sport is to be indulged in only at the be erected to the south of Patton Hall, expense of the unlucky guest who ven- and forming, with Patton Hall and the tures in without taking his hat off. The gymnasium, a quadrangle around Broundergraduates themselves are indiffer- kaw field. ent about it as a whole, though there are “McCosh Hall, now under construcsome who are warmly opposed to the tion, is also in the Tudor-Gothic style custom of being placed on exhibition at of architecture—an imposing lecture and meals, for the benefit of people who recitation hall much needed at Princeton, wish “to see the animals feed," as they and a fitting memorial to the late Presiphrase it. All the upper classmen, how- dent McCosh. It is situated, parallel to ever, are opposed to the indiscriminate and a few feet north of McCosh Walk, rapping on tumblers at the appearance extending from Marquand Chapel to of any guest, and the moment it begins Washington street, with an L on that they also begin to cry, "Freshmen!” street, and forming the beginning of a "Shut up!" and "Cut it out,” which only quadrangle to inclose the academy lot. increases the confusion, and is inter- It is hoped that a portion of McCosh Hall will be available for use at the be- managers of the corresponding univerginning of the ensuing second term. sity associations. Nearly all of the man

"The grading of the rear portion of agers of recent years are said to have the Passage property, making it a part been excellent men for their positions, of the campus, has been completed. but this does not alter the fact that it is This is the property on Nassau street bad for a man to be practically assured between the Guyot and the Carpenter of an important university office within lots. It was presented to the university a comparatively few weeks after his arlast spring by a number of alumni. rival at college. The new policy meets

“Princeton Lake, the gift of Mr. An- with general approval and will be put drew Carnegie, will be approximately into force for the freshman crew and three and three-quarters miles long, one nine, if it works out successfully. end at Kingston and the other at the Pennsylvania Railroad crossing above the basin. Its width varies from 300 to

Harvard is looking for a mascot to 1,000 feet, the entire area of the lake

take the place of John the Orangeman, being approximately 1,200 acres. This

who died in the summer. His daughter, enterprise has no official connection with Katherine Lovet, aspires to succeed him, Princeton University, but will add

and so does “Butler" Walker, the leadgreatly to the enjoyment of the students. ing “hot hog” man in Harvard Square. beautifying the place and affording them

Student sentiment is all for Katherine. an opportunity in the spring and fall for

She is likely to sell the peanuts, while sailing and rowing, and in the winter for “Mugsey” Shuegrue, her urchin helper, skating and ice boating. The dam at

will do the customary consigning of Kingston is now completed, and it is

Yale to a somewhat milder climate. expected that the water will be in the lake before winter."

Princeton University last month com

memorated the 160th anniversary of its In an effort to give all freshmen a founding. The university is the outchance to "start even” and to reduce growth of Log College, founded by Wilstill further the opportunity for class liam Lambert, who was born in Ireland, and "prep school” politics, the athletic educated

educated in Edinburgh, ordained committee has decided to cut away from priest, and who, on coming to America, the sacred class policy at Yale and to became a Presbyterian. The original have the freshman football team man- college edifice, called Nassau Hall, 176 aged by members of the junior class. feet long, 50 feet wide and four stories There are several reasons why this high, was at the time of its erection the change was needed. In the first place, largest building in the colonies. Among the elections must necessarily occur the chief collegiate buildings are Nasearly in the year, and it is almost im- sau, Alexander and Blair halls, Marpossible for an entering class to become quand Chapel, an art museum, a muwell acquainted in the short period prior seum of geology and archæology and the to the freshman managership elections. Halstead Observatory. The library conFreshman politics was the natural result, tains nearly 250,000 volumes and the men from the large preparatory schools students number over 1,500. From the usually received the elections because time of its foundation Princeton has they were well known by their class- been the stronghold of Presbyterianism mates at school, and the man who came in this country. Under Dr. James Mcfrom a small school and therefore com- Cosh Princeton grew from a comparaparatively unknown at first, did not have tively small college to one of the leada chance.

ing universities of the country. Dr. Furthermore, the men who have been McCosh was one of the old school Preselected managers of their freshman as- byterians, and during the formative pesociations have almost invariably become riod of scientific religious thought held


firmly to the old line theology of the first edition of the Alumni Record, has Calvinistic creed. With the death of been chosen editor. Dr. McCosh and the advent of the Rev. Dr. Francis L. Patton as president of the institution in 1888, the philosophic shows a registration of only thirty-four

The freshman directory at Harvard administration of Princeton underwent

first year men in the Lawrence Sciena distinct change.

Dr. Patton recog- tific School. There are no first year nized the necessity of taking into ac

special men in this department this year. count the discoveries of modern science as factors in religious thought. He re

Last year there were seventy-four first

year regulars in the scientific school mained a strict Presbyterian and Princeton a strictly Presbyterian institution, the other hand, there is a gain of just

and sixty-four first-year specials. On but at the same time encouraged the in

about one hundred freshmen in regular vestigation of religious creed along the

standing in the college and about sevmodern lines of science. When Dr.

enty-five more first-year college specials Patton retired, in 1902, Professor Wood

this year than last. row Wilson, the well-known historian, economist and sociologist, was elected to succeed him.

Unless the students of Northwestern At the time of the one hundred and University show an unexpected disapfiftieth anniversary a movement was proval weekly segregated chapel servstarted for developing the university ices will be instituted. One day out of that has made this decade a period of every week

every week the men students and the most remarkable growth in the his

the women students will gather in tory of Princeton. During this decade separate halls for the daily religious the endowment has almost been doubled. service. The faculty has announced its the increase being from $1,677,871.17 of

intention to follow last year's experitotal endowment in 1896, to $3,284,000 ment, which met with success only after in 1906. The area of the campus has

the objections of 100 coeds, who went more than doubled, having increased out on a strike for their right to mingle from 225 acres in 1896 to 538 acres at

with the men, were overcome. present. The enrollment of students has in

Freshmen of Chicago University in creased steadily year by year, from

the future are to wear emblems of their 1,045 in 1896 to the 1.384 given in the last issue of the university catalogue. The headgear has been prescribed by

verdant stage in the form of green hats. And the number of alumni in the classes

the members of the sophomore class, graduated during the last decade is equal and the "freshies” accordingly will have to the number now living of all the

to endure it. The edict has gone forth classes graduated previous to 1896.

that Chicago University, even if smell

ing a little of varnish and fresh woodA new prize in mathematics has re

work, must have customs, and the green cently been established at Columbia in freshman bonnet is only one of a series memory of John Dash Van Buren, Jr., of made to order traditions which are to who died shortly after his graduation in

be carefully unboxed as time goes on. 1905. The prize is to be the annual income on $5,000.

An important step was taken in Har

vard debating recently when it was deThe alumni of the University of Illi- termined to make the debate with Yale, nois are to have a magazine, probably which will be held in Sanders' Theater a quarterly, to be launched as soon as this fall, open to all members of the arrangements can be made. Frank W.

university. Heretofore an admission Scott, who has recently completed the charge of fifty and seventy-five cents

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