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servatory is a part, of $40,000 for the was laid on October 8th. Lutherans of express purpose, by John D. Hooker, of several nationalities were present at the Los Angeles. This fund will pay for ceremonies. Spokane College is the the glass and all the expenses of making twenty-ninth institution for higher eduit a perfect mirror. It does not provide cation established by the Norwegians of for the mounting, which must come America in the fifty years since they befrom some other source.

gan migrating to the shores of this country. This college is not to be a narrow

sectarian or foreign institution, but truly A site for Centenary College, to be

American, broad in its teachings, and erected at Shreveport, La., has been selected by the Methodist committee in charge. The site covers fifty acres of choice ground. A bonus of $2,500 ac- Colonel John F. Firch is the beneficcompanied the tract. Large and modern iary of a Swedish Lutheran college to buildings will be erected and the work be founded at Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, acwill be pushed to completion as rapidly cording to a statement made by Mr. as possible. It is expected that the citi- Firch himself. zens of Shreveport and throughout the “I have given to the general synod State will contribute liberally.

$100,000 for the founding of a college.

The city of Coeur d'Alene offered $25,The A. C. Stewart Memorial Chapel has been accepted by the general synod,"

000 bonus and a ten-acre site, and this of Missouri Valley College, Marshall,

stated Colonel Firch. “Work on the Mo., was formally delivered to the board of trustees and dedicated on October

construction of the college will begin in 19th. A large procession headed by ised the use of some of the old Fort

the spring. The church has been promGov. Joseph W. Folk, with prominent

Sherman buildings during the winter, citizens in carriages, went to the college and the college may be started in a few campus, where the board of trustees, fac

months, though the new buildings themulty and alumni of the college were in

selves will not be completed for about a waiting. All then went into the new chapel, where William H. Black, D. D., year's time. In case it is possible to ar

range it, several of the departments will president of the college; the board of

be opened during the winter, though the trustees and a large number of distin

college can not open up in proper shape guished guests from all over the United

until it has its own buildings. The new States participated in the exercises.

college is to be called the Firch College.

"It is also true that I have promised Little Rock has been selected by the $10,000 for the founding of a college in Presbyterian Synod as the location for Asia. The new college there will be for the new female college to be erected in

the education of women only and will Arkansas.

also be called Firch College.'

By the will of the late Edward Wilson James of Norfolk, Va., the University

The Atlanta (Ga.) College of Physiof Virginia will receive $200,000, with

cians and Surgeons will open its fiftyprovision that for fifteen years to come

second session Monday in its new buildthe university shall turn over one-half ing, which will be completed and ready of the income to the Confederate Sol

for occupancy in a few days. The new diers' Home, Richmond, Va.

building when completed will have cost in the neighborhood of $100,000 and

will be one of the handsomest in the The corner stone of the new Spokane South. The Carnegie Psychological InCollege, being erected by the Lutheran stitute will be opened in about three Church in Manito Park, Spokane, Wash., weeks.


Time, in his restlessness, has brought After being taken some distance up us back again to the season when the Eutaw street, the freshmen yesterday autumn haze, or rather the college haze were escorted to a backyard borrowed runs riot over the land and demonstrates for the purpose. The most docile of the the priceless boon of education. The four was then allowed to go, and athazing period lasts until December, and tention was directed toward the other until then the freshman's life is not his three. After an eloquent speech by the own. Ignoring that he himself was once chief hazer, in which he sought by every the muttonhead of muttonheads, the lof- device known to the art of oratory to ty-browed, divinely appointed upper- impress upon the trembling trio their utclassman forms himself into a commis- ter in significance and indisputable sion to impress upon the "freshies" their worthlessness in the college world, the unalterable social, mental and physical first victim was ordered to mount upon inferiority, and to inculcate into their a rostrum (improvised from a beer baraspiring bosoms a refined and commend- rel). able ambition to act likewise next year, Having been made to assume the posif not sooner. The following, from the ture in which Praxiteles carved his MerBaltimore News, is illuminative of the cury, the freshman was then ordered to process of hazing:

make a speech on either of two topics— “Keep your lamps burning till the "Aerial Navigation in Eden" or "The bridegroom comes.”

Effect of Free Trade on the ManufacWith clothes turned inside out, and ture of Milk Bottles.” Unfortunately, he made up as nearly as possible--and as chose the former, and throughout his expeditiously as the vigilance of the uni- oration, things large and small navigated versity authorities made necessary—in through the air in his direction. the role of the virgins of Biblical fame, "One of his classmates was then told four demure and thoroughly frightened to kneel at the speaker's feet, and when Hopkins freshmen were marched grave- the oration had been brought to an ably up Eutaw street yesterday afternoon rupt close, demand was made for a duo by a band of stony-hearted juniors. rendition of "Waiting at the Church.”

Three of the "freshies” carried small "By this time it was growing dark, safety matches high above their bared and the third victim was released after heads to signify the lamps, while the being compelled to dance the cachuca fourth, his virgin efforts stimulated by

on top of a cracker box." repeated prods from the juniors, beat Now, this is all very funny in print, loud upon a pair of cymbals, the latter and no doubt was immensely satisfacbeing temporarily exalted to this pur- tory to all participants, the victims expose from their usual service as lids to cepted. But it will not bear analysis, at ash cans.

least not by any one other than an alienThis fantastic procession, which was ist. It seems necessary to education, witnessed by scores of person along Eu- though; just as necessary as foot ball taw street, marked the beginning of the hair; just as necessary as pipe-smoking; hazing period at the Hopkins. The just as necessary as "boomalacker-boom"freshies" had been taking their en- alacker, siss boom bah!” Says one of trance examinations since the middle of our exchanges: "Any complaint against the week, and when the last examina- hazing would be peevish and unreasontion was over yesterday it was a signal able, and calculated to imperil the future for the juniors to begin to "dress down" of our embryo statesmen, captains of inthe new men.

dustry, our doctors, our legal lights, lit

terateurs and professional athletes. So of hazing flourishes. At a schoool at Lalet them haze. They'll do it anyway.' fayette, Ind., several girls were put

The college freshman is still in danger through such an ordeal that one of them of losing his limbs or his life simply be- nearly died from nervous shock. The cause he is a freshman. Although haz- girls were candidates for membership in ing is not practiced as widely or as open- a local secret society. According to the ly as some years ago, it still survives. story of one of the victims they were Its worst features now, however, are blindfolded. Ice was then passed up and kept secret, and only now and then some down their bare backs, and at the same mad prank becomes public because its time a redhot branding iron was applied perpetrators could not conceal the in- to a piece of beefsteak, which caused juries or the death of their victim. In- such a sizzling and smell of burning flesh stances continually come to light of hair- that they shrieked as if really tortured breadth adventures in which a hapless with branding irons. Afterward a dish freshman almost loses his life, but of of angle-worms was shown them, and on which nothing is known until the stu- again being blindfolded they were told dents implicated are graduated and the they must eat of the worms. At this vow of silence during their college command their persecutors forced down course which they have sworn is abro- their throats great spoonfuls of hot macgated.

aroni. This made several of the girls Recently at a certain Connecticut uni

sick, but the tortures were continued unversity the details came to light of a til all were prostrated. dare-devil escapade among members of A hazing escapade which ended in a certain class which occurred many death was enacted not long ago at a years before and in which one youth al- large eastern university. At that time most lost his life. It was not until the one of the tricks of the sophomores was members of the class came back for a to lead a freshman to the brink of a reunion that the secret got out. It was certain high cliff, blindfold him and then not until then that the good people of tell him to jump. If he had the courage the town in which the university was to do so he would leap only to find himsituated awoke to the fact that there self caught a few feet away by a blanket had been hazing of the most desperate held out by a half dozen sophomores. character right under their very noses One dark night some sophomores were and they had known nothing about it. making their victims go through this

It seems that when sophomores of this ordeal when one “freshy” lost his nerve class corralled a party of freshmen one completely. When told to jump he night and carrried them off to a precipi- would quiver from head to foot until tous ravine back of the college one of one of his persecutors began to jeer at the "sophs” obtained what he thought him for his cowardice. Stung by these was a stout rope. After a “freshy" had words, the youth suddenly made a lunge been blindfolded this rope was tied when the sophomores with the blanket around him, just under his arms, and he were unprepared to catch him. Instead was let down from the precipice. Either he dived straight down to the bottom of the rope was rotten or it was cut by the the abyss and crushed out his brains on jagged rocks of the cliff, for suddenly the rocks below. it parted and the youth at the end of it Some of the ceremonies of an initiawent crashing down into the abyss. In tion into certain college fraternities may some marvelous way he clutched a be classed as hazing of the most nervestunted tree that grew out of the stones racking order. Many instances are on and saved himself. Otherwise he would

record of young men being killed in this have been dashed to death on the rocks way. A few years ago at one of the below. All present promised secrecy, larger colleges a student was killed in a and so it was not until the class had been hazing. He had been hustled blindfolded graduated that the story leaked out. about the city streets by a crowd of up

Among girls as well as boys the spirit per class men, forced to climb lamp posts and make speeches to passers-by, ring bet where the bedraggled head would door bells, ask absurd questions of house- emerge. But no head appeared. The holders and run blindfold races down laughing ceased and at length two of the the middle of the street. The society sophomores, fearing that some injury chapter-house stood in a yard shut off had befallen their victim, dived in and from the street by a low iron fence. brought him to the surface. He was un“Rushing" the candidate from the street conscious and across the top of his head into the yard some of the men ahead the scalp was found to be torn in a long swung the gate back. The unfortunate jagged line. The "freshie” had struck a candidate ran into this at full speed, the submerged pile head first. He died withiron gate striking him with full force in out regaining consciousness. the stomach, causing internal injuries In another eastern college a first-year that resulted in his death a few hours man, five years ago, was put through an later. As the victim of this hazing was

ordeal which would have resulted in a a well-known society man and very pop

kindlier fate if it had killed him. While ular in college and the men who were re- he had been in college about a half year sponsible for his death were members of a great wave of hazing swept over the prominent families, the case made a institution and, despite organized effort great stir and resulted in the abolition of to quell it on the part of officers and this kind of hazing for many years at

faculty, there were weird processions in that institution.

the business section, parades of which a In a New England college some time freshman in grotesque raiment and savago the members of a secret society tried age paint was the leader, while his capto hit on some new method of hazing

tors marched gravely behind. There their initiates. At last they decided on a were midnight raids in hall and dormischeme which it is safe to say was never

tory and the new scratches, bruises and repeated by that society, for it resulted blackened eyes which appeared almost differently from what was expected.

every morning at chapel told of many a The neophytes were made to undress "scrap" of the night before. and then one was compelled to lie out

One night a party of “sophs” learned stretched on his back on a huge cake of that a freshman whom they had tried to ice. Not content with simply watching lay hands on for some time had nehim squirm on the ice, his tormentors sat glected to lock the door of his bedroom. down on him and held him in a rigid po- Having quickly laid their plans, they sition for fifteen minutes. By this time

stole stealthily up the stairs, and, rushhe was numbed through and through, ing in, they made him their prisoner. his lips and fingers having turned purple

With hoots and howls they pulled him and his face drawn as if it had been

out of bed and told him to perform a few paralyzed. From the ice the victim was

"stunts.” They made him eat soup out taken to a hot room, for his persecutors,

of a wash bowl without a spoon, “row becoming suddenly afraid they had car- for the shore” with a couple of matches ried the "joke” too far, foolishly im

and perform other tricks equally edifyagined they must warm him up as fast ing. as possible. Accordingly they poured Each command given him, however, hot water down his back and gave the

he obeyed promptly and fearlessly. His poor wretch such a shock that he com

tormentors could not devise anything too pletely collapsed. Two months later he hard for him to do, until one of them, was dead.

losing patience at not being able to Another story is told of a freshman in frighen the lad, yelled out: an eastern college who was led to the "Jump out of the window !"! edge of a wharf and told to jump into Before any of the rest could restrain the stream. When he refused his captors him, the freshman mounted the window seized him and threw him in. The body sill and leaped into the dark. It seems struck the water with a great splash and he thought that there was a blanket held with a laugh the sophomores began to outside to catch him, and never for an

instant supposed that the command had "And then sew you together," murbeen given merely as a "joke.” The mured the other. window was in the third story and the So saying, one man caught the ground fully twenty-five feet below. "freshie" by the hands and the other by

With blanched faces the sophomores the feet, and they swung his body gazed at one another, too overcome by against the trunk of a tree. This hazing what had happened even to speak. The "stunt" is called "cutting a freshman in sound of groans from without, the shuf- two," and is intended only to give the fling feet as of people hurrying to that victim a smart blow on the ribs. But body which each imagined he saw, bleed- the sophomores miscalculated the amount ing, perhaps dead, on the sidewalk be- of force necessary to thump their man low, filled the minds of the hazers with harmlessly and cracked his body against the direst forebodings. When the so- the tree with such an impetus that they phomores finally roused themselves from broke his hip. They made the youth a their stupor and rushed downstairs they cripple for life. found the "freshie” in a pool of blood In Germany the students point with and just lapsing into unconsciousness. great pride to the long seams in their At the hospital the victim's father was faces where the sabers of antagonists sent for, the doctors worked over the have slashed them in duels. At the presbody for hours and when they were ent time, however, the student in this finally rewarded by seeing the youth's country is not expected to go out into eyes open one of them turned and whis- life with any scars to show as a guarpered to the father :

antee of a completed education. Yet "You ask for the truth, and, though it some of them do, and would they tell is cruel, I will tell you. We can save his how they came by these marks they life, but it will be useless to him. His might relate many a thrilling instance of spinal column is shattered. He will be hazing of which even their closest an invalid for life.”

friends are ignorant. In a college not As the students implicated were sons far from Philadelphia, for example, two of influential families, the real causes of freshmen were thus marked for life as the freshman's injuries were suppressed. the result of hazing. Imprisoned by Instead, the story given out was that the sophomores, they were led into a dark youth fell from his window because of room, where all they could see was a having lost his balance while sleeping roaring fire behind a grill work of iron near it. Thus what might have been bars. Before they could realize whether held up as a fearful example to the haz- they were in this world or the next a ers of the university and have put an voice above their heads shouted: end, for a time at least, to their cruel "Prepare to die. Beyond is the inpractices, was passed by as a mere acci- ferno. You are to be cast in headlong." dent, and the sophomores are


At these words hands from behind waging the same barbarous warfare on clapped bandages over their eyes and the freshmen as before.

they were suddenly thrown forward. At The victim of this outrage may now the same time acid, that was intended to be seen in the streets of a suburb of be diluted enough only to smart the skin, Philadelphia any fine day, sitting help but not to burn, was thrown in their lessly in a wheel chair, which a faithful faces. The tormentors proposed only to negro trundles up and down the side- give their victims the idea that they had walk.

been cast into fire, but their laughter at A similar fate not long ago befell a the yell which the men gave was sudstudent in a Pennsylvania university. He denly hushed. The freshmen writhed in was caught one night by two sopho- such an agony that the tendons of their mores, who blindfolded him and laid necks and shoulders stood out like whiphim on the ground.

cords. The lights were turned on and it "We are going to cut you in two," was discovered that acid of full strength growled one.

had been used and that in places it had

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