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and I wish myself well out of it. "I'll not he has praised me (I have been so praised march through Coventry with them, that's elsewhere and abused, alternately, that mere flat.' What the devil had I to do with scrib- habit has rendered me as indifferent to both bling? It is too late to inquire, and all re- as a man at twenty-six can be to any thing), gret is useless. But, an' it were to do again, i but because he is, perhaps, the only man who, I should write again, I suppose.

Such under the relations in which he and I stand, is human nature, at least my share of it ;- or stood, with regard to each other, would though I shall think better of myself, if I have have had the liberality to act thus ; none sense to stop now. If I have a wife, and that but a great soul dared hazard it. 5 The height wife has a son — by any body — I will bring on which he stands has not made him giddy ; up mine heir in the most anti-poetical way - a little scribbler would have gone on camake him a lawyer,or a pirate, or—any thing. villing to the end of the chapter. As to the But, if he writes too, I shall be sure he is justice of his panegyric, that is matter of none of mine, and cut him off with a Bank taste. There are plenty to question it, and token. Must write a letter — three o'clock. glad, too, of the opportunity.

“ Lord Erskine called to-day. He means Sunday, March 20.

to carry down his reflections on the war — “I intended to go to Lady Hardwicke's', or rather wars — to the present day. I trust but won't. I always begin the day with a that he will. Must send to Mr. Murray to bias towards going to parties; but, as the get the binding of my copy of his pamphlet evening advances, my stimulus fails, and I finished, as Lord E. has promised me to hardly ever go out — and, when I do, always correct it, and add some marginal notes to regret it. This might have been a pleasant it. Any thing in his handwriting will be a

at least, the hostess is a very superior treasure, which will gather compound interest woman. Lady Lansdowne's 2 to morrow from years. Erskine has high expectations Lady Heathcote's Wednesday. Um!—I of Mackintosh's promised History. Unmust spur myself into going to some of them, doubtedly it must be a class when finished. or it will look like rudeness, and it is better “ Sparred with Jackson again yesterday to do as other people do — confound them! morning, and shall to-morrow. I feel all the

· Redde Machiavel, parts of Chardin, and better for it, in spirits, though my arms and Sismondi, and Bandello by starts. Redde shoulders are very stiff from it. Mem. to the Edinburgh, 44, just come out. In the attend the pugilistic dinner :- Marquess beginning of the article on Edgeworth's Huntley is in the chair. Patronage,' I have gotten a high compliment,

“ Lord Erskine thinks that ministers must I perceive. 4 Whether this is creditable to be in peril of going out. So much the better me, I know not ; but it does honour to the for him. To me it is the same who are in editor, because he once abused me. Many or out; – we want something more than a a man will retract praise ; none but a high- change of ministers, and some day we will spirited mind will revoke its censure, or can have it. praise the man it has once attacked. I have I remember 7, in riding from Chrisso to often, since my return to England, heard Jef- Castri (Delphos), along the sides of Parfrey most highly commended by those who nassus, I saw six eagles in the air. It is know him for things independent of his ta- uncommon to see so many together ; and it lents. I admire him for this not because was the number — not the species, which is

one ;


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1 [Philip Yorke, third Earl of Hardwicke, married, in the noble author from becoming the first poet of his 1782, Elizabeth, daughter of the Earl of Balcarres.) time.” Edinb. Rev. vol. xxii. p. 416.) (Louisa-Emma, daughter of the Earl of Ilchester,

$[- -“ All our little feuds, at least all mine, was married, in 1808, to the Marquis of Lansdowne, at

Dear Jeffrey, once my most redoubted foe that time Lord Henry Petty.]

(As far as rhyme and criticisin combine, 3 [Catharine-Sophia, daughter of John Manners, Esq., To make such puppets of us things below.) of Grantham-Grange, co. Lincoln: she was married, in Are over : Here's a health to 'Auld Lang Syne!" 1793, to Sir Gilbert Heathcote.]

I do not know you, and may never know + [" It is no slight consolation to us, while suffering Your face - but you have acted on the whole under alternate reproaches for ill-timed severity, and

Most nobly, and I own it îrom my soul." injudicious praise, to reflect that no very mischievous

Don Juan, c. I. st. 16.] effects have as yet resulted to the literature of the country,

6 (Afterwards fifth, and last, Duke of Gordon. He from this imputed misbehaviour on our part. Powerful

died in May, 1836.) genius, we are persuaded, will not be repressed even by unjust castigation; nor will the most excessive praise 7 Part of this passage has been aiready extracted, but that can be lavished by sincere admiration ever abate the I have allowed it to remain here in its original position: efforts that are fitted to attain to excellence. Our alleged on account of the singularly sudden manner in which it severity upon a youthful production has not prevented is introduced.


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a para

common enough — that excited my atten- soul about her — and her colour changes tion.

and there is that shyness of the antelope “ The last bird I ever fired at was an (which I delight in) in her manner so much, eaglet, on the shore of the Gulf of Lepanto, that I observed her more than I did any other near Vostitza. It was only wounded, and woman in the rooms, and only looked at any I tried to save it, the eye was so bright ; thing else when I thought she might perbut it pined, and died in a few days; and I ceive and feel embarrassed by my scrutiny. never did since, and never will, attempt the After all, there may be something of assocideath of another bird. I wonder what put ation in this. She is a friend of Augusta's, these two things into my head just now? I and whatever she loves I can't help liking. have been reading Sismondi, and there is “ Her mother, the Marchioness, talked to nothing there that could induce the recol-me a little ; and I was twenty times on the lection.

point of asking her to introduce me to sa fille, “I am mightily taken with Braccio di but I stopped short. This comes of that Montone, Giovanni Galeazzo, and Eccelino. affray with the Carlisles. But the last is not Bracciaferro (of the same “ Earl Grey told me laughingly name), Count of Ravenna, whose history I graph in the last Moniteur, which has stated, want to trace. There is a fine engraving in among other symptoms of rebellion, some Lavater, from a picture by Fuseli, of that particulars of the sensation occasioned in all Ezzelin, over the body of Meduna, punished our government gazettes by the tear’ lines, by him for a hitch in her constancy during only amplifying, in its re-statement, an his absence in the Crusades. He was right epigram (by the by, no epigram except in - but I want to know the story.”

the Greek acceptation of the word) into a

I wonder the Couriers, &c. &c., • Tuesday, March 22.

have not translated that part of the Moni“ Last night, party at Lansdowne House. teur, with additional comments. 6 To-night, party at Lady Charlotte Greville's 3 “ The Princess of Wales has requested - deplorable waste of time, and something Fuseli to paint from · The Corsair,'— leaving of temper. Nothing imparted — nothing to him the choice of any passage for the acquired — talking without ideas :- - if any subject : so Mr. Locke tells me. Tired, thing like thought in my mind, it was not on jaded, selfish, and supine — must go to bed. the subjects on which we were gabbling. Roman, at least Romance, means a song Heigho! - and in this way half London pass sometimes, as in the Spanish. I suppose what is called life. To-morrow there is this is the Moniteur's meaning, unless he has Lady Heathcote's — shall I go? yes — to confused it with • The Corsair.' punish myself for not having a pursuit. “ Let me see — what did I see? The

“ Albany, March 28. only person who much struck me was Lady “ This night got into my new apartments 7, S**d's (Stafford's 4] eldest daughter, Lady rented of Lord Althorpe, on a lease of seven C. L.5 Charlotte Leveson.] They say she years. Spacious, and room for my books is not pretty. I don't know - every thing and sabres. In the house, too, another adis pretiy that pleases ; but there is an air of vantage. The last few days, or whole week,


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(In his Diary for 1821, Lord Byron says, “ I saw a brain, my Lord,' was the answer ; for I invented it.flight of twelve eagles (Hobhouse says they were vultures, - Vol. i. p. 403.] at least in conversation), and I seized the omen. On

3 Daughter of William-Henry Cavendish, third Duke the day before, I composed the lines to Parnassus, and of Portland, married, in 1793, to Charles Greville, Esq.] on beholding the birds had a hope that Apollo had

4 [Now Duchess Countess of Sutherland : 1838. ] accepted my homage." - See Works, p. 11.]

3 [Now Countess of Surrey : 1838.) » [Fuseli's picture of Ezzelin Bracciaferro musing [“ On vient de publier à Londres une caricature over Meduna, slain by him for disloyalty during his insolente et grossière contre le mariage projeté de la absence in the Holy Land, was exhibited at the Royal Princesse de Galles avec le Prince d'Orange. En comAcademy in 1780. Mr. Knowles, in his Life of the mentant cette gravure, le Town Talk a osé avancer, que painter, relates the following anecdote: --" Fuseli fre- la Princesse Charlotte déteste son époux futur, et que quently invented the subject of his pictures without the ses veritables affections étaient sacrifiées à des vues aid of the poet or historian, as in his composition of politiques. Le Lord Byron a fait de ce bruit populaire Ezzelin, Belisaire, and some others: these he deno- le sujet d'une romance."

- Moniteur.) minated 'philosophical ideas intuitive, or sentiment per- ? (In 1808 Albany House in Piccadilly, long occupied sonified.' On one occasion he was much amused by the

by the Duke of York and Albany, was converted into following Inquiry of Lord Byron : * I have been looking

sets of chambers for single gentlemen, and the gardens in vain, Mr. Fuseli, for some months, in the poets and behind were also built over with additional suites of historians of Italy, for the subject of your picture of rooms. Those of Lord Byron were in the original house Ezzelin : pray where is it to be found ?' * Only in my on the ground door, No. 2.)

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have been very abstemious, regular in exer- down to the dirtiest jackal — may all tear cise, and yet very unwell.

him. That Muscovite winter wedged his “ Yesterday, dined tête-à-tête at the Cocoa ! arms ;- ever since, he has fought with his with Scrope Davies — sat from six till mid- feet and teeth. The last may still leave night drank between us one bottle of their marks; and I guess now' (as the champagne and six of claret, neither of which Yankees say) that he will yet play them a wines ever affect me. Offered to take pass. He is in their rear — between them Scrope home in my carriage ; but he was and their homes. Query — will they ever tipsy and pious, and I was obliged to leave reach them? him on his knees praying to I know not what purpose or pagod. No headach, nor

" Saturday, April 9. 1814. sickness, that night nor to-day. Got up, if “I mark this day! any thing, earlier than usual — sparred with Napoleon Buonaparte has abdicated the Jackson ad sudorem, and have been much throne of the world. • Excellent well.' better in health than for many days. I have Methinks Sylla did better ; for he revenged heard nothing more from Scrope. Yester- and resigned in the height of his sway, red day paid him four thousand eight hundred with the slaughter of his foes — the finest pounds, a debt of some standing, and which | instance of glorious contempt of the rascals I wished to have paid before. My mind is upon record.5 Dioclesian did well too much relieved by the removal of that Amurath not amiss, had he become aught debit.

except a dervise

Charles the Fifth but so Augusta wants me to make it


with - but Napoleon, worst of all. What! Carlisle. I have refused every body else, wait till they were in his capital, and then but I can't deny her any thing ;

; - so I must talk of his readiness to give up what is ale'en do it, though I had as lief 'drink up ready gone!! What whining monk art Eisel - eat a crocodile.'2 Let me see — thou — what holy cheat?' Sdeath! Ward, the Hollands, the Lambs, Rogers, &c. Dionysius at Corinth was yet a king to this. &c. every body, more or less, have been | The Isle of Elba'to retire to!- Well — trying for the last two years to accommodate if it had been Caprea, I should have marthis couplet quarrel, to no purpose. I shall velled less. •I see men's minds are but a laugh if Augusta succeeds.

parcel of their fortunes.' I am utterly be• Redde a little of many things — shall | wildered and confounded. get in all my books to-morrow. Luckily this “ I don't know - but I think I, even I room will hold them — with "ample room (an insect compared with this creature), and verge, &c. the characters of hell to have set my life on casts not a millionth trace.'3 I must set about some employment part of this man's. But, after all, a crown soon ; my heart begins to eat itself again. may be not worth dying for. Yet, to out

live Lodi for this !!! Oh that Juvenal or

“ April 8. Johnson could rise from the dead! “Ex“Out of town six days. On my return, pende - quot libras in duce summo invefind my poor little pagod, Napoleon, pushed nies ?6 I knew they were light in the off his pedestal ; the thieves are in Paris. balance of mortality ; but I thought their It is his own fault. Like Milo, he would living dust weighed more carats.? Alas! rend the oak + ; but it closed again, wedged this imperial diamond hath a flaw in it, and his hands, and now the beasts — lion, bear, is now hardly fit to stick in a glazier's pencil :

(A club established about a century ago, in St. James's Street.)

? (Hamlet, act v. sc. 2.] 9 (Gray's Bard.]

• He adopted this thought afterwards in his Ode to
Napoleon, as well as most of the historical examples, in
the following paragraph :
[“ He who of old would rend the oak,

Dream'd not of the rebound ;
Chain'd by the trunk he vainly broke --
Alone – how look'd he round ?”

See Works, p. 461.)

He dared depart in utter scorn
Of men that such a yoke had borne,

Yet left him such a doom !
His only glory was that hour
Of self-upheld abandon'd power."

Works, p. 461.) 6 (" Produce the urn that Hannibal contains,

And weigh the mighty dust which yet remains:
And is this all ?"

Gifford's Juvenal, vol. ii. p. 26.)
7 [" In the Statistical Account of Scotland, I find that
Sir John Paterson had the curiosity to collect, and weigh,
the ashes of a person discovered a few years since in the
parish of Eccles. Wonderful to relate, he found the
whole did not exceed in weight one ounce and a half!
And is this all! Alas ! the quot libras itself is a satirical
exaggeration.” – Ib.]

$(" The Roman, when his burning heart

Was slaked with blood of Rome,
Threw down the dagger – dared depart,

lu savage grandeur home.

Ær. 26.







- the pen of the historian won't rate it from returning, like a dog, to the vomit of worth a ducat.

memory, I tear out the remaining leaves of " Psha! something too much of this.' this volume, and write, in Ipecacuanha, But I won't give him up even now; though that the Bourbons are restored !!!'all his admirers have, like the thanes, Hang up philosophy.' To be sure, I have fallen from him.'

long despised myself and man, but I never

spat in the face of my species before -'0

“ April 10. fool! I shall go mad."" “I do not know that I am happiest when alone ; but this I am sure of, that I never am long in the society even of her I love, (God knows too well, and the devil probably too,) without a yearning for the company

CHAPTER XXI. of my lamp and my utterly confused and

1814. tumbled-over library.' Even in the day, I send away my carriage oftener than I use or abuse it. Per esempio, - I have not stirred

TATION OF THE COPY-RIGHT. — DEDICAout of these rooms for these four days past : but I have sparred for exercise (


MURRAY.-NEWSTEAD.-SIX-AND-TWENTY! open) with Jackson an hour daily, to atten

THE PRINCE REGENT. - PROPOSED REuate and keep up the ethereal part of me. The more violent the fatigue, the better my spirits for the rest of the day; and then, my

- FAREWELL TO evenings have that calm nothingness of lan

POETRY, — ODE TO NAPOLEON.- - SINGUguor, which I most delight in. To-day I

LAR DETERMINATION. have boxed one hour — written an ode to Napoleon Buonaparte - copied it — eaten The perusal of this singular Journal having six biscuits — drunk four bottles of soda made the reader acquainted with the chief water — redde away the rest of my time occurrences that marked the present period besides giving poor ** a world of advice of his history - the publication of The Corabout this mistress of his, who is plaguing sair, the attacks upon him in the newspapers, him into a phthisic and intolerable tedious- &c. — there only remains for me to add his ness. I am a pretty fellow truly to lecture correspondence at the same period, by which about the sect.' No matter, my counsels the moods and movements of his mind, durare all thrown away.

ing these events, will be still further illus


April 19. 1814. “ There is ice at both poles, north and

TO MR. MURRAY. south — all extremes are the same — misery

“ Sunday, Jan. 2. 1814. belongs to the highest and the lowest only,

« Excuse this dirty paper to the emperor and the beggar, when unsixpenced and unthroned. There is, to be ultimate half-sheet of a quire. Thanks for sure, a damned insipid medium- an equinoc- your books and the Ln. Chron., which I tial line — no one knows where, except upon Lord Holland's ; but I wish Mr. Gifford to

return. The Corsair is copied, and now at maps and measurement.

have it to-night. " • And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

" Mr. Dallas is very perverse ; so that I The way to dusty death.'

have offended both him and you, when I I will keep no further journal of that same really meaned to do good, at least to one, and hesternal torch-light ; and, to prevent me certainly not to annoy either. ” But I shall

it is the pen

I "As much company," says Pope," as I have kept, and as much as I love it, I love reading better, and would rather be employed in reading than in the most agreeable conversation."

? He had made a present of the copyright of “ The Corsair" to Mr. Dallas, who thus describes the manner in which the gift was bestowed : -“ On the 28th of December, I called in the morning on Lord Byron, whom I found composing. The Corsair.' He had been working upon it but a few days, and he read me the portion he had written. After some observations he said, I have a great mind - I will.' He then added, that he should

finish it soon, and asked me to accept of the copyright. I was much surprised. He had, before he was aware of the value of his works, declared that he never would take money for them, and that I should have the whole advantage of all he wrote. This declaration became morally void when the question was about thousands, instead of a few hundreds ; and I perfectly agree with the admired and admirable author of Waverley, that

the wise and good accept not gifts which are made in heat of blood, and which may be after repented of.' -I felt this on the sale of Childe Harold,' and observed it to him. The copyright of · The Giaour'and · The


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manage him, I hope. -- l am pretty confident of, (I don't mean **'s, however, which is of the Tale itself; but one cannot be sure. laughable only), the antithetical state of my If I get it from Lord Holland, it shall be lucubrations makes me alive, and Macbeth

can · sleep no more :'- he was lucky in get“Yours, &c." ting rid of the drowsy sensation of waking


* Pray write to me. I must send you a

"[" Jan. 1814.] copy of the letter of dedication. When do “I will answer your letter this evening ; you come out ? I am sure we don't clash in the mean time, it may be sufficient to say,

this time, for I am all at sea, and in action, that there was no intention on my part to

and a wife, and a mistress, &c. annoy you, but merely to serve Dallas, and “ Thomas, thou art a happy fellow ; but if also to rescue myself from a possible impu- you wish us to be so, you must come up to tation that I had other objects than fame town, as you did last year : and we shall in writing so frequently. Whenever I avail have a world to say, and to see, and to hear. myself of any profit arising from my pen,

Let me hear from you. depend upon it, it is not for my own conve- “P.S.–Of course you will keep my secret, nience ; at least it never has been so, and I and don't even talk in your sleep of it. Haphope never will.

pen what may, your dedication is ensured, "P. S. – I shall answer this evening, and being already written ; and I shall copy it will set all right about Dallas. I thank you

out fair to-night, in case business or amuse

ment - Amant alterna Camænæ." for your expressions of personal regard, which I can assure you I do not lightly value.




* Jan. 7. 1814.

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“ January 6. 1814. “You don't like the dedication – very " I have got a devil of a long story in the well; there is another : but you will send press, entitled • The Corsair,' in the regular the other to Mr. Moore, that he may know I heroic measure.

It is a pirate's isle, peopled had written it. I send also mottoes for the with my own creatures, and you may easily

cantos. I think you will allow that an elesuppose they do a world of mischief through phant may be more sagacious, but cannot be the three cantos. Now for your dedication more docile. - if you will accept it. This is positively

Yours, “Bx. my last experiment on public literary opinion,

The name is again altered to Medora.1 till I turn my thirtieth year, — if so be I flourish until that downhill period. I have a confidence for you — a perplexing one to me, and, just at present, in a state of abey

" January 8. 1814 ance in itself.

“ As it would not be fais to press you into " However, we shall see.

In the mean

a dedication, without previous notice, I send time, you may amuse yourself with my sus- you two, and I will tell you why two. The pense, and put all the justices of peace in re- first, Mr. M., who sometimes takes upon him quisition, in case I come into your county the critic (and I bear it from astonishment), with hackbut bent.'

says, may do you harm— God forbid !- this Seriously, whether I am to hear from alone makes me listen to him. The fact is, her or him, it is a pause, which I shall fill up he is a damned Tory, and has, I dare swear, with as few thoughts of my own as I can something of self, which I cannot divine, at borrow from other people. Any thing is the bottom of his objection, as it is the allubetter than stagnation ; and now, in the in- sion to Ireland to which he objects. But he terregnum of my autumn and a strange be d-d—though a good fellow enough summer adventure, which I don't like to think (your sinner would not be worth a d-n).

Bride of Abydos' remained undisposed of, though the poems were selling rapidly, nor had I the slightest notion that he would ever again give me a copyright. But as he continued in the resolution of not appropriating the sale of his works to his own use, I did not scruple to accept that of The Corsair,' and I thanked him. He asked me to call and hear the portions read as he wrote them. I went every morning, and was astonished at the rapidity of his composition. He gave me the poem

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