The Journal of Geology

Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin
University of Chicago Press, 1901
Vols. for 1893-1923 includes section: "Reviews."

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Página 273 - Results of the Pendulum — Observations and some Remarks on the Constitution of the Earth's Crust.
Página 368 - Report upon the Condition and Progress of the US National Museum during the year ending June 30, 1896.
Página 95 - Ward, LF 1900. Status of the Mesozoic floras of the United States. First paper: The older Mesozoic. US Geol. Surv., 2Oth Ann.
Página 469 - ... and the explanation of this correspondence he believed to be a causal one, the planes of separation, or jointing, being locally gaping where the streams adhere to the joint direction, but closed where they have been diverted from the course of the joint. Van Hise3 has in a similiar way explained the zigzags of 1 Published with the permission of the Director of the US Geological Survey. 3 DAUBREE : Ge'ologie Experimentale.
Página 448 - Thin sections of these rocks show the same polygonal shapes of the grains of quartz, and more or less iron ore is associated with specimens from each locality. It is very probable, then, that the same horizon exists at points far to the west of Lake Superior. Turning toward the east, specimens very like the jaspery varieties of the...
Página 207 - for the rocks occurring between the "argillaceous slaty rock, or shale stratum," now known as the Ohio shale, and the "conglomerate" which lies at the base of the Coal-measures. Waverly is the name of the capital of Pike county in southern Ohio and Professor Briggs stated that "As some of the most beautiful stones that have been obtained were quarried at Waverly, we may, for the present, denominate these rocks the Waverly sandstone series."' In the following report, for some reason, Professor Briggs...
Página 96 - On some additional or imperfectly understood fossils from the Cretaceous rocks of Queen Charlotte Islands, with a revised list of the species from these rocks.
Página 552 - Paleontological Notes. I. On Two New Arthrodires from the Cleveland Shale of Ohio. II. On the Characters of Mylostoma Newberry. III. Further Notes on the Relationships of the Arthrognathi.
Página 132 - The fauna in these fine shales in Arkansas, terminating and following the black shales, is unmistakably much higher than the Genesee black shale of New York. Faunally, it is the correlative of the Louisiana or lithographic limestone, and is thus as late as the Kinderhook stage of the Eocarboniferous.
Página 539 - The stratigraphic succession of the fossil floras of the Pottsville formation in the southern anthracite coal field, Pennsylvania, by David White.

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