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This Day, in 2 vols. 8vo, price 25s. SPEECHES OF JOHN BRIGHT, M.P.,

On Various Questions of Public Policy.

With Portrait engraved by Jeess, from a Photograph by Lucas and Box.


No. I. on SATURDAY, October 3.


I Being a Weekly Collection of Articles printed in the PALL MALL GAZETTE froin day to day : with a Summury of News.

Price Sixpence ; Stamped, Sevenpence. For the convenience of persons resident in the remoter districts of Great Britain, on the Continent, in America, India, Australia, and other distant places, it has been determined to issue a Weekly Publication, which shall be a collection of all the Original Articles printed in the PALL MALL GAZETTR from day to day. This Publication is to be called the PALL MALL BUDGET. The First Number will appear on Saturday, the 3rd of October. Each number will be composed of at least Forty Pages in size and appearance like those of the PALL MALL GAZETTE. The PALL MALL BUDGET will also contain & complete, concisely written Summary of News. Therefore it will be & Weekly Newspaper, as well as a Weekly Review of affairs political, social, literary, &c. &c. The PALL MALL BUDGET will be published on Saturday in time for despatch by the early morning mails. A Special Edition, printed on thin paper for the Foreign Post, will be published on Friday. OFFICE: 2, NORTHUMBERLAND STREET, CHARING-CROSS

where all communications should be addressed.

Just published, price one shilling, the 110th Thousand of the MORISONIANA; or, Family Adviser of the

British College of Health. By JAMES MORISON, the Hygeist. Comprising Origin of Life and true Cause of Disegees explained!, forming a complete manual for individuals and families for everything that regards preserving them in health and curing their diseasts. The whole tried and proved by the members of the British College of Health during the last forty-five years.

May be had at the British College of Health, Euston Road. London, and of all the Hygeian Agents for the sale of Morison's Vegetable Universal Medicines throughout the world. No vaccination, no bleeding, no poisons. Remember that the blood is the life, and that vaccine lymph is nothing but putridity leading to disease and death.

Whereas there are counterfeits of Morison's Vegetable Universal Medicines on the Continent, the public are hereby cautioned to purchase only of the accredited agents to the British College of Health, Euston Road, London.

at least ForrikTheilten Summaweekly Rexie DGET wiling mails.

chase only of the Continente, ceits of Moriso

THE SCIENTIFIC WONDER. This Instrument has a clear magnifying power of 32,000 times, shows all kinds of Animalculae in Water, Circulation of the Blood, &c. &c., Adulteration of Food, Milk, &c., and is just the Microscope that every Surgeon, Dentist, Schoolmaster, Student, and Working Man should have.

It is pronounced by the Press (and all scientific men who have seen it), to be the best, cheapest, and most simple microscope ever invented.

It has twenty times the power of the Coddington or Stanhope Microscope, and is twice as good as the celebrated Rae Microscope (which has been awarded so many prize medals), as may be inferred from the following letter received from Mr. Rae himselt:

“ CARLISLE, DECEMBER 12th, 1867. “ To Mr. McCulloch, Philosophical Instrument Maker.


1 Edited by F. AIKEN KORTRIGHT. No, 1., price 6d., will be published OCTOBER ist, and continued Monthly. It will contain a Serial Story, by the Author of " Anne Sherwood." Articles on Current Topics, Poems, &c. Several pages will be devoted to objects of interest in and around Kensington, a neighbourhood rich in subjects for the flistorian, Biographer, Antiquary, and Artist.

J. SAUNDERS, 22, High Street, Kensington.

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Immediately, in demy 8vo, 2 vols.

" The long-promised work of the Countess Guiccioli."-Athenaeum.

RICHARD BENTLEY, New Burlington Street.

Having seen some of your Diamond-Plate Lenses, I write to ask your terms for supplying me with the same per 20 gross, as I consider them superior to mine. Yours, &c.,

* RAE & CO., Opticians, Carlisle." I beg to inform the public that I have no Agent anywhere, and all pretended Agents are impostors. The above instrument can only be had from me, in Birmingham. Those at a distance who care for instruction and amusement, can have it safe and free by sample post, with book of full instructions, on receipt of 32 Postage Stamps. Samples sent abroad 2 extra Stamps.

All persons wishing further particulars and testimonials, must send stamped and addressed envelop. Address, A. McCULLOCH, Philosophical Instrument Maker,

18, Blucher Street, Birmingham.


expressly for drying FLOWERING PLANTS, FERNS, and SEA-WEEDS, without changing or discharging the colour. It is used and recommended by all our leading Botanists. Price 10d., 12., 16d., and 20d. per Quire, according to size. This paper is too heavy to send by post.

EDWARD NEWMAN, 9, Devonshire Street, Bishopsgate.

MR. HOWARD, Surgeon-Dentist, 52, Fleet Street, M has introduced an entirely new description of ARTIFICIAL TEETH, fixed without springs, wires, or ligatures; they so perfectly resemble the natural teeth as not to be distinguished from the originals by the closest observer; they will never change colour or decay, and will be found superior to any teeth ever before used. This method does not require the extraction of roots or any painful operation, and will support and preserve teeth that are loose, and is guaranteed to restore articulation and mastication. Decayed teeth stopped and rendered sound and useful in mastication.-52, Fleet Street.




Free by Post Four Stamps.
"Messra. Gabriel are particularly successful in their system of Arti-
ficial Teeth, which they fix firmly in the mouth by means of an Elastic
Gumn without springs, painlessly, and without any operation."-Herald.
* Invaluable to clergymen, public orators, and invalids."

Court Journal,
Charges : Tooth from 38.; Set from 4 to 20 guineus.

London : 56, Harley Street, W.
London : 64, Ludgate Hill, E.C.
Liverpool : 134, Duke Street.
Brighton : 38, North Street.

Printed by GEORGE ANDREW SPOTTISWOODE, at & New-street Square, in the Parish of St. Bride, in the County of Middlesex;

and Published by WILLIAM GREIG SMITII, of 43 Wellington Street, Strand, in the said County - Saturday, September 26, 1868.

[blocks in formation]

THE EDINBURGH REVIEW, No. 262, will be TRASER'S MAGAZINE FOR OCTOBER. 1 published on Friday, the 16th instant. ADVER

No. CCCCLXVI. price 23. 60. TISEMENTS intended for insertion cannot be received by

CONTENTS :the Publishers later than Friday Next, the 9th in

Church Policy.

Bolso ver Forest. By the Author

Oatnessiane.-Cantain Ord's Re of The Autobiography of Salmo stant,

turn. Chaps. XV. and XVI. Salar,'&c.-Chaps. VI. to IX.

Trades-Unionism in the City and
London: LONGMANS and CO. 39, Paternoster Row, E.C. May Fair.-II.

Translations of the Iliad.
News from Sirius. By R. A. Proc-

Chanson on the Formation of the

Holy Catholic League in the THE QUARTERLY REVIEW.

Poetry and George Eliot. A Let.

year 158). From & MS. in the ter from a Hermitage.

State Paper Office. ADVERTISEMENTS for insertion in the Forthcoming Number of Vikram and the Vampire: or. Tales the above Periodical must be forwarded to the Pulisher by the 3rd,

of Indian Devilry. " Adaptrd by The Kalevipoeg. By S. BARINGand Bills by the 5th of October.


pire's Sixth and Seventh Stories. JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street,

London: LONGMANS, GREEN, & Co., Paternoster Row.


This Day, price Is.
MEMPLE BAR for OCTOBER. — Contents :

1 Kitty. By the Author of " Dr. Jacob." Chapters XXXIV. to XLI.Six Years in the Prisons of England. By Merchant. A Model Priest_The Broken Mux-Pracical Entorrolosy. By John Sheehan, Author of "The Irish Whisky Drinker l'apers."--Northumberland-Lookinz Back. A Poem. poken in Idieness. By Annie Thomas.--"Oceana"larrington-Vera. Chapters XI. to XV.

RICU ARD BENTLEY, New Burlington Street.

1868. No. DCXXXVI. Price 2s. 6d.


CORNELIUS O'Dowd. — Will it come off? and where ?



No. III.
The True Irish GRIEVANCE.

W. BLACKWOOD & SONS, Edinburgh and London.


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79. 5s.

For OCTOBER, 1868, price 28. 6d.

in originms.38.61. turday Review.



Also numerous LITERARY CONTRIBUTIONS, relating to the
Fine Arts, Art-Gossip, and Notabilia, &c. &c.

London and New York : VIRTUE & CO.

Swinburne's Poems and Ballarg. The Third Edition. 98.
Swinbuine's Notes on the above: a Reply to the Critics. 18.
Swinburne's Song of Italy. His latest Publication. 38. 6d.
Swinburne's Atalanta in Calydoo. Third Edition. 68.
Swinburne's Chantelord. A Tragely. Second Elition. 78.
Swinburne's Queen Mother: and Rosamond. New Edition. 58.
Swinburne's Bothwell. A Tragedy. [Shortly.)
Swinburne's Songs of the Republic. (Shortly.)
" He is gifted with no small portion of the all-divine fire."

The Times.
* Swinburne ranks with the few great poets of this and of other
ages."- Pull Vall Gacette.

"His poems are a fact in English literature."-Saturday Review.
Rossetti's Criticism on * Swinburne's Prems." 3s. 6.1.
Prometheus Bourd. Translated in original metres by Caley. 38. 60.
Roe's, P. F., Poems: Characteristic (tinerary, Miscellaneous. 78.
Walt Whitman's Poerns. Selected and Edited by Rossetti. 78.6d.

* Opening this book has been to us a revelation. Reading it has yielded us exquisite pleasure. The remembrance of it sweetens

life." - The Sun.
Facts and Fancies from the Farm. By J. Dawson. 28. 6/1.
Fair Rosamond, and other Poems. By Montgomerie Ranking. 6s.
Poems from the Greek Mythology. By Edmund Ollier. 58.
The Idolatress, and other Poems. By Dr. Jaines Wills. 68.
* We have a high sense of the author's fancy and tragic intensity."

Wit and Humour. Poems by Autocrat of Breakfast Table. 38. Ed.
Strawberry Hill, &c. By Colburne Myne. 78. 00.
Bianca. Poems and Ballads. By Edward Bren' an. 2nd ed. 108. 6.
Crawley's Iforse and Foot; or, Pilgrims to Parnassus. 38.60.

We admire his spirit-to punish gross poetical impostors, and
give them a little healthy scourgiog."-Public Opinion.
Noyes' (Herbert) Lyrics and Bucolice. 48hd.

Idyll of the Weald, and other Poems. 98.
Anacreon in English (orixinal inetre). By T.J. Arnold. 18.
Puck on Pega-us. Richly illustrated by N. Paton, Millais, Tenpiel,

R. Doyle. 108. 6.
“ Clever and amusing; vigorous and healthy."

Saturday Review.
Biglow Papers. Illustrations by G. Cruikshank. 34. Gil.
Carls of tockayne. By 11.8. Pigh. With exquisite designs.
The Village in the Forth. By Philip Latimer. 38. 6d.
Songs of the Nativity. Old Religious Ballads and Carols. 128. 61.

London : JO!IN CAMDEX HOTTEN, 71 and 75, Piccadilly.


1 Edited by F. AIKEN KORTRIGHT. No, I., price 61., will be published OCTOBER ist, and continued Monthly. It will contain a Serial Story, by the Author of " Anne Sherwood." Articles on Current Topics, Poems, &c. Several pages will be devoted to objccte of interest in and around Kensington, a neighbourhood rich in subjects for the Historian, Biographer, Antiquary, and Artist.

J. SAUNDERS. 23, 11igh Street, Kensington.

A TCHLEY & CO., Publishers of Works on

Engineering. Architecture, Science, Archeology, &c. &c. are prepard to undertake the PUBLICATION OF WORKs on the above or kindred shjects.

A Catalogue of their New Works sent free on application. ATCHLEY & CO. 106, Great Russell Street (near the Museum), W.C.

4111 S. No. 40.

strongly bound. erathre, well printed, careti, ssue! Standard Works in




"How we are Governed." By FONBLANQUE and HOLDSWORTH.

Reviscd to present date by ALEXANDER C. EWALD, F.S.A. 192, Fleet Street (Corner of Chancery Lane).

In crown svo, price 2s. 6u., cloth gilt ; postage 3d. CARRIAGE PAID TO THE COUNTRY ON ORDERS DOW WE ARE GOVERNED; or, the Crown, EXCEEDING 208.

IT the Senate, and the Bench. A Handbook of the Constitution, NOTE PAPER, Cream or Blue, 38., 48., 58., and 6s. per ream.

Government, Laws, and Power of Great Britain. ENVELOPES, Cream or Blue, 4s. 6d., 5s. 6d., and 6s. 6d. per 1,000.

CONTENTS : THE TEMPLE ENVELOPE, with High Inner Flap, 18. per 100.

The Constitution.

1 The Army. The Queen.

The Navy. STRAW PAPER_Improved quality, 25. 6d. per ream.

The House of Lords.

The Civil Service. FOOLSCAP, Hard-made Outsides, 88.6d. per ream.

The House of Commons and the The Law. BLACK BORDERED NOTE, 48. and 6s. 6d. per ream.

New Reform Bill.

The Courts of Law and Equity, BLACK BORDERED ENVELOPES, 18. per 100_Super thick quality.

The Advisers of the Crown.

and their Proceture. Proceedings in Parliament.

Of Crimes and offences. TINTED LINED NOTE, for Home or Foreign Correspondence (five The National Debt.

of the Courts of Criminal Law. colours), 5 quires for 18. 6d.

Local Government.

Practice of the Criminal Law. COLOURED STAMPING (Relief) reduced to 48. 6d. per ream, or The Church.

Law of Evidence, &c. 88. 60. per 1.000. Polished Steel Crest Dies engraved from 58. FREDERICK WARNE & CO. Bedford Street, Covent Garden. Monograms, two letters, from 58.; three letters, from 78. Business

or Address Dies, from 3s. SERMON PAPER, plain, 48. per ream ; Ruled ditto, 48. 6d.

THE CHANDOS LIBRARY. SCHOOL STATIONERY supplied on the most liberal terms.

Under this title will be from time to time issued Standard Works in

all classes of Literature, well printed, carefully cdited, Illustrated, and Illustrated Price List of Inkstands, Despatch Boxes, Stationery Cabinets, Postage Scales, Writing Cases, Portrait Albums, &c., pos! (ESTADLISHED 1841.)

38. Ed. PER VOLUME, crown &vo; postage 6d.

The Series will commence with LT R. FORREST, ANTIQUARIA N.-Old


of the II. Books, Prints, Curiosities, &c. Bought and Sold on Commission.-New Books, &c. Ordered. Sales attended.-Literary Enquiries

IP ERC I A NE CDO TE S. in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch answered.

TWO VOLUMES, each 1.000 pp. 17A, Carlton Buildings, Cooper Street, Manchester.

Collected and Edited by REUBEN and SHOLTO PERCY.

With a Preface by JOHN TIMBS, F.S.A., Complete Index, and Steel Catalogues invited.

Frontispieces of Twelve Portraits.

EACH VOLUME IS COMPLETE IN ITSELF, WITH Just published, price one shilling, the 110th Thousand of the

INDEX. MORISONIANA; or, Family Adviser of the

CONTENTS : 1 British College of Health. By JAMES MORISON, the Hygeist.

Vol. I. now ready.

Vol. 2 shortly.

Anecdotes of IIumanity - Benefi- Anecdotes of Imagination--GeComprising Origin of Life and true Cause of Diseases explained,

La forming a complete manual for individuals and families for everything e

cepce – Eloquence - Patriotism lindivid. Caused

nius - Fidelity - Honou. -Hospi

Youth - Enterprise - George III. tality - Conviviality - The Bar that regards preserving them in health and curing their diseases. The

and his Family - The Fine Arts- The Senate - Shipwreck-Travelwhole tried and proved by the members of the British College of Health

Captivity-Exile-Science - Liter- ling - The Pulpit - Integrity during the last forty-five years.

ature - Heroism-War - Justice The Stage - Music Industry May be had at the British College of Health, Euston Road, London, Crime and Punishment Instinct Commerce - Fashion - Pastime And of all the Hygeian Agents for the sale of Morison's Vegetable - Ingenuity - Humour - Eccen- Women - Domestic Life. Universal Medicines throughout the world. No vaccination, no bleed tricity. ing, no poisons. Remember that the blood is the life, and that vaccine FREDERICK WARNE & CO. Bedford Street, Covent Garden. lymph is nothing but putridity leading to disease and death. Whereas there are counterfeits of Morison's Vegetable Universal

"A NEW LIBRARY COMPANY' Medicines on the Continent, the public are hereby cautioned to purchase only of the accredited agents to the British College of Health,

Has been formed, for purchasing the stock and good will of the Library Euston Road, London.

Company in Pall Mall and Welbeck Street. We hear that a large sum of money has been subscribed by shareholders in the old company.

The business will be conducted on the same principles as & private THE PRETTIEST GIFT for a LADY is one of

firm."-ATHENRUM, Aug. 16, 1868.
1 JONES'S GOLD LEVERS, at 111. 112. For a GENTLEMAN,
one at 101. 10s. Rewarded at the International Exhibition for * Cheap-
ness of Production."

Manufactory, 338, Strand, opposite Somerset House.


to Literary and Scientific Institutions, Book Clubs. Working Men's TEETH. —- MR. WARD, S.M.D., 188, Oxford

Associations, Naval und Military Book Clubs, &c.-in consequence of

the proposed formation of the New Company, it is intended to off-ra | Street, respectfully intimates that over twenty years' practical

very large stock of Surplus Books at a considerable Reduction in Prioe. experience enables him to insert FALSE TEETH without the least pain, on the most improved and scientific principles, whereby a correct

A Special List is now ready, which will be forwarded on application. articulation, perfect mastication, and a firm attachment to the mouth are insured, defying detection, without the use of injurious and unsightly wires. False tooth on vulcanite from 58., complete set from 5l. : FREE DELIVERY DEPARTMENT. on platinised silver 78. 60., complete set tl.; on platina 108., complete set 9l.; on gold from 158., complete set from 191.1 filing 58. Old sets Arrangements are now made for the Free Delivery of all the Newest reAtted or bought.-N.B. Practical dentist to the profession many Books to the principal Railway Stations in the Country. years. Testimonials undeniable. Consultation free.

The Carriage of all Parcels will positively be paid by the Company

TO AND FRO-for all Subscriptions of Five Guineas and upwards. PAINLESS DENTISTRY. MESSRS. GABRIEL,


for 21. 10s. Surplus Novels from 4d., 6d., 9d., and is. per volume. NEW PAMPHLET, Price 3d. Free by Post Four Stamps.

100,000 VOLUMES "Mesgrr. Gabriel are particularly successful in their system of Arti. ficial Teeth, which they fix firmly in the mouth by means of an Elastic

must be cleared out, in consequence of the formation of the New Gum without springs, puinlessly, and without any operation."--Herald.

Circulating Library. * Invaluable to clergymen, public orators, and invalids."

Court Journal.

Charges : Tooth from bs.; Set from 4 to 20 guineas.
London : 56, Harley Street, W.

Special Lists are now ready, and can be had on application.
London : 64, Ludgate Hill, E.C.
Liverpool : 134, Duke Street.

Brighton : 38, North Street,

For terms and surplus Catalogues, apply to the Secretary,

MR. CUARLES BURTON, 68, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square.

Artic: on the mosles him to timates

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and I will then attempt, first to expose, and after

wards to destroy, those which I dare to call "exCONTENTS.—No 40.

isting fallacies”; and, in the second part of my NOTES:- Observations on Early Engraving and Printing, | observations, to replace them with such a theory

Part. I., 313 - The Earl of Ossory and the Hon. Capel
Moore, 315 — Mathematical Bibliograpby, 316 - Thomson's

as I venture to hope may be found more reason“ Seasons,” 319 - Consanguineous Marriages “Alison” able, simple, consistent, and truthful than any a Christian Name in Scotland - William IV. and the

which have preceded it. The attempt, I admit, Tailor - Signets of the Stuarts - Curious Inscription New Application and Change of Terms, Words, &c. - The is bold, and the more so as I fight my battle singleLiveryman's Answer - A Perverted Text - Latin Motto,

handed. Nevertheless the old adage, “Magna 320. QUERIES: - Anonymous — Breeches Bible, A.D. 1610 –

est veritas,” &c. is still fresh in my recollection; Cardivar ap Dinwall Dovecot, or Columbarium - Lord | and relying on its moral support, I enter upon my Folkyngham - Hale-Herder – The Holy Ghost - Lin.

task not only undismayed by the array of talent Jey-Walter Ludd and the Alidade - Napoleon I.-"One is One and all alone" -- Passage in “ Sea Dreams" - Pay. which will doubtless be brought against me, but masters in the Peninsular War-The Pigeon-House, Dublin tolerably confident that when the public are in - Scottish Game: “Jingo Ring" - Shakspeare's Monument-Socke: Socking: Tilt - Songs - The Volcanoes in

possession of both sides of the case, I shall not Auvergne - Sir James Wilford or Willsford, 322.

have much to fear as to the result. QUERIES WITH ANSWERS :-Dr. Field, Dean of Gloucester For the purposes of my theory it will be need* Caught Napping”-Hanoverian Coins : Sham Sovereigns less to waste time in considering whether the - Warden of Galway -- Macdonell of Leek -" The World knows nothing of its Greatest Men,” 325.

honour of what is commonly called “ the invenREPLIES: - Bells: Bell-Ringing: Bell-Literature, 326

tion of printing, &c.” is to be awarded to “Coster Isiac Bronze Table - Joshua Sylvester and “the Soule's of Haerlem," " Gutenburg of Mayence," or Errand." 329 - Modern Invention of the Sanscrit Alpha

“ Mentelin of Strasburg." Suffice it to say, that bet, 16. - Prayer found in the Tomb of Our Saviour, 330 - The " St. Christopher" called “ of 1423," Ib.- Assess all the literary world are tout d'accord in believing ments in Aid - A Strange Mistake --The "Block-Books”

that the art of printing with moreable types was - Wycherley and Burris - Kattern's Day - Van DunkStound - Wedding Rings - Skelp: Scud - Giants of

invented circa 1440, and that the first book printed Scripture - Epigram on Friends - Sketching Club or according to that system, viz. the Psalmorum Codex, Society - Patrons of Scotch Parishes, &c., 332.

in fol., was published in 1457. Here, then, we Notes on Books, &c.

have the standard universally recognised and

adopted, up to, or from which, events have either Notes.


According to the notions promulgated by all

existing systems, “engraving on wood” was exPRINTING.

tensively practised for many years prior to printPART 1.

ing with moveable types; as illustrated by two Having stated in a previous number some of grand and distinctive land-marks, namely, certain the reasons which induced me to deny the pre- works generally described as “The Block Books," sumed authority of the “ St. Christopher of published without date, place, printer, publisher, 1423” as an engraving of that date, and to ex- or artist's name—and the “ St. Christopher of pose the false position in which the error of 1423,” hitherto fallaciously styled as “the oldest Heinecken had placed it, I now commence my known engraving with a date.” Every other observations upon the “History of Early En- artistic or literary production supposed to have graving and Printing"; but in so doing I feel existed prior to 1440—such as the falsely-dated called upon to state, in the first instance, under things” mentioned in my remarks upon “St. what guise it is that I venture in 1868 to intrude Christopher," and the series of woodcuts in the my opinion on subjects long since considered to Spirituale Pomerium, now to be found in the Royal have been thoroughly exhausted, or which system Library at Brussels, is, under any circumstances, it is I am prepared to advocate out of the many so trivial and unimportant, as to be unworthy the already before the public. I therefore frankly waste of a thought upon them at all events for avow, that I am not only independent of every the immediate purposes now under consideration. one hitherto announced, but that I am opposed to In like manner every writer on "early printing them all, as being, without any exception, need- and engraving" concurs in declaring that the gralessly shrouded in mystery, inconsistent with dations which led to printing with moveable types common sense, absolutely antagonistic to truth were, first, the printing of playing cards in the and reason, and consequently mischievous and fourteenth century; secondly, the “Block Books," delusive,

or, as they are sometimes called, “Books of With this explanation I will now endeavour to Images," with or without text, and supposed to impartially and succinctly set forth those which have been published between 1380 and 1420; are generally imagined to be the facts from which and lastly, the oft-mentioned “ St. Christopher every deduction connected with the history of of 1423."' Some authors, however, finding the early engraving hitherto indulged in has emanated; ... vacuum" between 1423 and 1446 somewhat


inconvenient, have ascribed a portion of the ations were founded being of no earlier date than “ Block Books” to that period, and others even a | the latter part of the eighteenth century, and few years later.

therefore, per se, valueless for any practical deducAccording to their several systems, the "inven- / tion whatever. tion of printing” is practically reduced to nothing Following up their wholesale assertions, the admore than the notable discovery that, by separating vocates of the “old systems” then seized upon the letters long previously, as they state, cut or the “St. Christopher of 1423" as the Kohinoor engraved in relief in the Block Books, "words, of the position, and insisted upon it as conclusively sentences, or discourses could be printed at will." proving not only the excellence the art of engray

Having thus shortly, but, I hope, fairly stated | ing on wood had attained at that period, but that, the case set up by those I may, without offence, before such a progress could hare been possible, call my opponents, in order that the real issue engraving on wood must necessarily have been between us may be broadly stated, and as clearly practised for many years. comprehended, I at once declare that the argu- I hope I may be excused for here mentioning ment or system I shall endeavour to successfully (par parenthèse) that I have often smiled at the maintain is exactly the converse of that I have manner in which the clever librarian Krismer already described – viz. I utterly deny the real permitted Heinecken to revel in the enjoyment of existence of either printed playing-cards or his imaginary "treasure trove." Whilst in his eyes “Block-Books," with or without text, images of "1423" decided the date at which the “St. Chrissaints, or Donatuses, prior to the invention of topher" was engraved, the cunning monk-who of printing with moveable types; and I submit that, course knew better, and that it merely formed an so far from their having induced that invention, adjunct to the legend,—took great care not to unthey were all, without any exception, the direct deceive him. A premature disclosure of the truth and immediate consequences which resulted from would have spoiled Krismer's market, and deit. The question between us being thus divested prived him of the reward of his reticence. By of all ambiguity, the point to arrive at is on means of his silence all literary Europe were which side those unerring tests on which I so im- thoroughly taken in by the print, or rather by the plicity rely-yiz. “ truth and reason ”- are to be interpretation Heinecken put upon it; and what found ?

is still more surprising, the deception has thenceIn entering upon this important inquiry, the forth been carefully maintained and cherished, and first question which seems to naturally present even now the struggle will doubtless be hard ere itself for consideration is—what account do the the fallacy will be given up and the date abanadvocates of the “ existing systems” give us of the doned. By Heinecken's folly, “Krismer, Von Mürr, “ origin of engraving on wood in Europe,” and to and Co." at once became the leading dealers in the whom do they attribute it? I give their answer literary deceptions of the day; and “by hook or textually, copied from one of the leading authori- by crook” their wares have managed to pass curties on the subject, who utters the recorded opinion rent as the “genuine article" for nearly one hunof all previous writers; viz. :

dred years: beyond all doubt a most extraordinary “ The truth is that we have no evidence whatever of run of good luck, which considering the high wood-engraving having been invented in Europe." class of intellect under the continuous supervision

After this frank avowal that they know nothing of which the deception was successfully carried whatever about it, it becomes desirable to ascer- | on) may be almost styled "marvellous." tain from them the period at which, according to

The unlooked-for capture of the date "1423," their notions, engraving on wood was first known

by Heinecken in 1769, was vigorously seconded with certainty to exist in Europe.

by Th. Temanza (1705-1789), an architect of In answer to that inquiry, as a consequence of Venice, who, a few years after Heinecken had set their not having any reliable fact to fall back upon, every body crazy after dated engravings, had, it is they are driven to adopt conjecture and assump said (circa 1775), the good fortune to discover tion of the wildest and most inconclusive descrip amongst the archives of the company of Venetian tion, and armed therewith, boldly reply

“painters” a certain document relating to "print“There cannot be a doubt that the principle on which

ing,” dated Oct. 11, 1441 ? (MCCCCXLI), wherein wood-engraving is founded was known in the thirteenth on the feeblest conceivable grounds he ventured and fourteenth centuries; and towards the end of the to interpret certain words said to exist in that fourteenth or the beginning of the fifteenth century there document as relating to “cards and printed is reason to believe that the principle was adopted by the figures," which trade he declared was therein German cardmakers,” &c.

stated to have “ fallen into total decay;" from All this is unhesitatingly stated, be it observed, | which assuined expressions it was eagerly sought without any evidence whatever to justify either to deduce the proposition, that “printed cards” the absence of a doubt or the existence of a reason must have been long previously known in to believe ; the very ideas upon which such declar- | “ Venice."

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