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into “N. & Q.” under the disguise of antiquarian a-week for the paymaster; twopence in the pound research or literary criticism. FitzHOPKINS. for the agent; and the off-reckoning went to the Amiens.

colonel, who provided clothing. Cavalry soldiers ILANOVERIAN Coins: SHAM SOVEREIGNS (4th S. | had ninepence a-day more; but this was absorbed ü. 325.) - I have one of these jettons before me. , in feeding the horse, and for veterinary surgeons, On the obverse is the Queen's head, and the blacksmiths, and riding-masters' fees. In 1771 legend " Victoria Queen of Great Brit. 1862.” On the hospital money, though deducted, was paid the reverse, the Duke of Cumberland on horse back under the name of vegetable money ; but in back, accompanied by a winged Cerberus with a 1783, by an Act known as Mr. Burke's Act, the forked tail. Legend: “To Ilanover, 1837.soldier was relieved of all payment for poundage,

JOHNSON BAILY. hospital money, and fees. In 1792 and 1795, Pallion, Sunderland.

necessary and bread money was increased : so that VRE DE Bosco (4th S. ii. 276.)-May not this

a private received 6d. a-day beyond the original contraction stand for Terdure de Bosco --- turf?

| 8d.; and in 1800, beer was no longer issued to Was there pot a forest official called a verdour the men, but one penny a-day was granted to

G. A. S.
them instead of liquor.


PORTRAIT OF WILLIAM PENN (4th S. ii. 37.) WESTMINSTER ABBEY (4th S. i. 23.)- In the A miniature of this worthy is preserved at Huntrevised edition of the Memorials I see it is stated ingdon Castle, Clonegal, county Carlow, the seat that the Lady Mexborough whose burial is of Alexander' Durdin

of Alexander Durdin, Esq., LL.D. I bare not noticed was the wife of Lord Delaval's nephew, seen the likeness, but it is noticed as follows in a not his sister. (Vide note at p. 340.) It so happens traveller's communication to the Daily Erpress that both these ladies died in the same year, as (Dublin newspaper) of Sept. 18, 1868, describing may be seen by reference to the pages of Sylvanus à ramble in the counties of Wicklow, Wexford, Urban. The countess-dowager died in Dover and Carlow:Street, Aug. 8, 1821; and is, I think, being her

“Amongst the antiques shown I chiefly admired two self a Delaval, more likely to have been buried in beautiful miniatures of rare value; one (set in brilliants) the Delaval vault than her daughter-in-law, who a likeness of General Sir William St. Leger, Lord Deputy died before her on June 7.

of Munster, which descended to Dr. Durdin by the mar

riage of his grandfather with Miss St. Leger: and the Apropos of the Delavals, may I ask who was

other a likeness of the famous William Penn (believed the father of Sir Ralph Delaval, M.P. for Great

pa Delaval, T.B. for breat to be the only one extant) taken at Paris whilst he was Bedwin, 1695-1698—the admiral who so greatly sojourning at the French court. This picture in like distinguished himself in the sea-fight off Cape La manner passed to the present owner by the marriage of Hogue, and was buried in the Abbey Jan. 23, Alexander Durdiu with the widow of William Penn 1706-7? I cannot find him in the pedigree, and

(grandson of William), and by whom he became pos

sessed of large estates in the county of Cork and in Pennit has been suggested that he may have been a

sylvania." natural son. E. II. A.

ROBERT MALCOmson. PAY OF THE ARMY IN FORMER TIMES (4th S. Court Place, Carlow. ii. 297.)-The following is a list of the pay of BALIOL FAMILY (4th S. i. 616.)_Ms knowledge private soldiers of infantry regiments in various of Scottish history is far too scanty to qualifs past years. I do not know the pay in 1775:

me to assist A. B. in his researches into the pediIn 1557, the pay was 8d. a-day; in 1598, 8d. ;

gree of the Baliol family, neither bare I access in 1620, 8d.; in 1639, 8d.; in 1655, 9d.; in 1661,

to any documents relating to the subject. Tue 6d.; in 1771, 6 d.; in 1792, 10d. ; in 1797, 18. ; 1 communication I sent to N. & Q." some weeks and in 1800, 18. ld.

since was only intended to show that the terriIn the last rate the penny was given in lieu of

torial name was derived from the village and beer, which the men formerly received as part of lordship of Bailleul in Vimeu, a portion of the their subsistence.

C. S. REVELL ancient county of Ponthieu lying on the left bank The pay of an infantry soldier, when our present of the Somme. army was first established in 1660, was 8d. a-day! This supposition is strengthened by the titles in the country, and 10d. a-day in or near the given by A. B., in his query (antè, p.310), to Rainmetropolis; but this stipend was considerably old de Baliol, who is styled “ Lord of Bailleul, diminished by the heavy deductions made from it. Dompierre, and Hélicourt, and Sheriff of Salop in There was a poundage, or a tax of one shilling in | 1078." the pound, paid by the soldier in consideration of My local history of Abbeville and the villages his having his subsistence furnished him in ad- of its arrondissement, under the description of vance; one day's pay annually for Chelsea Hos- | the village and commune of Bailleul, enumerating pital; one halfpenny a-week for the surgeon of the fiefs and feudal possessions of the seigneurie his regiment, and for medicine; one halfpenny in ancient times, mentions “ Dompierre."

In a subsequent volume of the same history, in discovering two errors into which he had been beunder the description of Mons. Boufert, a village trayed. The first relates to the private life of Queen

Katharine before and after her marriage with Henry and commune also in Viveu, it is said :

VIII., and the other to the marriage projects of Henry “ Ce qu'il y a de certain, c'est que Jean de Bailleul,

va do nortain c'est. ane Jean de Bailleul. | VII. with regard to Queen Juana, the widow of King Roi d'Ecosse, retint toujours le cri de sa maison, Helli

Philip, and the mother of the Emperor Charles V.

The papers on these subjects which he discovered he court. “ Hellicourt en Ponthieu, nous dit Dom Grenier, est

here prints at length, and very properly. They throw une Baronie située en ce comté, laquelle lui appartenait

grave doubts on the alleged insanity of Juana, and would de son propre avec les seigneuries de Bailleul en Vimeu

rather suggest whether she was not a victim firstly of the

tyranny of her mother, and then of the avarice of her et d'Hornoy."

father, her husband, and her son. But interesting as If A. B. will send me his address, I shall be

these documents unquestionably are, they will fail to

attract the attention of the general reader in the same happy to copy and send to him some particulars of

degree as those wbich Mr. Bergenroth now publishes on the intermarriages of the Baliol family with other the subject of Queen Katharine. Her private character noble families in France, also contained in my has hitherto been unimpeached, her personal virtues the book, but which would occupy too much space subject of general praise-Mr. Bergenroth shared the in “N. & Q."


| universal opinion ; but he now avows that his uncondi

tional commendation of her was the result of the suppresLymington, Hants.

sion of the correspondence which he now publishes, and the BELLS (4th S. ii. 326.)-I thank MR. MAC CABE judgment. The story here told of her intimate relations

discovery of which makes it his duty to reverse bis former for his kind communication; but I shall be more

with her confessor, Fray Diego Fernandez-a monk haythankful to him if he will tell me where to finding neither learning, nor appearance, nor manners, por “ the huge folio of Valentinus," and the work of competency, nor credit, but light, haughty, and licentious “Drabicius, De Cælo et Cæleste Statu.The other

to an extreme degree-must startle all who up to this

| time have held her — articles of bell-literature I long ago communicated

“ So good a lady, that no tongue could ever to the pages of “N. & Q.” With regard to the

Pronounce dishonour of her."publication relating to the bells of Devonshire,

Truly it would seem as if the History of England were that was issued last year to the members of the indeed still to be written : certainly the whole story of Exeter Diocesan Architectural Society, and may | Henry, and his divorce from Katharine, has yet to be be obtained from the secretary. The quarto told. volume, containing the same, with a Supplement 4 Light on the Historians and on the History of Crowland largely illustrated, is nearly ready, and will be Abbey. With an Account of Burgh (now Peterborough) delivered as early as possible to those who may

in the Time of the History which is called the Ingulfus. kindly favour me with their names as subscribers.

By Henry Scale English. (J. Russell Smith.)

In the year 1830 students of our early history were

H. T. ELLACOMBE. much puzzled by the appearance of a volume entitled Rectory, Clyst St. George, Devon.

Ancient History, English and French, exemplified in a regular Dissection of the Saxon Chronicle, and Mr. Eng. lish, who was himself the author of it, says, " That book

does the writer very little credit,” and few who endeaMiscellaneous.

voured to understand it will be prepared to contradict him. The work before us is written so completely in the

same style and spirit, and exemplifies so strongly the NOTES ON BOOKS, ETC.

truth of the line Supplement to Volume I, and Volume II. of Letters, “ Just as the twig is bent, the tree's inclined,”

Despatches, and State Papers relating to the Negociations that we cannot encourage the author to hope that it will between England and Spain preserved in the Archives at meet with higher favour than its predecessor, Simancas and elsewhere. 1. Queen Katharine. 2. Intended Marriage of King Henry VII. with Queen Juana.

THE CAMDEN SOCIETY.–At the last meeting of the Edited by G. A. Bergenroth. (Published under the

Council of the Camden Society, a communication was reDirection of the Master of the Rolls.) (Longman.)

ceived from Mr. Tite announcing that, being desirous of

marking his sense of the honour which the Society had When Mr. Bergenroth began his researches in the conferred upon him by electing him President, he had archives of Simancas eight years ago, he was not long in thought he could not do so in a more appropriate form than discovering that its chief officer was, in spite of his pro by presenting a book to the Society; and Manningham's fession to the contrary, availing himself of his authority Diary (a MS. known to most of our readers from the use to keep back all documents that he thought might reflect made of it by Mr. Collier in his History of the Stage) dishonour on reigning families and other great personages. being such a book as he hoped would be generally acBut to the honour of Don Severo Catalina be it recorded, | ceptable, he had it printed uniformly with the other that, when the Department of Public Instruction was Camden books for circulation among the members, and entrusted to him during the ministry of Marshal Narvaez, hoped the Council would do him the favour to accept the he procured a royal order that all documents at Simancas, same on behalf of the Society. As this

is curious Diary without any reservation, should be communicated to Mr. I presents us with very striking pictures of the state of Bergenroth, When this concession was obtained, that London at the time of the death of Elizabeth, and is gentleman was naturally anxious to ascertain how far his filled with gossip and chit chat, which a young barrister former volumes had received injury from the restriction picked up in hall and elsewhere, it cannot be otherwise which had been put upon him; and he was not long than amusing and interesting; and, as Mr. Bruce has


edited it, there can be little doubt that Mr. Tite's most AENEALOGY AND FAMILY HISTORY. — liberal and thoughtful gift will be valued as it deserves U Authentic Pedigrees deduced from the Public Records and Private

Sources. Information given respecting Armorial Bearings, Estates, by all the members of the Camden Society.

Advowsons, Manors, &c. Translations of Ancient Deeds and Records,
Researches made in the British Museum.

Address to M. DOLMAN, ESQ., 23,011 Square, Lincoln's Inn, w.c.

Just published, price one shilling, the 110th Thousand of the Particulars of Price, &c., of the following Books, to be sent direct | M ORISONIANA: or. Family Adviser of the to the gentlemen by whom they are required, whose names and ad

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Comprising Origin of Life and true Cause of Diseases explained, CATALOGUE OF PORTRAITS ENGRAVED FROM PICTURE BY SIR Joshua. forming a complete manual for individuals and families for everything REYNOLDS. 4to.

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Universal Medicines throughout the world. No vaccination, no bleed1769. PRYSICAL THEORY OF ANOTRER LIFE. Pickering.

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(ESTABLISEED 1841.) Winston's Memoirs Illustrative of the Art of Glass- Painting (London, 1865), and his Enquiry into the Different Styles, &c. (London, 1867), as the best works on the subject in England. We cannot, for obvious reasons,

THE PRETTIEST GIFT for a LADY is one of point out the best makers of painted glass. MR. HENRY MATTHEWs, who communicated to " N.& Q." of Jan. 30,

JONES'S GOLD LEVERS, at 11l. lls. For A GENTLEMAN, 1864 (3rd S. v. 101), the discovery on the Blackborough Hills of a stone with

one at 101. 10s. Rewarded at the International Exhibition for "Cheapthe imprint of a horse's hoof, is requested to state where a letter may be

ness of Production."

Manufactory, 338, Strand, opposite Somerset House.
T. S. B. A pocket borough, a borough, which, being for the most
part the property of one person, returns as a rule his nominee. As our
Correspondent has no doubt read Ur Trollope's Phineas Finn, we may

TEETH. — MR. WARD, S.M.D., 188, Oxford give him an illustration from that capital picture of modern life * Loughton" is the Earl of Brentford's " pocket borough."

1 Street, respectfully intimates that over twenty years' practical R. J. P. Nephelococcygia = Cloudcuckootoun, is the famous town

experience enables him to insert FALSE TEETH without the least built in the clouds for the purpose of intercepting the prayers and sacri

pain, on the most improved and scientific principles, whereby a correct Aces of men, and reducing the gods to submission. See the Aves of

articulation, perfect mastication, and a firm attachment to the mouth Aristophanes.

are insured, defying detection, without the use of injurious and un

sightly wires. False tooth on vulcanite from 58., complete set from 5l.; C. D. L. The author of "Wine and Walnuts" was W. H. Pyne, the on platinised silver 78. 6d., complete set 1.; on platina 10s., complete artist, who died in 1843.

set 91.; on gold from 158., complete set from 121.; filling 58. Old sets J. 8. (Plymouth.) Most recent biographical dictionaries contain a refitted or bought.-N.B. Practical dentist to the profession mapy notice of Stephen Duck, Consult also Robert Southey's Attempts in years. Testimonials undeniable. Consultation free. Verse, by J. Jones, Lond. 1812.

ERRATA.-4th S. iv. p. 274 col. ii. line 27 for " Ambrosa" read " Ombrosa"; p. 342, col. i. line 8, from bottom, for * Richards" read

PAINLESS DENTISTRY. Richard "; and col. ii. line 9, for “ Eumie" read". Eunice." "NOTES & QUERIES" is registered for transmission abroad.




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Reading at Family Prayers, and arranged in 365 sections for every

Day in the Year. By the Author of "The Peep of Day." Thick cloth, 18. 6d.

crown 8vo, cloth, 8s.; and in 8vo, large type, 108.

HATCHARDS, Publishers and Booksellers, 187, Piccadilly, London.

Printed by GEORGE ANDREW SPOTTISWOODE, at á New-street Square, in the Parish of St. Bride, in the County of Middlesex;

and Published by WILLIAM GREIG SMITH, of 43 Wellington Street, Strand, in the said County - Saturday, October 17, 1868.

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