Dryden's tragödie "All for love; or, The world well lost" und ihr verhältnis zu Shakespeare's "Antony and Cleopatra". ...

C. Boldt'sche hof-buchdruckerei, 1903 - 82 páginas

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Página 12 - I dare boldly affirm these two things of the English drama : First, that we have many plays of ours as regular as any of theirs, and which, besides, have more variety of plot and characters ; and secondly, that in most of the irregular plays of...
Página 23 - He was the man who of all modern, and perhaps ancient poets, had the largest and most comprehensive soul. All the images of nature were still present to him, and he drew them not laboriously, but luckily : when he describes anything, you more than see it, you feel it too.
Página 62 - Octavia to have met; or, if they had met, there must have only passed betwixt them some cold civilities, but no eagerness of repartee, for fear of offending against the greatness of their characters, and the modesty of their sex.
Página 70 - But let me witness to the worth I hate : A braver Roman never drew a sword. Firm to his Prince ; but as a friend, not slave. He ne'er was of his pleasures ; but presides O'er all his cooler hours, and morning counsels : In short, the plainness, fierceness, rugged virtue Of an old true-stampt Roman lives in him.
Página 13 - tis Nature wrought up to an higher pitch. The plot, the characters, the wit, the passions, the descriptions, are all exalted above the level of common converse, as high as the imagination of the poet can carry them, with proportion to verisimility.
Página 72 - The rivets were not found that join'd us first That does not reach us yet : we were so mixt, As meeting streams, both to our selves were lost ; We were one mass ; we could not give or take, But from the same ; for he was I, I he.
Página 61 - I had not enough considered that the compassion she moved to herself and children was destructive to that which I reserved for Antony and Cleopatra; whose mutual love being founded upon vice must lessen the favour of the audience to them when virtue and innocence were oppressed by it.
Página 48 - Sleep, blest pair, Secure from human chance, long ages out. While all the storms of fate fly o'er your tomb; And fame to late posterity shall tell, No lovers lived so great, or died so well.
Página 45 - ... me not ANT. Your creature! one who hangs upon your smiles! Watches your eye, to say or to unsay, Whate'er you please! I am not to be moved. CLEO. Then must we part? Farewell, my cruel lord! Th' appearance is against me; and I go, Unjustified, for ever from your sight.
Página 40 - I'll rather die, than take it. Will you go ? Ant. Go! whither? Go from all that's excellent ? Faith, honour, virtue, all good things forbid, That I should go from her, who sets my love Above the price of kingdoms...

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