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THE first edition of the History of Northumberland having been for some years out of print, the demand for a second one became frequent and urgent. After much consideration, this laborious work was commenced upon a new, enlarged, and improved plan. It commences with an ample sketch of the natural, civil, and moral history of the county, and an enumeration of its population, trade, and resources ; which is followed by a separate description of each Ward, Division, Parish, and Township. The topographical part will be found enlivened by biographical notices of

persons either distinguished by habits of eccentricity, or for intellectual and moral excellence; and, throughout the whole, the Editor has aimed to convey useful information with brevity and comprehensiveness, while he has carefully avoided the introduction of speculative and disputed opinions.

In justice to himself, the Editor begs leave to state, that he has proceeded in the midst of difficulties, particularly those arising from the distraction occasioned by other necessary pursuits. He freely acknowledges occasional inaccuracies ; but they are mostly such as, even with the most sedulous attention, seem hardly possible to be avoided in a work so multifarious in its notices, and published with periodical expedition. After all, it is hoped that this performance, in its general character, is executed consistently with the wishes of those who have supported it.

Neither the publishers nor their numerous and respectable subscribers are under any weighty obligations to certain collectors, or antiquarian amateurs, who are industrious in procuring, merely to enjoy the selfish pleasure of concealing, matters of local interest. The exceptions to this remark are, however, numerous and honourable; and the communications received from many gentlemen engaged in antiquarian researches, but who are liberalized by extensive knowledge, have added considerably to the value of the work,



At the commencement of this undertaking, the late Thomas Davidson, Esq. of Newcastle, displayed those polite and kind attentions that so eminently distinguished his conduct, and which have endeared his memory to all who enjoyed the honour and happiness of his acquaintance.

John Smart, Esq. of Trewitt House, with his characteristic frankness, has communicated several useful papers and remarks. C. W. Bigge, Esq. of Linden, W. C. Trevelyan, Esq. of Wallington, and the Rev. Anthony Hedley, of Whitfield, merit the most grateful acknowledgments for many hints and corrections which have tended to increase the accuracy and interest of the publication.

Mr. John Dobson, architect, has always evinced great readiness to give his assistance. To the Rev. W. D. Thompson, of Crow Hall, Mr. John Dobson, of Ruffside Hall, Mr. Thomas Surtees, of Corbridge, Mr. Edward Smith, teacher, Rothbury, Mr. Nicholas Oliver, of Bambrough, and to several others mentioned in the course of the work, the publishers owe their best thanks.

The liberal kindness of Mr. John Bell, land-surveyor, Windmill Hills, Mr. James Charlton, of the Anchorage-school, Gateshead, and Mr. William Clarke, teacher, Newcastle, will ever be held in grateful remembrance. Some anonymous correspondents have communicated valuable information, as also a few gentlemen who have declined having their names publicly noticed.

Finally, the publishers feel a pleasure in expressing their grateful sense of the extensive patronage they have received. They have endeavoured to adapt the publication to the “ taste and circumstances of the general reader,” whose candid approval they anticipate with some degree of confidence. The publishing of the History of Newcastle upon Tyne in a distinct volume is the only deviation from the original design, and arose from the difficulty of calculating with any tolerable degree of accuracy the probable extent of a work embracing such a variety of subjects of places, persons, and things. This, with the desire of producing a complete and satisfactory account of one of the most ancient and important towns in the kingdom, will, it is hoped, plead a sufficient apology for the alteration.



[In a work on local history, a list of subscribers' names is always a matter of curiosity, and, it may be, of utility. The publishers regret that the fol.

lowing one is so incomplete, and which has been entirely occasioned by some booksellers and agents neglecting to forward their lists. From the returns made, it is printed as accurately as possible. ]

Adams William,

Beck John, grocer, Newcastle

Brewis Thomas, farmer, Needless Hall Adamson John, esq. Newcastle Beeney Isaac, painter, ditto

Brewis William, farmer, Thropple Affleck John Hall, printer, ditto Bell Matthew, esq. Woolsingham Brown Dixon, esq. Benton Alder Thomas, esq. Murray Hall Bell Henry, esq. Newbiggin House Brown Thomas, solicitor, Newcastle Alexander Thomas, clerk, Newcastle Bell John, London

Brown William, cooper, ditto Alexander W. schoolmaster, Fallowden Bell T. bookseller, Newcastle, 2 copies Brown John, builder, ditto Allen Robert, attorney, London Bell John, surveyor, Windmill Hills Brown John, publican, ditto Allison Rev. Thos. Heddon on the Wall Bell George, Low Forge, Bedlington Brown Matthew, farmer, Corbridge Amos A. D. agent, London Bell Thomas, currier, Carlisle

Brown Robert, shopkeeper, Cullercoats Anderson Major, Newcastle Bell Mrs. Bedlington

Brown John, smith, Hebron Anderson George, spirit merchant, ditto Bell William, fitter, Sunderland Brown John, Allendale town Anderson Thos. carver and gilder, ditto Bell Matthew, Barrasford Fell Brown Martin, pitman, Bog Row Anderson Robert, Howick Bell Joseph, Bowsden

Brown Peter, baker, South Shields Andrews G. bookseller, Durham, 2 copies Bell Matthew, Richmond

Brown John, cabinet-maker, Brandling Andrews Miss, dress-maker, Newcastle Bell Greenwell, mason, Fourstones Place Appleby Thomas, joiner, Hazon Bell Robert, mariner, Sunderland Brown Henry, farmer, Ingo Archbold James Slaiter, Newcastle Bell --, agent, Stublick colliery Brown William, innkeeper, Alnwick Archbold John, merchant, Wooler Bellamy Robt. farmer, Little Greencroft Brown Thomas, Sterling Town, New Arkless Benjamin, viewer, Tantoby Belt Robert, sail-cloth manufacturer, York, U. S. Arkless John, viewer, Fatfield


Brown Jacob, custom-house, N. Shields Arkless George, viewer, High Heworth Bennet John, Blyth Links

Brown Robt. near Newcastle Barracks Armstrong W. schoolmaster, Gateshead Berwick Subscription Library

Brown Robt. spirit merchant, Hebburn Armstrong William, overman, Hetton Bigge C. W. esq. Linden

Bruce John, teacher, Newcastle Armstrong Francis, Blanchland Bigge Mrs. T. Benton House

Brumell Henry, esq. Morpeth Arundale Thomas, skinner, Newcastle Birch William, gent. Westgate

Brumwell G. porter mercht. Newcastle Askew Thomas, potter, St. Peter's. Birkinshaw J. Bedlington Iron-works Bryson Robert, builder, ditto Atcheson Adam, esq. Lorbottle · Birkitt Rev. James, Ovingham Buddle John, esq. Carville Atkin, woollen manufacturer, Alston Black Robert, Ingram

Bullock John, publican, Gateshead Atkins John, spirit merchant, Alnwick Blackburn Peter, Blanchland

Burdon Sir Thomas, knt. Jesmond Atkinson Christopher, esq. Ewart

Blackett Christopher, esq. Wylam Burlison John, gardener, Fenham Atkinson Adam, esq.

Blackett , clerk, Dunstan

Burn Matthew, Yorkshire
Atkinson Henry, weaver, Newcastle Blair Peter, bookseller, Morpeth Burn --, farmer, Cat-row
Atkinson Robert, potter, Ouseburn Blair Thomas, Abbey Mills near ditto Burn Ralph, butcher, Seaton Sluice
Atkinson James, currier, Morpeth Blair John, farmer, Oakpool Bridge Burn Miss M.White Hart Inn, Hexham
Atkinson Joseph,overman, Philadelphia Blake John, tailor, Morpeth

Burn John, esq. solicitor, London Atkinson William, smith, Seaton Sluice Blakey James, Heworth Shore

Burnett James, millwright, Newcastle Atkinson Edward, farmer, New Houses Blenk Joshua, Blanchland

Burnett H. bookseller, Sunderland by Kirkharle

Blyth Henry, gent. Bishopwearmouth Burnup Richard, agent, Bunker Hill Aynsley William, Plover Hill

Bolam Henry, pitman, Coxlodge Burrell Robert, esq. Durham
Aynsley Edward, Bedlington
Bond Joseph, Alnwick

Buston Thomas, esq. Buston
Aynsley Captain, ditto

Bones -, innkeeper, Lemington Buston Roger, esq. High Buston
Aynsley John, North Shields
Booth G. broker, Sunderland

Busby M. G. surgeon, Alnwick
Ayre J. publisher, Sunderland, 2 copies Booth Thomas, flax-dresser, Newcastle
Ayre Meanly, Berwick
Bosanquet Charles, esq. Rock

Cairns George, farmer, Lysom
Bowmaker Ralph, Lamesley Moor Hill Cairns James, draper, Wooler
Backhouse Jonathan,


Sunderland Bowman Jas. custom-house, Newcastle Caley John, esq. London Bailey Nicholas, esq. Gallow Hill House Bowman William, farmer, Birney Hill Campbell Henry, bootmaker, London Bainbridge, solicitor, Alston Bowman M. farmer, Kirkwhelpington Campbell John, surgeon, Dunse Baker CresswellJ. Cresswell Hall Bowman John, saddler, Brampton


Cambo Subscription Library Bankes John, bleacher, Elswick Bowness Geo. shopkeeper, Allanshead Carlisle Subscription Library Barker Matthew, bookseller, Hexham, Boyd -, cabinet-maker, Alnwick Carnaby Ra. cabinet maker, Newcastle 21 copies

Brandon William, esq. London Carpenter J. C. esq. Ford Barkess William, viewer, Allendean BRANDLING CHARLES JOAN, esq. M.P. Carr John, esq. ditto Barras John, tailor, Newcastle


Carr John, esq.

Alnwick Barry John, ship-owner, Sunderland Brandling William, esq. Low Gosforth Carr John, shoemaker, Corbridge Bates Robert, butcher, Newcastle Brandling John, esq. Gosforth Carr Ed. innkeeper, Newton by the Sea Beavon Frederick, M. D. Acton House Branley teacher, Nent Hall


Carr William, clerk, Jarrow b

Carrick John, Newcastle

Crawford John, esq. North Shields Dodds Ralph, plasterer, Newcastle Carter - crate maker, ditto

Crawford P. R. Warden Paper-mill Dodds T. W. surgeon, Lanchester Castles Joseph, innkeeper, Warkworth Crawford Thomas, coal-owner, Durham Dodds John, Cresswell Chambers Alex. coachman, Whickham Crawford Mrs. Newcastle, D.

Dodds Isaac, mason, Ayton Banks Chambers William, Longframlington Crawford T.farmer, near Seaton Delaval Dodds John, publican, Alnwick Chapman Wm. esq. banker, Newcastle Crawford John, farmer, Lookout Dodds John, pavior, ditto Charlton James, Anchorage-school, Crawford William, farmer, Monkseaton Dolphin John, mine agent, Ruffside Hall Gateshead

Crawford William, Netherton Peak Donaldson Jos. schoolmaster, Chatton Charlton Thos. clergy school, Newcastle Crozier George, Whinney Hill

Donkin Henry, esq. Durham Charlton Ralph, ditto

Cruddas Thomas, colliery viewer, Lum- Donkin William, esq. Sandhoe Charlton John, grammar school, Durham ley Thicks

Donkin William, solicitor, Hexham Charlton Pet. grocer, North Shields, D. Curry William, publican, Cow Gate Donkin John, joiner, Gateshead Fell Charlton John, farmer, Gubion Cust Richard, esq. Carlisle

Donkin Robert, farmer, Ingram Charlton William, farmer, Corbridge Cuthbert John, mariner, Low Heworth Donkin Robert, teacher, Warden Charlton Forster, spirit dealer, Blyth Cutforth Timothy, broker, Newcastle Dove Sarah, innkeeper, Greenhead Charlton Robert, nailor, Bedlington

Doubleday Captain Henry, Durham Charlton Ann, innkeeper, Hexham Daglish James, Coldstream

Douglas John, M. D. Sunderland Charlton J. H. surgeon, ditto

Dale Peter, manufacturer, Walker Douglas Thomas, schoolmaster, Alnwick Charlton William, innkeeper, ditto Dale Thomas, agent, Hexham Brewery Douglas John, artist, Kensington Charlton Anthony, solicitor, Morpeth Daleson John, gent. Iron Sign

Downing John, grocer, Newcastle
Charlton Robert, schoolmaster, kirk- Davidson Thomas, esq. Newcastle, D. Dowson James, publican, Cramlington
Davidson John, esq. Otterburn

Dryden John, Blyth Docks
Charlton Adam, Sunderland
Davidson Thomas, Richard Pit

Dryden post-master, Alston

attorney, Howden Davidson Alexander, esq. Swarland Dunford Thomas, clerk, Newcastle, D. Chisholm William, foundry, Durham Davidson excise-office, Richmond Dunn M.


Stella Hall Chisholm Ralph, publican, Alnwick Davison William, bookseller, Alnwick Dunn Matt. grammar-school, HoughChisholm John, New Haggerston Davison Mrs. Lowick

ton-le-Spring Clark George, painter, Durham Davison Alexander, ditto

Durham Subscription Library
Clark William, shoemaker, Newcastle Davison Ralph, farmer, Crawcrook
Clark Joseph, bookseller, ditto
Davison John,

Egdell Samuel, innkeeper, Alnwick Clarke J. G.

esq. Lanton


Davison George, farmer, Rock Egdell Robert, butcher, Warkworth
Clarke Rev. Robert, Walwick, D. Davison William, brewer, Monkseaton Eggleston John, chemist, Newcastle
Clarke William, teacher, Newcastle Davison Thomas, baker, South Shields Eggleston Thomas, clerk, Durham
Clarke William, overman, Cowpen Davis Robert, surgeon, Ayton Banks Elder William, publican, Longhoughton
Clarke Michael, watchmaker, Morpeth Dawson Abraham, solicitor, Newcastle Elliott Robert, farmer, Barrasford
- Allendale town
Dawson John, Hilton Pottery

Elliott Robert, whitesmith, Newcastle Coates Thomas, esq. Lipwood Hall Dawson

gent. Haltwhistle

Elliott William, baker, ditto Cochrane William, Livery Stables Dawson Thos. glass-cutter, Newcastle Elliott James, upholsterer, ditto Cock William, Low Heworth

Dawson Thomas, shoemaker, Morpeth Ellison CUTHBERT, esq. M. P. HebCodling James, Newcastle

Dawson Thomas, brewer, Bedlington burn Hall Compton Fenwick, esq. New Learmouth Debord Henry, ship-owner, Blyth Ellison Cuthbert, baker, South Shields Cook Rev. Joseph, Newton Hall Dennis P. surgeon, Alnwick

Elsdon Henry, engineer, Cowpen Cook Captain, Durham Dent John, agent, Painshaw

Elsdon Thomas, pipe-maker, Gateshead Cook Captain, R. N. Whalton Dial John, Morton

Eltringham Thomas, bacon merchant, Cook William, esq: Cambo

Dickman T. cabinet-maker, Newcastle Newcastle Cook James, publican

Dickinson Robert, stationer, Hexham Embleton Richard, tanner, ditto Cook William, farrier, Newbottle Dickinson Robert, innkeeper, Embleton Emmerson Thomas, farmer, Ovington Cookson Isaac, esq. Newcastle

Dickinson John, butcher, Jarrow English Wm. engineer, Bow, London Cookson Isaac, jun. esq. Park House Dickinson , farmer, near Allendale English Thomas, hind, Sheepwash Cooper Samuel, viewer, Percy Main town

English John, Longhurst Coppin William, esq. Blyth

Dickinson John, Greenwich Hospital Errington John, skinner, Gateshead Coulson John, spirit mercht. Newcastle office, Newcastle

Errington Robert, Stannington Moor Coulson Matthew, grocer, Hexham Dinning Henry, esq. Newlands Errington Thomas, Gateshead Coventry Andrew, baker, North Shields Dixon Edward, innkeeper, Newcastle Errington Fran. publican, Longhorsley Cox Joseph, esq. Brampton

Dixon George, shoemaker, New York Erskine Colonel, Durham Cowans William, draper, Newcastle Dixon Thomas, miller, Gateshead Cowens James, tailor, Seaton Sluice Dixon John, tailor, Sunderland Fawcus John, Dunston Steads Coward Robert, farmer, Link House Dixon Robert, mariner, South Shields Fairbridge John, surgeon, Hexham Coward Robert, Crow Hall

Dobson William, surgeon, Sunderland Fairlamb, Hexham Coxon Geo. tallow chandler, Newcastle Dobson Edward, Dilston Mill

Fenwick J. Ralph, M. D. Durham CRAMLINGTON HENRY, esq. mayor, Dodd Thomas, esq. Riding

Fenwick Ralph, esq. Shortridge Newcastle Dodd Rev. M. Ingram

Fenwick John, esq. Campville

, Craster Edmund, esq. Preston, D.

Dodd ~,

Fenwick Nicholas, esq. North Shields
Craster Shaftoe, esq. Craster
Dodd Robert, Carlisle

Fenwick Benj. viewer, Percy Main Craw Miss, Fatfield

Dodd Edward, tanner, Hexham Fenwick John, solicitor, Newcastle Crawford David, esq. Westgate Dodds Michael, esq. Cornhill

Fenwick -, Bowre's Houses, Durham

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