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In Memory of


Copyright, 1904

Grace Raymond Hebard



Ideal Citizen


The contents of Part II in this text-book are particularly recommended to the teachers and pupils who are preparing for an examination on the subject of the Government of Wyoming. The different parts of the book may be used as three separate text-books. While closely related they are not dependent one on the other. The interest taken at this time in the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition warrants at least a passing notice on account of their relation to the early history of Wyoming. The Convention which formulated our Constitution is as important as the legislatures that enact our laws, hence, it should have its place. These facts and a brief mention of the explorers and the territorial days form Part I. The application of the laws and the operation of the governing boards should be familiar to all of those who desire to know what the governing principles are which regulate the State's machinery; these constitute Part III.

The author wishes to express an appreciation of the assistance received from those who have furnished data, suggestions and illustrations and to those also, who have read the manuscript and corrected proof.

The University of Wyoming,

Laramie, May 13, 1904.

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