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fifty cents annually for each lot or su without a cellar, drained as aforesaid in sewer, and such sums as may be fixed b for all establishments requiring an un amount of drainage, drained as afores collected shall constitute the sewer fund, exclusively for the repair and constructi collection of the charges to individuals fo tion provided, shall be enforced in such council may by ordinance direct.

Sec. 9. Whenever the common counci to be assess the whole or any part of the expense of property to ment not requiring the taking of any la

ed on the

judge what

be defrayed by an assessment on the of houses and lands to be benefited ther the same by an entry in their minutes, a as they may think proper, the estimated Council to provement, they shall declare by an en is benefited whether the whole or what portion there such owners and occupants, specifying the and the portion of the city which they de such improvement; the costs and expense mates, plans and assessments incidental cluded in the estimated expenses of such Sec. 10. The common council shall the the assess der reciting the public improvement so a made. to be made, the amount of expense to be a and the portion or part of the city on v To appoint be assessed, designating and directing t

To give pub.

lic notice of

ment to be

three men


to make the holders of said city not interested in a so benefitted, nor of kin to any person an assessment upon all the owners or and houses within the portion or part so amount of expense in proportion as nearly a vantage which each shall be deemed to ac such improvements, which order shall be c



a lot or subdivision of lt in
aforesaid into any pable

y be fixed by the common com
iring an unusual or extras
ed as aforesaid, which sepat
e sewer fund, and shall be ea
nd construction of sewers;
o individuals for drainage in fie
orced in such manner as the e

common council shall determine
the expense of any public in
caking of any land by said ch
essment on the owners or o

e benefited thereby, they shall deir
their minutes, and after ascertai
er, the estimated expense of sa
declare by an entry in their
what portion thereof shall be assessed?
pants, specifying the sum to be a
city which they deem to be beneftal
e costs and expenses of making the e
ssments incidental thereto, shall be
d expenses of such improvement
on council shall thereupon make m
e improvement so as aforesaid inte
nt of expense to be assessed as an
part of the city on which the sameist
ting and directing three resident

not interested in any of the propert
f kin to any person interested, to
n all the owners or occupants of l
he portion or part so designated, d
in proportion as nearly as may be to the
shall be deemed to acquire by the ma
which order shall be certified by the d

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