Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, Volumen30

Smithsonian Institution, 1887

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Página 264 - The property is bequeathed to the United States of America, "to found at Washington, under the name of the SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION, an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men.
Página 267 - Institution of statistical inquiries with reference to physical, moral, and political subjects. (5.) Historical researches, and accurate surveys of places celebrated in American history. (6.) Ethnological researches, particularly with reference to the different races of men in North America ; also, explorations and accurate surveys of the mounds and other remains of the ancient people of our country.
Página 282 - The present time appears to be peculiarly auspicious for commencing an enterprise of the proposed kind. The citizens of the United States, are now scattered over every part of the southern and western...
Página 267 - The volumes of the memoirs to be exchanged for the transactions of literary and scientific societies, and copies to be given to all the colleges and principal libraries in this country. One part of the remaining copies may be offered for sale; and the other carefully preserved, to form complete sets of the work, to supply the demand from new institutions.
Página 75 - Before having any knowledge of the method given in the above account, I had succeeded in producing electrical effects in the following manner, which differs from that employed by Mr. Faraday, and which appears to me to develop some new and interesting facts. A piece of copper wire, about thirty feet long and covered with elastic varnish, was closely coiled around the middle of the...
Página 53 - On either side of this zone and converging toward it are the trade winds, which blow from the northeast in the Northern Hemisphere and from the southeast in the Southern Hemisphere. The...
Página 270 - It is believed that the collections in natural history will increase by donation as rapidly as the income of the Institution can make provision for their reception, and, therefore, it will seldom be necessary to purchase articles of this kind.
Página 201 - ... us to admit the existence of a principal discharge in one direction and then several reflex actions backward and forward each more feeble than the preceding, until the equilibrium is obtained. All the facts are shown to be in accordance with this hypothesis, and a ready explanation is afforded by it of a number of phenomena, which are to be found in the older works on electricity, but which have until this time remained unexplained."* The italics are Henry's.
Página 268 - Congress for partial distribution, the remaining copies to be given to literary and scientific institutions, and sold to individuals for a moderate price. The following are some of the subjects which may be embraced in the reports.
Página 43 - Around this horse-shoe 540 feet of copper bell-wire were wound in nine coils of 60 feet each ; these coils were not continued around the whole length of the bar, but each strand of wire (according to the principle before mentioned) occupied about two inches and was coiled several times backward and forward over itself. The several ends of...

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