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(Late E. &. S. FOUGERA,)


These pills are approved by the French Academy of E. FOUGERA

| Medicine; authorized by the Medical Board of St. Petersburg; and honorably mentioned at the Universal Exhibition of New York, 1853, and of Paris, 1855.

BLANCARD's Pills of Iodide of Iron are so scrupulously

prepared, and so well made, that none other have acquirFOR

ed aʻso well-deserved favor among Physicians and Phar

maceutists. Each pill containing one grain of ProtoBlancard's

Iodide of Iron, is covered with finely pulverized Iron,

and coated with balsam of Tolu. Dose, two to six pills P ILI S a day. The genuine have a reactive silver scal attached

to the lower part of the cork, a green label bearing the OF

following inscription :

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E, Fougera,

When prescribing, Physicians will please write for Boudault's Pepsine as it is the only one reliable, the

only one used in the Hospitals of Paris, the only one GENERAL AGENT FOR

recommended by Professors Wood and B.ucho (seo

American Dispensatory, 11th edition, rages 1.179-1480), BOUDAULT'S

and the only one approved by the comzuitteo appointed to | revise the New French Codex (1866). Boudault's l'ep

sine is sold in powder (in 1, 8, and' 16 oz bottle). The Pepsine,

dose is 15 grains 2 or 3 times a day, at meal ti je.

| It is used with great success for Dyspepsia, Gastralgia, AND ALSO FOI

Slow and Difficult Digistion following fevers, and also for
Consumption and other Chronic Discogs. Debility of the

Stomach from old age or abuso of liquors is relieved by Hottot Boudault's

it, and it is invaluable as a corrective of l'omiting during

Pregnancy. Elixir, Wine, From 1863, the chief assistant of Mr. Boudault, Mr.

Hottot, cheinist and pharmaceutist of the University of Syrup, Pills. Paris, has become Mr. Boudault's successor, and along

with Pepsine in powder, he preparc.; the AND

ELIXIR OF PEPSINE, ) Vado dircct from


Pepsine in solution.



All these preparations are pleasazu to take, and as ra| liable as Pepsino in powder

Standard Cathartic and Narcotic Developments.

ADDITIONAL POINTS. The importance of directing thcories to attain to perfect ends in the development of the Cathartic in its natural form, the Narcotic, on which so much reliance has been placed, and so much medical skill baffled, and on the Alterative Lazalive, when the basis of action and dependence is on the Narcotic, I trust has been realized by all Physicians. Assuring the Physician that the standard of character so fully developed in the past Formulas by Drs. Haskell and Davies, and on the Pill Aloine cum Ferro, and Fluid Cannabis, will be fully sustained, I beg leave to add others suggested by those whose names are a guarantee of character, adapted to my convenient size of Pill (1% grains), and ask the greatest freedom of correspondence. PILL ALOINE CUM FERRO,



Active Principle, Aqueous Aloine suspended with Sesquioxide of Iron.
B7 The action on the bowels is with an entire freedom from Griping or Dowel Irritation.
Pills, Two Grains cach, contain the active Principle of Six Grains.

Dose.--Single Pill night and morning, or two at night and one in the morning.
13" In bottles of 500 and 1,000 each, at $4.00 per thousand. By mail, 50 cents additional.
Alterative Laxative Pill.

Alterative Laxative Pill.
Dr. P. S. IIASKELL Formula

Pill Aloine cum Ferro, grs. XXX.

Pill Aloine cum Ferro, grs. xxiv. Ext. Nux Vomic. Alc., grs. vi.

Ext. Nux Vomic. Aic., grs. vi.
Ext. Hyoscyamus, gra. X.

Pulv. Ipecac, grs. vi.
M. Fiat Pill No. xx.

M. Fiat Pill No. xviii.
Dose- Single Pill.

Dose--Single Pill.
Dr. EDWARD Hall Formula.

Dr. EDWARD HALL Formula.
Pill Aloino cum Ferro, grs. xxs.

Pil Aloine cum Ferro, gre. riy. Ext. Nux Vomic. Alc., grs. vi.

Ext. Nux Vomic. Alc., grs. vi.
Ext. Belladonna, gre. vi.

Pulv. Ipecac, grs. vi.
M. Fiat Pill No. xxiv.

Ext. Belladonna, gre. vi.
DoseSingle Pill.

N. Fiat Pill No. XXI.

Dose-Single Pill. 0 In bottles of 500 and 1,000 cach, $5.00 per thousand. By mail, cents additional. Compound Quinine Pill.

Pil Sedative,
Dr. N. I. Arrex Formula,

Substitute for Pulv. Doveri.
Kalamazoo, Mich.

Dr. N. I. Aiken Formula.
Suiph. Quinine, grs. Ix.

Kalamazoo, Micb. 01. "Capsicum Resin, grs. xii.

Ext. Opii, grs. x. Ext. Aconite Alc., grs. v.

Pulv. Ipecac, grs. X. Glycer. 9.6..

Glycer. 9.8.
*** Fiat Pill

M. Fiat Pill No. xxiv.
Dose-Single Pill.

Dose-Binglo Pill.
Br Price per thousand, $10.00.

KD Price per thousand, $6.00.
Bottles, 200, 500, and 1,000 each.

Bottles, 200, 500, and 1,000 each.

KNOWN AS HUNNEWELL'S TOLU ANODYNE. 30 Drops of this Extract contain 1% Grains of the Active Principle.

MEDIUM DOSE, 20 DROPS. Bottles of One, Two and Four pounds. $2.00 per pound. Prepared by


Practical Pharmaceutist,

97 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Mass. Bamples of 200 each of the Pills (one or all), and 2 oz. Tolu Anodyne, sent by mail (postage paid by me), at the regular prices by the thousand of the Pills, or pound of the Anodyne.

e Remittances in advance, for samples or full packages, perfectly sacred.


Manufacturers and Importers of

Surgical and Orthopædical


Every apparatus for Local Anesthesia and for Atomization of Liquids,
Laryngoscopes, Ophibalmoscopes, Endoscopes, Hypodermic Syringes,
Splints for Hip-joint Disease, Skeletons, Trusses, Elastic Stock-
inys, Luminaria Digitata. Uterine Tents, Axilla Ther-

mometers, Biegel's Inhaler and Powder, etc., etc. The latest improvements and new inventions on hand and received constantly from our agents in Europe.



This institution, which is under the control of the SISTERS OF CHARITY, is situated on

Clinton Street, near both Gratiot and Fort St, Railroads, and easily accessible from all parts of the city. It was established in 1845, and has annually accommodated large numbers of valients.

The capacity of the Hospital is sufficient to allow the admission of about one hundred in the General Wards, and contains private rooms that will accommodate thirty.

Patients are admitted to the private rooms of the Hospital, under the care of any regular Physician whom they may choose.

The recently appointed Hospital Staff comprises Physicians, Surgeons, and an Oculist, selected from among the best medical and surgical talent of the city.

The price of board in public wards, including medical atten. dance, medicines and nursing, is $4 per week. In private rooms prices range from $5 to $7 per week. Further inquiries may be made in person or by letter of SISTER MARY DE SALES,

At the Hospital. ]

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