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Página 3 - AD 1905, as taken from and compared with the original now on file In my office. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal at Trenton this 7th day of March, 190C.
Página 2 - Board shall keep a record of its proceedings, which shall contain each claim presented and its items, an abstract of the evidence taken, the amount adjusted and settled in favor of the person or persons presenting the claims, or in favor of the State; and any member of said Board shall have power to administer oaths to any person or persons presenting claims, or to witnesses; to examine the person or...
Página 4 - An Act granting to the State of Michigan the right of way, and a donation of public land for the construction of a ship canal around the Falls of St. Mary's, in said State.
Página 3 - ... professors, libraries, cabinets, museums, apparatus — sparing neither labor nor expense for that purpose; while the daughters of the land — those in whom the hopes of the future so conspicuously centre — those who must, of necessity, nurture and guide both sexes through the plastic and forming periods of early life — the future wives and mothers of Michigan — are left to be educated by private munificence. Yet, if it is true that " the child is father to the man...
Página 5 - Resolved, That the Attorney General be and he is hereby requested to report to this House, whether, in his opinion, the Legislature of this State cnn constitutionally authorize the Governor to appoint Circuit Court Commissioners except in cases of vacancy.

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