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[President of the United States. ] Authorized toislueletters-patent tothe Ohiocompanyii.6} -authorized in case of death, absence, or fickness of the lecretaries of State, Treafury and War, or any other of ficer whose appointment is not in the head of the department, to appoint a person to perform the duty until a succeffor be appointed, or absence or fickness all ceale

II) -luthorized to pay debts to certain foreign officers 117 - is approbatiza necessary to authorize the commiffioners to purchase the public debt

117 -luthorized to borrow fifty thousand dollars, to be under

his controul and direction for foreign intercourse 124 - to cause accounts for foreign intercourse to be settled in the Treasury Department by specific statements, where he thinks proper, and by certificates where he thinks it not proper to specify

ii. 160 - is salary to be twenty-five thousand dollars, with the

use of the furniture belonging to the United States 198 to fign letters-patent, which are to be made out in his name

200 authorized to borrow eight hundred thousand dollars 220 -authorized to pay the first instalment due to the bank of the United States, ou t of borrowed money 236 -authorized to borrow one million of dollars, appropriated to foreign intercourse

iii. 16 authorized to borrow one million of dollars, if the public service require it

17 --authorized to fortify certain ports and harbours; to gar

rison certain fortifications; to purchase cannon, and can-
non-fhot; and to receive ceflions of lands, or to pur-
chase thein where fortifications are, or may be erected

18. 19

---authorised to establih arsenals and ar mouries, and to

appoint superintendant of military stores ii. 28 ---authorised to provide a naval armament consisting of fix ihips, and to appoint certain officers

24 --authorised to alter the place for holding the session of

Congress, when fickness, or other circumstances, shall
render it neceffary

30 --Under his direction, the secretary at war to procure

books, and apparatus for the corps of artillerists 61 --empowered to employ artillerists on the frontiers, or in the fortifications on the sea-coast


[President of the United States. ] President authorised to apply two hundred thousand dola

lars of the proceeds of foreign loans, to pay the second instalment due to the bank of the U. States -authorised to make allowances to officers for collecting duties on licenses to retail wine, and foreign distil

jii. 71

led spirits



authorised to erect new, and alter old districts and surveys, as he shall judge necessary

81 -authorised to provide special offices of inspection in

certain cases -authorised to make additional compensation to inspec

tors, and collectors of revenue on distilled spirits 85 -authorised to use military and naval force, and to call out the militia to prevent fitting out privateers, or carrying on a 'military expedition from the United States against a foreign state at peace, and to restore prizes in certain cases

91, 92 authorised to grant patents of land to certain officers and soldiers of the Virginia line

115 -authorised to make a loan of one million of dollars 118 -authorised to make allowance to officers of inspection for collecting the duties on property sold at auction

129 -authorised to station a certain number of militia in the four western counties of Pennsylvania, and to direct a voluntary inliftment

135 -authorised to borrow two million of dollars for the

United States, and the bank authorised to loan it 137 --authorised to pay any instalment of the foreign debt

falling due in 1795, and the third instalment to the

bank of the United States out of foreign loans 152 -authorised, in case of any vacancy in the office of

the departments of state, treasury, and war, to make a temporary appointment

166 authorized to pay a certain fum to officers, and

others who sustained lofses by the insurgents in the

four western counties of Pennsylvania iii. 186 authorized to call forth such number of the militia

as he may judge necessary, to repel an invasion from a foreign nation, or Indian tribe; or to suppress an insurrection in any state against the government, on

the application of the legislature or executive 188 --authorized to call forth the militia to suppress combie VOL. III.

E 4

iii. 189


E [President of the United States.] nations against the laws of the United States, and to

carry them into execution ---to issue proclamation to insurgents, to disperse in a

limited time, when military force is called forth 189 -his approbation necessary for the commissioners of the linking fund, to proceed to the execution of their trust

212 --authorized to borrow of the bank of the United States certain sums appropriated by law

221 - may make a temporary appointment of a melter, and

refiner—may reduce the weight of copper coin 223 -authorized to cause a tract of land to be surveyed and distributed among the French fettlers at Galliopolis, and to iffue patents

228 -authorized to establiih trading houses to carry on trade with the Indians, to appoint agents, and prescribe rules and orders for their conduct

257 -authorized to draw eight thousand dollars annually

from the treasury, to pay clerks and agents 259 _authorized to complete two frigates of forty-four

guns, and one of thirty-six, and to sell perishable materials not wanted

260 Commissioners of the city of Washington authorized under

the direction of the President, to borrow three hundred thousand dollars

281 President authorized to cause revenue cutters to be built or

purchased in lieu of those unfit for service, and to cause to be sold at public auction from time to time such as fhall become unfit for service

283 -authorized to issue letters patent of certain tracts of

land to Ebenezer Zane, on certain conditions 291 authorized to fix compensation for assistant surveyors, chain-men, &c.

300 -authorized to ascertain and mark the boundary line between the United States and certain Indian tribes

314 -authorized to direct the revenue officers, and officers commanding forts and revenue. cutters, to aid in the execution of quarantine, and the health Jaws of the state -authorized to appoint two or more agents for the prosection of American feamen, and to draw out of the

iii. 315

jii. 322

[President of the United States.]
treasury not exceeding fifteen thousand dollars, te

defray the expense
---authorized to make allowance to officers of inspec-

tion, employed to collect the duties on carriages 334
-authorized to arrange foldiers and officers of the le-
gion into four regiments, and two companies of dra-

-may direct sentences of courts-martial to be carried

into effect or otherwise, when laid before him pursu-
ant to law

authorized to borrow 324,530 dollars 6 cents, of the

bank of the U. States, for foreign intercourse 350 Commissioners of the finking fund authorized to borrow

five millions of dollars with the approbation of the President

353 Secretary of state to prepare a form of a passport, to be: approved of by the Prelident

356 Prefident authorized to borrow 650,000 dollars 369 Fourteen thousand dollars appropriated to accommodate his household

382 President authorized to apply 252,259 dollars and three

cents, to defray the expense of negociation with Al-

402 -authorized to advance fifty thousand dollars, to pro

fecute the claims of American citizens, for property
captured by the belligerent powers


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iii. 230

iii. 89

i. 8

i. 112

Printing of the laws, act for
Privateers fitting out or augmenting their force, how pu-

nished Privilege of members of Congress from arrest Prisoner in case of reason, fhall have a copy of the in

dictment, and a list of the jury and witnesses, and
allowed counsel
shall have process to compel the attendance of witnef-

113 -standing mute, refusing to plead, or challenging peremptorily more jurors than allowed by law, thall be considered as pleading not guilty

113 Prizes, power of the President to restore, when captured

within the jurisdiction of the United States iii. 91 Process in courts

ii. 13


11. 175

i. 5, 7 ul. 315

Process against foreign ministers void

i. 11 Proof in court how made

68 -of spirits Provisional articles with Great Britain


417 Pruflia, treaty with

ü: 308 Punishment, capital, mode of, prescribed i. 114 Purchase of public debt, commissioners appointed to make

268, i. 117 Purveyor of public fupplies

Qualifications of senators and representatives

Rates of foreign coins
Rations of the army establifhed
may be encreased on the frontiers

107 Receiver of stolen goods, how to be punished Recording of vessels, (See Registers,). Records of the United States, by whom to be kept 42 -of the several states to have full credit

16 -mode of proving them to be preferibed by Congress 16 -how authenticated -of the district courts, where to be kept

50 stealing and falsifying, how punished

i. 106 Recognizances of witneffes in criminal cases

i 73 Register of the treasury, his duty

38 Registers of vefsels becoming invalid, relief provided for

III. 247

į. 230, ii

. 161

iii. 341

į. 107

43, 115

REGISTRY AND RECORDING OF VESSELS. Ships and vessels which have been registered, pursuant to a former act, and which shall have been registered, pur

. suant to this act, as well as those which are qualified carry on the coafting trade or fisheries, shall be deemed fhips and vessels of the United States, and entitled to the privilege thereof, so long as they thall continua

be owned and commanded by citizens of the United Ships or vessels built within the United States, after the

fourth day of July, 1776, and belonging wholly to citi

ii. 131

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