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1 * Samuel J. Randall..
2 *Charles O'Neill..
3 *Leonard Myers

4 *William D. Kelley..

5 *M. Russell Thayer

6 B. Markley Boyer
7 *John M. Broomall..

8 *Sydenham E. Ancona..
9 *Thaddeus Stevens

10 * Myer Strouse...
11 * Philip Johnson..
12 * Charles Denison
13 Ulysses Mercur
14 George F. Miller..
15 Adam J Glossbrenner
16 William H. Koontz...
17 Abraham A. Barker
18 Stephen F. Wilson.
19 *Glenni W. Scofield.
20 Charles Vernon Culver.
21*John L. Dawson

22 *James K. Moorhead.
23 *Thomas Williams

24 George V. Lawrence.


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Chestnut Hill.



.Towanda. .Lewisburg. .York. .Somerset. .Edenburg. Wellsborough. Warren. .Franklin.

1 Louis St. Martin..

2 Jacob Barker.

3 Robert C. Wickliffe.


John E. King


John Ray...

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Monongah'la Cy



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Geo. W. Chilton.

B. H. Epperson.

3 A. M. Brand

4 C. O. Herbert.

.Knoxville. .Smithville.



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W. H. B. Custis..

2 Lucius H. Chandler... 3 B. Johnson Barbour. 4 Robert Ridgway.

5 Beverly A. Davis.

6 Alexander H. H.Stuart.

7 Robert Y. Conrad..

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8 Daniel H. Hoge.............Montgomery.


ARIZONA.-John N. Goodwin, Prescott. COLORADO.-Allan A. Bradford, Denver. DAKOTAH.-Walter A. Burleigh, Yancton. IDAHO.-E. D. Holbrook, Idaho City. MONTANA.-Samuel McLean, Bannock. NEBRASKA.-Phineas W. Hitchcock, Omaha.

NEW MEXICO.-J. Francesco Chavez, Santa Fe. UTAH.-Wm. H. Hooper, Salt Lake City. WASHINGTON.-Arthur Á. Denny.

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Republicans and Unionists (in Roman), 43. Democrats and Conservatives (in Italics), 9. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. ¡Dist.

CALIFORNIA. [Three members to be elected in Sept.] CONNECTICUT. [Four members to be elected in April.]



1 †John A. Nicholson. ILLINOIS.

1 N. B. Judd.

2 †J. F. Farnsworth. 3 +E. B. Washburne. 4 Aaron C. Harding. 5 Ebon C. Ingersoll. 6 Burton C. Cook.

4 John A. Peters. Dist.
5 +Frederick A. Pike.


1 †Hiram McCullough
2 S. Archer. (C.) 4
3 +C. E. Phelps. (C.)
4 Francis Thomas.
5 Frederick Stone.

1 Thomas D. Eliot.
2 †Oakes Ames.


Ginery Twitchell. 4 +Samuel Hooper. 5 Benj. F. Butler. 6 +Nathan'l P. Banks. 7 H. P. H. Bromwell. 7 Geo. S. Boutwell. 8 +Shelby M. Cullom. 8 +John D. Baldwin. 9 +Lewis W. Ro88. (C.) 9 +Wm. B. Washburn 10 A. G. Burr. 10 +Henry L. Dawes. 11 +Saml. S. Marshall. MISSOURI. 12 †Jehu Baker. 13 G. B. Raum. At large.-J. A. Logan. INDIANA.

1 + Wm. E. Niblack. 2 +Mich'l C. Kerr.(C.) 3 M. C. Hunter. 4 Wm. S. Holman.(C.) 5 †George W. Julian. 6 John Coburn. 7 tH. D. Washburn. 8 +Godlove S. Orth. 9 +Schuyler Colfax. 10 Wm. Williams.

11 John P. C. Shanks.


1 †James F. Wilson. 2 +Hiram Price. 3 +William B. Allison. 4 W. M. Loughridge. 5 G. M. Dodge. 6 †Asahel W. Hubbard


1 †Sidney Clarke.

KENTUCKY. [Nine members to be elected in August.] MAINE.

1 +John Lynch.
2 +Sidney Perham.

3 +James G. Blaine.

1 Wm. A. Pile. 2 C. A. Newcomb. 3†Thos. E. Noell. 4 J. J. Gravelly. & R. T.Van Horn.(C.) 5 tJ. W. McClurg. 7+Benj. F. Loan. 8 tJ. F. Benjamin. 9 W. F. Switzler.(C.)


1 +Fer. C. Beaman.
2 +Charles Upson.
3 Austin Blair.

Thomas W. Ferry. 5 +R. E. Trowbridge. 6 †John F. Driggs.


1 †Wm. Windom. 2 †Ignatius Donnelly.


1 +Delos R. Ashley.


1 †Stephen Taber.


Demas Barnes.


Wm. E. Robinson. John Fox.


John Morrissey.


Thos. E. Stewart.

7 +John W. Chanler.

[blocks in formation]

Chas. H.Van Wyck. +John H. Ketcham. Thomas Cornell. 14 J.V. L. Pruyn. 15 tJ. A. Griswold. 16 Orange Ferris. 17 †T. C. Hulburd. 18 †James M. Marvin. 19 Wm. C. Fields. 20 †A. H. Laflin. 21 +Roscoe Conkling. 22 John C. Churchill. 23 Dennis McCarthy. 24 †T. M. Pomeroy 26 Wm. S. Lincoln. 25 Wm. H. Kelsey. 27 +Hamilton Ward. 29 Lewis Selye. 28 +Roswell Hart. 30 +J. H. Humphrey. 81 †H. Van Aernam.


1 †Benj. Eggleston. 2 +R. B. Hayes. 3 +Robt. C. Schenck. 4 +Wm. Lawrence. 5 Wm. Mungen. 6 +Reader W. Clarke. 7 †Saml.Shellabarger. 8 C. S. Hamilton. 9 †Ralph P. Buckland. 10 +James M. Ashley. John T. Wilson. 12 P. Van Trump. 13 G. W. Morgan. (C.) 14 †Martin Welker.

[Three members to be 11
elected in March.]


1 William Moore.

2 Charles Haight. (C) 15 Tobias A. Plants.

3+Chas. Sitgreaves.

4 John Hill.

5 G. A. Halsey.

Republicans and Unionists (in Roman), 127.

16 John A. Bingham. 17 +Ephraim R.Eckley. 18 Rufus P. Spaulding.


19 †Jas. A. Garfield.


1 Rufus Mallory.

PENNSYLVANIA. 1 +Samuel J. Randall. 2 +Charles O'Neill. 3 Leonard Myers. 4 +Wm. D. Kelley, 5 Caleb N. Taylor. 6 †B. Markley Boyer. John M. Broomall. 8 J. Lawrence Getz. 9 †Thaddeus Stevens. 10 H. L. Cake. 11 D. M. Van Auken. 12 +Chas.Dennison (C.) 13 +Ulysses Mercur. 14 †George F. Miller. 15 †A. J. Glossbrenner. 16 +Wm. H. Koontz. 17 Daniel J. Morrell. 18 †Stephen F. Wilson. 19 G. W. Scofield. 20 Darwin A. Finney. 21 John Covode. 22 †J. K. Moorhead. 23 +Thomas Williams. 24 †G. V. Lawrence.

RHODE ISLAND. [Two members to be elected in April.]


[Eight members to be elected in August.]

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Democrats and Conservatives (in Italics), 36.

(†) Members of the XXXIXth Congress. (C.) Seats contested.

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CHAP. V.-Assistant Assessors of Internal Revenue. Authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to appoint Assistant Assessors of Internal Revenue. [Approved Jan. 15, 1866.] CHAP. VIII.-Registry of Vessels.-Forbids the registry of vessels as American vessels which altered their registers during the rebellion to obtain the protection of a foreign government. [Feb. 10, 1866.]

CHAP. IX.-Mrs. Lincoln.-An act granting the franking privilege to Mary Lincoln. [Feb. 10, 1866.]

CHAP. XII.-Importation of Foreign Cattle. -Forbids the importation of neat cattle, or the hides of neat cattle. The Secretary of the Treasury may suspend the operation of the act as to any foreign country. The President may, by proclamation, declare the act inoperative, and it shall be of no effect from and after thirty days from the date of the proclamation. Any person convicted of willful violation of this act shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $500, or imprisonment not exceeding one year, or by both, at the discretion of the court. [March 6, 1866.] CHAP. XIII.-Lands to California.-Relinquishes to the city of San Francisco the right and title of the United States to certain lands within said city. Said lands shall be disposed of by the city to parties on bona fide possession thereof. The relinquishment shall not, however, interfere with any adverse right or claim. [March 8, 1866.]

CHAP. XV. Declaratory of the Meaning of Certain Parts of the Internal Revenue Act. In section 120 the words dividends in scrip or money, &c., shall mean dividends in scrip or money, &c., wherever payable, and the words stockholders, &c., shall include non-residents. Persons shall make returns of income, &c., according to their value in legal tender currency, and if the returns shall be made on the basis of coined money, the Assistant Assessor shall reduce such returns to the basis of legal tender currency. [March 10, 1866.1

CHAP. XVII.-Goods in Bonded Warehouses. -After the 1st day of May, 1866, goods in bonded warehouse may be withdrawn within one year from the date of importation, on payment of the duties to which they may be subject at the time of withdrawal, and after the expiration of one year, and until the expiration of three years from said date, an additional duty of 10 per cent. will be assessed. This act shall not operate to prevent the export of bonded goods, &c., within three years from date of importation, nor their transportation in bond to other ports for the purpose of exportation. [Mar.14,'66.] CHAP. XVIII.-Maine Lumber.-Admits, free of duty, lumber of American citizens, grown on St. John River and its tributaries, sawed or hewed in the Province of New Brunswick by American citizens, after the 17th of March, 1866. [March 16, 1866.]

CHAP. XXI.-National Military and Naval Asylum.-Constitutes the President, Secretary of War, and Chief Justice of the United States, and other persons, a Board of Managers of "The National Asylum for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers." Nine other citizens, not members of Congress, shall be associated with the three above named, no two of whom shall be residents of the same State, and who shall all be residents of the States which furnished organized bodies of troops for the suppression of the rebellion (no person being ever eligible who gave aid to the rebellion), to be selected by joint resolution of the Senate and House. The Board of Managers shall have authority to procure sites for Military Asylums. For the support of the asylum shall be appropriated all stoppages or fines against officers and soldiers above the amount necessary for the reimbursement of the Government or individuals, all forfeitures for desertion, and all moneys due deceased officers and soldiers which now are or may be unclaimed for three years after their death. All officers and soldiers who served in the late war for the suppression of the rebellion, and not provided for by existing laws, who have been or may be disabled by wounds received or sickness contracted in the line of their duty, shall be entitled to the benefits of the institution upon the recommendation of three of the managers. The provision for a naval asylum in the act (1865, chap. XCI.) to which this is amendatory is repealed. property of the United States at Point Lookout, Md., shall become the property of the asylum. [March 21, 1866.]


CHAP. XXV.-Smithsonian Institute.-Transfers the Library of the Smithsonian Institute to the Library of Congress. [April 5, 1866.]

CHAP. XXVII.-Relief of Seamen.-Grants to any officer of the navy or marine corps who may have lost his personal effects by the loss of his vessel one month of sea pay. The bountymoney of any seaman who enlisted from the army into the navy shall not be deducted from his prize-money. [April 6, 1866.]

CHAP. XXXI.- -Civil Rights Bill.-[The text of this important bill, together with the veto of the President, and the vote by which both Houses passed it over the veto, is given on another page.]

CHAP. XXXIX.-Exchange of Obligations.Authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to exchange treasury notes or any other obligations for any description of bonds, and also to dispose of any description of bonds at his discretion, for lawful money of the United States or treasury notes, certificates of indebtedness, or certificates of deposit. [April 12, 1866.]

CHAP. XL. Reimbursement of Pennsylvania. Provides for the reimbursement of the State of Pennsylvania for moneys advanced to the Government for war purposes. [April 12, 1866.]

CHAP. XLVI.-Reimbursement of Missouri. -Provides for the reimbursement of the State of Missouri for moneys expended for the United States in enrolling, equipping, and provisioning militia forces to aid in suppressing the rebellion. [April 17, 1866.]

CHAP. XLVII.-Gunboat to Liberia.-Authorizes the President to transfer a gunboat to the Government of the Republic of Liberia. [April 17, 1866.]

less than $500, nor more than $5,000, and im prisonment not exceeding five years, or by both. Any master or owner of any vessel who shall receive on board any person from any State or Territory of the United States, with the knowledge and intent that such person is to be carried into slavery, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding $5,000, nor less than $500, or by imprisonment not exceeding five years, or by both, and the vessel shall be forfeited to the United States. [May 21, 1866.]

CHAP. XLVIII.-Postage.-An act to provide that the "Soldiers' Individual Memorial" shall CHAP, LXXXIX.— Virginia Courts. Probe carried through the mails at the usual rates of vides that the Circuit Court of the United States, printed matter. [April 17, 1866.] in the District of Virginia, shall be held in RichCHAP. LXXIII.-Boundaries of Nevada.-mond, commencing on the first Monday of May Extends the boundaries of Nevada. [May 5, and on the fourth Monday in November, in each 1866.] year. [May 22, 1866.]

CHAP. C.-Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Authorizing the appointment of an additional Assistant Secretary of the Navy. [May 26, 1866.]

CHAP. CII.-Passports.-Repeals sec. 23 of chap. 79 of the acts of the 3d session of the XXXVIIth Congress. Hereafter passports shall issued only to citizens of the United States. [May 30, 1866.]

CHAP. LXXIV.-International Ocean Telegraph Company. Gives the International Ocean Telegraph Company the sole privilege, for a period of 14 years from the approval of this act, to lay, construct, land, maintain, and operate telegraphic or magnetic lines or cables in and over the waters, reefs, islands, shores, and lands, over which the United States have juris-be diction, from the shores of the State of Florida, in the said United States, to the Island of Cuba and the Bahamas, either or both, and other West India Islands. The United States shall have at all times the free use of the cable. The company shall not charge more than $3.50 for messages of ten words. Said grant to be null and void unless the cable is laid and in successful operation within three years from the pas sage of this act. [May 5, 1866.]

CHAP. LXXV.-Court of Claims.-Gives the Court of Claims jurisdiction over the claims of any disbursing officers of the United States who may have lost their vouchers by capture or otherwise while in the line of duty. [May 9, 1866.]

CHAP. LXXX.-Habeas Corpus.-Extends the provisions of the 4th, 5th and 6th sections of the act of March 3, 1863, to actions for search, arrest, &c., made by any officer under authority of the President, Secretary of War, or of any military officer of the United States holding the command of the department or district in which such search, &c., took place. The right of removal to the Circuit Court may be exercised after the appearance of the defendant and filing of his plea in said court, and the State courts shall then proceed no further. Section 4 enacts that if the State courts shall, notwithstanding, proceed further in such case, then all such proceedings shall be void and of no effect, and all officers, judges, &c., proceeding thereunder shall be liable in damages to the party aggrieved, to be recovered in a State court having proper jurisdiction, or in the Circuit Court of the United States. [May 11, 1866.]

CHAP. LXXXI.-Five-cent Pieces.-Authorizes the coinage of five-cent pieces. [May 16, 1866.]

CHAP. LXXXII.-Duty on Live Animals.Levies a duty of 20 per centum ad valorem on all live animals imported from foreign countries. [May 16, 1866.]

CHAP. LXXXVI. - Kidnapping. — Punishes any person attempting to kidnap any other person, with the intention to carry such person into slavery, on conviction thereof, by a fine of not

CHAP. CVI.-Pensions. Provides that all persons who, while in the military or naval service and in line of duty, shall have lost the sight of both eyes, or have lost both hands, or been totally disabled in the same, or otherwise rendered utterly helpless, shall receive a pension of $25 per month. All persons who shall have lost both feet or one hand and one foot, or have been totally or permanently disabled in the same, or otherwise so disabled as to be incapacitated for performing manual labor, but not so much as to require constant personal aid, shall receive $20 per month; and all persons who shall have lost one hand or one foot, or been totally disabled in the same, shall receive $15 per month. Any pledge, mortgage, &c., of any right, claim or interest in any pension shall be void, and any person acting as attorney to receive a pension for another shall take an oath that he has no interest in said money, and that he does not know that the same has been disposed of to any person. No sum of money due to a pensioner shall be liable to attachment. Fees of claim agents are limited to 25 cents for preparing papers for a pensioner, and 15 cents for administering an oath to a pensioner. If a pensioner die while his application is pending, and after the proof has been completed, his heirs shall be entitled to the accrued pension. If any person shall have been commissioned and died or been disabled in the line of duty before being mustered, such officer or person entitled to pension shall receive a pension according to his rank if he had been mustered. The period of service of all persons entitled to pension shall be considered to extend to the time of their actual discharge. Enlisted men employed as teamsters, &c., shall be regarded as non-commissioned officers or privates. Should a widow abandon her child or children under 16 years of age, or be proved to be unfit to have custody of them, she shall receive no pension until they are over 16 years of age, and the minor child or children shall receive the pension. The orphan brothers, and also the father of a deceased officer or soldier, who were dependent upon him

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