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CHAP. XLVI.-Reimbursement of Missouri. less than $500, nor more than $5,000, and im -Provides for the reimbursement of the State prisonment not exceeding five years, or by both. of Missouri for moneys expended for the United Any master or owner of any vessel who shall States in enrolling, equipping, and provisioning receive on board any person from any state or militia forces to aid in suppressing the rebellion. Territory of the United States, with the knowl. [April 17, 1886.)

edge and intent that such person is to be carried CHAP. XLVII.-- Gunboat to Liberia.-Au. into slavery, shall be punished by a ine not exthorizes the President to transfer a gunboat to ceeding $5,000, nor less than $500, or by imthe Government of the Republic of Liberia. prisonment not exceeding five years, or by both, [April 17, 1866.]

and the vessel shall be forfeited to the United CHAP. XLVII.--Postage.--An act to provide States. (May 21, 1866.) that the "Soldiers' Indivi M norial” shall CHAP, LXXXIX.- Virginia Courts. - Probe carried through the mails at the usual rates of vides that the Circuit Court of the United States, printed matter. [April 17, 1866.]

in the District of Virginia, shall be held in RichCHAP. LXXIII. -Boundaries of Nevada.- mond, commencing on the first Monday of May Extends the boundaries of Nevada. [May 5, and on the fourth Monday in November, in each 1866.)

year. [May 22, 1866.] CHAP. LXXIV.--International Ocean Tele Chap. c. - Assistant Secretary of the Navy. graph Company. - - Gives the International -Authorizing the appointment of an additional Ocoad Telegraph Company the sole privilege, for Assistant Secretary of the Navy. [May 26, a period of 14 years from the approval of this 1866.] act, to lay, construct, land, maintain, and ope- CHAP. CII.- Passport8.-Repeals sec. 23 of rate telegraphic or magnetic lines or cables in chap. 79 of the acts of the 3d session of the and over the waters, reefs, islands, shores, and XXXVIIth Congress. Hereafter passports shall lands, over which the United States have juris- be issued only to citizens of the United States. diction, from the shores of the State of Florida, [May 80, 1866.] in the said United States, to the Island of Cuba CHAP. CVI. - Pensions. - Provides that all and the Bahamas, either or both, and other persons who, while in tbe military or naval seryWest India Islands. The United States shall ice and in line of duty, shall have lost the sight have at all times the free use of the cable. The of both eyes, or have lost both hands, or been company shall not charge more than $3.50 for totally disabled in the same, or otherwise renmessages of ten words. Sald grant to be null dered utterly helpless, shall receive a pension and void unless the cable is laid and in success- of $25 per month. All persons who shall have ful operation within three years from the pas- lost both feet or one hand and one foot, or bave sage of this act. (May 5, 1866.]

been totally or permanently disabled in the CHAP. LXXV. Court of Claims.-Gives the same, or otherwise so disabled as to be incapaclCourt of Claims jurisdiction over the claims of tated for performing manual labor, but not 80 any disbursing officers of the United States who much as to require constant personal aid, shall may have lost their vouchers by capture or receive $20 per month; and all persons who otherwise while in the line of duty. [May 9, shall have lost one hand or one foot, or been 1866.]

totally disabled in the same, shall receive $15 CHAP. LXXX.Habeas Corpus.-Extends the per month. Any pledge, mortgage, &c., of any provisions of the 4th, 5th and 6th sections of the right, claim or interest in any pension shall be act of March 3, 1863, to actions for search, void, and any person acting as attorney to rearrest, &c., made by any officer under authority ceive a pension for another shall take an oath of the President, Secretary of War, or of any that he has no interest in said money, and that military officer of the United States holding the he does not know that the same has been discommand of the department or district in which posed of to any person. No sum of money due buch search, &c., took place. The right of re- to a pensioner shall be liable to attachment. moval to the Circuit Court may be exercised Fees of claim agents are limited to 25 cents for after the appearance of the defendant and filing preparing papers for a pensioner, and 15 cents of his plea in said court, and the State courts for administering an oath to a pensioner. If a shall then proceed no further. Section 4 enacts pensioner die while his application is pending, that if the State courts shall, notwithstanding, and after the proof bas been completed, his proceed further in such case, then all such pro heirs shall be entitled to the accrued pension. ceedings shall be void and of no effect, and all If any person shall have been commissioned and officers, judges, &c., proceeding thereunder shall died or been disabled in the line of duty before be liable in damages to the party aggrieved, to being mustered, such officer or person entitled be recovered in a state court having proper juris- to pension shall receive a pension according to diction, or in the Circuit Court of the United his rank if he had been mustered. The period States.' [May 11, 1866.]

of service of all persons entitled to pension CHAP. LXXXI. -Five-cent Pieces.--Autho shall be considered to extend to the time of their rizes the coinage of five-cent pieces. (May 16, actual discharge. Enlisted men employed as 1866.]

teamsters, &c., shall be regarded as non-comCRAP. LXXXII.-Duty on Live Animals.-missioned officers or privates. Should a widow Levies a duty of 20 per centum ad valorem on abandon her chiid or children under 16 years of all live animals imported from foreign countries. I age, or be proved to be unfit to bave custody of [May 16, 1866.].

them, she shall receive no pension until they are CHAP. LXXXVI. - Kidnapping. - Punishes over '16 years of age, and the minor child or any person attempting to kidnap any other per children shall receive the pension. The orphan son, with the intention to carry such person into brothers, and also the father of a deceased slavery, on oon vlotion thereof, by a fino of not officer or soldier, who were dependent upon him

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for support, shall be pensioned. Sec. 14 pro- United States, whose road is operated by steam, vides that the widows and children of colored to carry upon and over its road, boats, bridges, soldiers sball receive the pension, &c., without and ferries, all passengers, troops, Government other evidence of marriage than that the parties supplies, mails, freight, &c, on their way from had recognized each other as man and wife, and any State to another state, and to receive comhad Hved together as such. (June 6, 1866 ) pensation therefor, and to connect with roads of

CHAP. CX.-Military Academy. --Sec. 2 pro- | Other States so as to form continuous lines for vides that no person who has served in any the transportation of the same to the place of capacity in the military or naval service of the destination. [June 15, 1866.] so-called. Confederate States during the late re- CHAP. CXXVII.-llomestead Lau.--Provides bellion shall hereafter receive an appointment that all the public lands in the States of Alaas a cadet at the Military or Naval Academy. bama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and (June 8, 1886.]

Florida, shall be disposed of according to the CHAP. CXIV.-Postal Law.-Provides that stipulations of the Homestead Law of May 20, prepaid and free letters shall be forwarded at | 1862, and the act of March 21, 1864, with this ihe request of the party addressed from one restriction, that until after the expiration of two Post-Office to another without additional charge, years after the passage of this act no entry shall and returned dead letters shall be restored to be made for more than a half-quarter section, or the writers thereof free of charge. Letters bear. eighty acres; and in lieu of the sum of $10'reing indorsement of a request for return to the quired to be paid by the second section of said writers, shall be returned without additional act, there shall be paid the sum of $5 at the postage charge. Money orders may be issued time of the issue of each patent; and that the for any sum not exceeding $50, and the charge public lands in said States shall be disposed of for a sum under twenty dollars shall be ten in no other manner after the passage of this act : cents; for an order exceeding twenty dollars, Prorided, That no distinction or discrimination twenty-five cents. Money orders shall be valid shall be made in the construction or execution only within one year after date, and in case of of this act on account of race or color: And loss of a money order a duplicate may be issued provided further, That no mineral lands shall without charge. All railroad companies shall be liable to entry and settlement under its procarry without extra charge such printed matter visions. Sec. 2. That section second of the as the Postmaster-General may direct. Any above-cited Homestead Law, entitled "An act person who shall wilfully injure or destroy any to secure homesteads to actual settlers on the mailable matter in any receiving box, on con- public domain," approved May 20, 1862, be so viction thereof, shall be fined not more than five amended as to read as follows: That the

person hundred dollars or be imprisoned not more than applying for the benefit of this act shall, upon one year. The Postmaster-General may change application to the register of the land-office in the style of postage stamp now in use. [June which he or she is about to make such entry, 12, 1866.]

make affidavit before the said register or reCHAP. CXXII. - Safe Keeping of Public ceiver that he or she is the head of a family, or Doney.-Provides that disbursing officers of the is 21 years or more of age, or shall have perUnited States shall deposit the public money formed service in the army or navy of the with the Treasurer or some Assistant Treasurer United States, and that such application is made of the United States. The depositing of public for his or her exclusive use and benefit, and that money elsewhere than as authorized by law, or said entry is made for the purpose of actual setthe lending of any money, is judged an embezzle- tlement and cultivation, and not either directly ment of the money, and upon conviction thereof, or indirectly for the use or benefit of any other the offending officer shall be imprisoned not person or persons whomsoever; and upon filing less than one year nor more than ten years, or the said affidavit with the register or receiver, be fined not more than the amount embezzled, and on payment of $5, when the entry is not nor less than $1,000, or both. Any banker or more than 80 acres, he or she shall thereany other person who shall receive, knowingly, upon be permitted to enter the amount of from any disbursing officer, any public money, land specified : Provided, howerer, That no by way of loan or accommodation, or otherwise, certificate shall be given, or patent issued than in payment of a debt against the United therefor, until the expiration of five years States, shall be deemed guilty of embezzlement from the date of such entry, and if at the exof public money, and punished as above pro- piration of such time, or at any time within two vided in this Act. (June 14, 1866.]

years thereafter, the person making such entry, CHAP. CXXIII.- Settlement of Accounts. -- or if he be dead, his widow, or in case of her Provides that all moneys raised in the United death, his heirs or devisee; or in case of a States for the benefit of refugees or freedmen, widow making such entry, her heirs or devisee, received by an officer of the United States, shall in case of her death, shall prove by two credible be charged against such officer on the books of witnesses that he, she, or they, have resided upon the Treasury Department, as if such moneys had or cultivated the same for the term of five years been drawn from the Treasury of the United immediately succeeding the time of filing the States. When accounts are rendered for expen- affidavit aforesaid, and shall make affidavit that ditures for refugees or freedmen which cannot no part of said land has been alienated, and be settled for want of specific appropriations that he will bear true allegiance to the governthe same may be paid out of the fund for the ment of the United States; then, in such case, relief of refugees and freedmen. [June 18, he, she, or they, if at that time a citizen of the 1866.]

United States, shall be entitled to a patent, as CHAP. CXXIV.-Inter-State Communication. in other cases provided by law. And provided - Authorizes every railroad company in the further, That in case of the death of both father and mother, leaving an infant child or children, in the construction of their line of railroad and under 21 years of age, the right and fee shall telegraph as they would have been entitled to if inure to the benefit of said infant child or chil- they had connected their said line with the dren; and the executor, administrator, or guar- Union Pacific Railroad on the one hundredth dian may, at any time within two years after degree of longitude as now required by law. the death of the surviving parent, and in ac- The said company shall connect their line of cordance with the laws of the State in which railroad and telegraph with the Union Pacific such children, for the time being, have their Railroad, but not at a point more than fifty miles domicile, sell said land for the benefit of said westwardly from the meridian of Denver, in infants, but for no other purpose, and the pur- Colorado. Sec. 2. The Union Pacific Railroad chaser shall acquire the absolute title by the Company, with the

consent and approval of the purchase, and be entitled to a patent from the Secretary of the Interior, are authorized to United States, on the payment of the office fees, locate, construct, and continue their road from and sum of money herein specified : Provided, Omaha, in Nebraska Territory, westward, acThat until the first day of January, 1867, anycording to the best and most practicable route, person applying for the benefit of this act shali, and without reference to the initial point on the in addition to the oath hereinbefore required, one hundredth meridian of west longitude, as also make oath that he has not borne arms now provided by law, in a continuous completed against the United States, or given aid and com-line, until they shall meet and connect with the fort to its enemies. [June 21, 1866.]

Central Pacific Railroad Company of California; CHAP. CXXVIII.-Reimbursement of West Vir- and the Central Pacific Railroad Company of ginia.-An act to reimburse West Virginia for California, with the consent and approval of the moneys expended for the United States in en- Secretary of the Interior, are hereby authorized rolling, equipping, and paying military forces to to locate, construct, and continue their road aid in suppressing the rebellion. [June 21, '66.] eastward, in a continuous completed line, until

CHAP. CXXIX.-Hydrographic Office.-An they shall meet and connect with the Union act to establish a hydrographic office in the Pacific Railroad: Provided, That each of the Navy Department. [June 21, 1866.]

above-named Companies shall have the right, CHAP. CXXX.Howard Institute. - Incor- when the nature of the work to be done, by porates the “Howard Institute and Home," of reason of deep cuts and tunnels, shall, for the the District of Columbia, the object of which is expeditious construction of the Pacific Raildeclared to be the establishment of a charitable road, require it, to work for an extent of not to institution for the instruction of freedmen in the exceed 300 miles in advance of their continuous industrial pursuits of life, and fit them for inde- completed lines. [July 3, 1866.]. pendent self-support, and to afford a temporary CHAP. CLX.-Lands to Michigan.-Grants home for such freedmen as may from sickness, lands to Michigan to aid in the construction of a misfortune, age, or infirmity, require fostering Ship Canal to connect the waters of Lake Supecare until otherwise relieved. (June 21, 1866.] rior with the lake known as Lac La Belle, to be

CHAP. CXXXI.-- Paymasters. - An act to selected from the odd numbered sections of land regulate the appointment of paymasters in the nearest the said canal. [July 3, 1866.7 navy, and explanatory of an act for the better CHAP. CLXI.-Lands to Michigan.-Grants organization of the pay department of the navy. lands to Michigan to aid in the construction of [June 21, 1866.]

a Harbor and Ship Canal at Portage Lake, KeeCHAP. CXL.-Revision of United States Laros. wenaw Point, Lake Superior. (July 3, 1866.] -Provides for the revision and consolidation CHAP. CLXII.- Nitro-Glycerine. - Prohibits of the statute laws of the United States. [June the transportation of Nitro-Glycerine on any 27, 1866.]

vessel or vehicle, &c., used for transporting CHAP. CXLIII.— Patent Office Fees.- Provides passengers, and any person, company, or corthat the appellant for the first time from the de- poration which shall knowingly violate the procision

of the primary examiner to the examiners- visions of this section shall be liable to a fine of in-chief, shall pay a fee of $10 into the Patent not less than $1,000 nor more than $10,000. Office. '[June 27, 1866.].

[July 3, 1866.] CHAP. CLV. - Washington Territory. CHAP. CLXXVII.--Pilot Regulations. - No Amends the organic act of Washington Terri. State shall make any discrimination in the rate tory. The sessions of the Legislature are to be of pilotage or half pilotage between vessels sailbiennial, the members of the Council to be ing between the ports of one State, and vessels elected for four years, and the members of the sailing between the ports of different States, or Housef or two years. '(June 29, 1866.]

any discrimination against vessels propelled in CHAP. CLIX.-Union Pacific Railroad.-This is whole or in part by steam, or against National an act to amend the act of 1864, which amended vessels of the United States. [July 13, 1866.] the act of 1862. This amendatory act authorizes CHAP. CLXXX.-Port of Delivery.--Makes the Union Pacific Railroad Company's eastern Whiteball, New York, a port of delivery. [July division to designate the general route of their 13, 1866.] said road, and to file a map thereof, as now re- CHAP. CLXXXI.— Three Months' Pay.-Enquired by law, at any time before the first day titles to the three months' pay proper, provided of December, 1866; and upon the filing of said for by act of March 3, 1865, all officers of volmap, showing the general route of said road, the į unteers below the rank of Brigadier-General, lands along the entire line thereof, so far as the who were in service on March 3, 1865, and whose same may be designated, shall be reserved from resignations were presented and accepted, or sale by order of the Secretary of the Interior. who were mustered out at their own request, or Said company shall be entitled to only the same otherwise honorably discharged from the service amount of the bonds of the United States to aid after the 9th April, 1865. [July 13, 1865.]

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CHAP. CLXXXIV.--Internal Revenue Act. shall constitute the 8th Circuit, and the DisAn act to reduce internal taxation, and to tricts of California, Oregon and Nevada shall amend the former internal revenue acts. This constitute the 9th Circuit. (July 23, 1866.] bill is too long to be condensed here. It can be CHAP. CCXII.-Lands to Kansas.-Grants seen at the oflice of every United States assessor lands to aid in the construction of a railroad and collector. [July 13, 1866.]

and telegraph from Elwood, westwardly via CHAP. CC.- Freedmen's Bureau. We give Maryville so as to effect a junction with the this important bill, together with the veto mes- Union Pacific Railroad, with the usual guarantees sage of the President, and the vote by which it to settlers under the homestead and other laws. was carried over the veto, on another page. The sections within ten miles of the road which

CHAP. CCI.-Smuggling.--An act further to are not granted shall not be sold for less than prevent smuggling and for other purposes. double the minimum price of the public land. Authorizes officers of the harbors and other for every ten consecutive miles of road comagents of the Treasury Department, to board pleted patents shall issue for so many sections of and search any vessel, to stop vessels under land as lie opposite and coterminous with the way, seize them and arrest persons on board for said completed sections. If the road is not breach of law. Vessels of any kind may completed within ten years, the land remaining likewise be stopped and searched, and seized unpatented shall revert to the United States. for breach of law. The Secretary of the Treas. (July 23, 1866.1 ury may, from time to time, prescribe regula- CHAP. CCXIII.- Registry of Vessels.--Detions for the search of persons and baggage, and clares that the act passed Feb. 10, 1866, shall for the employment of female inspectors for the not affect or limit the operation of the act of 230 examination and search of persons of their own Dec., 1852. [July 23, 1866.] sex.

All persons coming from foreign countries CHAP. CCXXX.-- Telegraph Lines.---Grants to shall be liable to detention or search by author- all telegraph companies now organized, or hereized officers or agents of the Government, un- after to be organized, the right to construct a teleder such regulations as the Secretary of the graph line over any portion of the public domain Treasury shall prescribe. Prescribes penalties of the United States. Such companies may take for fraudulently or knowingly bringing into the from the public land such stone, timber, and other United States any goods contrary to law, for materials, as are necessary for the construction forcibly resisting officers of customs, etc. Offi- of their lines, and they may pre-empt such porcers and persons making searches and seizures tion of the unoccupied public land subject to may demand assistance of persons within three pre-emption as they may need for stations, but miles, and penalties are prescribed for refusing such stations shall not be within 15 miles of each assistance. [July 18, 1866.]

other. The communications of the United CHAP. CCIX. --Agricultural Colleges, &c.- States shall have priority over all other business, Extends the time in which the several' States at rates which the Postmaster-General may fix. may comply with the provisions of the act of The rights hereby granted cannot be transferred. July 2, 1862, entitled “ An Act Donating Public The United States may, after five years from the Lands' to the several States and Territories passage of this act, purchase all the telegraph which may provide Colleges for the benefit of lines at an appraised value, to be ascertained Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts," three years by five persons, two of whom shall be chosen by

" from the passage of this act. When any Terri- the Postmaster-General, two by the companies tory shall become a State, it shall have three interested, and one by the four previously seyears within which to accept the benefits of this lected. [July 24, 1866.] act. If any State has heretofore expressed its CHAP. CCXXXI.-- Navy Officers.-Increases acceptance of the act herein referred to, it shall the number of line officers on the active list of have five years within which to provide at least the Navy, and creates the office of admiral. one college after the time for providing such Sec. 2. Authorizes the appointment of certain of college, according to the act of July 2, 1862, the line officers of the navy on the active list shall have expired. [July 23, 1866.]

from those officers who have served in the volun. CHAP. CCX.-Supreme Court of the Uni- teer naval service for a period of not less than ted States.-Provides that no vacancy in the two years, and who are either now in that service office of Associate Justice of the United States or have been honorably discharged therefrom. shall be filled by appointment until the number Sec. 3. Authorizes the Secretary of the Navy to of Associate Justices shall be reduced to six, appoint a board of naval officers to examine the and thereafter the Supreme Court shall consist claims of all candidates under the provisions of of a Chief Justice of the United States and six Section 2. Sec. 4. Authorizes the Secretary of Associate Justices. Sec. 2. The 1st and 2d Cir- the Navy to retain such volunteer officers as the cuits shall remain as now constituted ; the Dis- exigencies of the service may require. The tricts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Dela- annual compensation of the admiral shall be ware shall constitute the 3d Circuit; the Dis- $10,000. Naval constructors and first and second tricts of Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, assistant engineers shall be appointed by the North Carolina and South Carolina shall consti- President, with the consent of the Serate. (July tute the 4th Circuit; the Districts of Georgia, 25, 1866.] Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and CHAP. CCXXXII.- Grade of General.-ReTexas shall constitute the 5th Circuit; the Dis- vives the grade of General of the Army of the tricts of Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennes- United States. The general to be appointed by see shall constitute the 6th Circuit; the Dis- the President, with the advice and consent of tricts of Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin shall the Senate, and to be selected from among the constitute the 7th Circuit; the Districts of Min- officers in the military service of the United nesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas / States most distinguished for courage, skill, and

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ability. The pay of the general shall be $400 | the joint assembly shall proceed to choose, by & per month. The act also provides for the aides viva voce vote, a person for the purpose aforeof the general, their number, rank, and pay. said, and the person who shall receive a majority (July 25, 1866.)

of all the votes of the joint assembly, a majority CHAP. CCXXXIV. - Passengers in Steam- of the members of each House being present, boats-- Steamboat Inspectors.- Provides meas- shall be declared duly elected. If such Senator uros for the safety of the lives of passengers on is not elected on the first day, the joint assembly board of vessels propelled in whole or in part by shall meet and take at least one vote per day steam, and regulates the salaries of steamboat during the session of the Legislature. Sec. 2 Inspectors. Licensed engineers or pilots wrong. provides that when a vacancy exists at a meetfully refusing to serve as such, or pilots refusing ing of the Legislature, the same proceedings to admit certain persons into pilot house, are to shall be held on the second Tuesday after their forfeit $300. All vessels to be subject to the meeting and organization, and when a vacancy navigation laws of the United States. Passen- shall happen during the session of the Legislager vessels to have the life-boats required by ture, then on the second Tuesday afternolaw provided with suitable boat disengaging tice of such vacancy shall have been recelved. apparatus. [July 25, 1866.]

Sec. 3. The Governor of the State shall certify CAAP. CCXXXV. - Widows' Pensions, &c. the election of a Senator to the President of the Extends the provisions of the pension laws 80 Senate of the United States. [July 25, 1866.] as to include provost-marshals and enrolling CHAP. CCXLIX.--Soldiers' and Sailors' Or. officers who have been killed while in the dis- phan Home.-Incorporates “ The National Solcharge of their duties, and provost-marshals diers' and Sailors' Orphan Home, at Washingshall rank as captains, deputy provost-marshals ton, D. C. [July 25, 1866.] as first lieutenants, and enrolling officers as CHAP. CCLII.-Port of Entry.-Changes the second lieutenants.' Pensions of widows shall port of entry in Puget's Sound, Washington be increased $2 for each child under 16 years of Territory, from Port Angelos to Port Townsend. age, and in case the widow has died or married [July 25, 1866.] again the children shall receive the same in- CHAP. CCLV.-Calais.-An Act to authorize crease of pension as the mother would have the entry and clearance of vessels at the Port been entitled to. If any person, during the of Calais, Me. [July 25, 1866.] pendency of his application for a pension, and CHAP, CCLXII.- Ditches and Canals.-Deafter the proof has been completed, shall die, clares all mineral lands of the United States to whether by reason of a wound received or dis- be free and open to exploration by citizens of ease contracted while in line of duty, his repre- the United States. Patents ior mineral lands sentatives shall receive the accrued pension to may be issued to any claimant or association of which he would have been entitled had his cer- claimants who shall have occupied and improved tificate been issued. [July 25, 1866.)

the same in accordance with the local customs, CHAP. CCXXXVIII. - House of Correction. and have expended in improvements and actual Establishes in the District of Columbia a House labor thereon at least $1,000. Sections 8, 4, 0, of Correction for Boys. (July 25, 1866.] and 6, contain regulations for the issuing of

CHAP. CCXXXIX. -Soldiers' and Sailorg' patents. The President is authorized, at his disUnion. - Incorporates “The Soldiers' and cretion, to establish additional land districts Sailors' Union," at Washington, D. O. [July 25, and to appoint the necessary officers. The right 1866.]

of way is granted for the construction of highCoAP. CCXL.-Marriages and Children of ways over public lands not reserved for public Colored Persons.-Legalizes marriages of cer- Sec. 9. Protects rights to the use of water tain colored persons in the District of Columbia, for mining, agricultural, and other purposes, and provides that their children shall be deemed where such rights have vested and accrued, and legitimate. [July 25, 1866.]

confirms the right of way for the construction CHAP. COXLI.-Lands to Kansas.--Grants of ditches and canals for the said purposes, lands to the State of Kansas to aid in the con- Wherever homesteads shall have been located struction of the Kansas and Neosho Valley Rail- on mineral lands on which no valuable mines road and its extension to Red River. [July 25, have been discovered, and which are purely agri1866.]

cultural, the owners shall have a right of preCasp. CCXLII.-Lands granted for Rail. emption thereto. Upon the survey of the lands roads and Telegraphs.-Grants public lands aforesaid, the Secretary of the Interior may (not mineral) to aid in the construction of a designate such lands more purely agricultural, railroad and' telegraph line from the Central and they shall be open to pre-emption and setPacific Railroad in California to Portland in tlement. [July 26, 1866.] Oregon. [July 25, 1866.]

CHAP. COLXV.- Pacific Railroad.--AuthoCHAP. CCXLV.-Elections of Senators.--Regu- rizes the issue of Paciic Railroad bonds of a lates the mode in which Senators of the United greater denomination than $1,000. [July 26, '66.] States shall hereafter be elected by the Legisla- CAAP. CCLXIX. — Weighing of Exports. tures of the several States. Each House shall, Imposes a duty of three cents per 100 pounds by a viva voce vote of each member present, upon all weighable articles hereafter exported name a person for Senator on the second Tues- | upon which a drawback or return duty is day after the meeting and organization thereof. Í allowed. (July 28, 1866.] On the day following the Houses shall meet in CHAP. COLXX.-Lands to Kansas.-Grants joint assembly, and if the same person shall land to aid in the construction of a Southern have received a majority of all the votes cast in branch of the Union Pacific Railway and Teleeach House, he shall be declared duly elected grapb, from Fort Riley, Kansas, to Fort Smith, Senator of the United States; but if not, then | Arkansas. (July 26, 1866.]


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