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CHAP. CCLXXVIII.-Lands for Railroad, on spirituous liquors. Section 2 allows vessels and Telegraph Purposes. - Incorporates the trading between the Society Islands or SandAtlantic and Pacific Railroad Company, and wich Islands and the United States to pay grants lands to aid in the construction of a tunnage duty but once a year. Section 8 sugRailroad and Telegraph Line from the States of pends the prohibition of the export of guano Missouri and Arkansas, to the Pacifio Coast. for five years, from the 14th July, 1867, in be[July 27, 1866.)

half of certain persons. All fishing bounties CHAP. CCLXXXII.-Refunding of Tames.- are repealed, Goods destined for the British Authorizes the refunding of license taxes of Provinces may be transmitted free of duty wholesale dealers where they may have been through the United States. Section 18 authoovercharged. [July 27, 1866.]

rizes the establishment of a Bureau of Statistics CHAP. CCLXXXIV. - Appraiser in Now in the Treasury Department. (July 28, 1866.) York City. -Reorganizes the Appraiser's office CHAP. OCXCIX.-Military Peace Establishin New York. The salary of the Appraiser is ment.—Provides that the military peace estabfixed at $4,000, and the Assistant Appraisers at lishment of the United States shall hereafter $3,000. [July 27, 1866.)

consist of five regiments of artillery, ten regiCHAP. CCLXXXV.-Fire in Portland.-Au- ments of cavalry, forty-five regiments of inthorizes the admission, free of duty, of all con- fantry, and the professors and cadets at tributions of building materials for Portland. West Point. Section 2 regulates the organ[July 27, 1866.]

ization of artillery regiments. Section 8 proCHAP. CCLXXXVI.-Sheath-Knives. An act vides that two of the cavalry regiments shall to prevent the wearing of sheath-knives by be of colored men. The original vacancies in American seamėn. (July 27, 1866.]

the grade of 1st and 2d Lieutenants shall be CHAP. CCLXXXVII.-- Public Printing.-Pro- Alled by selections from among the officers and vides regulations for the printing of public soldiers of volunteer cavalry, and two-thirds of documents and the purchase of paper for the the original vacancies in each of the grades public printing. [July 27, 1866.]

above that of first lieutenant shall be filled by CHAP. CCLXXXVIII.--Suits of Aliens.-Au- selection from the officers of volunteer cavalry, thorizes the removal of the suits against aliens and one-third from officers of the regular army, from the State Courts to the Circuit Courts of the all of whom shall have served two years in the United States, when the matter in dispute ex- field during the war and have been distinguished ceeds $500. [July 27, 1866.]

for capacity and good conduct. Sec. 4. The fortyCHAP. CCLXXXIX. - Nebraska.--An act au- five regiments of infantry shall consist of the first thorizing the reimbursement to the Territory of ten regiments of ten companies each now in servNebraska of certain expenses incurred in re- ice; of twenty-seven regiments of ten companies pelling Indian hostilities. (July 27, 1866.] each, to be formed by adding two companies, to

CHAP. CCXCIII.---Collectors of Customs.- each battalion of the remaining nine regiments ; Fixes the salaries of certain collectors of cus- and of eight new regiments of ten companies toms; creates a collection district in Texas to each, four regiments of which shall be of colored be called the district of Corpus Christi; makes men, and four regiments to be known as the Indianola, Tex., the port of entry for the district Veteran Reserve Corps. All the original vacanof Saluria, instead of La Salle. [July 28, 1866.] cies in the grade of first and second lieutenant

CHAP. CCXCVI.-Civil Expenses Appropri- shall be filled by selection from among the offiation.--An act making appropriations for sun- cers and soldiers of volunteers, and one-half of dry civil expenses of the Government for the the original vacancies in each of the grades year ending June 30, 1867, and for other pur- above that of first lieutenant shall be filled by poses. This act raises the salaries of members selection from among the officers of volunteers, of Congress to $5,000 per annum, and that of and the remainder from officers of the regular the Speaker to $8,000. It gives an additional army. The Veteran Reserve Corps shall be offibounty of $100 to soldiers who served during cered by appointment from any officers and solthe rebellion for not less than three years, and diers of either volunteer or regular, who have to soldiers who served not less than two years been wounded in the line of their duty, and $50, and also to the widow, minor children or who may yet be competent for garrison duty. parents of any such soldier who died in the Section 5. Appointments made from among voll service. No soldier who has bartered, sold or unteers shall be apportioned among the various transferred his discharge papers, or any interest States in proportion to the number of troops furin the bounty provided by this or any other act nished by them during the rebellion, reduced to of Congress, shall be entitled to receive any ad- an average of three years' term of service, exditional bounty whatever; and when application cepting California, Oregon, and Nevada. 8ecis made by any soldier for said bounty he shall tions 6 and 7 regulate regimental organization. be required to make oath or affirmation that he Section 8. All enlistments into the army shall has not so bartered, sold transferred his dis- hereafter be for five years for cavalry and three charge papers or any interest in any bounty as for artillery and infantry. Men may enlist who aforesaid, and no claim shall be entertained were wounded the battle, whose wounds do not except upon receipt of the claimant's

discharge disable them for garrison duty, and they shall papers, accompanied by the statement under be assigned to the Veteran Reserve Corps. Sec. oath. [July 28, 1866.]

9. There shall be one General, one LieutenantCHAP. CCXCVIII.-- Revenue from Imports. - General, five Major-Generals, and ten

BrigadierImposes a duty on cigars of $3 per pound, and in Generals. Section 10 reorganizes the Adjutantaddition 50 per cent. ad valorem ; on cotton, 8c. General's Department. Section 11. There shall per lb.; on all compounds, of which distilled be four Inspector-Generals, with the rank of spirits are a componiont part the same duty as Colonels of Cavalry, and three Assistant Inspec

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tor-Generals, with the rank of Lieutenant-Col- of Congress to the transfer of the Counties of
onels of Cavalry, and two Assistant Inspec- Berkley and Jefferson to the State of West Vir-
tor-Generals, with the rank of Majors of Cav- ginia. [March 10, 1866.]
alry. Sections 12 to 23 reorganize the various No. 13.-Soldiers' Orphans.-Authorizes the
departments. Section 24. Candidates for com- Secretary of War to transfer to the National
mission shall pass an examination. Section 25 Home for Sailors' and Soldiers' Orphans of
abolishes the office of sutler, and authorizes the Washington City, certain stores not needed for
subsistence department to sell all that soldiers the use of the Government. [March 10, 1866.]
may need. Section 26. The President may de- No. 17.-Laros of U. S. -Provides for the
tail twenty officers to give instruction on mili- publication, by Little, Brown & Co., of the Laws
tary science to students in colleges or universi- of the United States. [March 31, 1866.]
ties. Section 27. Schools shall be established at No. 20.-Bounty.-Declares that “in the line
garrisons to instruct the men in the common of duty," in the Bounty Act of March 3, 1865,
English branches. Section 28. No one who shall mean while actually in service ur mili-
served in any capacity under the so-called Con- tary orders, not at the time on furlough or leave
federate States Government may be appointed to of absence, nor engaged in any unlawful or un-
office in the army. Section 33 abolishes the authorized pursuit. (April 12, 1866.]
Provost-Marshal-General's Bureau in thirty days No. 21.- SoldiersiĜraves.- Provides that
after the passage of this act. [July 28, 1866.] the Secretary of War shall preserve from dese-

Chap. CCCI. – Metric System. -- Authorizes cration the graves of soldiers who died in the the use of the metric system of weights and the military service of the United States. [April measures. (July 28, 1866.]

13, 1866.] CHAP. CCCIII.-Captors of the Assassins.- No. 24. - Foreign Convicts.- Protests against Awards to the captors of Payne, Atzerott, pardons by foreign Governments of persons conBooth, and Harrold, their respective shares of victed of infamous offences on condition of emithe rewards offered. [July 28, 1866.]

gration to the United States. _[April 17, 1866.] CHAP. CCCV.- Transportation for Disabled No. 27.- Thanks to Gen. Hancock. --Thanks Soldiers.--Authorizes the Secretary of War to to Major-General Winfield S. Hancock. [April furnish transportation to discharged soldiers to 21, 1866.) whom artificial limbs are furnished by the No. 32.-National Gratitude. Thanks of Government. (July 28, 1866.]

the nation to officers, soldiers, and seamen. CHAP. CCCXII.- Promotions in the Navy.- (May 3, 1866.] Prevents officers of the navy from being de- No. 35.--Petroleum.--Exempts Crude Petroprived of their regular promotion on account of leum from internal tax. [May 9, 1866.] wounds received in battle, and fixes the pay of No. 37.-- Emperor of Russia.--Congratulates officers on the retired list. The accounting offi- the Emperor of Russia on his escape from ascers of the Treasury may allow to officers of the sassination, and requests the President of the navy credit for losses of property and funds oc- United States to forward a copy of this resolucasioned by accidental circumstances. [July tion to the Emperor of Russia. [May 16, 1866.] 28, 1866.]

No. 41.--Medals.-Authorizes certain medals

to be distributed to veteran soldiers free of PUBLIC RESOLUTIONS.

postage. [May 26, 1866.] No. 1.- Destitute Indians,--Authorizes the No. 42.- Quarantine.-Authorizes the SecrePresident to expend the unexpended balance of tary of the Treasury to make and carry into the fund for the suppression of the slave trade, effect such regulations of quarantine as he may for the relief of destitute Indians. [Approved deem necessary to guard against the cholera. Dec. 21, 1865.]

[May 26, 1866.] No. 3.-Exposition at Paris.--Accepts the No. 46.--Bounties to Colored Soldiers.--The invitation of the Government of France to take omission in the muster rolls of the words "free part in the Industrial Exposition at Paris. [Jan. on or before April 19, 1861,” shall not deprive 15, 1866.]

any colored soldier of the bounty to which he No. 4.-Orphan's Home.--Donates certain is entitled. Evidence that a colored soldier and public property in Iowa to the Soldiers' Home of the woman claimed to be his wife or widow were that State. (Jan. 22, 1866.].

joined together by some ceremony, deemed by No. 6.-Madison's Writings.-Directs the them to be obligatory, followed by their living distribution of the writings of James Madison. together as man and wife, shall be deemed suffi[Feb. 7, 1866.]

cient proof of such marriage for the purpose of No. 8.-- Farragut.Thanks to Vice-Admiral securing any arrears of pay, &c., due any colFarragut and to the officers and men under his ored soldier at the time of his death. (June 15, command, for their gallantry and good conduct 1866.] in the action in Mobile Bay on the 5th of August, No. 48.-Constitutional Amendment.-Joint 1864. [Feb. 10, 1866.]

resolution proposing an amendment to the ConNo. 10.- Telegraph.--Authorizes the Secre- stitution of the United States. We give this tary of the Navy to detail one steam vessel from important resolution in full on another page. the Pacific Squadron to assist in making sur- No. 49.--Military Academy.-The age of adveys, &c., for the laying of a telegraph cable mission to the Military Academy shall hereafter between America and Asia. [Feb. 26, 1866.] be between the ages of 17 and 22 years; but

No. 11. - Missing Soldiers. - Reimburses any person who has served honorably not less Miss Clara Barton for expenses incurred in dis- than one year in the Army of the United States, covering missing soldiers of the United States. shall be eligible to appointment up to the


of [March 10, 1866.]

24 years.

Cadets shall be appointed one year No. 12. — West Virginia.-Gives the consent) before they are admitted. The person autho

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rized to nominate cadets shall hereafter nomi- diction of the Court of Claims to the loyal citinate not less than five candidates for each zens of Tennessee. (July 28, 1866.) vacancy, and the selection of one shall be made No. 102.-Income Tax.-Relieves officers of according to their respective merits and quali- the army from the payment of the special infications. In like manner, the President shall come tax of five per cent. upon their pay, which nominate 50 at large. (June 16, 1866.]

was not enforced against them while in the field. No. 52.- Indian Regiments.—Provides for (July 28, 1866.] the payment of bounty to certain Indian regiments. [June 18, 1866.1

PROCLAMATIONS. No. 57- American State Paper8.- Autho- April 2, 1866.- Declares that the insurrection rizes the distribution of surplus copies of Amer- which heretofore existed in the States of Georgia, ican state papers in the custody of the Secre- South Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina, Tentary of the Interior. [June 23, 1866.]

nessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, MissisNo. 58.-- Vermont. ---Pays the State of Ver- sippi, and Florida, is at an end, and is hencemont the sum expended for the protection of forth to be so regarded. the frontier against the invasion from Canada June 6, 1866. ---It having become known to the in 1864. [June 23, 1866.]

President that “certain evil-disposed persons No. 66.—Exposition at Paris.- Makes pro- have, within the territory and jurisdiction of the vision to enable the people of the United States United States, begun and set on foot and have to participate in the advantages of the Univer- provided and prepared and are still engaged sal Exhibition at Paris in 1867. (July 5, 1866.] in providing and preparing means for a mili

No. 67.Bounty.No enlisted man detailed tary expedition and enterprise to be carried on as clerk or for any other duty in any executive from the territory and jurisdiction of the United bureau, headquarters or elsewhere, shall by States against colonies, districts, and people of such detail be deprived of any rights to boun- British North America within the dominions of ties now due or hereafter to become due. (July of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and 13, 1866.]

Ireland, with which said colonies, districts and No. 69.- Portland.-Authorizes the President people and Kingdom the United States are at to place at the disposal of the authorities of peace;" and the proceedings aforesaid constiPortland, Maine, tents, camp and hospital furni- tuting "a high misdemeanor, forbidden by the ture and clothing for the use of families ren- laws of the United States as well as by the law dered houseless by the late fire. [July 14, 1866.] of nations," the President, "for the purpose of

No. 73.- Tennes866.-Restores Tennessee to preventing the carrying on of the unlawful exher former proper practical relation to the Union.pedition and enterprise aforesaid from the ter[July 24, 1866.)

ritory and jurisdiction of the United States and No. 74.- Rations of Prisoners of War.- to maintain the public peace as well as the naProvides that all United States soldiers, sailors, tional honor, and enforce obedience and respect and marines who were held as prisoners of war to the laws of the United States,” admonishes in the Rebel States, shall be paid commutation and warns all good citizens of the United States of rations at cost prices during the period of against taking part in or in anywise aiding, countheir imprisonment. But no person who has tenancing or abetting said unlawful proceedings; sold his interest in such claim, nor any one who and exhorts "all judges, magistrates, marshals, has bought such interest, shall be benefited by and officers in the service of the United States this resolution. (July 25, 1866.]

to employ all their lawful authority and power No. 79.-Medals.--Gives medals and money to prevent and defeat the aforesaid unlawful to the officers and seamen of the vessels engaged proceedings, and to arrest and bring to justice in the rescue of the passengers of the wrecked all persons who may be engaged therein. And steamer San Francisco. (July 26, 1866.] the President authorizes Major-General George

No. 81.--Soldiers' College.--Gives cots and G. Meade, “to employ the land and naval forces bedding to the Illinois Soldiers' College and Milic of the United States and the militia thereof, to tary Academy. (July 26, 1866.]

arrest and prevent the setting on foot and carryNo. 87.- Pay of Army Officers.-Allows any ing on the expedition and enterprise aforesaid.” officer who may have entered on bis duty as Aug. 17, 1866.- Declares the decree of blockade commissioned officer, but was not mustered as of Matamoras and other Mexican ports, issued such by reason of any cause beyond his control, on the 9th of July, 1866, by the Prince Maxiwithin thirty days, increase of pay, according milian, who asserts himself to be Emperor in to his rank. The heirs or representatives of any Mexico, to be absolutely null and void, as against officer whose muster shall be amended hereby, the Government and citizens of the United may receive the back pay and pension due States; and that any attempt which shall be under this resolution. [July 26, 1866.].

made to enforce the same against the GovernNo. 91.-History of the Rebellion. ---Provides ment or the citizens of the United States will be for the publication of the official History of the disallowed. Rebellion. [July 27, 1866.]

Aug. 20, 1866.

Declares the insurrection in No. 93.—Metric System.--Enables the Secre-i Texas to be at an end, and proclaims that peace tary of the Treasury to furnish to each State order, tranquillity, and civil authority now exist one set of the standard weights and measures of in and throughout the whole of the United the metric system. (July 27, 1866.]

States. No. 98.-Statue of Lincoln.-Authorizes a Oct. 8, 1865.-Recommends that the 29th of contract with Vinnie Ream for a statue of November be observed throughout the United Abraham Lincoln at $10,000. (July 28, 1866.] States as a day of thanksgiving and praise for

No. 99. - Tennessee.-Extends the provisions another year of national life vouchsafed as as a of the Act of July 4, 1864, limiting the juris- | people.



and sixty-three, and all acts amendatory thereof. An Act to protect all persons in the United The jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters

States in their civil rights, and furnish the hereby conferred on the district and circuit courts means of their vindication.

of the United States shall be exercised and enBe it enacted, &c., That all persons born in forced in conformity with the laws of the United the United States and not subject to any foreign States, so far as such laws are suitable to carry power, excluding Indians, not taxed, are hereby the same into effect; but in all cases where such declared to be citizens of the United States; laws are not adapted to the object, or are defiand such citizens of every race and color, with cient in the provisions necessary to furnish suitout regard to any previous condition of slavery able remedies and punish offences against law, or involuntary servitude, except as a punish the common law, as modified and changed by ment for crime whereof the party shall have been the constitution and statutes of the State wherein duly convicted, shall have the same right in the court having jurisdiction of the cause, civil every State and Territory in the United States to or criminal, is held, so far as the same is not make and enforce contracts; to sue, be parties, inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of and give evidence; to inherit, purchase, lease, United States, shall be extended to and govern sell, hold, and convey real and personal property; said courts in the trial and disposition of such and to full and equal benefit of all laws and cause, and, if of a criminal nature, in the inflicproceedings for the security of person and prop- tion of punishment on the party found guilty. erty as is enjoyed by white citizens, and shall Sec. 4. That the district attorneys, marshals, be subject to like punishment, pains, and penal- and deputy marshals of the United States, the ties, and to none other, any law, statute, ordi- commissioners appointed by the circuit court and nance, regulation, or custom, to the contrary territorial courts of the United States, with notwithstanding.

powers of arresting, imprisoning, or bailing SEC. 2. That any person who, under color of offenders against the laws of the United States, any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or th icers and agents of the Freedmen's Bucustom, shall subject, or cause to be subjected, reau, and every other officer who may be speany inhabitant of any State or Territory to the cially empowered by the President of the United deprivation of any right secured or protected States, shall be, and they are hereby, specially by this act, or to different punishment, pains, or authorized and required, at the expense of the penalties on account of such person having at United States, to institute proceedings against all any time been held in a condition of slavery or and every person who shall violate the proviinvoluntary servitude, except as a punishment sions of this act, and cause him or them to be for crime whereof the party shall have been arrested and imprisoned, or bailed, as the case duly convicted, or by reason of his color or may be, for trial before such court of the United race, than is prescribed for the punishment of States or territorial court as by this act has cogwhite persons, shall be deemed guilty of a mis- nizance of the offence. And with a view to demeanor, and, on conviction, shall be punished affording reasonable protection to all persons in by fine not exceeding one thousand dollars, or their constitutional rights of equality before the imprisonment not exceeding one year, or both, law, without distinction of race or color, or in the discretion of the court.

previous condition of slavery or involuntary SEC. 8. That the district courts of the United servitude, except as a punishment for crime, States, within their respective districts, shall whereof the party shall have been duly conhave, exclusively of the courts of the several victed, and to the prompt discharge of the duties States, cognizance of all crimes and offences of this act, it shall be the duty of the circuit committed against the provisions of this act, courts of the United States and the superior and also, concurrently with the circuit courts of courts of the Territories of the United States, the United States, of all causes, civil and crimi- from time to time, to increase the number of nal, affecting persons who are denied or cannot commissioners, so as to afford a speedy and conenforce in the courts or judicial tribunals of the venient means for the arrest and examination of State or locality where there may be any of the persons charged with a violation of this act. rights secured to them by the first section of this and such commissioners are hereby authorized act; and if any suit or prosecution, civil or crim- and required to exercise and discharge all the inal, has been or shall be commenced in any powers and duties conferred on them by this act, State court against any such person, for any and the same duties with regard to offences cause whatsoever, or against any officer, civil or created by this act, as they are authorized by military, or other person, for any arrest or im- law to exercise with regard to other offences prisonment, trespasses, or wrongs done or com- against the laws of the United States. mitted by virtue or under color of authority Sec. 5. That it shall be the duty of all marderived from this act or the act establishing a shals and deputy marshals to obey and execute bureau for the relief of freedmen and refugees, all warrants and precepts issued under the proand all acts amendatory thereof, or for refusing visions of this act, when to them directed; and to do any act upon the ground that it would be should any marshal or deputy marshal refuse to inconsistent with this act, such defendant shall receive such warrant or other process when tenhave the right to remove such cause for trial to dered, or to use all proper means diligently to the proper district or circuit court in the manner execute the same, he shall, on conviction thereprescribed by the "Act relating to habeas corpus of, be fined in the sum of one thousand dollars, and regulating judicial proceedings in certain to the use of the person upon whom the accused cases," approved March 3, eighteen hundred ) is alleged to have committed the offence. And

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the better to enable the said commissioners to sioner for such other additional services as may execute their duties faithfully and efficiently, in be necessarily performed by him or them, such conformity with the Constitution of the United as attending at the examination, keeping the States and the requirements of this act, they are prisoner in custody, and providing him with hereby authorized and empowered, within their food and lodging during his detention, and until counties respectively, to appoint, in writing, the final determination of such commissioner, under their hands, any one or more suitable per- and in general for performing such other duties sons, from time to time, to execute all such war- as may be required in the premises, such fees rants and other process that may be issued by to be made up in conformity with the fees usualthem in the lawful performance of their respect- ly charged by the officers of the courts of justice ive duties; and the persons so appointed to exe- within the proper district or county, as near as cute any warrant or process as aforesaid sball may be practicable, and paid out of the treasury have authority to summon and call to their aid of the United States on the certificate of the the bystanders or the posse comitatus of the judge of the district within which the arrest proper county, or such portion of the land and is made, and to be recoverable from the denaval forces of the United States, or of the mili- fendant as part of the judgment in case of tia, as may be necessary to the performance of conviction. the duty with which they are charged, and to SEC. 8. That whenever the President of the insure a faithful observance of the clause of the United States shall have reason to believe that Constitution which prohibits slavery, in con- offences have been, or are likely to be committed formity with the provisions of this act; and said against the provisions of this act within any warrants shall run and be executed by said offi- judicial district, it shall be lawful for him, in his cers anywhere in the State or Territory within discretion, to direct the judge, marshal, and diswhich they are issued.

trict attorney of such district' to attend at such SEC. 6. That any person who shall knowingly place within the district, and for such time as and wilfully obstruct, hinder, or prevent any he may designate, for the purpose of the more officer, or other person charged with the execu- speedy arrest and trial of persons charged with tion of any warrant or process issued under the a violation of this act; and it shall be the duty provisions of this act, or any person or persons of every judge or other officer, when any such lawfully assisting him or them, from arresting requisition shall be received by him, to attend at any person for whose apprehension such warrant the place and for the time therein designated. or process may have been issued, or shall rescue Sec. 9. That it shall be lawful for the President or attempt to rescue such person from the custody of the United States, or such person as he may of the officer, other person or persons, or those empower for that purpose, to employ such part lawfully assisting as aforesaid, when so arrested of the land or naval forces of the United States, pursuant to the authority herein given and de- or of the militia, as shall be necessary to prevent clared, or shall aid, abet, or assist any person the violation and enforce the due execution of so arrested as aforesaid, directly or indirectly, this act. to escape from the custody of the officer or other SEC. 10. That upon all questions of law arising person legally authorized as aforesaid, or shall in any cause under the provisions of this act, a harbor or conceal any person for whose arrest a final appeal may be taken to the Supreme Court warrant or process shall have been issued as of the United States, aforesaid, so as to prevent his discovery and arrest after notice or knowledge of the fact that a warrant has been issued for the apprehension

THE PRESIDENT'S VETO. of such person, shall, for either of said offences, To the Senate of the United States : be subject to a fine not exceeding one thousand I regret that the bill which has passed both dollars, and imprisonment not exceeding six Houses of Congress, entitled " An act to protect months, by indictment and conviction before all persons in the United States in their civil the district court of the United States for the rights, and furnish the means of their vindicadistrict in which said offence may have been tion," contains provisions which I cannot apcommitted, or before the proper court of crim- prove, consistently with my sense of duty to the inal jurisdiction, if committed within any one whole people, and my obligations to the Constiof the organized Territories of the United tution of the United States. I am therefore conStates.

strained to return it to the Senate, the house in SEC. 7. That the district attorneys, the mar- which it originated, with my objections to its shals, their deputies, and the clerks of the said becoming a law. district and territorial courts shall be paid for By the first section of the bill all persons born their services the like fees as may be allowed to in the United States, and not subject to any forthem for similar services in other cases; and in eign power, excluding Indians not taxed, are deall where the pr eedings are before a clared to be citizens of the United States. This commissioner, he shall be entitled to a fee of ten provision comprehends the Chinese of the Padollars in full for his services in each case, in- cific States, Indians subject to taxation, the peoclusive of all services incident to such arrest ple called Gipsies, as well as the entire race and examination. The person or persons au- designated as blacks, people of color, negroes, thorized to execute the process to be issued by mulattoes, and persons of African blood. Every such commissioners for the arrest of offenders | individual of these races, born in the United against the provisions of this act shall be en- States, is by the bill made a citizen of the United titled to a fee of five dollars for each person he States. It does not purport to declare or confor or they may arrest and take before any such any other right of citizenship than federal citicommissioner as aforesaid, with such other fees zenship. It does not purport to give these classes as may be deemed reasonable by such commis- of persons any status as citizens of States, ex


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