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HENRY, Patrick, the dist. orator and statesman; b. in Va., 1736. d. 1799.

1 Life, by A. H. Everett. See SPARKS, J. (Amer. Biogr., 2d. Ser., vol. 1.) 2 Life and Character of Patrick Henry. See WIRT, W.

3 Speeches. See WILLISTON, E. B. (Eloquence, &c., vol. 1, 4.) HENRY, Paul, D.D., Minister and Seminary Instructor in Berlin.

4 Life (The) and Times of John Calvin ... Translated from the German. By H. Stebbing. ... Vol. 1, 2. [Portrait.]

New York, 1854. 8° (7X4). HENRY, Robert, D.D., a Scotch Presbyterian divine; b 1718. d. 1790.

5 History (The) of Great Britain, from the first Invasion of it by the Romans under Julius Cæsar. ... 2d ed. Vol. 1-6. [Maps and Plates.)

Dublin, 1789-'94. 8° (5.9X3.2), m. b. 6 History (The) of Great Britain, from the first Invasion of it by the Romans under Julius Cæsar. ... 3d ed. Vol. 1-12. [Portrait, Maps and Plates.]

London, 1799–1800. 8° (6X3.3), m. b. 1 Life of Dr. Henry. See (History of Great Britain, Dublin Ed., ante.

Vol. 6, pp. vii.-xix.).
HENRY, Thomas, F.R.S., &c., an apothecary of Manchester, Eng.

8 Memoirs of Albert de Haller, M. D. Compiled, chiefly, from the Elo

gium spoken before the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris, and from the Tributes paid to his memory by other foreign Societies. [Portrait.]

Warrington, 1783. 24° (3.8 X 2.3). HENET, William, M.D., an English chemist; b. in Manchester, 1775. d. 1836.

9 Epitome (An) of Chemistry ... 4th ed. : much enlarged and illustrated with Plates.

Edinburgh, 1806. 8° (6.1X5.6). 10 Epitome (An) of Experimental Chemistry ... 5th ed., illustrated with

Plates, engraved by Lowry. London, 1808. 8° (6.2X3.5), pp 502. 11 Epitome (An) of Experimental Chemistry ... 2d American, from 5th

English ed., illustrated with Plates. To which are added, Notes on various Subjects ; Observations on Metals ; Mines ; &c. ; &c. By B. Silliman.

Boston, 1810. 8° (6.8X3.6). HERALD (The) of Peace ... Vol. 1-3. Vol. 1-9—New Series. 12 vols.

London, 1819–34. 8° (7.1 X 4.2), 2 cols. HERBART, Johann Friedrich, Prof. of Philos. at Göttingen ; b. 1776. d. 1841. 13 Lehrbuch zur Einleitung in die Philosophie. 3te verbesserte ausgabe.

Königsberg, 1834. 8° (6.1X3.4). HERBELL, J. F. M.

Translator, &c. See CAMPER, P. Sämmtliche kleinere Schriften. HERBERT, Rer. George, an Eng. clergyman and poet ; b. in Wales, 1593. d. 1632.

14 Life, by I. Walton. See WALTON, I. Lives of Donne, Wotton, &c. 15 Life (The) [abridged from Isaac Walton) and Writings of George Herbert: with the Synagogue, in imitation of Herbert. ***

Lowell, 1834. 12° (4.2 X 2.6). 16 Poetical Works. With a Memoir of the Author, and Notes. By Rev. R. A. Willmot. [Portrait.

Boston, 1855. 16° (4.8X2.8). HERDER, Johann Gottfried von, Court-preacher, &c. at Weimar; b. 1744. d. 1803.

17 Erinnerungen aus dem Leben. See HERDER, M. C. v.


HERDER, Johann Gottfried von, continued.

i Sämmtliche Werke. [Edited by J. G. Müller, Heyne, and J. v. Müller.]

Zur Religion und Theologie. Th. 1-18. Zur Schönen Literatur und
Kunst. Th. 1–20. Zur Philosophie und Geschichte. Th. 1-22. 60 vols.

Stuttgart und Tübingen, 1827-30. 18° (4.3x2.7).
Note. – Bound in thirty volumes. Each volume has also independent title-page.
2 Spirit (The) of Hebrew Poetry. Translated from the German, by J. Marsh.

... Vol. 1, 2. Burlington, 1833. 12° (5.6X3.4). [2 copies of vol. 1.] HERDER, Maria Carolina von, prob. wife of the preceding.

3 Erinnerungen aus dem Leben J. G. v. Herder. Herausgegeben durch
J. G. Müller. Th. 1-3. Stuttgart und Tübingen, 1830. 18° (4.3x2.7).

Note.— This work forms last three volumes of HERDER's Sämmtliche Werke, ante. HERIOT, George, Postmaster-General of British North America.

4 Travels through the Canadas, containing a Description of the picturesque

Scenery on some of the Rivers and Lakes; with an Account of the Pro-
ductions, Commerce, and Inhabitants of those Provinces.... [Part
II.) A Comparative View of the Manners and Customs of several of the
Indian Nations of North and South America ... [Map and Plates.]

London, 1807. 4° (6.8X4.5), pp. 602. HERMANN, Benedikt Franz.

5 Beschreibung der Manipulation, durch welche in Steyermark, Kärnten

und Krain der berühmte Brescianerstahl verfertigt wird. Mit einer Kupfertafel.

Wien, 1781. 16° (4.1 X2.6). HERMANN, Johann Gottfried Jakob, Prof. of Greek at Leipsic; b. 1772.

6 Dissertationes Pindaricae. See PINDARUS. (Carmina, vol. 3.) HERMANN, Karl Friedrich, a German antiquarian, Prof. at Heidelberg ; b. 1804.

7 Manual (A) of the Political Antiquities of Greece, historically considered. From the German. * * *

Oxford, 1836. 8° (6.1X3.3). 8 Geschichte und System der Platonischen Philosophie. Th. 1, die historisch-kritische Grundlegung enthaltend.

Heidelberg, 1839. 8° (6.5X3.5). Hermas or HERMES, St., a Christian at Rome; d. about 81.

9 Shepherd (The) of Hermas, translated by Wake. See WAKE, W. HERMOGENES, a rhetorician of Tarsus ; fl. in the 2d century.

10 Ars Rhetorica, Græce. See Walz, C. (Rhetores Graeci, vol. 3.)

11 Progymnasmata, Græce. See Walz, C. (Rhetores Graeci, vol. 1.) HERNDON, Lieut. William Lewis, of the U.S. Navy; b. in Fredericksburg, Va.,

1813. d. 1857. 12 Explorations of the Valley of the Amazon, made under direction of the

Navy Department, by W. L. Herndon and L. Gibbon. Pt. I. By Lieut. Herndon. II. By Lieut. Gibbon. 2 vols. [Atlas to each part, and Engravinys.] (U.S. Pub. Doc.)

Washington, 1853, '54. 8°(6.6X3.8). HERODOTUS, the Greek Historian, styled the father of history; b. in Halicar

nassus in Asia Minor, 484 B.C. d. about 424 B.C.
13 Egypt (The) of Herodotus: being the Second and Part of the Third

Book of his History. With Notes and preliminary Dissertations, by
J. Kendrick.

London, 1841. 8° (6.2X3.9). 14 Harangues tirées d'Herodote. See AUGER, A. (Harangues, etc., vol.1.)

HERODOTTS, continued.

I Herodotus Græce & Latine. Accedunt Annotationes selectæ necnon Index Latinus, ex Editionibus Wesselingii et Reizii. Tom. 1-5, 7.

Edinburgi, 1806. 12° (4.9X2.9). 2 Historiarvm Libri IX. ... Ejusdem Narratio de Vita Homeri. [Greek.]

Cum Vallæ Interpret. Latina Historiarum, ab H. Stephano recognita : &
Spicilegio F. Sylbvrgii. Item Iconibus Structurarum Babyloniarum ab
Herodoto descriptarum. Excerpta è Ctesiæ Libris de Rebus Persicis
& Indicis, & ex iisdem Fragmenta ... Cum Indice ... ***

Oliva P. Stephani, 1618. 2° (11.2X9.4), par. cols., pp. 708+. 3 Historiarum Libri IX. [Greek.] Codicem Sancrofti Manuscriptum denuo contulit necnon reliquam lectionis Varietatem commodius digessit T. Gaisford. Tom. 1-4. Lipsiae, 1824-26. 8° (6.6X3.4), m. b. Note. – Vol. 1,2 are paged continuously. Vol. 3, 4 have also title “ Adnotationes

Wesselingii, Valckanaerii, aliorumque in Herodoti Historiarum Libros IX. Edidit

T. Gaisford. Tom. 1, 2." 4 History (The) of Herodotus. A new English Version, edited with co

pious Notes and Appendices, illustrating the History and Geography of Herodotus, from the most recent sources of information; and embodying the chief Results, historical and ethnographical, which have been obtained in the Progress of Cuneiform and Hieroglyphical Discovery. By G. Rawlinson. Assisted by Sir H. Rawlinson, and Sir J. G. Wilkinson. ... Vol. 1-4. With Maps and Illustrations.

New York, 1859-'60. 8° (6.6 irr. X3.9). 5 History (The) of Herodotus, translated from the Greek. With Notes.

By Rev. W. Beloe ... Vol. 1-4. London, 1791. 8° (6.3X3.4).

6 Life and Travels of Herodotus. See WHEELER, J. T. HEROX, Robert.

7 Elements of Chemistry ... London, 1800. 8° (5.6X3.3), pp. 628+. Heron, Robert, a name assumed by Pinkerton in some of his earlier works

and translations. See NIEBUHR, C. Travels through Arabia, &c. HERRICK, Robert, an English clergyman and poet; b. in London, 1591. d. 1674?

8 Biographical Notice of. See (Hesperides, post.-Vol. 1, pp. 1-22). 9 Hesperides: or the Works both Humane and Divine of Robert Herrick,

Esq. ... Vol. 1, 2. [Portrait.] Boston, 1856. 16° (4.8 X 2.8 irr.). HERSCHEL, Sir John Frederic William, Bart., an English astronomer; 6. 1790.

10 Light. See (ENCYCLOPÆDIA Metropolitana, vol. 4).
11 Outlines of Astronomy. With Plates and Wood Cuts.

Philadelphia, 1849. 8° (6.5X3.8), pp. 620. 12 Outlines of Astronomy. 6th ed. [Plates and Diagrams.]

London, 1859. 8° (6.3X3.6), pp. 712. 13 Physical Astronomy. See (ENCYCLOPÆDIA Metropolitana, vol. 3). 14 Preliminary Treatise (A) on the Study of Natural Philosophy. New ed. [Portrait of Bacon.]

London, 1835. 12° (5X2.8). 15 Sound. See (ENCYCLOPÆDIA Metropolitana, vol. 3). 16 Treatise (A) on Astronomy. New ed. [Illustrated.]

London, 1837. 12° (5X2.8). 17 Review of Herschel's Outlines of Astronomy. From the Christian Examiner for September, 1849.

Cambridge, 1849. 8°, pp. 29. HERVEY, James, an English dicine; b. 1713. d. 1758.

1 Meditations and Contemplations ... [with] Account of the Life, Character, and Writings of the Author. ***

Philadelphia, 1809. 12° (5.5X3.2). 2 Meditations and Contemplations ... Together with the Life of the

Author. ... Vol. 1, 2. New-York, 1824. 24° (4.5X2.8). HERZOG, Christian Gottlob.

3 Protestant (The) Theological and Ecclesiastical Encyclopedia; being a

condensed Translation of Herzog's Real Encyclopedia. With Additions from other Sources. By Rev. J. H. A. Bomberger, assisted by distinguished Theologians of various Denominations. In 3 vols. Vol. 1, 2.

Philadelphia, 1838,'60. 8° (8.1X4.9), 2 cols. Hesiodus, a Greek poet ; f. about 850 B.C.

4 Epya xai 'Huepai. See BRUNCK, R. F.P. (Gnomici Poetæ Græci.) HESSEY, Rev. James Augustus, D.C.L.

5 Sunday. Its Origin, History, and present Obligation, considered in

Eight Lectures preached before the University of Oxford in the year
MDCCCLX. On the Foundation of the late Rev. John Bampton.

London, 1860. 8° (6.4x3.6), pp. 504. HESYCHIUS, a grammarian of Alexandria; fl. in the 4th or 5th century.

6 Lexicon [Greek], cum Notis doctorum Virorum integris ... Ex Auto

graphis partim recensuit, partim nunc primum edidit, suasque Animadversiones perpetuas adjecit J. Alberti, cum ejusdem Prolegomenis, et Adparatu Hesychiano. Tom. 1, 2.

Lugduni Batavorum, 1746. 2° (12.5 X 6.7), 2 cols. HEURES Antiques. Romish Breviary. See ROMAN-CATHOLIC Church. HEUSDE, Philippus Wilhelmus van, a Dutch philosopher; b. 1778. d. 1839.

7 Initia Philosophiae Platonicae. Vol. 1. Philosophia Pulcri. 2. Pt. I.

Philosophia Veri. De Veri Amore. II. Philosophia Veri. De Disciplinis. III. Philosophia Veri: de Veri sive to Övtos Scientia. 3. Philosophia Justi, Platonis de Rebus divinis effata, Epilogus. 6 vols.

Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1827–'36. 8° (5.9X3.2). HEXAPLA, The English. See BIBLE, The New Testament. Hey, John, D.D., Prof. of Divinity, Univ. of Cambridge, Eng.; 6. 1734. d. 1815. 8 Lectures in Divinity ... Vol. 1-4.

Cambridge, 1796–98. 8° (6.2x3.3). HEYLYN, John, D.D., Prebend. of Westminster ; d. about 1760.

9 Theological Lectures at Westminster-Abbey. With an Interpretation of

the Four Gospels. ... [Also] Select Discourses upon the principal Points of Reveald Religion. [2 pagings.] ***

London, 1749. 4° (7.3X4.9) HEYLYN, Peter, D.D., Prebend. of Westminster, &c.; b. 1600. d. 1662.

10 Cosmography in four Books. Containing the Chorography and History of the whole World ... •** [Maps.]

London, 1677. 2° (11.5 X 6.8), 2 cols. Note. – Has four pagings. Also with second title-page, embellished, and dated 1669. 11 Cyprianus Anglicus: or, The History of the Life and Death of ... William [Laud] Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. ... ***

London, 1771. 2° (9X4.9), m. b.

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HEYNE, Christian Gottlob, Prof. of Eloquence at Göttingen ; b. 1729. d. 1812. 1 Opvscvla Academica collecta et Animadversionibvs locvpletata. Vol. 1-6.

Göttingae, 1783-1812. 8° (6.2X3.6).
Editor. See PINDARUS. Carmina et Fragmenta.
Editor. See VIRGILIUS MARO, P. Opera, Ed. Londini.

Joint Editor. See HERDER, J. G. von. Sämmtliche Werke.
HEYWOOD, John, one of the earliest English dramatic writers ; d. 1565.

2 Mery Play (A) betwene the Pardoner and the Frere the Curate and

Neybour Pratte. See CHILD, F. J. Four old Plays.
HIBBARD, Rev. Freeborn Garrettson, of the Meth.-Episc. Church; 6. 1811.

3 Psalms (The) chronologically arranged; with historical Introductions ; and a general Introduction ... 3d ed.

New-York, [1856). 8° (6.5X3.8), pp. 589. HICKERINGILL, Edmond or Edmund, Rector of Colchester ; b. 1630. d. 1708. 4 Curse ye Meroz, or the Fatal Doom. Sermon, preached in London, before the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen, May 9th, 1680.

London, 1680. 4°, pp. 36. 5 Late famous Tryal of Mr. Hickeringill. London, 1681. 20, pp. 14. HICKEY, William. 6 Constitution (The) of the United States of America, with an Alphabeti

cal Analysis; the Declaration of Independence; the Articles of Confederation ; the prominent political Acts of Geo. Washington ; &c.; &c. 7th ed.

Philadelphia, 1854. 12° (5.1X3.3). HICKIE, Rer. D. B., LL.D., Head-Master at Hawkshead, Eng.

Editor, Annotator, &c. See XENOPHON. Memorabilia of Socrates. HICKOK, Laurens Perseus, D.D., Prof. and Vice-Pres. of Union Coll.; b. 1798. 7 Rational Cosmology: or the Eternal Principles and the Necessary Laws of the Universe.

New York, 1858. 8° (5.7X3.4). 8 Rational Psychology; or the Subjective Idea and the Objective Law of all Intelligence.

Auburn, 1849. 8° (6.2X3.7), pp. 717. 9 System (A) of Moral Science. Schenectady, 1853. 8° (6.2X3.6). Hicks or HICKES, Francis.

Translator. See LUCIANUS. Certain select Dialogues : &c. HIEROCLES, a Platonic philosopher, of Alexandria; fl. in the 5th century. 10 Aurea (In) Carmina [of the Pythagoreans] Commentarius. Græcè et

Latinè (on opp. pages]. Græca ... unà cum Notis subjunctis, edidit
W arren). S. T. P.

Londini, 1742. 8° (6.2X3.5).
HIGGINS, Bryan, M.D.
11 Experiments and Observations made with the view of emproving the Art

of composing and applying Calcareous Cements and of preparing Quicklime: Theory of these Arts ; &c.

London, 1780. 8°(6X3.4). 12 Experiments and Observations relating to . . . Subjects of Chemical Philosophy.

London, 1786. 8°(5.8X3.3). 13 Minutes of the Society for Philosophical Experiments and Conversations. [By B. Higgins.]

London, 1795. 8° (6X3.3). HIGGINS, W. Mullinger, Lect. on Exper. Philos. at Guy's Hospital, London. 14 Earth (The): its Physical Condition and most remarkable Phenomena.

(Harper's Family Library, No. 78.) New-York, 1810. 18°(4.3 X 2.7).

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