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HULSHOFF, Maria Aletta.

1 Peace-Republican's Manual; or, The French Constitution of 1793, and

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizens, according to the Moniteur of June 27th, 1793, in ... French, together with a Translation in English. ... [Also] Debates on this Constitution, in the National Convention ; &c. &c.

New-York, 1817. 8°(5.6X3.4). HUMANE Society of Massachusetts. Description (A) of the Eastern Coast of

2 the County of Barnstable, from Cape Cod to Cape Malebarre, pointing out the Spots on which the Ilumane Society have erected Huts, &c. ...

Boston, 1802. 8°, pp. 15. 3 Institution (The) of the Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Mas

sachusetts. With the Rules, &c. Boston, 1788. 8°, pp. 27. [10 copies.] HUMBOLDT, Friedrich Heinrich Alexander, Baron von ; 6. 1769. d. 1859.

4 Cosmos: a Sketch of a Physical Description of the Universe. By A. v. Humboldt. Translated from the German, by E. C. Otté, B. H. Paul and W. S. Dallas. *** Vol. 1-5. [Portrait.]

London, 1849–58. 8° (5.3X3.3). 5 Life of Alex. von Humboldt. See K LENCKE, P. F. H. 6 Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of America,

during the years 1799–1804, by A. v. Humboldt and Aimé Bonpland. Written in French by A. v. Humboldt: translated and edited by T. Ross. ... Vol. 1-3.

London, 1852–53. 8° (5.3X3.3). 7 Travels and Researches of A. v. Humboldt. See MACGILLIVRAY, W. 8 Views of Nature: or Contemplations on the Sublime Phenomena of Cre

ation ; with Scientific Illustrations. By A. v. Humboldt. Translated from the German by E. C. Otté, and H. G. Bohn. ... [Plates, Facsimile and Index.]

London, 1850. 8° (5.3X3.3). HUMBOLDT, Karl Wilhelm, Baron von, a German scholar and statesman, broth

er of the preceding; 1. 1767. d. 1833. 9 Lettre à M. Abel-Rémusat, sur la Nature des Formes grammaticales en

général, et sur le Génie de la Langue Chinoise en particulier, par G. v. Humboldt.

Paris, 1827. 8° (5.5x3.3). 10 Life of W. von Humboldt. See SCHLESIER, G. HUME, David, Esq., a native of Edinburgh ; b. 1711. d. 1776.

11 Autobiography. (Prefixed to vol. 1 of History of England.)
12 Dialogues concerning Natural Religion. 2d ed.

London, 1779. 8°(5.2X2.9). 13 Essays and Treatises on several Subjects. Vol. 1-4. ... New ed.

London, 1760. 12° (4.8X2.8). 14 History (The) of England, from the Invasion of Julius Cæsar to the

Revolution in MDCLXXXVIII. ... Illustrated with Plates. New ed. ... Vol. 1-6.

Philadelphia, 1795-'96. 8° (6.5X3.3), m. b. 15 History (The) of Great Britain. Vol. 1. Containing the Reigns of James

I. and Charles I. 2. ... The Commonwealth, and the Reigns of Charles

II. and James II. 2d ed. corrected. London, 1759. 4° (7.3X5.2), m. b. 16 Life. See SMELLIE, W. Literary and Characteristical Lives, &c. HUMPHREY, Heman, D.D., Pres. of Amherst College, 1823–43. 17 Great Britain, France and Belgium: a short Tour in 1835. ... Vol.

New York, 1838. 12° (5.3X3.2)

1, 2.

IIUMPIIREY, Jleman, D.D., continued.

| Kinglom (The) of Christ: a Sermon preached before the Annual Con

vention of the Congregational Ministers of Massachusetts, in Boston, May 29, 1830.

Boston, 1830. 8°, pp. 36. 2 Miscellaneous Discourses and Reviews. Amherst, 1834. 12° (5.6X3.3). 3 Promised Land (The). Sermon delivered at Goshen, Conn. at the Or

dination of Hiram Bingham & Asa Thurston, as Missionaries to the Sandwich Islands, Sept. 29, 1819. [Ch., by D. Perry; R.H., by N. Porter.)

Boston, 1819. 8°, pp. 40, xvi. HUMPHREYS, David, LL.D., a colonel in the Revolution; b. 1753. d. 1818. 4 Essay (An) on the Life of the Hon. Major-Gen. Israel Putnam.

Middletown, 1794. 12° (4.4 X 2.7). HIUNT, Isaac, a natire of the W. Indies, father of the succeeding. 5 Sermons on public Occasions.

London, 1781. 8° (5.3X3.2). HUNT, James Henry Leigh, an English poet and essayist; b. 1784. d. 1859.

6 Stories from the Italian Poets: being a Summary in prose of the Poems

of Dante, Pulci, Boiardo, Ariosto and Tasso; with Comments throughout, occasional Passages versified, and critical Notices of the Lives and Genius of the Authors. By L. Hunt. ...

New York, 1846. 12° (5.6X3.5), pp. 564. [2 copies.] Hunt, Rev. John, of Boston ; d. 1771, æt. 31. 7 Sermon (A) occasioned by the Death of Mrs. Sarah Gill ... ..

Boston, 1771. 8°, pp. 79. HUNTER, Alexander, M.D., F.R.S.; b. in Edinburgh, 1729. d. 1809. 8 Georgical Essays. **

York, 1777. 8° (5.8X3.1). Hunter, llenry, D.D., Pastor of Scotch Church, London-Wall; 6.1741. d. 1802.

9 Sacred Biography; or the listory of Jesus Christ ... 1st American ed. . * *

Walpole, 1803. 8° (6.6X3.6). 10 Sacred Biography; or, the History of the Patriarchs. .... [With] the

Ilistory of Deborah, Ruth, and Hannah. ... 1st American ed. ...
Vol. 1-6. ***

Boston, 1794-93. 8°(6.5X3.6). 11 Sacred Biography; or, the IIistory of the Patriarchs. ... [llith] the

IIistory of Deborah, Ruth, and Ilannah, and also the History of Jesus
Christ. ... *** [Hlustrated.]

Philadelphia, 1832. 8° (7.6X4.4), 2 cols., pp. 596.
Translator. See EULER, L. Letters on Physics, &c.
Translator. See SAINT PIERRE, J. H. B. de. Botanical Harmony. Stu-
dies of Nature. Vindication of Divine Providence.
Translator. See SAURIN, J. Sermons. Vol. 6.

Translator. See SONNINI DE MANONCOURT, C. N. S. Travels in Egypt. HUNTER, John, Admiral, Royal Nary.

12 Historical Journal (An) of the Transactions at Port Jackson and Nor

folk Island, with the Discoveries which have been made in New South
Wales and in the Southern Ocean, since the Publication of Phillip's
Voyage . . .; including the Journals of Gov.s Phillip and King and of
Lieut. Ball; &c. Illustrated ... [Portrait of II.]

London, 1793. 4° (7.5 X 5.2), pp. 580.

HUNTER, John, continue?.

1 Historical (An) Journal of the Transactions at Port Jackson and Nor

folk Island, including the Journals of Gov.s Phillip and King ... with an abridged Account of the New Discoveries in the South Seas. ...

Illustrated. ... [Portrait of H.] London, 1793. 8°(5.973.3), pp. 525. HUNTER, John, M.D., F.R.S.

2 Observations on the Diseases of the Army in Jamaica, and on the best Means of preserving the Health of Europeans in that Climate.

London, 1788. 8° (5.2X3). HUNTER, Rev. Joseph, Asst.-Keeper of the Public Records of Great Britain.

3 Collections concerning the Early History of the Founders of New Eng

land. See Mass. Hist. Society. (Collections, 4th Series, vol. 1.) 4 Suffolk Emigrants. See Mass. Hist. Society. (Coll., 3d Ser., vol. 10.)

Editor. See GREAT BRITAIN. Record Commission. Fines. Magnum

Rotulum. Rotuli selecti ad Res Anglicas spectantes. HUNTER, Thomas, Vicar of Weaverham in Cheshire; d. 1777.

5 Reflections critical and moral on the Letters of the late Earl of Chesterfield. *** 3d. ed.

Boston, 1780. 12° (5.4 X 2.7). HUNTER, William, Esq., of London.

6 Travels in the year 1792 through France, Turkey and Hungary, to Vienna ... *** 2d ed., corrected and enlarged.... Vol. 1, 2. Map.]

London, 1793. 8° (5.4X3). HUNTINGDON, Selina SIHIRLEY, Countess of; b. 1707. d. 1791.

7 Life (The) and Times of Selina Countess of Huntingdon. By a mem

ber of the Houses of Shirley and Hastings. 6th thous.—with copious Index. Vol. 1, 2. [Portrait.]

London, 1844. 8° (6.5X3.7). HUNTINGFORD, George Isaac, D.D., Bp. of Hereford ; b. 1748. d. 1832. 8 Introduction (An) to the Writing of Greek, in two parts. ...

Oxford, 1800. 8° (6.1X3.5). Vote.— Each part has independent title-page, and dated 1799. Pt. I. is 6th ed. ; pt.

11. is 4th ed. 9 Part First of an Introduction to the Writing of Greek ... 5th ed., with ... Improvements.

Oxford, 1793. 8° (6.1X3.5). 10 Part Second of an Introduction to the Writing of Greek: being Exam

ples of Greek Prepositions in composition; and Select Sentences from Xenophon's Cyropædia. 3d ed. improved.

Oxford, 1791. 8° (6.1X3.5). HUNTINGTON, Frederic Dan, D.D., Preacher and Plummer Harvard Col

lege, now a Prot.-Episc. clergyman; b. in Iadley, Mass., 1819. 11 Bi-centennial Address. See HADLEY. Celebration, &c. 12 Discourse (A) in behalf of the Ministry at Large, delivered in Boston, April 16, 1854.

Boston, 1854. 89, pp. 27. 13 Lord's Day (The). ...

Boston, 1848. 12°, pp. 22. 14 Signification, (The) and Value of 'A Good Life.” ...

Boston, 1844. 12°, pp. 14. 15 What do ye more than others? ... Boston, 1847. 12°, pp. 20. HURD, Rev. Isaac, of Exeter, N.H.; d. 1856, æt. 70.

16 Discourse delivered in Boston, June 11, 1799, before the Humane Society of Massachusetts, Boston, 1799. 4°, pp. 23. (2 copies.] IIURD, Richard, D.D., Bp. of Litchfield and Coventry; b. 1720. d. 1808.

1 Introduction (An) to the Study of the Prophecies concerning the Chris

tian Church; and, in particular, concerning the Church of Papal Rome : in twelve Sermons, preached at the Lecture of the Rt. Rev. W. War

burton. * * * 5th ed. Vol. 1, 2. London, 1788. 8° (4.5 x 2.9). 2 Introduction (An) to the Study of the Prophecies concerning the Chris

tian Church, and, in particular, concerning the Church of Papal Rome; in twelve Sermons ... *** 1st American from 3d London ed.

Boston, 1809. 8° (5.6X3.4). HURDIS, James, D.D., Prof. of Poetry at Oxford ; b. 1763. d. 1801.

3 Lectures shewing the several Sources of that Pleasure which the Human Mind receives from Poetry.

Sussex, 1797. 4° (6.8X5 irr.). 4 Village Curate (The), a Poem. [By J. Hurdis.] *** 1st American ed.

Newburyport, 1793. 12° (5.7X3.1 irr.). Hurwitz, Hyman, Prof. of Hebrew in Univ. of London.

5 Essay on the still existing Remains of the Hebrew Sages, of a Later Peri

od than the Maccabees, and on the Character and Merit of the uninspired ancient Hebrew Literature generally.

London, 1826. 12° (4.7X2.6), pp. 84. 6 Hebrew Tales selected and translated from the Writings of the ancient Hebrew Sages.

London, 1826. 12° (4.7 X 2.6). 7 Introductory Lecture [on the Hebrew Language and Literature,] delivered at the University of London, Nov. 11, 1828. 3d ed.

London, 1829. 8°, pp. 32. HUSSEY, Samuel F.

8 Brief Examination (A) of Asa Rand's Book, called a Word in Season ;

with a Refutation of some of his erroneous Statements and Charges against the people called Quakers ....

Salem, 1821. 12° (5.4X3.1). Husson,

9 Report on the Magnetical Experiments made by the Commission of the

Royal Academy of Medicine, of Paris, read . . . June 21 and 28, 1831, by Mr. Husson ... Translated . . . and preceded by an Introduc

tion, by C. Poyen St. Sauveur. *** Boston, 1836. 8° (4.8X2.9). HUTCHESon, Francis, LL.D., Prof. of Philos. Univ. of Glasgow; b. 1694. d. 1777. 10 Short Introduction (A) to Moral Philosophy, in three books: contain

ing the Elements of Ethics and the Law of Nature. Translated from the Latin. 2d ed.

Glasgow, 1753. 12° (4.8X2.7). HUTCHESON, George, a minister, of Edinburgh. 11 Briefe Exposition (A) on the XII. Small Prophets ... ***

London, 1657. 2° (8.7 x 5.4), 2 cols. Note.- General title page reads “The first volume." Two other title-pages occur,

expressing respective contents of the following portions of the work. HUTCHINS, Capt. Thomas, Royal Army; b. in Monmouth, N.J., 1730? d. 1789.

12 Topographical Description of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and North Carolina ... [Plates.]

London, 1778. 8°, pp. 67. HUTCHINSON, Anne, founder of the Antinomian party in New England; d. 1653.

13 Life, by G. E. Ellis. See SPARKS, J. (Amer. Biogr., 2d. Ser., vol. 6.) HUTCHINSON, Enoch.

Translator. See UHLEMANN, F. Syriac Grammar, &c.

HUTCHINSON, Francis, D.D., Bp. of Down and Connor; d. about 1739.

1 Historical Essay (An) concerning Witchcraft ... And also Two Sermons: one in Proof of the Christian Religion ; the other concerning good and evil Angels. • *• 2d ed., with ... Additions.

London, 1720. 8° (6X3.5). HUTCHINSON, Rev. John, of Trentham, Eng., grandson of Gov. T. H.

Editor. See HUTCHINSON, T. History of Massachusetts Bay. Hutchinson, Thomas, LL.D., Governor of Mass. ; b. 1711. d. 1780.

2 Case (The) of the Provinces of Massachusetts-Bay and New-York, re

specting the Boundary Line between the two Provinces. [By T. Hutchinson.]

Boston, 1764. 2°, pp. xxx. 3 Collection of original Papers relative to the History of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay. [Publ. by T. Hutchinson.)

Boston, 1769. 8° (6.3X3.6). 4 History (The) of Massachusetts, from the First Settlement thereof, in

1628, until the Year 1750. * * * ... Vol. 1, 2. 3d ed. With additional Notes and Observations.

Salem, 1795. 8° (6.6X3.8). 5 History (The) of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, from 1749 to

1774, comprising a detailed Narrative of the Origin and Early Stages of the American Revolution. Edited ... by Rev. J. Hutchinson.

London, 1728. 8° (6.2X3.6), pp. 551. 6 Representations (The) of Gov. Hutchinson and others, contained in

certain Letters . . . laid before the General-Assembly of the Massachusetts Bay. With the Resolves of the Two Houses thereon.

Boston, 1773. 8°, pp. 94. 7 Speeches to the General Assembly. See MASSACHUSETTS, Colony of. HUTCHINSON, Thomas, Prebendary of Chichester, &c.

Editor. See XENOPHON. De Cyri Institutione Libri octo. HUTTON, Charles, LL.D., Math. Prof. at Woolwich, Eng. ; 6. 1737. d. 1823. 8 Course (A) of Mathematics . .. 3d ed. enlarged, &c. Vol. 1, 2.

London, 1800,'01. 8° (6.3X3.5). 9 Elements of Conic Sections; with Select Exercises in various Branches

of Mathematics and Philosophy. ... London, 1787. 8° (6.4 X3.4). 10 Mathematical (A) and Philosophical Dictionary ... with an Historical

Account of ... these Sciences : also Memoirs of the Lives and Writings of the most eminent Authors ... With many Cuts and Copper-plates.

Vol. 1, 2. London, 1796, '95. 4° (8.2X6), 2 cols. [2 copies.] 11 Mathematical Tables . . . 2d ed. London, 1794. Th. 8° (6.9X4), n. p.

12 Mathematical Tables ... 3d ed. London, 1801. 8°(7.1X4). HUTTON, James, M.D., author of Plutonian theory of Geology; 6.1726. d. 1797. 13 Dissertation (A) upon the Philosophy of Light, Heat and Fire...

Edinburgh, 1794. 8° (6.5X3.2). 14 Dissertations on different Subjects in Natural Philosophy.

Edinburgh, 1792. 4° (7.3X5), pp. 696. HUXLEY, Thomas Henry, F.R.S., &c., a dist. Engl. naturalist.

15 Oceanic Hydrozoa (The); a Description of the Calycophoridx and Phy

sophoridæ observed during the Voyage of H.M.S. " Rattlesnake,” in the years 1846-1850. With a General Introduction. [12 Plates.)

London, 1859. 4° (9X6,4).

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