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BAILLIE, Joanna, an English dramatic Poetess ; b. 1762. d. 1851. i Collection (A) of Poems, chiefly manuscript, and from living Authors.

London, 1823. 8° (5.6X2.9 irr.). BAILLY, Jean Sylvain, a French Astron., Statesman, &c.; b. 1736. exec. 1793.

2 Histoire de l'Astronomie Ancienne ... jusqu'à l'Établissement de l'École d'Alexandrie ; par M. Bailly. 2de édition. ** 13 Plates.]

Paris, 1781. 4° (7.4 X 4.7), pp. 525. 3 Histoire de l'Astronomie Moderne depuis la Fondation de l'École d'Alex

andrie, jusqu'à l'Epoque de M.D.CC.XXX. Par M. Bailly. Nouv. éd. *** Tom. 1-3. [Plates.]

Paris, 1785. 4° (7.1 X 4.8). 4 Lettres sur l'Origine des Sciences, et sur celle des Peuples de l'Asie,

adressées à M. de Voltaire, par M. Bailly, & précédées de quelques Let

tres de M. de Voltaire à l'Auteur. Londres, 1787. 8° (5.6 X 2.9). 5 Traité de l'Astronomie Indienne et Orientale, Ouvrage qui peut servir de suite à l'Histoire de l'Astronomie Ancienne. Par M. Bailly.

Paris, 1787. 4° (7.2X4.8). BAIRD, Robert, D.D., an American author & clergyman; b. 1798.

6 Sketches of Protestantism in Italy. Past and Present. Including a

Notice of the Origin, History, and present State of the Waldenses. 2d thousand, with an Appendix. [Portrait and Map.]

Boston, 1847. 12° (5.5 X3.4). BAIRD, Spencer F., Prof. Nat. Sciences, Dickinson Coll., Penn., &c.; 6. 1823.

7 Mammals of the Southern Hemisphere. See UNITED STATES. Explo

rations and Surveys. (U.S. Naval Astronomical Expedition, vol. 2.) 8 Zoological Reports. See UNITED STATES. Explorations and Surveys.

(Explorations and Surveys for a Pacific Railroad, vols. 5, 8-10.) BAITER, Johann Georg.

Editor. See Tacitus, C. C. Opera quæ supersunt. BAKER, George, A.M.

Translator, &c. See LIVIUS, T. The History of Rome. BAKER, Sir Richard, Kt., a popular English writer ; b. about 1568. d. 1745.

9 Chronicle (A) of the Kings of England, from the Time of the Roman

Government unto the Death of King James. ... With a Continuation ..., in this Fourth Edition, to the Coronation of King Charles the Second [by Edward Phillips].

London, 1665. 2° (10.8X5.8), m. b., pp. 822+. SOTR.- Also with second title-page, embellished. Baldi, Bernardino, an Italian linguist & mathematician ; 6. 1553. d. 1617.

10 Idillio. See ALAMANNI. Alamanni, Ruccellai, etc. BALDWIX, Hon. Loammi, an American civil engineer, &c.; d. 1838.

11 Observations on Electricity. See AMERICAN Academy, &c. (Memoirs,

vol. 1.) 12 Thoughts on the Study of Political Economy, as connected with the Population, Industry and Paper Currency of the United States. * * *

Cambridge, 1809. 8°, pp. 75. BALDWIN, Samuel, of the London Custom-House.

13 Survey (A) of the British Customs ... London, 1770. 4° (9X6). BALDWIN, Rev. Thomas, D.D., of Boston; b. 1753. d. 1825.

14 Artillery-Election Sermon, Boston, 1807. Boston, 1807. -8°, pp. 28. BALDWIN, Rev. Thomas, D.D., continued.

1 Discourse delivered before the Members of the Boston Female Asylum, September 26, 1806.

Boston, 1806. 8°, pp. 29. 2 Election Sermon, Mass., May 26, 1802. Boston, 1802. 89, pp. 36. BALDWIN, Thomas, a Teacher in Phila.

3 Universal Pronouncing Gazetteer (A): containing topographical, statis

tical, and other Information, of all the more important Places in the known World ... With a Map [of U. S.].

Philadelphia, 1845. 12° (5.7X3.5), pp. 550. Joint Editor. See LIPPINCOTT's Pronouncing Gazetteer. BALFOUR, Rev. Walter, of Charlestown, Mass.; b. in Scotland, 1778. d. 1852. 4 Some Observations on searching the Scriptures. .

Charlestown, 1810. 12°, pp. 72. BALL, Rev. John, an English Puritan Divine ; b. 1585. d. 1640. 5 Treatise (A) of the Covenant of Grace ... Published by Simeon Ash.

London, 1645. 4° (6.2X3.8), m. r. BALL, Rev. Nathaniel, Curate of Chelmsford, England. 6 Sermons. ...

London, 1745. 8°(5.6X3). BALL, Robert, D.D., Prof. of Theol. Univ. of Glasgow.

7 Operis historici et chronologici Libri duo;... Unà cum tribus Diatribis, quarum prima est de Hæreticorum Autocatacrisi ; secunda, An quicquid in Deo est, Deus sit; tertia de Prædestinatione. .

: Amstelodami, 1668. 2° (10.2X5.2), m. b., 2 cols. BALLANTYNE, Rev. John. 8 Examination (An) of the Human Mind.

Edinburgh and London, 1828. 8° (6.2X3.5), pp. 502. BALLARD, Rev. Edward, of Brunswick, Me.; 6. 1804.

9 Early History of the Protestant-Episcopal Church in Maine. See MAINE

Hist. Society. (Collections, vol. 6.) BALMES, Jaime Lucio, a Spanish Roman-Catholic priest; b. 1810. d. 1848.

10 Protestantisme (Le) comparé au Catholicisme dans ses Rapports avec la

Civilisation Européenne. Tom. 1-3. Paris, 1842–44. 8° (5.8X3.2). BANCROFT, Rev. Aaron, D.D., of Worcester, Mass. ; b. 1755. d. 1839. 11 Discourse on Conversion.

Worcester, 1818. 8°, pp. 40. 12 Sermon preached Feb. 15, 1802, before the Senate and House of Rep

resentatives of Massachusetts, on the Day of the Interment of Lieut.Gov. Samuel Phillips.

Boston, 1802. 8°, pp. 21. 13 Supreme Deity (The) of Christ illustrated. Discourse delivered April 19, 1812, in Boston.

Boston, 1812. 8°, pp. 36. 14 World (The) passeth away ; but the Children of God abide forever.

Sermon in Worcester, Jan. 6, 1811. Worcester, 1811. 8°, pp. 24. BANCROFT, Edward, M.D., of London ; d. 1821. 15 Essay (An) on the Natural History of Guiana, in South America. ...

London, 1769. 8° (5X2.9). 16 Remarks on the Review of the Controversy between Great Britain and her Colonies. ... [By E. Bancroft.] ***

London, 1769. 8°(5.8X3)! 17 Remarks on the Review of the Controversy between Great Britain and her Colonies....

New-London, reprinted, 1771. 8°(5.8X3.5).


BANCROFT, Edward Nathaniel, M.D., Physician to St. George's Hospital.

i Essay (An) on the Disease called Yellow Fever, with Observations concerning Febrile Contagion, Typhus Fever, Dysentery, and the Plague.

London, 1811. 8° 15.9X3.3), pp. 811. BANCROFT, Hon. George, LL.D., Sery of Navy, Minister to England, &c., son

of Rer. A. B.; 1. in Worcester, Mass., 1800.
2 History of Batile of Lake Erie. See PERRY STATUE.
3 History of the United States, from the Discovery of the American Con-
tinent. Vol. 1-8. [Maps, Plans and Portraits.]

Boston, 1834-'60. Vol. 1-3, 8° (6.9X3.6); 4-8, 12°(6.5 X3.6), m. d.
Nori.– Vol. 1-3 hare also title, “ History of the Colonization of the United States.

Vol. 1-3." Vol. 4-6 have also half-title, “ The American Rerolution. Epoch First.
... 1748-1763 ; Epoch Second. ... 1763-1771; The Crisis." Vol. 7,8 have

also title, “ The American Revolution. Vol. 1, 2." This work is continuing. 4 Literary and Historical Miscellanies.

New York, 1855. 8° (6.1X3.5), pp. 517. Translator. See HEEREN, A. H. L. Politics of Ancient Greece. B.AXDELLO, Matteo, Bp. of Agen, in France; b. 1480. d. 1563.

5 Novelle. [Portrait and Plate.] Firenze, 1832. 8° (6.6 X 4), 2 cols. BANDIERA, d.l., an Italian Novelist.

6 Narrazioni. See (NOVELLE di Autori Senesi). Baxgs, Nathan, D.D., an American Methodist Minister ; 6. 1778. d. 1862.

7 Authentic History (An) of the Missions under the care of the Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. *** (Portrait.]

New-York, 1832. 12° (5.6X3.1). 8 Examination (An) of the Doctrine of Predestination, as contained in a Sermon, preached in Burlington, Vt., by Daniel Ilaskel. *** 2d ed.

New-York, 1828. 24° (4.3 X 2.4). 9 Vindication (A) of Methodist Episcopacy. ***

New-York, 1820. 24° (4.4 X 2.5). BANKES, Henry, Esq., M.P.; b. about 1757. d. 1835.

10 Civil (The) and Constitutional History of Rome from its Foundation to the Age of Augustus. ... Vol. 1, 2. * * *

London, 1818. 8° (6X3.4). BANKES, Rer. Thomas, Vicar of Dixton in Monmouthshire.

11 New royal authentic and complete System of Universal Geography, an

tient and modern. ... By T. Bankes, E. W. Blake, and A. Cook.

... [Maps, Plans, &c.] London, [1787.] 2° (12.7 X 7.6), pp. 990. BANKS, John, Lecturer on Philosophy in London. 12 Treatise (A) on Mills, in five parts. 2d ed. [Plates.] * *

London, 1815. 8° (5.8X3.2). BAPTIST Board of Foreign Missions for the United States. The Latter Day 13 Luminary. February, 1818 to February, 1822, Vol. 1, 2.

Philadelphia, 1818; Washington, 1821. 8° (6.5X3.1). BARRA, Alphonse, a Romish priest at Potosi; flourished about 1640.

14 Metallurgie, ou l'Art de tirer et de purifier les Métaux, traduité de l'Es

pagnol, avec les Dissertations ... sur les Mines & les Opérations metalliques. ... Tom. 1, 2.

La Haye, 1752. 8° (4.7X 2.4). BARBAROUX, C. O., Arocat, etc. 15 Histoire (L') des États-Unis d'Amérique. ...

Boston, 1832. 12° (4.1 X 2.4). BARBACID, Mrs. Anna Letitia AIKIN, an English authoress; 6. 1743. d. 1825.

16 Evenings at Home, or the Juvenile Budget opened.... By Mrs. Barbauld and Dr. Aikin. ... Vol. 1, 2. Boston, 1813. 24° (4.5X2.5). BARBER, John Warner; b. at Windsor, Conn., 1798.

1 Historical Collections, being a general Collection of interesting Facts,

Traditions, &c., relating to the History and Antiquities of every Town in Massachusetts, with geographical Descriptions. Illustrated by 200 Engravings. ***

Worcester, 1844. 8° (7.1 X4), pp. 624. BARBERI, Jacques Philippe, a French army officer, &c.; 6. 1780. d. 1829.

2 Grammaire des Grammaires Italiennes, élémentaire, raisonnée, métho

dique et analytique; ou Cours complet de Langue Italienne..., Tom. 1, 2.

Paris, 1819. 8° (6.2X3.5). BARBEYRAC, Jean, a French jurist, Prof. at Groningen ; 6. 1674. d. 1744.

Annotator. See GROTIUS, H. The Rights of War and Peace.
Translator. See BYNKERSHOEK, C. v. Traité du Juge competent des
Translator, &c. See CUMBERLAND, P., D.D. Traité philos. des Loix
Translator, &c. See GROTIUS, H. La Droit de la Guerre, et de la Paix.

Translator, &c. See PUFFENDORF, S. Le Droit de la Nature, et des Gens. BARCLAY, Rev. James, of London ; flourished about 1775.

3 Complete and Universal Dictionary (A) of the English Language: com

prehending the Explanation, Pronunciation, Origin, and Synonymes of each Word; an Epitome of History, Biography, and the Useful Sciences; a Description of the Counties, Cities, &c. of Great Britain, and of the Kingdoms, States, Provinces and Cities in the known World, ... New edition, enlarged, improved, and adapted to the present State of Science, by B. B. Woodward. [Portraits, Maps, &c.]

London, [1848). 4° (8.8X6.7), 2 cols., pp. 981. BARCLAY, James T., M.D., Missionary to Jerusalem.

4 City (The) of the Great King; or, Jerusalem as it was, as it is, and as it is to be. *** [Portrait and Plates.]

Philadelphia, 1858. 8° (6.4X4), pp. 621. BARCLAY, John; born, of Scotch origin, in France, 1582. d. at Rome, 1621.

5 Iohn Barclay his Argenis, translated ovt of Latine into English: the

Prose at his Majesties command: by Sir Robert LeGrys, Kt.: and the
Verses by Thomas May. ...

London, 1629. 4° (6.7 X3.8).
Note. – A political allegory, greatly admired by Leibnitz and Card. Richelieu, and

pronounced by Cowper the most amusing romance ever written. BARCLAY, Rev. John, founder of the Bereans or Barclayans; b. 1734. d. 1798.

6 Without Faith, without God; or, An Appeal to God concerning his own

Existence. ... Preface by D. Thom. London, 1836. 12° (5X3). BARCLAY, Robert, of Ury, in Scotland; b. 1648. d. 1690.

7 Apology (An) for the true Christian Divinity ; being an Explanation

and Vindication of the Principles and Doctrines of the People called

Quakers. ... Providence, 1856. 8° (6.4X3.5), m. b., pp. 587. BARDWELL, Rev. Horatio, Missionary A.B.C.F.M. at Bombay.

8 Memoir of Rev. Gordon Hall. Andover, 1834. 12° (5.3X3.3). BARÈRE DE VIEUZAC, Bertrand, a noted French revolutionist; b. 1755. d. 1841.

9 Life. See MACAULAY, T. B. (Essays, vol. 5.) · BARETTI, Giuseppe, an Italian author & traveller, Foreign Sec'y to Royal

Academy of London ; b. at Turin, 1716. d. at London, 1789. 10 Dictionary (A) of the English and Italian Languages. To which is added, An Italian and English Grammar. New edition. Vol. 1, 2.

London, 1771. 4° (8.6X5.8), 3 cols.

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BARETTI, Giuseppe, continued.

i Dictionary (A), Spanish and English, and English and Spanish. New

edition ... greatly enlarged. London, 1800. 4° (9.1 X6.3), 3 cols., n.p. ? Easy Phraseology ... of the Italian Language. New edition. ...

Leghorn, 1836. 12° (5.5X2.9), par. cols. 3 Grammar (A) of the Italian Language, with a copious Praxis of Moral

Sentences. To which is added an English Grammar for the Use of the

London, 1762. 8° (6X3.3). Joint Author. See NEUMAN, H. Spanish and English Dictionary. BARGAGLI, Scipione, an Italian Novelist; b. in Siena. d. 1612.

· 4 Novelle. See (NOVELLE di Autori Senesi). BARIAM, Henry, M.D.

5 Hortus Americanus: containing an Account of the Trees, Shrubs, and

other Vegetable Productions, of South-America and the West-India Islands ...

Kingston, Jamaica, 1794. 8°(6.5X3.7). BARING, Alexander, Esq., M.P., aft. Lord Ashburton; b. 1774. d. 1848.

6 Inquiry (An) into the Causes and Consequences of the Orders in Coun

cil ; and an Examination of the Conduct of Great Britain towards the

Neutral Commerce of America. New York, 1808. -8° (6.4X3.5). BARKER, Rev. John, of Salter's Hall, London. 7 Sermons. ...

London, 1748. 8° (6X3.3). BARKER, Reo. Ralph, D.D., Rector of Braisted, Kent; fl. 1695.

Editor. See Tillotsox, J. Works. Vol. 2, 3. BARLOW, Edward.

8 Meteorological Essays, concerning the Origin of Springs, Generation of

Rain, and Production of Wind. With a rational and historical Account of the Causes and Course of the Tide. ... * * * [Maps.)

London, 1715. 8° (5.8X3.1). [2 copies. ] BARLOW, Joel, U.S. Minister to France, &c.; b. in Conn., 1755. d. 1812.

9 Advice to the Privileged Orders in the several States of Europe, result

ing from the Necessity and Propriety of a general Revolution in the Principle of Government. Part I. 3d ed. Part II. 2 vols.

London, 1793,'95. 8° (5.8 X3.3; 3.1). 10 Columbiad (The). A Poem. ... * * * Vol. 1, 2.

Philadelphia, 1809. 12° (5X3.1 irr.). 11 Joel Barlow to his Fellow Citizens of the United States of America.

Paris, 1799. 8°, pp. 55. 12 Letter to the People of Piedmont on the Advantages of the French

Revolution, and the Necessity of adopting its Principles in Italy. Translated by the Author.

London, 1795. 8°, pp. 48. 13 Vision (The) of Columbus; a Poem in nine books.

Hartford, 1787. 12° (5.5X3.4 irr.). · BARLOW, Peter, Prof. Math., Royal Milit. Acad., Woolwich, Eng.; 6. 1776.

14 Electro-Magnetism. See (ENCYCLOPEDIA Metropolitana, vol. 4). 15 Elementary Principles of Practical Mechanics and Engineering. See

(EXCYCLOPEDIA Metropolitana, vol. 8). 16 Geometry. See (ENCYCLOPEDIA Metropolitana, vol. 1). 17 Hydrodynamics. See (ENCYCLOPEDIA Metropolitana, vol. 3).' 18 Magnetism. See (ENCYCLOPEDIA Metropolitana, vol. 3). 19 Mechanical Processes and Manufactures. See (ExCYCL. Metrop., vol. 8). 30 Mechanics. See (ENCYCLOPEDIA Metropolitana, vol. 3). 21 Optics. See (ENCYCLOPEDIA Metropolitana, vol. 3). 2 Plane Astronomy. See (ENCYCLOPEDIA Metropolitane, rol. 3). ·

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