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MONTGOMERY, James, continued.

1 Journal of Voyages and Travels by Rev. D. Tyerman and G. Bennett,

... in the South Sea Islands, China, India, &c. between the years 1821 and 1829. Compiled from original Documents, by J. Montgomery. ... Vol. 1-3. *** From 1st London ed., revised by an American

Editor. [Portraits and Engravings.] Boston, 1832. 12° (5.5 X3.2). 2 Lectures on Poetry and General Literature, delivered at the Royal In

stitution in 1830 and 1831. * * * London, 1833. 12° (5.5 X3.1). 3 Poetical Works. With a Memoir of the Author [by R. Carruthers].

... Vol. 1-5. ... [Portrait.] Boston, 1858. 16° (4.8 X 2.8 irr.).

4 Verses to the Memory of Richard Reynolds. See REYNOLDS, R. MONTGOMERY, Richard, an American revolutionary generul ; b. 1736. d. 1775.

5 Life, by J. Armstrong. See SPARKS, J. (American Biography, vol. 1.) MONTHLY.Anthology (The), and Boston Review. Containing Sketches and

6 Reports of Philosophy, Religion, History, Arts, and Manners. *

Vol. 1-10. 1804-1811. Boston, 1804–11. 8° (6.6X3.6), 2 cols. Monthly Review (The); or, Literary Journal: from January to March, 1756;

7 November, 1769; March to June, 1770; July to December, 1770. Vol.

43; July to December, 1771. Vol. 45; January, 1776 to December, 1777. Vol. 54-57; March, 1786 ; November, 1788. 7 vols.

London, 1756–88. 8° (6.7X3.6). Monthly Review (The); or Literary Journal, enlarged: from January 1792 to

8 August, 1795. Vol. 7–17; October, 1796 to March, 1797; May, 1799

to August, 1803. Vol. 23-41; September to December, 1804. Vol. 45; May to August, 1805. Vol. 47. 32 vols.

London, 1792-1805. 8°(6.7X3.6). Monti, Vincenzo, an Italian poet; b. 1733. d. 1823.

9 Aristodemo (L'). See ALFIERI, V. (Quindici Tragedie, vol. 3.)
10 Basvilliana (La) di V. Monti L'Invito a Lesbia di L. Mascheroni I Se-

polcri di U. Foscolo I Sepolcri di Ippolito Pindemonte Sermoni di
Gasparo Gozzi Il Mantino il Mezzogiorno il Vestro a la Notte di G.

Parini. Inni Sacri di A. Manzoni. Lugo, 1824. 24° (4x2.4). 11 Poesie. Tom. 1, 2.

Pisa, 1800. 8°(4.1X2.9). 12 Tragedie. [Portrait.]

Firenze, 1832. 8° (6.6X4), 2 cols. MONTJIE, Félio Christophe GALART DE, a French littérateur; 6. 1756. d. 1816.

13 Histoire de la Conjuration de Maximilien Robespierre. Par Montjoie. Nouv. éd., revue, etc. [Portrait.] Tom. 1, 2.

Paris, 1801. 24° (3.5X3.1). 14 Histoire de la Conjuration de L. P. J. d'Orleans, surnommé Égalité.

Tom. 1-6. [By F. C. Galart de Montjoie.) Paris, 1800. 24° (3.7 X 2.1). MONTUCCI, Antoine, a learned Chinese-scholar; b. in Sienne, 1762. d. 1827.

Editor. See ALFIERI, V. Quindici Tragedie.
MONTUCLA, Jean Étienne, a French mathematician; b. 1725. d. 1799.

15 Histoire des Mathématiques, dans laquelle on rend compte de leur pro

grés depuis leur origine jusqu'à nos jours; ou l'on expose le tableau et le developpement des principales découvertes dans toutes les parties des Mathématiques, les contestations qui se sont élevées entre les Mathématiciens et les principaux traits de la vie des plus célèbres. Nouv. éd., considérablement augmentée, et prolongée jusque vers l'époque actuelle. Tom. 14. [Plates.]

Paris, 1799–1802. 4° (7.2X 4.5).

MONUMENTS of Washington's Patriotism. See WASHINGTON, G.
Moody, Rev. Silas, of Arundel, Me.; b. 1742. d. 1816.

1 Sermon, preached at Arundel, January 12, 1800: on the Death of George

Portsmouth, 1800. 8°, pp. 16. Moore, Edward, an English poet & essayist ; 6. 1712. d. 1757.

2 World (The), conducted by Moore. See (British Essayists.-Vol. 22-24). MOORE, Frank.

3 Diary of the American Revolution. From Newspapers and original Documents. Vol. 1, 2. [Portraits, Maps and Engravings.]

New York, 1860. 8° (6.5X3.4). 4 Songs and Ballads of the American Revolution. With Notes and Illustrations. • * *

New York, 1856. 12° (4.5X3.1 irr.). Editor. See REBELLION Record (The). MOORE, Henry, a Methodist preacher, in England.

5 Life (The) of the Rev. John Wesley; in which are included the Life of

his Brother, the Rev. Charles Wesley; and Memoirs of their Family; comprehending an Account of the Great Revival of Religion, in which they were the first and chief Instruments. ** ... Vol. 1, 2. Portraits.]

New-York, 1826. 8° (6.9X3.9). MOORE, J. Hamilton, of the British Navy.

6 Practical Navigator (The) and Seaman's New Daily Assistant. ...

Exemplified in a Journal kept from London to the Island of St. Maries,

and back again to Falmouth :... London, 1772. 8° (6.7X3.9). Moore, John, M.D., a Scottish physiciun & author; b. 1729. d. 1802.

7 Essay on the Causes, Nature, and Cure of Consumption. With Charter

of Mass. Medical Society. Boston, n. d. 8°, pp. 45. [2 copies.] 8 Journal (A) during a Residence in France, from ... August to ...

December, 1792. To which is added, An Account of the most Remarkable Events that happened from that time to the Death of the late King of France. ... Vol. 1, 2...

London, 1793. 8°(5.7X3.1). [2 copies.] 9 View (A) of Society and Manners in Italy; ... Vol. 1-3. *** 4th ed.

Dublin, 1792. 12° (5.1 X2.7). 10 View (A) of Society and Manners in France, Switzerland, and Germa

ny;... Vol. 1, 2. 6th ed. * * * Dublin, 1797. 12° (5.2 x 2.7). 11 Zeluco. Various Views of Human Nature, taken from Life and Manners, foreign and domestic. [By J. Moore.] ***

Boston, 1792. 8° (6.6X3.7). MOORE, Rev. Martin, of Natick, Mass.

12 Memoirs of the Life and Character of the Rev. John Eliot, Apostle of the North American Indians.

Boston, 1822. 24° (4.4X3.6). MOORE, Nathaniel F., LL.D., Pres. of Columbia College ; b. 1782. 13 Historical Sketch (An) of Columbia College, in the City of New-York.

New-York, 1846. 12° (5.2X3). Moore, Thomas, Esq., an Irish poet; b. in Dublin, 1779. d. 1852.

14 Epistles, Odes and other Poems. ...[With) A Notice, critical and

biographical, of the Author. Philadelphia, 1806. 8° (6.1X3 irr.). 15 Memoirs of the Life of the Rt. Hon. Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

Philadelphia, 1825. 8°(6.4X3.5), pp. 602. 16 Poetical Works, collected by himself. With a Memoir. Vol. 1-6. [Portrait.)

Boston, 1856. 16° (4.8 X 2.8 irr.).

MORAES, Francesco de. See PALMERIN of England.
MORAL Philosopher (The). See MORGAN, T.
MORE, Mrs. Hannah, an English authoress ; 6. 1745. d. 1833.

1 Memoirs of Life and Correspondence of Mrs. H. M. See ROBERTS, W.
2 Moral Sketches of prevailing Opinions and Manners ...: with Reflec-

tions on Prayer. * * London, 1819. 8° (5.1 X2.9), pp. 518. 3 Thoughts on the Importance of the Manners of the Great to General So

ciety. [By H. More.] *** 4th ed. Philadelphia, 1788. 24°, pp. 81. 4 Works, ... Vol. 1-8.

Philadelphia, 1813. 24° (4.6 X 2.7). 5 Works. With a Sketch of her Life. ... Vol. 1, 2. [Portrait.]

Boston, 1827. 8° (7.8 X 1.4 irr.), 2 cols. MORE, Henry, D.D., an English Platonic philosopher; b. 1614. d. 1687.

6 Enchiridion Ethicum, præcipua Moralis Philosophiæ Pudimenta complectens, ...

Londini, 1668. 12° (5.3X2.7), m. I. 7 Enchiridion Ethicum, ... Ed. 4ta: cui accesserunt Scholia, una cum

Autoris Epistola ad V. C. **. Londini, 1711. 12° (5.4 X 2.9). 8 Epistola ad V. C. quæ Apologiam complectitur pro Cartesio, quæque In

troductionis loco esse poterit ad universam Philosophiam Cartesiam. ... Ed. 4ta ...

Londini, 1711. 8°, m. r., pp. 86. 9 Modest Enquiry (A) into the Mystery of Iniquity, Part I., containing a

... Delineation of the True Idea of Antichristianism ... *** Synopsis Prophetica; or, Part II. of the Enquiry into the Mystery of Iniquity:... *** The Apology of Dr. H. More. . . . As well a more general Account of the Manner and Scope of his Writings, as a particular Explication of several Passages in his Grand Mystery of Godliness.

. London, 1664. 2° (8.7X4.8), m. r., pp. 567+. Note.— Each of the three portions has only independent title-page. More, Sir Thomas, an English statesman & philosopher ; b. 1480. d. 1535.

10 Utopia: or, The Happy Republic. A Philosophical Romance, to which

is added The New Atlantis, by Lord Bacon. With a preliminary Discourse, containing an Analysis of Plato's Republic, &c., and copious

Notes, by J. A. St. John. New ed. London, 1845. 16° (5.1 X2.9). 11 Utopia: and History of King Richard III. [Edited] with some Account of the Author and his Writings (by A. Young).

Boston, 1834. 16° (4.6 X 2.7). MOREAU DE MAUPERTUIS, Pierre Louis. See MAUPERTUIS, P. L. MOREAU DE. MOREAU, Jean Victor, a French general; b. 1763. d. 1813.

12 Histoire de Gén. Moreau, jusqu'a la Paix de Lunéville, contenant une

Notice sur la Vie de ce Général, ses Campagnes sur le Rhin et en Italie, etc. *** [Portrait.]

Paris, 1802. 16° (4.8 X 2.7). MOREAU DE SAINT-MÉRY, Médéric Louis Élie, a lawyer of St. Domingo, aft.

Counsellor of State, &c. of France; b. 1750. d. 1819. 13 Authentic Account (An) of the Embassy of the East-India Company,

to the Court of the Emperor of China, in the years 1794 and 1795 ...; taken from the Journal of A. E. Van Braam. Translated from the Original. With ... a Chart of the Route. Vol. 1. 2.

London, 1798. 8° (5.7X3.4). [2 copies. ]


MORFAT DE SAINT-MÉRY, Médéric Louis Élie, continued.

I Loix et Constitutions des Colonies Françoises de l'Amérique sous le

vent; suivies, 1°. d'un Tableau raisonné des differentes parties de l'Administration actuelle de ces Colonies: 2°. d'Observations générales sur le Climat, la Population, la Culture, le Caractère et les Mæurs des Habitans de la partie Françoise de Saint-Domingue: 3o. d'une Description physique, politique et topographique des différens Quartiers de cette même partie ; le tout terminé par l'Histoire de cette Isle et de ses dépendances, depuis leur découverte jusqu'à nos jours. Par M. Moreau de Saint

Méry. Tom. 1-6. ... *** Paris, (1784-'90]. 4° (7.4X4.8). 9 Topographical and Political Description (A) of the Spanish Part of Saint

Domingo, containing general Observations on the Climate, Population, and Productions; on the Character and Manners of the Inhabitants ; with an Account of the several Branches of the Government: ... [with] Maps of the whole Island. Translated from the French by W. Cobbett. Vol. 1, 2.

Philadelphia, 1796. 8° (6.2X3.5). MOREHEAD, Rev. R., an Established clergyman, of Edinburgh.

3 Series (A) of Discourses, on the Principles of Human Belief, as connected with Human Happiness and Improvement.

Philadelphia, 1810. 8° (6.3X3.5). MOREL DE V'INDÉ, Vicomte Charles Gilbert, a Fr. agriculturist ; b. 1759. d. 1842.

4 Mémoire et Instruction sur les Troupeaux de progression ; suivi d'un

Rapport fait a l'Institute de France, par MM. Tessier, Huzard et Silvestre.

Paris, 1808. 8°, pp. 94. MORELL, J. D.

5 Historical and Critical View (An) of the Speculative Philosophy of Europe in the Nineteenth Century. ...

"New York, 1848. 8°(6.7X4.9), pp. 752. 6 Philosophy (The) of Religion. New-York, 1849. 12° (5.3X3.3). MORELL, Rer. Thomas, D.D., F.R.S., Rector of Buckland; 6. 1701. d. 1784.

7 Abridgement (An) of the last Quarto Edition of Ainsworth's Dictionary, English and Latin. ... Designed for the use of Schools. 3d ed. 2 rols.

London, 1790. 8° (7 X 4.1), 3 cols., n. p. Editor. See AINSWORTH, R. Thesaurus Linguæ Latinæ compendiarius.

Editor. See HEDERICH, B. Græcum Lexicon manuale. BORERI, Louis, S.T.D., a French priest ; b. 1643. d. 1680.

8 Great Historical, Geographical, Genealogical and Poetical Dictionary

(The); being a curious Miscellany of Sacred and Profane History. ... Collected ... more especially out of L. Moreri ... Vol. 1 [.4-L]. 2 (M-Z]. 2d ed. ... enlarg’d to the year 1688; by J. Collier. [Portrait of Collier.]

London, 1701. 2° (11.4 X 6.5), 2 cols. 9 Supplement (A) to the Great Historical, Geographical, Genealogical and

Poetical Dictionary: ... By J. Collier. Together with a Continuation from the year 1688, to 1705, by another hand. 2d ed.

London, 1727. 2° (11.6X6.3), 2 cols. 19 Appendix (An) to the three English Volumes ... of Moreri's Great

... Dictionary. By J. Collier. London, 1721. 2° (11.1 X 6.6), 2 cols. MORES, Edward Rowe, an English antiquary ; b. at Tunstall, 1730. d. 1779.

Editor. See DioNYSIUS, of Halicarnassus. De Antiquis Oratoribus. MORGAN, Augustus DE. See DE MORGAN, A.

MORGAN, Lewis H.

1 League of the Ho-Dé-No-Sau-Nee, or Iroquois. [Map, Portrait and Engravings.]

Rochester, 1851. 8° (6.3X3.5). Morgan, John, M.D., F.R.S., an American physician; b. 1736. d. 1789.

2 Vindication (A) of his Public Character in the Station of Director-Gen

eral of the Military Hospitals, and Physician in Chief to the American Army; anno, 1776.

Boston, 1777. 8° (5.4 X3.3). MORGAN, Sydney Owenson, Lady; an Irish authoress; b. 1780. d. 1859. 3 Italy, by Lady Morgan. *** ... Vol. 1, 2.

New-York, 1821. 8° (6X3.6). MORGAN, Thomas, M.D.

4 Moral Philosopher (The). In a Dialogue between Philalethes a Chris

tian Deist, and Theophanes a Christian Jew. (By T. Morgan.] ... * * * 2d ed., corrected.

London, 1738. 8° (6X3.3). 5 Moral Philosopher (The). Vol. 2. Being a farther Vindication of Moral

Truth and Reason; occasioned by two books ... The Divine Authority of the Old and New Testaments asserted. ... By Mr. Leland; ... [and] Eusebius: or the True Christian's Defence, &c. By Mr.

Chapman. By Philalethes [T. Morgan). London, 1739. 8° (6X3.3). MORI, Ascanio DE'. 6 Novelle. [Portrait.]

Firenze, 1832. 8° (6.6X4), 2 cols. Morison, Rev. William, of Londonderry, N.H.; b. in Scotland, 1748. d. 1818.

7 Sermon delivered at Londonderry, January 1, 1800; on the Death of Gen. George Washington.

Newburyport, n. d. 8°, pp. 32. Moritz, Carl Philipp, a German author; b. 1757. d. 1793.

8 Travels in England, in 1782. See PINKERTON, J. (Voyages, &c., vol. 2.) MORLAND, Sir Samuel, an English statesmı & mechanician; b. 1625. d. 1695.

9 Brief Account (A) of the Life, Writings and Inventions of Sir Samuel Morland, Master of Mechanics to Charles the Second. *** [By J. 0. Halliwell.]

Cambridge, 1838. 8°, pp. 31. 10 History (The) of the Evangelical Churches of the Valleys of Piemont.

Containing a ... Geographical Description of the Place, and a faithfull
Account of the Doctrine, Life, and Persecutions of the Ancient Inhabi-
tants. ...[With] Relation of the late Bloudy Massacre, 1655. and a
Narrative of all the following Transactions to 1658. ... *** [Por-

trait, Map and Plates.] London, 1658. 2° (9X7.7), pp. lxviii., 709. MORNAY, Philippe de, Du Plessis. See DUPLESSIS-MORNAY, P. de. MORNING Chronicle (The) and London Advertiser. Oct. 13, 1794--Oct. 9, 1803;

11 June 6, 1804--Sept. 3, 1806; July 1, 1809--Oct. 10, 1822; March 4, 1823

May 22, 1824. 33 vols. London, 1794-1824. 2? (20.8 x 14.5), 5 cols. MORNING Post (The) and Gazetteer. April 2, 1798--June 4, 1804. The Morn12 ing Post. Jan. 22, 1806--Nov. 16, 1809. 3 vols. [Incomplete.]

[London] 1798-1809. 2° (17.5X11.5), 4 cols. MORRELL, Rev. William, a Prot.-Episc. clergyman, at Plymouth in 1623.

13 New England; or, Enarration of the Ayre, Earth, Water, Fish, and

Fowles of that Country, and of the Natives. A Poem. In Latin and

English. London,1625. See Mass. Hist. Society. (Coll., 1st Series, vol.1.) MORRICE, Alexander.

14 Treatise on Brewing ... 4th ed. London, 1806. 89 (5X3.1).

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