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MORRICE, Rev. Matthias, a Dissenting minister of South Wales; 6.1684. d. 1738.

1 Faith Encouraged, in a ... Exposition of Heb. VI. 4, 5, 6. Heb. X.

26. 1 John V. 16. ... *** London, 1726. 8° (6X3), m. r. 2 Social Religion Exemplified, in an Account of the First Settlement of

Christianity in the City of Caerludd; ... 4th ed... [With] Ac

count of the Author, by E. Williams. Shrewsbury, 1786. 12° (5X3). Morris, Gouverneur, LL.D., U.S. Senator, &c.; b. in N.Y., 1752. d. 1816.

3 Life (The) of G. Morris, with Selections from his Correspondence and miscellaneous Papers ; detailing Events in the American Revolution, the French Revolution and in the Political History of the United States. By

J. Sparks. ... Vol. 1-3. [Portrait.] Boston, 1832. 12° (6.1X3.6). 4 Oration delivered June 29, 1814, at the request of ... Citizens of New

York, in celebration of the Recent Deliverance of Europe from the Yoke of Military Despotism.

Salem, 1814. 8°, pp. 16. 5 Speech on the Judiciary Establishment. See WILLISTON, E. B. (Elo

quence of the U. S., vol. 1.) MORRIS, John G.

6 Catalogue of the described Lepidoptera of North America. Prepared

for the Smithsonian Institution. **. Washington, 1830. 8°, pp. 68. Morris, John William, a Baptist minister of England.

7 Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Rev. Andrew Fuller. ... Edited

by R. Babcock, Jun. [Portrait.] Boston, 1830. 8° (5.9X3.3). Morris, Rev. Joseph. 8 Sermons ...

London, 1743. 8° (6X3.1). MORRIS, Robert, an American financier, one of the signers of the Declaration

of Independence; b. in Lancashire, Eng., 1734. d. in Phila., 1806. 9 Correspondence. See UNITED STATES. (Diplomatic Correspondence of

the American Revolution, vol. 11, 12.) Morrison, Alexander J. W., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, Eng.

Translator. See Ritter, H. The History of Ancient Philosophy. Morse, Jedidiah, D.D., of Charlestown, Mass.; b. in Conn., 1761. d. 1826. 10 American Gazetteer (The), ... Illustrated with seven . . . Maps.

Boston, 1797. 8° (7 X 4), 2 cols., n. p. [2 copies.] 11 New Gazetteer (A) of the Eastern Continent; ... By J. Morse, and

E. Parish. Illustrated with eighteen Maps. Designed as a Second
Volume, to the American Gazetteer.

Charlestown, 1802. 8° (7X4), 2 cols, n. p. 12 American Geography (The); or, A View of the Present Situation of the

United States of America. ... Illustrated with two Sheet Maps. To which is added, A Concise Abridgment of the Geography of the British, Spanish, French and Dutch Dominions in America, and the West Indies; and of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Elizabeth Town, 1789. 8° (6.4 X3.8), pp. 534. 13 American Geography; or, A View of the Present Situation of the United

States of America ; ... With a View of the British, Spanish, French,
Portuguese and Dutch Dominions on the Continent, and in the West
Indies, and of Europe, Asia and Africa. New ed., revised, corrected, and
greatly enlarged, by the author, and illustrated with twenty-five Maps.

London, 1794. 4° (8.1 X 5.8), pp. 714. MORSE, Jedidiah, D.D., continued.

| American Universal Geography (The), or, A View of the Present State

of all the Empires, Kingdoms, States, and Republics in the Known Worlil, and of the United States of America in particular. ... Illustrated with Maps ... Part I. Being a New Edition of the American Geography ... Part II. containing a Geographical Description of the

Eastern Continent and Islands. 2 vols. Boston, 1793. 8° (6.8X3.9). 2 American Universal Geography (The), ... Illustrated with twenty

eight Maps and Charts. Part I. The Introduction revised and amended by S. Webber. 4th ed. ... Part II. ... 3d ed. 2 vols.

Boston, 1800, '01. 8° (6.8X3.9). 3 Appeal (An) to the Public, on the Controversy respecting the Rerolu

tion in Harvard College, and the Events which have followed it ; occasioned by the ... Complaints and Accusations of Miss Hannah Adams, against the author. • *

Charlestown, 1814. 8° (7.1 X3.9). NUTE. - Compare :-ILARVARD COLLEGE. Miscellow ous Review of Dr. Morse's "Ap

peal to the Pullick,” &c.;-REMARKS on the Controversy betwien Dr. Morse and

Miis Adams, &c. 4 Discourse, delivered in Boston, July 14, 1808, in grateful celebration of

the Abolition of the African Slave-Trade, by the Governments of the

United States, Great Britain and Denmark. Boston, 1808. 8°, pp. 28. 5 Duty (The) of Resignation under Afflictions, illustrated and enforced

... in a Sermon preached at Charlestown, April 17, 1796, on the Death of Hon. Thomas Russel.

Boston, 1796. 89, pp. 31. 6 Report (A) to the Secretary of War of the United States, on Indian

Affairs, comprising a Narrative of a Tour performed in the Summer of 1820, ... for the purpose of ascertaining, for the Use of the Government, the Actual State of the Indian Tribes in our Country: illustrated by a Vap ... [and] Portrait ... New Haven, 1822. 8° (6.4 X3.5). 7 Sermon before the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, in Bos

ton, June 6, 1803, at their Election. Charlestown, 1803. 8°, pp. 32. & Sermon at Charlestown, July 23, 1812; National-Fost Day in consequence of a Declaration of War with Great Britain.

Charlestown, 1812. 80, pp. 32. 9 Sermon, at Charleston, the Sabbath after the Interment of Mrs. Mary Russell, who died July 24, 1806.

89, pp. 18. 10 Sermon delivered before the American Board of Commissioners for For

eign Missions, at their Annual Meeting in Springfield, Mass., Sept. 19, 1821.

Boston, 1821. 8°, pp. 36. 11 Sermon delivered before the Convention of Congregational Ministers in Boston, May 28, 1812.

Boston, 1828. 8°, pp. 28. 12 Sermon delivered May 18, 1808, at the Ordination of Rev. J. Huntington. [Ch., by J. Lathrop; R.H., by W. Chunning.)

Boston, 1808. 8°, pp. 32. 13 Sermon exhibiting the present Dangers, and consequent Duties of the

Citizens of the United States. Delivered at Charlestown, April 25, 1799, the day of National Fast. With Notes.

Charleston, 1799. 80, pp. 50. 14 Sermon, preached in Boston, Sept. 25, 1810, before the Managers of the Boston Female Asylum.

Boston, 1807. 8°, pp. 23. MORSE, Jedidiah, D.D., continued.

Sermon, preached before the Humane Society of Massachusetts, June 9, 1801.

Boston, 1801. 8°, pp. 53. [2 copies.] 9 Sermon, preached Feb. 28, 1790, upon the Death of Richard Cary, Esq.

Boston, 1790. 4°, pp. 27. 3 Signs of the Times. A Sermon preached before the Society for propagating the Gospel among the Indians and others in North America, Nov.

1, 1810. With Notes and Appendix. Charlestown, 1810. 8°, pp. 72. 4 True Reasons (The) on which the Election of a Hollis Professor of Di

vinity in Harvard College, was opposed at the Board of Overseers, Feb. 14, 1805.

Charlestown, 1805. 8°, pp. 28. Editor. See PANOPLIST (The), &c. 1805–1810.

Editor. See STANHOPE, P. D. Elements of a Polite Education. MORT, John, an English Unitarian; b. 1702. d. 1788.

5 Life, Sentiments and Character of John Mort. See TOULMIN, H. MORTIMER, Thomas, Esq., English Vice-Consul at Ostend.

Editor. See BEAWES, W. Lex Mercatoria Rediviva.

Translator. See NECKER, J. Administration of the Finance's of France. MORTOX, Rer. Daniel 0., of Shoreham, Vt.

6 Memoir of Rev. Levi Parsons, late Missionary to Palestine.... [Portrait.]

Poultney, Vt., 1824. 12° (5.8X3.2). MORTOS, Hon. Marcus, Governor of Massachusetts.

* Address to the Citizens of Taunton, Nov. 4-7, 1853. See MASSACHU

SETTS.— Commonwealth. Constitutions. (Discussions on the Consti

tution proposed by the Convention of 1853.) MORTON, Nathaniel, Sec'y of Plymouth Colony ; b. in England, 1612. d. 1685.

* New England's Memorial. 5th ed. Containing besides the original

Work, and the Supplement annexed to the 2d ed., large Additions in marginal Notes, and an Appendix ; with ... an ancient Map. By J. Davis. ***

Boston, 1826. 8° (6.3X3.6). Morrox, Mrs. Sarah WENTWORTH, wife of Hon. Perez Morton, of Boston.

9 Ouâbi: or the Virtues of Nature. An Indian Tale.... By Philenia, a Lady of Boston.

Boston, 1790. 8°, pp. 51. MORTON, Samuel George, M.D., of Philadelphia ; b. 1799. d. 1851. 10 Crania Egyptiaca. Observations of Egyptian Ethnography, derived

from Anatomy, History, and the Monuments. See AMERICAN Philos.

Society. (Transactions, New Series, vol. 9.) 11 Inquiry into the distinctive Characteristics of the Aboriginal Races of

America. See Boston Society of Natural History. (Journal, &c., vol.4.) 12 Memoir of the Life and Scientific Labors of S. G. Morton. By H. S.

Patterson. See NOTT, J. C. Types of Mankind.-Pp. xvii.-lvii. 13 Observations, on the Size of the Brain in Man; on the Origin of the

Human Race ; &c. See Notr, J. C. (Types of Mankind : &c.) MORTOX, Thomas, an English bishop, Chaplain to K. James ; b. 1564. d 1659. 14 Catholike Appeale (A) for Protestants, out of the Confessions of the Ro

mane Doctors; particularly answering the mis-named Catholike Apologie for the Romane Faith, out of the Protestants : ... ***

Londini, 1609. 20 (8.8 X 5.5), m. n., pp. 680+. Moers, Samuel Friedrich Nathanael, S.T.D., Prof. at Leipsic; 6. 1736. d. 1792.

15 Hermenevtica (Svper) Novi Testamenti Acroases Academicae. Éditioni aptavit Praefatione et Additamentis instrvxit H.C. A. Eichstädt. Vol.

Lipsiae, 1797, 1802. 8° (5.9X3.5).

1, 2.

Moschus, a Greek bucolic poet, of Syracuse ; fl. about 250 B.C.

I Carmina. See THEOCRITUS. Theocriti etc. Carmina bucolica.
MOSELEY, Prof. Henry.

2 Definite Integrals. See (ENCYCLOPÆDIA Metropolitana, vol. 2). Mosheim, Johann Lorenz von, S.T.D., Chanc. Univ. Göttingen; b.1694. d. 1755.

3 Cudworth's True Intellectual System of the Universe; with the Notes and

Dissertations of Dr. J. L. Mosheim. See CudwORTH, R.
Ecclesiastical History (An), antient and modern, from the Birth of Christ,
to the Beginning of the Present Century: in which the Rise, Progress,
and Variations of Church Power are considered in connexion with the
State of Learning and Philosophy, and the Political History of Europe
during that period. Translated from the original Latin, and accom-
panied with Notes and Chronological Tables, by A. Maclaine. ... To
which is added an accurate Index. New ed. Vol. 1-6.

London, 1782. 8° (6.5 irr.X3.3). MOTIER, M.J.P.R. Y. G. DE, Marquis de Lafayette. See LAFAYETTE, M.J. &c. MOTLEY, John Lothrop, LL.D., D.C.L.; b. in Dorchester, Mass., 1814.

5 History of the United Netherlands: from the Death of William the Silent

to the Synod of Dort. With a full View of the English-Dutch Struggle
against Spain, and of the Origin and Destruction of the Spanish Armada.
Vol. 1, 2. [Portraits and Plan.] New York, 1861. 8° (6.5 irr. X3.8).

Vore.- Continuing; to be completed in four volumes.
6 Rise (The) of the Dutch Republic. A History. ... Vol. 1-3.

New York, 1856. 8° (6.5X3.8). MOTTE, Andrew.

Translator. See NewTON, I. Mathematical Principles, &c. MOTTE, Guillaume Manquest DE LA. See LA MOTTE, G. M. DE. MOULLIN DE MARGUERY, M. , a physician, of Paris.

7 Traité des Eaux Minérales nouvellement découvertes au Village de Passy,

pres Paris. Par M. Moullin de Marguery. Paris, 1723. 24° (5X2.5). MOUNIER, Jean Joseph, a French publicist; b. 1758. d. 1806.

8 Considérations sur les Gouvernemens, et principalement sur celui qui convient a la France.

Paris, 1789. 8°, pp. 54. 9 Exposé de la Conduite de M. Mounier, dans l'Assemblée Nationale, et

des Motifs de son Retour en Dauphine. Paris, 1789. 8°(5.5X3.1). MOUNTENEY, Richard.

Editor, &c. See DEMOSTHENES. Selectæ Orationes. Mourt, George, supposed one of the Plymouth Colony.

10 Relation or Journal of the Beginning and Proceedings of the English

Plantation settled at Plimoth in New England by certain English Adventurers, both Merchants and others. First printed in 1622. See

Mass. Hist. Society. (Collections, 1st Series, vol. 8; 2d Series, vol. 9.) Mouton-FONTENILLE, J. P., of the French Academy, &c.

Translator, &c. See LINNÉ, C. von. Système des Plantes. Moxon, Joseph, Hydrographer to Charles II. ; b. 1627. d. 1700.

11 Tutor (A) to Astronomy and Geography. ... With an Appendix

shewing the Use of the Ptolemaick Sphere. 5th ed., corrected and enlarged. Whereunto is added the Antient Poetical Stories of the Stars ...; as also a Discourse of the Antiquity, Progress, and Augmentation of Astronomy. *** [Portrait and Plates.] London, 1699. 4° (6.6X4). MEDIE, Robert, an English naturalist.

i Popular Guide (A) to the Observation of Nature; ... (Harper's Family Library, No. 57.)

New-York, 1833. 12° (4.5X2.7). MCHLENBERG, William A., D.D., a Prot.-Episc. clergyman, of New York city.

Joint Author. See WAINWRIGHT, J. M. The Choir and Family Psalter. MEHLENFELS, Ludwig von, Prof. of German, &c., Univ. of London.

2 Introduction (An) to a Course of German Literature; in Lectures to the

Students of the University of London. London, 1830. 8° (5.8X3.5). 3 Introductory Lecture (An) [on the German and Northern Languages and Literature] delivered in the University of London, Oct. 30, 1828. 2d ed.

London, 1829. 8°, pp. 32. MCIR, Rev. George, of Paisley, Scotland.

4 Essay (An) on Christ's Cross and Crown. To which are subjoined, Six

Sermons. 2d ed. Paisley, 1769. 12° (5.3X3.9). [2 copies.] MOLLER, Carl.

Editor. See DIODORUS SICULUS. Bibliothecæ historicæ quæ supersunt. MELLEE, Carl Ottfreid, Prof. of Archæol., &c., Univ.of Göttingen; 6.1797. d.1841.

5 History (The) and Antiquities of the Doric Race. Translated from the German by H. Tufnell and G. C. Lewis. Vol. 1, 2. [Maps.]

Oxford, 1830. 8° (6.1X3.5). MÜLLER, Johann von, a Swiss historian ; b. 1752. d. 1809.

Joint Editor. See HERDER, J. G. von. Sämmtliche Werke. MÖLLER, Johann Georg.

Editor. See HERDER, M. C. v. Erinnerungen aus dem Leben J. G. von H.

Joint Editor. See HERDER, J. G. von. Sämmtliche Werke. MILLER, Julian, S.T.D., Prof. of Theol. at Halle; 6. 1801.

Joint Editor. See THEOLOGISCHE Studien und Kritiken. 1856–1861. MILLER, John, Prof. of Artillery, &c., Royal Academy at Woolwich. 6 Appendix, or, Supplement to the Treatise of Artillery:... [Plates.]

London, 1768. 8° (6.1X3.6). 7 Elements of Mathematics. ... Vol. 1. 2d ed. (Plates.)

London, 1757. 8°(5.9X3.1). & Treatise (A) containing the Elementary Part of Fortification ... Il

lustrated with thirty-four Copper Plates. London, 1746. 8° (5.7x3.2). 9 Treatise (A) containing the Practical Part of Fortification. Illustrated with twenty-eight Copper Plates. London, 1755. 8° (6.3X3.6).

Translator. See CLAIRAC, J. A. DE LA M. Chev. DE. The Field Engineer. MÜLLER, Max, a German orientalist; b. 1823. 10 Languages (The) of the Seat of War in the East. With a Survey of the

three Families of Language, Semitic, Arian, and Turanian. 2d ed., with an Appendix on the Missionary Alphabet, and an Ethnological Map, ...

London, 1855. 8° (6.3X3.4). 11 Lectures on the Science of Language delivered at the Royal Institution

of Great Britain in ... 1861. **. From the 2d London ed., revised.

New York, 1862. 8° (5.5X3.3). MCX, Edward. 12 Metres (The) of the Greeks and Romans. A Manual for Schools and

Private Study. Translated from the German. By C. Beck and C. C.

Boston, 1844. 12° (5.6X3.2).

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