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BARLOW, Joel, continued.

Pneumatics. See (ENCYCLOPÆDIA Metropolitana, vol. 3).

2 Theory of Numbers. See (ENCYCLOPÆDIA Metropolitana, vol. 1). BARNABAS, St., the companion of St. Paul, a Levite, of Cyprus.

3 Catholick Epistle of St. Barnabas; translated, with a preliminary Dis

course, by Wake. See WAKE, W. The Genuine Epistles, &c. BARNARD, Rev. Edward, of Haverhill, Mass.; 6. 1720. d. 1774.

4 Election Sermon, Mass., May 28, 1766. Boston, 1766. 8°, pp. 39. BARNARD, Frederick A. P., LL.D., Pres. of Univ. of Mississippi; b. 1809.

5 Letters on College Government, and the Evils inseparable from the American College System in its present form: ...

New York, 1855. 8° (6.7X4). 6 Report on a Proposition to modify the Plan of bstruction in the Uni

versity of Alabama, made to the Faculty of the University. Read to

the ... Trustees, Sept. 26, 1854. New York, 1855. 8° (6.7 X3.9). BARNARD, Henry, LL.D.; b. at Ilartford, Conn., 1811.

Editor. See AMERICAN Journal of Education.
BARNARD, Rev. John, of Narblehead, 11185.; 6. 1681. d. 1770.

7 Autobiography. See Mass. Hist. Society. (Coll., 3d Series, vol. 5.)
8 Proof (A) of Jesus Christ His being the ancient promised Messiah.
Dudleian Lecture, June 23, 1756.

Boston, 1756. 8°, pp. 55. BARNARD, Rev. Thomas, A.M., of Newbury, aft. of Salem, Vís. ; b. 1716. d. 1776.

9 Election Sermon, Mass., May 25, 1763. Boston, 1763. 8°, pp. 45. 10 Power (The) of God, the Proof of Christianity. Dudleian Lecture, May 11th, 1768.

Salem, 1768. 8°, pp. 28. [2 copies.] BARNARD, Rev. Thomas, D.D., of Salem, Mass. ; b. 1748. d. 1814.

11 Discourse delivered before the Humane Society of ... Massachusetts, June 10, 1794.

Boston, 1794.8°, pp. 25. [2 copies.] 12 Fast Sermon, at Salem, March 31, 1796. Salem, n. d. 89, pp. 20. 13 Sermon preached Dec. 29, 1799, in Salem, upon the Death of General George Washington.

Salem, n. d. 8°, pp. 27. BARNES, Rev. Albert, D.D., of Philadelphia, Penn.; b. 1798. 14 Notes, critical, explanatory, and practical, on the Book of the Prophet

Isaiah. ... Vol. 1, 2. New York, 1858. 12° (6X3.7), 2 cols. 15 Notes, critical, illustrative, and practical, on the Book of Job; with a

New Translation, and an introductory Dissertation. Vol. 1, 2. New improved edition.

New York, 1855. 12° (5.8 X3.6), 2 cols. 10 Notes, explanatory and practical, on the Acts of the Apostles. ...

4th ed. [Map of Asia Minor.] New York, 1835. 12°(5.8X3.6), 2 cols. 17 Notes, explanatory and practical, on the Epistle to the Romans. 3d ed.

New York, 1835. 12° (5.8X3.6), 2 cols. 18 Notes, explanatory and practical, on the Gospels. ... Vol. 1, 2. [Vlap of Palestine.]

New York, 1835. 12° (5.8X3.6), 2 cols. BARNES, Joshua, Prof. of Greek at Cambridge, Eng.; b. 1654. d. 1712.

Editor', &c. See EURIPIDES. Tragoediae.
BARNES, William, B.D., of St. John's College, Cambridge.

19 Philological Grammar (A), grounded upon English, and formed, from a
Comparison of more than Sixty Languages. ...

° London, 1834. 8°(6X3.7). BARRÉ DE SAINT-VENANT, Jean, a French agriculturist; b. 1737. d. 1810. 20 Colonies (Des) modernes sous la Zone Torride, et particulièrement de celle de Saint-Domingue: ... Par M. Barré Saint-Venant.

Paris, 1802. 8° (0.5X3), pp. 516.


BARRETT, Rer. B. F., of the New Jerusalem Church, New York.

1 Corner-Stone of the New Jerusalem. New York, 1845. 12°, pp. 57. 2 Course (A) of Lectures on the Doctrines of the New Jerusalem Church,

as revealed in the Theological Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg: delivered . . . 1810-41.

New York, 1842. 12° (5.9X3.3). BARRETT, Rev. Richard A. F., A.M., of King's College, Cambridge.

3 Synopsis (A) of Criticisms upon those Passages of the Old Testament,

ia which modern Commentators have differed from the Authorized Ver-
sion; together with an Explanation of various Difficulties in the He-
brew and English Texts. *** Vol. 1-P. I., II., 2–P. I., II., 3–
P. I. 5 vols.

London, 1847. 8° (7.2 X 4.5), 2 cols. NOTE. – This portion of the work, all yet published, finishes with Esther. BARRINGTON, John Shute, 1st Viscount ; b. 1678. d. 1734.

5 Essay on the Teaching and Witness of the Holy Spirit. See Watson, R.

(Theol. Tracts, rol. 4.) BARRISTER (The): or, Strictures on the Education proper for the Bar. ...

Dublin, 1792. 12° (4.4 X2.9). BARROW, Isaac, D.D., Prof, Greek, &c. Trin. Coll. Cambridge; b. 1630. d. 1677.

Editor. See EUCLID. Elements of Geometry. BARROW, Sir John, Bart., Secy to the British Admiralty ; b. 1764. d. 1848.

* Account (An) of Travels into the Interior of Southern Africa, in the

Years 1792 and 1793. ... [Map.] New-York, 1802. 8°(6.2X3.4). 8 Description (A) of Pitcairn's Island and its Inhabitants. With an au

thentic Account of the Mutiny of the Ship Bounty, and of the subsequent Fortunes of the Mutineers. [By Sir J. Barrow.] (Harper's Family Library, No. 31.)

New-York, 1839. 18° (4.5X2.7). 9 Memoir (A) of the Life of Peter the Great. [Portrait.] (Harper's Family Library, No. 65.)

New-York, 1834. 18° (1.5X2.7). 10 Travels in China, containing Descriptions, Observations, and Compari

sons, made and collected in the course of a Short Residence . . ., and on a subsequent Journey ... from Pekin to Canton. ... [Engravings.]

London, 1804. 4° (6.4X4.6), pp. 632. [2 copies.] BARROW, John, jun., son of preceding.

11 Excursions ... through Parts of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark,

and Norway. New ed. (Maps, &c.] London, 1835. 12°(5X3). BARROWS, E. P., Prof. of Biblical Lit. Andover Theol. Sem.

12 Memoir of Everton Judson. [Portrait.] Boston, 1852. 12° (5.4X3.2). BARRY, James, an English historical painter ; b. in Cork, 1741. d. 1806.

13 Life. See CUNNINGHAM, A. (Lives of British Painters, &c., vol. 2.) BARRY, Rer. John Stetsop. 14 History (The) of Massachusetts. The Colonial Period; The Provincial Period; The Commonwealth Period. 3 vols.

Boston, 1855, 57, 57. 8° (6.5 irr. X3.6), m. h. BARTAS, Guillaume DE SALLUSTE, Sieur Du, a French officer ; b. 1544. d. 1590. 15 Summaries; or, Briefe Expositions of all the notable Passages in the

First Weeke, and the two first Dayes of the Second Weeke, of William of
Sallust, Lord of Bartas.

2° (8.8X4.5), m. r., pp. 315, 264. NOTE. - Imperfect, wanting signature A. BARTH, Henry, Ph.D., D.C.L., &c.; b. at Hamburg, 1821.

16 Travels and Discoveries in North and Central Africa: being a Journal

of an Expedition undertaken under the auspices of H. B. M.'s Government, in the Years 1849–1855. ... Vol. 1-5. [Maps and colored Engravings.]

London, 1857–58. 8° (6X3.6).

BARTHÉLEMY, Jean Jacques, l'Aubé, an eminent Fr. scholar; b. 1716. d. 1795.

| Travels of Anacharsis the Younger in Greece, during the Middle of the

Fourth Century before the Christian Æra. By the Abbé Barthelemi. Translated from the French. In 7 vols., and an eighth in 4°, containing Maps, Plans, Views, and Coins, illustrative of the Geography and

Antiquities of Ancient Greece. ... London, 1791. 8° (5.5X3.1). 2 Travels of Anacharsis the Younger in Greece. ... By the Abbé Bar

thelemy. Translated from the French. In 5 vols., the fifth, contains Maps, Plans, Views, and Coins ... 3d edition. Vol. 1-5.

Dublin, 1795. 8° (6.3X3.3). 3 Travels (The) of Anacharsis the Younger in Greece. . . . `Abridged

from the original Work of the Abbé Barthelemi. ... [Map and Engravings.]

London, 1797. 8° (5.9X3.3), pp. 639+. 4 Travels in Italy, by the Abbé Barthelemy; in a Series of Letters ... Translated from the French.

London, 1802. 8° (5.6X3.2). 5 Vie privée de M. l'Abbé de Mably. See MABLY, G. BONNET, l'Abbé DE.

(Appended to Le Destin de la France.) 6 Voyage du Jeune Anacharsis en Grèce, dans le Milieu du Quatrième Siècle avant l'Ere vulgaire. 3me éd. Tom. 1-7.

Paris, 1790. 8° (5.6X3). 7 Recueil de Cartes géographiques, Plans, Vues et Medailles de l'An

cienne Grèce, relatifs au Voyage de Jeune Anacharsis, précédé d'une

Analyse critique des Cartes. 3me éd. Paris, 1790. 4°, folded sheets. BARTHÉLEMY SAINT-HILAIRE, Jules, a French politician, &c.; b. 1805.

Translator, &c. See ARISTOTELES. Logique. Psychologie. BARTHOLIN, Kaspar, a Danish Physician; b. 1585. d. 1630.

8 Enchiridion metaphysicvm Philosophorvm Aristotelis, optimorvmqve In

terpretvm monumentis adornatum. Genevæ, 1621. 8°(5.3 X 2.9), pp. 32. BARTLET, William S., Rector of St. Luke's Church, Chelsea, Mass.; b. 1809.

9 Frontier Missionary (The): a Memoir of the Life of Rev. Jacob Bailey,

Missionary at Pownalborough, Me., Cornwallis and Annapolis, N. S.; with Illustrations, Notes and an Appendix. With a Preface by Rt. Rev.

G. Burgess. [Portraits, dr.] New York, 1833. 8°(6.6 X 4). BARTLETT, John Russell, Sec'y of State of R.I.; b. 1805. 10 Dictionary of Americanisms. A Glossary of Words and Phrases usually

regarded as peculiar to the United States. 2d edition greatly improved and enlarged.

Boston, 1859. 12° (6.6X4.1), pp. 521. BARTLETT, Joseph, Esq., of Woburn, Cambridge, &c.; b. 1763. d. 1827. 11 Aphorisms on Men, Manners, Principles & Things. *** ...

Portsmouth, 1810. 12° (1.9X3). 12 Physiognomy, a Poem.

Portsmouth, 1810. 120, pp. 19. BARTLETT, Ilon. Josiah, M.D., of Charlestown, Mass.; 6. 1759. d. 1820. 13 Dissertation on the Progress of Medical Science in Massachusetts.

Read at the Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Medical Society, .
June 6, 1810.

Boston, 1810. 8°, pp. 48. [2 copies.] 14 Historical Sketch of Charlestown, Mass.; read at the Opening of Washington Hall, Nov. 16, 1813.

Boston, 1814. 89, pp. 24. 15 Historical Sketch of Charlestown. See Mass. Hist. Society. (Collec

tions, 2d Series, vol. 2.) 16 Historical Sketch of the Progress of Medical Science in Massachusetts.

See Mass. Hist. Society. (Collections, 2d Series, vol. 1.) 17 Oration (An) on the Death of General George Washington, delivered

at Charlestown, Feb. 22, 1800. Charlestown, 1800. 8°, pp. 15.

BARTLETT, William Henry, of Kentish Town, England; b. 1809. d. 1854.

1 Illustrations of American Scenery. See AMERICAN Scenery, &c.

2 Illustrations of Scotland, and Switzerland. See BEATTIE, W. BARTOL, Rev. Cyrus Augustus, of Boston, grad. Bowd. Coll., 1832; b. 1813. 3 Discourses on the Christian Body and Form.

Boston, 1853. 12° (5.6X3.2). 4 Discourses on the Christian Spirit and Life.

Boston, 1850. 12° (5.3X3.2). BARTOLI, Pietro Santes, an Italian painter & engraver; b. 1635. d. 1700.

5 Colonna Traiana. Intagliata da P.S. Bartoli. See COLONNA Traiana. Bartox, Benjamin Smith, M.D., Prof. in Univ. of Penn.; b. 1766. d. 1815. 6 New Views of the Origin of the Tribes and Nations of America.

Philadelphia, 1798. 8° (6X3.3). 7 Philadelphia Medical and Physical Journal (The). Vol. 1, 2.

Philadelphia, 1805, 206. 8° (6.4X3.6). [2 copies,] NOTE. – Each volume has two parts, with independent title-pages and pagings. BARTOX, William, A.M.

8 Memoirs of David Rittenhouse, LL.D., &c. Interspersed with Notices

of many distinguished Men: with an Appendix, containing sundry Philosophical and other Papers. [Portrait.]

Philadelphia, 1813. 8° (6.5 X3.6), pp. 614. BARTRAM, William, an American Botanist, &c.; b. in Penn., 1739. d. 1823.

9 Travels through North and South Carolina, Georgia, East and West

Florida, the Cherokee Country, the extensive Territories of .... the
Creek Confederacy, and the Country of the Choctaws. ... [Plates.]

London, reprinted, 1792. 8°(5.8X3.3), pp. 520. BASXAGE DE BEAUVAL, Jacques, a Fr. statesman & theologian; 1.1653. d. 1723. 10 Continuation of [Josephus'] History of the Jews, to the Reign of the

Emperor Adrian ; with an Account of their various Dispersions: translated from the French of Basnage [by Rev. W. M. Rogers]. See JAIN,

J. (Appendix to Jahn's Hebrew Commonwealth.)
11 History (The) of the Jews, from Jesus Christ to the present Time: ...

Being a Supplement and Continuation of the History of Josephus.
Written in French by Mr. Basnage. Translated into English by T.

Taylor. [Plate.] London, 1708. 2° (12.2 X 6.8), 2 cols., pp. 759. BATCTIELOR, Thomas, a Farmer of Bedfordshire.

12 General View of the Agriculture of the County of Bedford. ... *** [Map and Plates.]

London, 1808. 8? (6.2X3.4), pp. 636. BATE, George, U.D., Physician to Charles I., Cromwell, and Charles 11.

13 Pharmacopæia Bateana. See SHIPTON, J. BATEMAN, Rer. Josiah, Rector of North Cray, Kent, England.

14 Life (The) of Daniel Wilson, D.D., Bishop of Calcutta, &c. With Por

traits, Map, and Illustrations. Boston, 1860. 8°(7X4), pp. 744. BATES, Ely, Esq. 15 Rural Philosophy:...

Philadelphia, 1807. 12° (5.7X3.1). BATES, William, D.D., an English Nonconformist; b. 1625. d. 1699.

16 Harmony (The) of the Divine Attributes, in the Contrivance and Ac

complishment of Man's Redemption. With an introductory Essay, by A. Alexander.

New-York, 1831. 12° (5.6X3.3). 17 Vitæ selectorum aliquot Virorum qui Doctrinâ, Dignitate, aut Pietate

inclaruere. ... Londini, 1981. 4° (7.4 X 4.5), m. n., pp. 748+. BATES, William, D.D., continued.

1 Works. ... With ... Funeral Sermon preached by Rev. Mr. Howe.

[Portrait.] London, 1700. 2° (11.776.4), m. r., pp. 968+. [2 copies.] BATH-KOL. A Voice from the Wilderness. ... By the First Presbytery of 2 the Eastward. *

Boston, 1783. 12° (4.9X2.8). BAUER, Juliette.

3 Lives of the Brothers Humboldt, Alexander and William. Translated

and arranged from the German of Klencke & Schlesier. With Portraits.

New York, 1853. 12° (5.7X3.2). BAUMÉ, or BEAUMÉ, Antoine, a French Chemist; b. 1728. d. 1804.

4 Chymie expérimentale et raisonnée, par M. Baumé. Tom. 1-3. [Portrait and Plates.]

Paris, 1773. 8°(5.6X3.1). 5 Manual (A) of Chemistry ... Translated from the French of M. Baumé [by Dr. Aikin).

Warrington, 1778. 12° (4.7X2.8). BAUSSET, Louis Françoit DE, a French Cardinal; b. 1748. d. 1824.

6 Life (The) of Fenelon. ... Translated from the French, by W. Mud

ford. ... Vol. 1, 2. [Portrait.] London, 1810. 8° (6.5X3.5). BAUTAIN, Louis, a French philosopher & theologian ; b. 1796.

7 Epitome of the History of Philosophy. See HENRY, C. S. BAXTER, Rev. Andrew; b. at Aberdeen in Scotland, 1687. d. 1750.

8 Enquiry (An) into the Nature of the Human Soul; wherein the Imma

teriality of the Soul is evinced from the Principles of Reason and Phi

losophy. [By A. Baxter.] *** London, n. d. 4° (7.1 X5.1). BAXTER, Rev. Richard, an English Nonconformist; b. 1615. d. 1691.

9 Call (A) to the Unconverted. With an introductory Essay, by T. Chalmers.

New-York, n. d. 24° (4.6 X 2.8). [2 copies.] 10 Certain Disputations of Right to Sacraments, and the true Nature of

Visible Christianity; ... * * * London, 1657. 4° (5.9X3.8), pp. 521. 11 Church-History of the Government of Bishops and their Councils abbreviated. ....

London, 1680. 4° (7.2X4.6), m. r. 12 Defence (A) of the Principles of Love, which are necessary to the Uni

ty and Concord of Christians; ... delivered in a Book called The Cure

of Church-Divisions. ... *** London, 1761. 12° (5.3X2.6). 13 Dying Thoughts. Abridged by B. Fawcett.

New-York, n. d. 24° (4.6X2.8). [2 copies.] 14 Funeral Sermon on Mr. Baxter. See SYLVESTER, M. 15 Life (The) of Rev. Richard Baxter. Chiefly compiled from his own Writings.

New-York, n. d. 24° (4.6X2.8). 16 Miscellaneous Works, containing his Call to the Unconverted ... Also,

Converse with God in Solitude ... Likewise Dying Thoughts. Abridged also, by B. Fawcett.

Philadelphia, 1806. 12° (5.6X3.1). Note. – Each work has also independent title-page. 17 Reasons (The) of the Christian Religion. ... *** [Portrait.]

London, 1667.. 4° (6.4X3.6), m. r., pp. 604. 18 Reformed Pastor (The); a Discourse on the Pastoral Office. ... Abridged ... by S. Palmer. ***

London, 1766. 12° (5X3). 19 Reliquiæ Baxterianæ; or, Mr. Richard Baxter's Narrative of the most

memorable Passages of his Life and Times. Faithfully publish'd from the original manuscripts, by M. Sylvester. *** [Portrait.]

London, 1696. 2° (10.4X5.3), pp 448, 200, 132+. 20 Saint (A) or a Brute. The certain Necessity and Excellency of Holiness, &c. ...

London, 1662. 4° (6.2X3.8).

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