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PEZEL, Christoph, continued.

1 Argvmentorvm Philippicorvm Pars Vltima. Continens Explicationem

Locorvm de Prædestinatione ; de Libertate Christiana: de Ceremonijs : de Scandalo: de Magistratu: de Coniugio. ...

Neostadii, 1597. 8° (5X2.8), m. r., pp. 599+. PFEIFFER, Johann Philipp, S.T.D., Librarian to the Elector of Brandenburg.

? Libri IV. Antiqvitatum Græcarum Gentilium Sacrarum, Politicarum, Militarium, & Enomicarum. ... Cum Præfatione, & Indicibus ... Ed. 2da. (Embellished Title-page and Portrait.]

Regimonti & Lipsiæ, 1707. 4° (6.3X4.2), pp. 773+. PFINGSTEX, Johann Hermann.

3 Sammlung von Nachrichten und Beobachtugen über die Erzeugung und

Verfertigung des Salpeters, herausgegeben von denen Herren Macquer, Ritter von Arcy, Lavoisier, Sage und Baume'. Aus dem Französichen übersetzt, und als der Zweyte Theil zu Simons Kunst Salpeter zu sieden eingerichtet, von J. H. Pfingsten. Mit Kupfern.

Dresden, 1778. 8° (5.2X3), pp. 557. PALEDRUS, a freedman of Augustus ; d. about A.D. 50.

4 Fabularum Æsopiarum Libri V. Notis illustravit in usum . . . Prin

cipis Nassavii D. Hoogstratanus. Accedunt ejusdem opera duo Indices ... *** (Vita Phædri a J. Scheffero. Embellished Title-page, Portrait and many Plates.]

Amstelædami, 1701. 4° (8X5.5 irr.) PHALARIS, · Tyrant of Agrigentum,' in Sicily; assigned to 570-555 B.C.

5 Epistolæ. [Greek.] Ex MSS recensuit, Versione, Annotationibus, & Vita insuper Authoris donavit C. Boyle. Oxonii, 1718. 8° (6.2X3.8).

NOTE. – Now believed the production of a Greek writer of the age of the Cæsars. PHARMACOPEIA Bateana; Arcana Goddardiana; etc. See SHIPTON, J. PAARMACOPEIA 6 Hermetica, ...

Londini, 1719. 12° (4.9X 2.7). PHARMACOPEIA of Massachusetts Medical Society. See MASSACHUSETTS, &c. PHELPs, Rev. Amos A., of Boston; b. 1805. d. 1847.

7 Lectures on Slavery and its Remedy. Boston, 1834. 24° (4.7x2.8). PHI BETA KAPPA, Fraternity of. Catalogue of the Fraternity of TM B K, Al

3 pha of Maine, Bowdoin College, 1849. Brunswick, [1849]. 8°, pp. 18. 9 Catalogue of the Fraternity of R B K, Alpha of Maine, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, 1860.

Brunswick, (1860). 8°, pp. 31. io Catalogue of the Fraternity of TM B K, Alpha of Massachusetts, Har

vard University, Cambridge, 1846. Cambridge, 1846. 8°, pp. 48. 11 Catalogue of the Fraternity of & B K, Alpha of Massachusetts, Har

vard University, Cambridge, 1849. Cambridge, 1849. 89, pp. 50. PHILADELPHIA Library Company. See LIBRARY Company of Philadelphia. PHILANTHROPOS, a pseudonym. See LADD, W. PHILEMON, an Athenian comic poet ; 6. in Cilicia about 360 B.C. d. 262 B.C.

12 Reliquiæ. See BRUNCK, R. F. P. (Gnomici Poetæ Græci.) PHILIBERT, J. C. 13 Dictionnaire universel Botanique, contenant l’Explication détailée de

tous les Termes Français et Latins de Botanique et de Physique végétale. Orné de Figures. Tom. 1-3.

Paris, 1804. 8° (6X3.4). 14 Introduction a l'Étude de la Botanique, Ouvrage orné de dix Planches coloriées. ... Tom. 1-3.

Paris, 1802. 8° (5.4X3.2).

PHILIBERT, J. C., continued.

1 Notions élémentaires de Botanique, à l'usage des Cours Publics ...;

contenant les Principes de la Physique, végétale, et l'Exposition des Méthodes les plus usitées et des principales Familles naturelles.

Paris, 1802. 8° (5.5x3.2). PHILIP II., King of Spain; b. in Valladolid, 1527. d. 1598.

2 History of the Reign of Philip the Second. See PRESCOTT, W. H. PHILIP, Rev. Robert, an Independent minister, of London.

3 Eternity Realized : or, A Guide to the Thoughtful. *** From London ed.

Boston, 1833. 120 (4.5X2.7). 4 God (The) of Glory; or, A Guide to the Doubting. ***

New-York, 1835. 12° (4 X 2.6). 5 Life (The), Times, and Characteristics of John Bunyan. [Embellished Title-page.]

New-York, 1839. 12° (3.6X3.3). 6 Life (The) and Times of the Rev. George Whitefield. • * *

New-York, 1838. 12° (5.9X3.5). 7 Love (The) of the Spirit; traced in his work. ..

New-York, 1836. 8° (8.1 X4.9), 2 cols. 8 Marthas (The); or, The Varieties of Female Piety. * * *

New-York, 1836. 8° (8.1X4.9), 2 cols. 9 Marys (The): or, The Beauty of Female Holiness. **

New-York, 1835. 8° (8.1 X4.9), 2 cols. PHILLIMORE, John George, Esq., a barrister at law. 10 Annals of Germany and Italy during the 12th and 13th Centuries. See

(ENCYCLOPÆDIA Metropolitana,vol. 12). 11 Annals of Spain, from A. D. 1407 to A. D. 1620. See (ENCYCLOPÆDIA

Metropolitana, vo?. 12). PHILLIPS, Edward, an English author, a nephew of Milton ; b. 1630. : 12 Continuation of Baker's Chronicle of the Kings of England, from 1648

to 1664. See BAKER, R. PHILLIPS, John, an English surveyor. 13 General History (A) of Inland Navigation, Foreign and Domestic: con

taining a complete Account of the Canals already executed in England, with Considerations on those projected. To which are added, Practical Observations. ... [Map and Plates.] New ed. corrected, with two Addendas, ...

London, 1795. 4° (7.5x5.2). [3 copies.] Note.- Each addenda has independent paging. In one copy the work and addendas

have independent title-pages, dated respectively 1792, 1793, 1795. PHILLIPS, John, F.R.S., Prof. of Geology, King's College, London; b. 1800. 14 Guide (A) to Geology. *** 2d ed. (Plates.]

London, 1835. 12° (4.9X2.8). 15 Geology. By Prof. J. Phillips and Prof. C. G. B. Danbury. See (Ency

CLOPÆDIA Metropolitana, vol. 6).
PHILLIPS, Richard, F.R.S., &c., an English chemist; 6. 1778. d. 1851.

Editor. See ANNALS (The) of Philosophy, New Series.-Vol. 1-12.
Joint Editor. See LONDON (The), Edinburgh and Dublin Philosophical
Magazine, &c. Vol. 1-37.—New and United Series.

Joint Editor. See PhiloSOPHICAL Magazine (The), or Annals, &c. PHILLIPS, Willard, Esq., of Boston. 16 Manual of Political Economy, with particular reference to the Institutions, Resources, and Condition of the United States.

Boston, 1828. 8°(6.2X3.5).

Phillips, Willard, Esq., continued.
1 Treatise (A) on the Law of Insurance.

Boston, 1823. 8°(7.5X3.8), m. r., pp. 550. Philo, a Jewish philosopher, of Alexandria ; lived about the time of Christ.

2 Philonis Ivdæi Opera exegetica in Libros Mosis, de Mundi Opificio, his

toricos & legales, qvæ partim ab A. Tvrnebo, partim à D. Hæschelio, edita & illustrata sunt. Accessère extra ... Philonis sex Opuscula ; quorum alia sunt sideixtixa, alia didarxan.ixa, alia denique historica, res quæ Iudæis auctoris ævo contigère describentia. Nunc Græcê & Latinè in lucem emissa ex accuratissima S. Gelenij Interpretatione, cum Rerum Indice ... [Embellished Title-page.]

Coloniæ Allobrogum, 1613. 2° (10.9X6.2), par. cols., pp. 904. PALLO Pacificus, a pseudonym. See WORCESTER, N. PHILOSOPHIC Solitude, a Poem. See LivingStox, W. PuiLOSOPHICAL Magazine (The), or Annals of Chemistry, Mathematics, As

3 tronomy, Natural History, and General Science. By R. Taylor and R.

Phillips. *** Vol. 1-11. New and United Series of the Philosophical Magazine and Annals of Philosophy. January, 1827--June, 1832. [Monthly. Plates.]

London, 1827–'32. 8° (6.7X3.7). Note. — Continued in The London, Edinburgh and Philosophical Magazine,' &c. 4 General Index to the Philosophical Magazine, or Annals of Chemistry,

&c. Vol. 1-11. ... London, 1832. 8° (6.7X4.), 2 cols., pp. 50. PulloSOPHICAL Magazine (The) and Journal: comprehending the various

5 Branches of Science, the Liberal and Fine Arts, Agriculture, Manufac

tures, and Commerce. ... •*. Vol. 50–68. July, 1817-December, 1826. Monthly. Plates.] London, 1817-27. 8° (6.4 X3.7). Note.- Lettered " Tilloch's Philosophical Magazine.” Conducted, vol. 50-59 by A.

Tilloch ; 60-65 by A. Tilloch and R. Taylor ; 66-68 by R. Taylor. Continued in

the preceding. PHILOSOPHICAL Miscellanies, translated from the French of Cousin, Jouffroy,

6 and B. Constant. With introductory and critical Notices. By G. Ripley. ... Vol. 1, 2.

Boston, 1838. 120 (5.1X3), PaiLOSOPHY. An Epitome of the History of Philosophy, from the Abbé Bau

7 tain, translated and continued by C. S. Henry. See HENRY, C. S. PHILOSTRATUS, Flavius, a Greek sophist, of the 3d century.

8 Two First Books (The) of Philostratus, concerning the Life of Apollo

nius Tyaneus: ... now published in English: together with philologi

cal Xotes ... By C. Blount. *** London, 1680. 2° (9.2 X 5.4). Puipps, Constantine John, Baron Mulgrave, an Eng. voyager ; b. 1744. d. 1792.

9 Voyage (A) towards the North Pole Undertaken by His Majesty's Com

mand 1763 (Maps, Charts and Plutes.] London, 1774. 4° (785).

10 Voyage to the North Pole. See PINKERTON, J. (Voyages, &c., vol. 1.) Pups or Puipps, Sir William, Knt., Governor of Mass.; b. 1651. d. 1695.

Il Life, by F. Bowen. See SPARKS, J. (American Biography, vol. 7.) PuisiCALISCH-CHEMISCHE Beschreibung des in dem Bissthum Paderborn ge

12 legenen Gesundbrunnens zu Driburg, nebst angehängten Bemerkungen die Mineralwasser überhaupt betreffend.

Hildesheim, 1783. 8° (5.4X3). Puocion, Letters of. See CURTIS, G. T. New York, State of. PHOTIUS, Patriarch of Constantinople; d. 892. 13 Photü Lexicon [Greek] e Codice Galeano descripsit R. Porsonus. ...

Lipsiae, 1823. 8° (6.3X3.6), pp. 750. PICHEGRU, Charles, a French soldier ; b. 1761. d. 1804.

i Histoire du Gén. Pichegru, précedée d'une Notice sur sa Vie politique

et militaire ; ... *.. [Portrait.] Paris, 1802. 16° (4.6 X 2.6). PICKERING, Hon. John, LL.D., son of Col. T. P.; b. in Salem, 1777. d. 1846.

2 Essay on Adoption of a Uniform Orthography for the Indian Languages

of North America. See AMERICAN Academy, &c. (Memoirs, vol. 4.) 3 Essay on the Pronunciation of the Greek Language. See AMERICAN

Academy, &c. (Memoirs, vol. 4.) 4 Eulogy on Nath. Bowditch, LL.D., President of the American Academy

of Arts and Sciences ; including an Analysis of his Scientific Publications. Delivered before the Academy, May 29, 1838.

Boston, 1838. 8° (6.3X3.8). 5 Eulogy on Hon. J. Pickering, by D. A. White. See AMERICAN Acade

my, &c. (Memoirs, New Series, vol. 3.) 6 Father Rasle's Abnaki Indian Dictionary; with Introductory Memoir and

Notes, by J. Pickering. See AMERICAN Academy, &c. Memoirs, New

Series, vol. 1.)
7 Grammar of the Massachusetts Indian Language, by J. Eliot; with

Notes and Observations by P. S. Du Ponceau, and Introduction and
Supplementary Observations by J. Pickering. See Mass. Hist. Society.

(Collections, 2d Series, vol. 9.)
8 Language (On the) and Inhabitants of Lord North's Island in the In-

dian Archipelago; with a Vocabulary. See AMERICAN Academy, &c.

(Memoirs, New Series, vol. 2.) 9 Memoir of the Present State of the English Language in the United

States; with a Vocabulary of Words and Phrases, supposed to be pe

culiar to this country. See AMERICAN Academy, &c. (Memoirs, vol. 3.) 10 Memoir of Hon. J. Pickering, by W. H. Prescott. See Mass. Hist. So

ciety. (Collections, 3d Series, vol. 10.) 11 Observations on the Mohegan Language, by Dr. Edwards ; edited, with

Notes, by J. Pickering. See Mass. Hist. Society. (Coll., 2d Ser., vol. 10.)

Editor. See PEIRCE, B., A.M. A History of Harvard University. PICKERING, Octavius, Esq.

Reporter. See MASSACHUSETTS. — Jurisprudence. Reports of Cases

in the Supreme Judicial Court. 1822–1840. PICKERING, Col. Timothy, Sec'y of State of U.S., &c.; b. in Ms., 1745. d. 1829. 12 Interesting Correspondence between Gov. Sullivan and Col. Pickering;

in which the latter vindicates himself against the Charges of the Gorenor and others.

Boston, 1808. 89, pp. 32. [2 copies.] 13 Letter, exhibiting to his Constituents a View of the imminent Danger

of an Unnecessary and Ruinous War. Boston, 1808. 8°, pp. 16. 14 Review (A) of the Correspondence between the Hon. John Adams, and

the late William Cunningham, Esq. Beginning in 1803, and ending in 1812.

Salem, 1824. 8° (6.7X3.8). PICTET, Mark Augustus, Prof. of Philosophy, at Geneva.

15 Essay (An) on Fire. ... •** London, 1791. 12° (4.1 X2.5). Pierce, Franklin, 14th Pres. of the U.S.; b. in Hillsborough, N.H., 1804.

16 Executive Addresses, Messages, &c. See UNITED STATES. PIERCE, Rev. John, D.D., of Brookline, Mass.; b. 1773. d. 1849. 17 Discourse delivered at Brookline, Nov. 24, 1805; a Century from the

Incorporation of the Town. ... Cambridge, 1806. 8°, pp. 22. PIERCE, Rev. John, D.D., continued.

i Discourse delivered at the Dedication of the Meeting-house of the First Congregational Society, Burlington, Vt., Jan. 9, 1817.

Burlington, 1817. 8°, pp. 20. 2 Discourse delivered Nov. 9, 1817, the Lord's Day after the Completion of a Century from the Gathering of the Church in Brookline.

Boston, 1818. 8°, pp. 32. 3 Eulogy on George Washington, delivered on the Anniversary of his Birth, at Brookline.

Boston, 1800. 89, pp. 20. 4 Memoir of J. Pierce, D. D., by Rev. C. Lowell. See Mass. Hist. So

ciety. (Collections, 4th Series, vol. 1.) 5 Mystery (On the) of Godliness. A Discourse, delivered at Medfield, October, 1797.

Dedham, 1798. 8°, pp. 22. 6 Sermon, delivered at the Gathering of the Second Congregational Church,

Dorchester, Jan. 1, 1808. With the Fellowship of Churches, by Rev.
E. Porter, and an Appendix.

Boston, 1808. 8°, pp. 38. 7 Sermon preached at the Installation of Rev. Jno. S. Popkin, at Newbury, Sept. 19, 1804. (Ch., by Rev. T. Barnard; R.H., by Rev. J. Andrews.]

Newburyport, 1804. 8°, pp. 32. 8 Sketch of Brookline, Mass. See Mass. Hist. Society. (Collections,

2d Series, vol. 2.)
9 Valedictory Sermon, on leaving the Old Meeting-house in Brookline,

June 8, 1806; and Dedicatory Sermon, on entering the New House,
June 11, 1806.

Cambridge, 1806. 89, pp. 33. PIERCE, Josiah, Judge of Probate, of Gorham, Me. 10 History (A) of the Town of Gorham, Maine. ...

Portland, 1862. 8° (6X3.7). Pierius VALERIANUS, Joannes. See VALERIANUS, J. Pierius. PIERPONT, Rev. John, of Boston, &c.; b. in Litchfield, Conn., 1785. 11 Airs of Palestine ; a Poem. • * . 2d ed.

Boston, 1817. 12°, pp. 58. 12 Jesus Christ not a Literal Sacrifice. Boston, 1834. 12°, pp. 24. 13 Proceedings of Ecclesiastical Council, in Case of Proprietors of Hollis

Street Meeting-House, and Rev. J. Pierpont. See LOTHROP, S. K. 14 Substitutes for Religion.

Boston, 1832. 12°, pp. 23. 15 “Who goeth a Warfare at his own Charges." Artillery-Election Dis

course, at Boston, June 2, 1828. Boston, 1828. 8°, pp. 28. [2 copies.] PIERROX, Alexis, an instructor in the 'Ecole Normale' of Paris.

Joint Translator, &c. See ArisTOTELES. La Metaphysique. PIERS PLOUGIIMAN, a remarkable English political poem, composed about 1362.

16 Vision (The) and Creed of Piers Ploughman. Edited, from a contem

porary Manuscript, with a Historical Introduction, and a Glossary, by T. Wright. ... Vol. 1, 2. 2d and revised ed. •** [Fuc-simile.]

London, 1836. 12° (4.5X1.9 irr.). PIGANIOL DE LA FORCE, Jean Aymar de, a Fr. geographer, &c.; 0.1673. d. 1753.

17 Introduction a la Description de la France, et au Droit Public de ce

Royaume. Tom. 1, 2. ... Par M. Piganiol de la Force. 3me éd., corrigée & augmentée ... [Map.] Paris, 1752. 12° (5X2.5).

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