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PIGANIOL DE LA FORCE, Jean Aymar De, continued.

i Nouvelle Description de la France; dans laquelle on voit le Gouvernement général de ce Royaume, celui de chaque Province en particulier; et la Description des Villes, Maisons Royales, Châteaux, & Monumens les plus remarquables. Avec les Figures en taille-douce. Tom. 1-13. ... Par M. l'iganiol de la Force. 3me éd., corrigée &... augmentée.

Paris, 1753-54. 12° (5X2.5). PIKE, Rev. J. G., of Derby, England.

2 Guide (A) for Young Disciples of the Holy Savior, ... forming a Sequel to Persuasives to Early Piety. ***

New York, n. d. 24° (4.4 X 2.8). 3 Persuasives to Early Piety. ... New York, n. d. 24° (4.4 X 2.8). 4 Religion and Eternal Life, or Irreligion and Perpetual Destruction, the

only Alternative for Mankind. *** New York, n. d. 24° (4.4 X2.8). PIKE, Rer. Samuel, apparently of London; f. 1755-'65.

5 Compendious Hebrew Lexicon (A), adapted to the English Language,

... [with] a brief Account of the Construction and Rationale of the Hebrew Tongue. 2d Cambridge ed.

Cambridge, 1811. 8° (6.6X3.8). [2 copies.] 6 Some important Cases of Conscience answered,... By S. Pike and S. Hayward. *** Vol. 1. 3d ed.

Boston, reprinted, 1757. 8° (5.2X3.5). PIKE, Brig.-Gen. Zebulon Montgomery; b. in N. J., 1779. killed 1813

7 Life, by H. Whiting. See SPARKS, J. (Amer. Biogr., 2d Ser., vol. 5.) PILLAR (A) of Gratitude humbly dedicated to the Glory of God, the Honour of

8 his Majesty, the Renown of this present, legal, loyal, full, and free Par

liament: upon their Restoring the Church of England to the Primitive

Government of Episcopacy. *** London, 1661. 2° (9X 5.2), pp. 62. PINCKNEY, Charles, LL.D., Gov. & Sen. of South Carolina ; 6. 1758. d. 1824.

9 Observations on Plan of Government submitted to the Federal Conren

tion in Philadelphia, 28th May, 1787. New-York, n. d. 4°, pp. 27. PINDARUS, a Greek lyric poet; b. in Thebes, about 520 B.C. d. 440 B.C.

10 Carmina [Greek] cvm Lectionis Varietate et Adnotationibvs itervm cF

ravit C. G. Heyne. Vol. 1. Carmina ex Interpretatione Latina emendatione cvm Scholiis in Pindari Carmina. Vol. 2. ... Carmina. Vol. 3. Pars I. Carminvm Pindaricorvm Fragmenta et G. Hermanni Dissertationes Pindaricae. II. Indices . . . confecti a R. Fiorillo. ... 3 vols.

Lipsiae, 1817. 8° (6X3.5). 11 Opera qvae svpersvnt. Textym in genvina Metra restitvit et ex fide li

brorvm manvscriptorvm doctorvmqve coniectvris recensvit Annotationem criticam Scholia integra Interpretationem Latinam Commentarism perpetvvm et Indices adiecit A. Boeckhivs. Tom. 1, 2.

Lipsiae, 1811-21. 4° (6.6X5.3). Note. – Each vol. is in two parts, page:l independently. Bound in three rols. 12 Pindar in English Verse. By H. F. Cary.

London, 1833. 12° (4.5X2.7). PINDEMONTE, Giovanni, an Italian poet; b. 1751. d. 1812.

1: Baccanali (I), Tragedia. See (TEATRO Tragico Italiano). PINDEMONTE, Ippolito, an Italian poet, brother of preceding; 6. 1753. d. 1828.

14 Arminio, Tragedia. See (TEATRO Tragico Italiano).

PINEDA, Pedro, a teacher of Spanish in London.

I Short and compendious Method for the learning to speak, read, and

write the Spanish Language: ... London, 1726. 8° (5.3X3.3). PINELLI, Maffei, a learned printer of Venice; d. 1785.

2 Bibliotheca Pinelliana. A Catalogue of the . . . Library of M. Pinelli ... sold by Auction, March 2-June 26, 1789, in London. [Abridyed

from Morelli's Catalogue.] [London, 1788.) 8° (6.5 X 4), pp. 513. PINI, Hermenegild, a Barnabite priest; b. at Milun, 1741. d. 1823.

3 Mémoire sur des nouvelles Cristallisations de Feldspath et autres Singularités renfermées dans les Granites des Environs de Bareno. [Plates.]

Milan, 1779. 89, pp. 62. 4 Memoria mineralogica sulla Montagna e sui Contorni di S. Gottardo. [Plates.]

Milano, 1783. 8° (5.3X3.3). 5 Mineralogische Beobachtungen über das Gebirge des St. Gotthards. Aus dem Italiänischen übersetst [by A. Beyer].

Schneeberg, 1784. 8°, pp. 77. PINKERTOX, John, a Scottish author; b. 1758. d. in Paris, 1825.

6 Essay (An) on Medals: or, An Introduction to the Knowledge of An

cient and Modern Coins and Medals; especially those of Greece, Rome and Britain. New ed., . . . enlarged, and illustrated with Plates. Vol. 1, 2. *..

London, 1789. 8° (5.5 X3.1). 7 General Collection (A) of the Best and most Interesting Voyages and

Travels in all parts of the World ; many of which are now first translated into English. ... With numerous Engravings. Vol. 1-6.

Philadelphia, 1810-'12. 4° (7.5 X 5.6). 8 Modern Geography. A Description of the Empires, Kingdoms, States,

and Colonies; with the Oceans, Seas and Isles ; in all parts of the
World: including the most recent Discoveries and political Alterations.
Digested on a New Plan. The Astronomical Introduction by S. Vince.
With numerous Maps ... Vol. 1, 2. London, 1802. 4° (7.976), m. b.

Translator. See NIEBUHR, C. Travels through Arabia, &c.
PINKNEY, William, an American lawyer; b. in Annapolis, Md., 1764. d. 1822.

9 Life, by H. Wheaton. See SPARKS, J. (American Biography, vol. 6.) 10 Life, Writings and Speeches of William Pinkney. See WHEATON, H. al Speech in the House of Delegates of Maryland, [on Slavery and the

Slave-Trade,] November, 1789. Philadelphia, 1790. 8°, pp. 22. Piozzi, before THRALE, Mrs. Hester Lynch, an Eng. authoress ; 6. 1759. d. 1821.

12 Anecdotes of Dr. Johnson. See BoswELL, J. (Life of Johnson, vol. 9.) 13 Autobiography Letters and Literary Remains of Mrs. Piozzi (Thrale)

Edited with Notes and an Introductory Account of her Life and Writings By A. Hayward [Portrait.]

Boston, 1861. 12° (6X3.5), pp. 531. 14 British Synonymy; or, An Attempt at regulating the Choice of Words

in Familiar Conversation. ... Dublin, 1794. 8° (6.2X3.3), pp. 516. PIRIE, Rev. Alexander, of Newburgh, Scotland. 15 French Revolution (The) exhibited in the Light of the Sacred Oracles : or ... Lectures on the Prophecies now fulfilling.

Perth, 1775. 12° (5X3)

PISTORIUS, Hermann Andrew, S.T.D., a German divine ; b. 1730. d. 1798.

I Notes and Additions to Dr. Hartley's Observations on Man.' Trans

lated from the German Original, ... to which is prefixed, A Sketch of the Life and Character of Dr. Hartley (by his son, D. Hartley, M.P.j

London, 1801. 8° (6.3X3.5). [2 copies.] Note. - Littered “ Hartley on Man 3,” and paged continuously with vol. 2. PITKIN, Timothy, U.S. Repr., of Farmington, Conn. ; 6. 1765. d. 1847.

2 Political and Civil History (A) of the United States of America, from

the year 1763 to ... 1797; including a summary View of the Political and Civil State of the North American Colonies, prior to that Period.

... Vol. 1. 2. [Portrait.] New Haven, 1828. 8° (6.3X3.8). 3 Statistical View (A) of the Commerce of the United States of America ;

its Connection with Agriculture and Manufactures; and an Account of the Public Debts, Revenues, and Expenditures of the United States. ... 2d ed., with Additions and Corrections.

New York, 1817. 8°(6.1X3.5) Pitt, Rev. Christopher, an English poet; 1. 1699, d. 1748.

Translator. See VIRGILIUS MARO, P. The Æneid. The Works. PITT, William, 1st Earl of Chatham, an Eng, statesman; b. 1708. d. 1778.

4 Anecdotes of the Life of the Right Hon. William Pitt, Earl of Chat

ham, and of the principal Events of his Time. With bis Speeches in Parliament, from 1736 to 1778. ... [Compiled by J. Almon.] Vol. 1, 2.

Dublin, 1792. 8°(6.3X3.2), m. b. 5 Life, &c. See WATERHOUSE, B. An Essay on Junius, &c.

6 Life. See MACAULAY, T. B. (Essays, vol. 2.) Pitt, William, 2d son of the preceding, an Eng. statesman; b. 1759. d. 1806.

7 Speech, in the House of Commons, Jan. 31, 1799, on offering the Reso

lutions which he proposed as the Basis of a Union between Great Britain and Ireland. 4th ed.

London, 1799. 89, pp. 95. 8 Speech (on the Treuties with France, Spain, and the United States), in

the House of Commons, Feb. 21, 1783. London, 1783. 8°, pp. 39. Pitt, William.

9 General View (A) of the Agriculture of the County of Leicester; with

Observations on the Means of its Improvement, published by order of the Board of Agriculture, &c. *** [Maps and Plates.]

London, 1809. 8° (6.4 X3.4). 10 General View of the Agriculture of the County of Stafford; with Ob

servations on the means of its Improvement. Drawn up by order of the Board of Agriculture. 2d ed. *** [Maps and Plates.]

London, 1808. 8° (6.4 X3.4). Pitts-STREET Chapel Lectures (The). Delivered in Boston by Clergymen of Il six different Denominations, during the Winter of 1858. ..

Boston, 1858.
Contests. – Lretures by W. R. Clark, T. B. Thuyer, J. N. Sykes, N. Adams, G. M.

Randall, 0. Dewey, and T. S. King. Pius IX., the present Pope of Rome; b. 1792. 12 Letters Apostolic of Pius IX., September 29, 1850. See COOPER, C. P.

Ancient British and English Churches, &c. Plain 13 Reasons for being a Christian.

London, 1743. 8°, pp. 74. PLAIN Trutii; a Reply to Paine's Common Sense. See UNITED STATES.

PLANCHE, J., Prof. of Rhet., 'Collége Royale de Bourbon,' Paris.

Editor, &c. See DEMOSTHENES. Euvres complètes de D. et d'Eschine. PLANCHÉ, James Robinson, an English dramatist ; b. in London, 1796.

1 Descent of the Danube, from Ratisbon to Vienna, during the Autumn of

1827. With Anecdotes and Recollections, historical and legendary, ... [Frontispiece.)

London, 1828. 8° (6.1X3.2). PLANCK, Gottlieb Jakob, Prof. of Theol., Göttingen; b. 1751. d. 1833.

2 Introduction to Sacred Philology and Interpretation; translated from the original German, and enlarged with Notes, by S. H. Turner.

New-York, 1834. 12° (5.7X3.2). 3 Origin and Progress of the Reformation. See (BIBLICAL Repository, &c.,

vol. 9, 10.) PLANTING and Rural Ornament: being a Second Edition, with large Additions

4 of Planting and Ornamental Gardening [by C. Marshall ?], a Practical Treatise. ...

London, 1796. 8° (5.9X3.3). [2 copies.] Plato, a Greek philosopher ; b. in Athens, 429 B.C. d. 348 B.C.

5 Life, by W. Lowndes. See (ENCYCLOPÆDIA Metropolitana, vol. 10.) 6 Euvres de Platon, traduites par Victor Cousin. Tom. 1-12.

Paris, 1822–39. 8° (5.4X3.2). 7 Opera omnia. [Greek.] Recensuit et Commentariis instruxit G. Stallbaum. Vol. 1-9. ... Gothae et Erfordiae, 1835–59. go (6.3X3.4).

Note. - Of various editions. Each work has also independent title-page, &c. 8 Platonic Dialogues (The) for English Readers. By W. Whewell. Vol.

1. Dialogues of the Socratic School, and Dialogues referring to the Trial and Death of Socrates. 2d ed. 2. Antisophist Dialogues.

Cambridge, 1860. 16° (5.4 X3.1). 9 Platonis de Rebus Divinis Dialogi selecti, Græce & Latine, Socratis

Apologia, Crito, Phædo, E Libb. Legum decimus, Alcibiades secundus, de Religione, de Justo, de Animæ Immortalitate, de Dei Existentia, de Precibus : in ... Sectiones dipertiti ; annexo ipsarum Indice. Ed.

2da, auctior & emendatior. Cantabrigiæ, 1683. 8° (5.5 X 3.6), par. cols. 10 Platonis quae exstant Graece ad editionem H. Stephani accurate expres

sa cum M. Ficini Interpretatione Praemittitur L. III. Laërtii de Vita et Dogm. Plat. cum Notitia literaria Accedit Varietas Lectionis [Portraits.] Vol. 1-12

Biponti, 1781-'87. 8° (5.6X3.2). Note. – Vol. 12 is titled, “ Dialogorum Platonis Argumenta ... a D. Tiedemann.” u Republic (The) of Plato, translated into English, with an Introduction, Analysis and Notes. By J. L. Davies, and D. J. Vaughan.

Cambridge, 1852. 16° (5.4X3.4). 12 Sechs auserlesene Gesprache Platons, Griechisch und Deutsch [facing],

nebst des H. Dacier Vorrede und Anmerkungen, herausgegeben durch

J. S. Müller. [Frontispiece.] Hamburg, 1736. 4° (5.7 X3.9), pp. 539. 13 TIMAINE.— Text and Translation. See MARTIN, T. H. Études sur

le Tinée de Platon. 14 Works, viz, his fifty-five Dialogues, and twelve Epistles, translated from

the Greek: nine of the Dialogues by the late F. Sydenham, and the remainder by T. Taylor: with occasional Annotations on the nine Dialogues translated by Sydenham, and copious Notes, by the latter translator; in which is given the substance of nearly all the existing Greek MS. Commentaries on the Philosophy of Plato, and a considerable por

· 63) .

tion of such as are already published. [Prefixed to vol. 1 is General Introduction to the Philosophy and Writings of Plato, by T. Taylor, and Life by Olympiodorus.] ... Vol.1-5. •*.

London, 1804. 4° (7.5x5.5). 1 Works. A new and literal Version, chiefly from the Text of Stallbaum.

Vol. 1.... By H. Cary. 2. ... By H. Davis. [Portrait.] 3-5.
... By G. Burges. 6. Containing the Doubtful Works: ... With
Lives of Plato, by Diogenes Laertius, Hesychius, and Olympiodorus ;
Introductions to his Doctrines, by Alcinous and Albinus ; the Notes of
T. Gray; and a General Index to the entire work. By G. Burges.

London, 1848–59. 8° (5.2X3.2). PLATONISME 2 (Le) devoilé. Ou Essai touchant le Verbe Platonicien. ...

Cologne, 1700. 8° (4.9X2.8). Platt, T. P.

Editor. See BIBLE. Old and New Testaments, &c.—Biblia Sacra Am

harice. New Testament.—Novum Testamentum Æthiopice. PLAUTUS, Titus Maccius, a Roman dramatist; b. in Umbria, 254 B.C. d.184 B.C. 3 Marci Accii Plauti Comoediae. Ex editione J. F. Gronovii. Tom. 1-3.

Glasguae, 1763. 8° (4.8X2.7 irr.). 4 T. Macci Plavti Comoediae. Ex recensione et cvm Apparatv critico F.

Ritschelii. Accedvnt Prolegomena de Rationibvs criticis grammaticis porsodiacis metricis Emendationis Plavtinae. Tom. 1. Prolegomena Trinummvm Militem Gloriosvm Bacchides complectens. 2. Stichym Psevdvlym Menaechmos. Mostellariam complectens.

Bonnae, 1848,'50. 8° (6.3X3.7). Note.- Continuing. Each play has also independent title-page, paging, &c. PLAYFAIR, James G., son of the following.

Editor, and Biographer. See PLAYFAIR, J. Works.
PLAYFAIR, John, F.R.S., a Scottish natural-philosopher, &c.; 6. 1748. d. 1819.

5. Astronomy of the Hindus. See (Asiatic Researches, &c., vol. 4).
6 Elements of Geometry. Being chiefly a Selection from Playfair's Ge-
ometry with additions and Improvements. From 5th English edition.

Philadelphia, 1829. 8° (6.3X3.6). 7 Illustrations of the Huttonian Theory of the Earth. *.

Edinburgh, 1802. 8° (5.8X3.2), pp. 528. 8 Works. With a Memoir of the Author [by J. G. Playfair). Vol. 1-4.

Edinburgh, 1822. 8° (5.8X3.3). PLAYFAIR, William, brother of the preceding; b. 1759. d. 1823.

9 Statistical Table of Europe. See BOETTICHER, J. G. Statistical, &c. PLESCHÉÉF, Capt. Sergey. 10 Survey of the Russian Empire, according to its present newly regulated

state, divided into different Governments:... illustrated with Map of Russia and an Engraving of Arms, &c. 3d ed. ... Translated from the Russian, with considerable Additions, by J. Smirnove.

London, 1792. 8° (5.5X3.1). PLINIUS SECUNDUS, Caius, 'Pliny the Elder,' a Roman author; 6. A.D. 23. d. 79.

Il Histoire naturelle de Pline traduite en François [by Poinsinet de Sivry),

avec le Texte Latin [facing] rétabli d'après les meilleurs leçons manuscrites ; accompagnée de Notes critiques [by Guettard and others) pour l'éclaircissement du texte, & d'Observations sur les Connoissances des Anciens comparées avec les Découvertes des Modernes. Tom. 1-12.

Paris, 1771-'92. 4° (7.5 X 5). (2 copies.)

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