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PLINIUS SECUNDUS, Caius, continued.

| Historia naturalis libri triginta septem. Castigationes S. Gelenii. Index plenissimus.

Lugduni, 1548. 2° (10.6X6), 2 cols., n. p. Note. — Imperfect, wanting title-page. 2 Historie (The) of the World. Commonly called. The Natvral Historie

of C. Plinivs Secvndvs. Translated into English by P. Holland. Tombe 1, 2. ..

London, 1634. 2° (10.3X6.5), 2 cols., m. b. PLINIUS CÆCILIUS SECUNDUS, Caius, 'Pliny the Younger,' nephew of the preced

ing, a Roman author; b. 61 or 62. d. about 116. 3 C. Plinii Secundi Jun. Vita, etc. See Masson, Jean. 4 Epist. Lib. IX. Eiusdem & Traiani Imp. Epist. Amoebææ. Eivsdem

Pl. et Pacati, Mamertini, Nazarii, Panegyrici. Item, Clavdiani Pancgyrici. Adiunctæ sunt I. Casavboni Notæ in Epist. Variæ Lectiones

Genevæ, 1638. 16° (3.8X2.2), m. n., pp. 861. 5 Epistolæ et Panegyricus.

Londini, 1722. 12° (4.5X2.5). Plowden, Edmund, an eminent English lawyer; b. about 1515. d. 1584.

6 Commentaries, or Reports, containing divers Cases upon Matters of

Law, argued and adjudged in the several Reigns of K. Edward VI. Q. Mary, K. and Q. Philip and Mary, and Q. Elizabeth. Originally written in French. ... To which are added, The Quæries of Mr. Plowden,

.. **. London, 1779. 2° (11.6 X 6.4), m. r., pp. 567, 68-7. PLOWDEN, Francis, LL.D.

7 Short History (A) of the British Empire during the last Twenty Months ; viz. from May 1702 to the close of the year 1793. * * *

London, 1794. 8°(5.9X3.3). [2 copies.] Pluche, Noel Antoine, l'Abbé, of Rheims ; b. 1688. d. 1761.

8 Truths (The) of the Gospel demonstrated from the Dispensations of

Providence preparative to it, particularly from Prophecy; from the Evidence with which it was introduced ; and the public Testimonials of it since subsisting. ... [With] a Preliminary Discourse concerning the Necessity of a Revelation. ... By the Abbé le Pluche. Vol. 1, 2. [Frontispieces.)

London, 1754. 8°(6.2X3.2). PLUMER, William, Gov. of N.H., U.S. Sen., &c.; b. in Mass., 1759. d. 1850.

9 Life of William Plumer, by his Son. See PLUMER, W., Jun. PLUMER, William, Jun., U.S. Repr., &c., a lawyer, of N.H.; b. 1759. d. 1854. 10 Life of William Plumer, by his Son. Edited, with a Sketch of the Author's Life, by A. P. Peabody. [Portraits.]

Boston, 1856. 8° (6.1X3.6), pp. 543. PLUMMER Hall, Salem, Mass. Proceedings upon the Dedication of Plummer

11 Hall, at Salem, Oct. 6, 1857: including Rev. Mr. Hoppin's Address and Judge White's Memoir of the Plummer Family. [Plate.)

Salem, 1858. 8°, pp. 97. PLURALITY (The) of Worlds. With an Introduction by E. Hitchcock. New

12 ed. To which is added a Supplementary Dialogue, in which the Author's

Reviewers are reviewed. •** [Plate.] Boston, 1836. 12° (5.5X3.4). PLUTARCHUS, a Greek philosopher, &c.; b. in Bæotia, about 50. d. 140. 13 Euvres (Les) morales et meslees de Plvtarqve, tradvites de Grec en

François, reveves, corrigées, & enrichies ... de Prefaces generales, de Sommaires au commencement de chacun des Traitez, & d’Annotations en marge ... Tom. 1, 2. .. Paris, 1655. 2° (11X5.7).

PLUTARCHUS, continued.

i Plutarch on the Delay of the Deity in the Punishment of the Wicked.

With Notes, by H. B. Hackett. Andover, 1844. 12° (5.1X3). 2 Plutarch's Lives, translated from the original Greek, with Notes, critical

and historical, and a new Life of Plutarch. By J. Langhorne, and W. Langhorne. ... Vol. 1-6. 5th ed., corrected. [Frontispieces. ]

London, 1792. 8° (6.3X3.4). 3 Plutarch's Lives, translated from the original Greek; with Notes critical and historical, and a new Life of Plutarch. By J. Langhorne, and W. Langhorne. 6th ed., corrected. ... Vol. 1-6. [Frontispieces.]

London, 1795. 12° (5.8 X3.1). 4 Vies (Les) des Hommes illustres de Plutarche, traduites en François,

avec des Remarques historiques & critiques, par M. Dacier. Nouv. éd., revue & corrigée. Tom. 1-10, ... Supplément aux Vies des Hommes illustres de Plutarque, . . . traduites de l'Anglois de T. Rowe, par l'Abbé Bellanger. Tom. 11. Tom. 12. contenant la Table générale des Mati

ères contenues dans les onze volumes ... Paris, 1728. 12° (5X2.9). PLYMOUTH, Colony of. A Patent for Plymouth in New-England; with Ex

5 tracts from the Records of the Colony, &c. Boston, 1751. 4°, pp. 20.

6 Records of the Colony of New Plymouth. See MASSACHUSETTS. Pococke, Edward, D.D., Prof. of Hebrew, &c., Oxford, Eng.; 6. 1604. d. 1691.

Translator, &c. See 'TOGRAI, Abu-Ishmael. Lamiato'l-Ajam. Pococke, Edward, Esq.

7 India in Greece; or, Truth in Mythology: containing the Sources of the Hellenic Race, the Colonisation of Egypt, the Wars of the Grand Lama, and the Budhistic Propaganda in Greece. [Maps.]

London, 1852. 8° (6.1X3.3). PocOCKE, Richard, D.D., LL.D., F.R.S., Bishop of Meath ; b. 1704. d. 1765.

8 Description (A) of the East, and some other Countries. Vol. 1. Obser

vations on Egypt. 2. Pt. I. Observations on Palæstine or the Holy Land, Syria, Mesopotamia, Cyprus, and Candia. II. Observations on the Islands of the Archepelago, Asia Minor, Thrace, Greece, and some other parts of Europe. 3 vols. [170 Plates.)

London, 1743–45. 2° (11.7X6.5). Poe, Edgar Allan; b. in Baltimore, 1811. d. 1849.

9 Works. With a Memoir by R. W. Griswold and Notices of his Life

and Genius by N. P. Willis and J. R. Lowell. 4 vols. 1. Notices and Tales. 2. Tales and Poems. 3. The Literati: some honest Opinions about Autorial Merits and Demerits, ... with Marginalia, Suggestions and Essays. 4. Arthur Gordon Pym, &c.

New-York, 1850–'58. 12° (5.8X3.5). Note. – Vol. 3 has only independent title-page. POETÆ Latini Minores. See BURMANN, P. Poinsett, Hon. Joel Roberts, U.S. Repr., &c., of S.C.; 6. 1779. d. 1851.

10 Discourse, on the Objects and Importance of the National Institution

for the Promotion of Science, established at Washington, 1840; delivered ... [January 4, 1841).

Washington, 1841. 8°, pp. 52. POISSET DE SIVRY, Louis, a French author; 6. 1733. d. 1804.

Translator, &c. See PLINIUS SECUNDUS, C. Histoire naturelle.

Poissox, Siméon Denis, Prof. in 'Ecole Normule of Paris; b. 1781. d. 1840.

i Traité de Mécanique. 2de éd., considérablement augmentée. Tom. 1, 2. [Plates. ]

Paris, 1833. 8° (5.9X3.5). Poivre, Pierre, a French missionary to China; 6. 1719. d. 1786.

2 Travels of a Philos upher; or, Observations on the Manners and Arts of

various Nations in Africa and Asia. Augusta, 1797. 12°, pp. 94. POLAND. The History of Poland, from its Origin as a Vation to . . . 1795.

3 With an accurate Account of the Geography and Government ... *** [Map and Portrait.]

London, 1795. 8° (6.1X3.3), pp. 500+. POLAND, Amand, Prof. of Theol. at 'e: 6. 1561. d. 1610.

4 Partitiones Theologicæ ivxta natvralis Methodi Leges conformatæ duo

bus libris ; quorum primus est de Fide, alter de bonis Operibvs: sexta

curà ... Cum Indice ac Tabvlis ... Generæ, 1611. 8° (4.9 X 2.7). 5 Syntagma Theologiæ Christianæ, juxta Leges Ordinis methodici conformatum, ... Ed. 5ta ... Praefixa est Synopsis ... Adjecti sunt ...

Indices. * * * Hanorix, 1621. 4° (7.8 X 4.7), 2 cols., cols. 2259+. Polaro, Pietro Soane, or Father Pall. See Sarpi, P. P. POLARIZEL Light. Lectures on Polarized Light, delivered before the Phar

6 maceutical Society of Great Britain ; and in the Medical School of the London Hospital. Illustrated by ... Woodcuts.

London, 1843. 8° (6.2X3.5). POLhil, Rev. Edward, of Sussex. 7 Armatura Dei: or, A Preparation for Suffering in an Evil Day:...

London, 1682. 12° (5.4 X3). 8 Speculum Theulogiæ in Christo; or, A View of some Divine Truths, ... practically exemplified in Jesus Christ, set forth in the Gospel: ...

London, 1678. 4° (6X3.7). POLIGNAC, Melchior DE, a French cardinal & statesman; b. 1661. d. 1741.

9 Anti-Lucrece (L'), Poëme sur le Religion naturelle, composé par M. le

Card. de Polignac; traduit par M. de Bourgainville. Tom. 1, 2. [Fortrait.]

Paris, 1749. 8° (5.7 X3.7). 10 Anti-Lucretius, sive de Deo et Natura, Libri norem. Opus posthumum ;

C. d'Orleans de Rothelin curà & studio editioni mandatum. Tom. 1, 2. [Portrait.]

Parisiis, 1747. 8° (6.2 X 2.7 irr.). POLITICAL, Commercial, and Statistical Sketches of the Spanish Empire in both

11 Indies; Reflections on the Policy proper for Great Britain at the Present

Crisis; and a View of the Political Question between Spain and the
United States respecting Louisiana and the Floridas, with the Claims of
Great Britain ... to the Commercial Navigation of the River Missis-
sippi, &c. &c.

London, 1809. 8°(6.1X3.4). POLITICAL 12 Discourses.

120 (4.9 X 2.8). NUTE, – Linperfect, containing pp. 1-288. POLITICAL Magazine (The) and Parliamentary, Naval, Military and Literary

13 Journal, for ... 1780-1782. Vol. 1-3. July, 1786; March, April, November 1788; July, 1789. [Monthly. Maps, &c.]

London, 1780-'89. 8° (7.1X4.2), 2 cols. POLITICAL Register (The); and Impartial Review of New Books. For MDCC14 LXVII.-MDCCLXXI. Vol. 1-8. * . . [ Plates. ]

London. 1767–71. 8° (6.6X3.3). Political Songs of Englaul. Soe Wright. T.

POLITICAL State ('The) of Europe, for the year MDCCXCII.-MDCCXCIV., containing

I an authentic and impartial Narrative of every Military Operation of the

present Belligerent Powers; and a correct Copy of every State Paper, Declaration, Manifesto, &c. &c. together with a correct Translation of the Debates and Proceedings of the National Convention of France, and an accurate Survey of the Policy and Conduct of the Neutral Powers.

Vol. 1-8. London, 1792–295. 8°(6.5X3.7). [2 copies of vol. 1-4.] POLK, James Knox, 11th Pres. of U.S.; b. in N.C., 1795. d. 1849.

2 Addresses, Messages, &c. See WILLIAMS, E. (Addresses, &c., vol. 2.)

3 Biographical Sketch of. See Williams, E. (Addresses, &c., vol. 2.) POLLOK, Robert, a Scotch poet & prose writer; b. at Muirhouse, 1799. d. 1827.

4 Course of Time; a Poem. See CRABB, G. Poet. Works of Crabbe, &c. Polson, Archer, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, London.

5 English Law. See (ExcYCLOPEDIA Metropolitana, vol. 2).

6 Law of Nations. See (ENCYCLOPEDIA Metropolitana, vol. 2). POLYBIUS, a Greek historian, of Megalopolis ; 6. about 204 B.C. d. 122 B.C.

7 General History (The) of Polybius. In five books. Translated from the Greek. By Mr. Hampton. 3d ed. Vol. 1-4. [Maps.]

London, 1772–73. 8° (5.5 X3.1). 8 Geschichte des Polybius. Mit den Auslegungen und Anmerkungen

des Herrn von Folard. Nebst einer Abhandlung von der Vertheidigung der Platze der Alten deutlich und griindlich abgehandelt und in vielen Kupferstichen vorgestellt hat. Uebersetzt von A. L. von Oelsmitz. Th. 1-3. • * *

Berlin, 1755. 4° (7.9X5.5), 2 cols. 9 History (The) of Polybivs. The fiue first Bookes entire. With all the

Parcels of the subsequent Bookes vnto the eighteenth, according to the
Greeke Originall. Also the Manner of the Roman Encamping, ex-
tracted from ... Polybivs. Translated into English by E. Grimeston.

London, 1633. 2° (9X 4.8), m. b. 10 Polybius. [Greek.] Ex recognitione I. Bekkeri. Tom. 1, 2. (1 paginy.]

Berolini, 1844. 8° (6.5X3.8). POLYCARP, St., Bp. of Smyrna; b. about 72. put to death, 167.

11 Epistle to the Philippians. See WAKE, W. Genuine Epistles, &c.
12 Life of St. Polycarp; with his Epistle to the Philippians, translated.

See CAVE, W. (The Lives, Acts, &c. of the Holy Apostles.)
POMEY, François, a French Jesuit, of Lyons ; b. 1618. d. 1673.

13 Indiculus universalis Rerum fere omnium quæ in Mundo sunt, Scientia

rum item, Artiumque Nomina ... colligens. (Latin, French and Dutch.] ...

Utrecht, 1689. 12° (4.7X2.8). POMPADOUR, Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marchioness DE; Mistress of Louis

IV.; b. 1721. d. 1764. 14 Lettres de la Marquise de Pompadour. Depuis 1746 jusqu'à 1762. Tom. 2. Nouv. éd., augmentée. Londres, 1774. 12° (4.6X2.5).

Noie. - Not auihentic Attributed to Barbé- Marbuis. Pond, Enoch, D.D., Bangor Theol. Sem.; b. in Wrantham, Mass., 1791. 15 Church (The).

Boston, 1837. 24° (4.3 X 2.7). 16 Discourse, Commemorative of the Life and Character of Rev. John Maltby, of Bangor.

Bangor, 1860. 8°, pp. 24.

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Pond, Enoch, D.D., continued. 1 Probation.

Bangor, 1837. 24° (4.3x2.7). 2 Short Missionary Discourses, or Monthly Concert Lectures.

Worcester, 1824. 2° (5.7x3.2). 3 Treatise on Christian Baptism, ... Boston, 1833. 12° (5.5X3.2).

Editor. See SPIRIT (The) of the Pilgrims.
POND, John, an English astronomer; b. about 1767. d. 1836.

4 Observations. See GREAT BRITAIN.—Greenwich Observations. PONTaxus, Johann Isaac, Historiographer of Denmark; b. 1571. d. 1640.

5 Dissertation concerning the North East Passage. See PINKERTON, J.

(Collection of Voyages, &c., vol. 1.) PONTECOU LAUT, G. DE., a teacher in "l'Ecole Polytechnique' of Paris. 6 Théorie analytique du Système du Monde. Tom. 1-3.

Paris, 1829–34. 8° (5.9X3.5). Pontius, Deacon in St. Cyprian's Church, at Carthage; fl. 250.

7 Life of St. Cyprian. See CYPRIAN, St., T. C. Genuine Works.-Pp.

xxix.-xliv. Pool, or Poole, Matthew, a Nonconformist divine; 6. 1624. d. 1679.

8 Annotations upon the Holy Bible; wherein the Sacred Text is inserted,

and various Readings annexed; together with the Parallel Scriptures.

... Vol. 1-4. ... Edinburgh, 1801. 4° (9.6X6.5), 2 cols. POOLE, Reginald Stuart, M.R.S.L., &c.

Editor. See GENESIS (The) of the Earth and of Man: &c. Poole, William Frederick, Librarian of Boston Athenæum. 9 Index (An) to Periodical Literature. ***

New-York, 1833. 8° (7.4X4.6), 2 cols., pp. 521. POORE, Ben : Perley.

10 Early Life (The) and First Campaigns of Napoleon Bonaparte, with a

History of the Bonaparte Family, and a Review of French Politics, to the year 1796.

Boston, 1851. 8°, pp. 41. [2 copies.] POPE, Alexander, an English poet; b. in London, 1688. d. 1744.

11 Essay (An) on Man. Enlarged and improved. With the Notes of Dr. Warburton. (Frontispiece.]

London, 1760. 12° (5.X.3 irr.). 12 Life of Pope. See Johnson, S., LL.D. (Works, vol. 11.) 13 Life, with Essay on Writings. See RUFFHEAD, O. 14 Works. Vol. 1. ... Juvenile Poems and Translations. 2. ... Imi

tations, Moral Essay, Satires, etc. 3. ... The Dunciad. 4. ... Miscellaneous Pieces. 5,6. ... Letters. 6 vols. [Frontispiece.]

London, 1788. 12° (5.2X2.9 irr.). POPE, Major-Gen. John, U.S.A.

15 Report upon a Route for a Pacific Railroad, near the 32d Parallel, lying

between the Red River and the Rio Grande. See UNITED STATES. .

(Explorations and Surveys for a Pacific Rail Road, vol. 2.) POPERY. 16 Address Con Popery] to their Graces the Archbishops of Canterbury

and York, and the Bishops of England. Boston, 1767. 8°, pp. 31. 17 Candid Enquiry into the Causes and Motives of the late Riots in the

Province of Munster in Ireland ; by the people called White-Boys or Levellers. With Appendix, containing other Papers on the same Subject.

London, 1767. 8°, pp. 71.

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