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PROCTOR, Col. George, of the Royal Military College, Sandhurst.

| Britain, from the Descent of the Saxons, to the Deposition of Richard

II. See (EXCYCLOPEDIA Metropolitana, rol. 11, 12). 9 Crusades. See (ENCYCLOPÆDIA Metropolitana, vol. 11). 3 Feudal System (The). See (ENCYCLOPEDIA Metropolitana, vol. 11, 12). 4 History of the Crusades: their Rise, Progress, and Results. By Major Proctor. With over 150 Illustrations.

Philadelphia, 1854. 8' (6.1 X3.7). 3 Middle Ages (The), from the Fall of the Roman Empire of the West, to

End of Eighth Century. See (ENCYCLOPEDIA Metropolitana, vol. 11).

Joint Author. See MITCHELL, C. C. Fortification.
PZOPERTITS, Sextus Aurelius, a Roman elegiac poet ; d. about 15 B.C.

6 Elegiæ. See CATULLUS, C. V. Catulli, etc. Opera. Catullus etc.
7 Elegiarum Libri IV. cum Commentario perpetuo P. Burmanni secundi,
opus Burmanni morte interruptum L. Santenius absolvit.

Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1780. 4° (6.8X5.3), pp. 990+:
NOTE. - Imperfect, waniing title-page.
PROSPER, St., of Aquitaine, a disciple of St. Augustine ; d. about 463.
i Opera cmnia. Coloniæ Agrippinæ, 1609? 8°(5X2.6), m. r., pp. 903+.

Note.- Imperfect, wanting title page. PROTESTANT DISSENTER's (The) Magazine: consisting of Biographical Memoirs ; i Ecclesiastical History; Sacred Criticism ; Doctrinal and Practical Di

vinity, &c. &c. ... Vol. 1-6. ... Embellished with Heads and other Engravings. ..

London, 1794–99. 8°(6.7X3.6). PROTESTANT System (The): containing Discourses on the principal Doctrines 10 of Natural and Revealed Religion. Compiled from the Works of ...

Protestant Dissenters, viz. Abernethy, Amory, Barker, Benson, Bulkeley, Chandler, &c. &c. To which are added, Four Discourses ... Vol.

London, 1758. 8°(5.4X3.5). PROTESTANT-EPISCOPAL Church in the United States. Journals of the General 11 Conventions of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of

America, from A. D. 1785 to A. D. 1853, inclusive. ... With illustrative historical Notes and Appendices, by Rev. F. L. Hawks, and Rev. W. S. Perry. Vol. 1.

Philadelphia, 1861. 8° (6.1X3.6). 12 Reception of the Delegates from the Society for the Propagation of the

Gospel in Foreign Parts, by the Board of Missions of the Protestant
Episcopal Church in the United States of America, and Speeches at the

Missionary Meetings,Oct.6th, 7th and 10th. New-York, 1853. 89, pp. 37. PROTESTANT-EPISCOPAL Historical Society. Collections of the Protestant Epis13 copal Historical Society, for the year 1851. [Vol.1. For 1852–53.] Vol. 2. 2 vols. [Portraits.]

New-York, 1851, '53. 8° (6.6X4). PROT-DE-MONROY, Chevalier - DE. 14 Foreign Agriculture: or, An Essay on the Comparative Advantages of

Oxen for Tillage in competition with Horses. Selected from his Com

munications, with Notes, by J. T. Dillon. London, 1796. 8°, pp. 67. PEOTD, Robert, a Quaker teacher in Phila.; b. in Yorkshire, Eng., 1728. d. 1813. 15 History (The) of Pennsylvania, in North America, from the original In

stitution and Settlement ... in 1681, till after the year 1742; with an Introduction, respecting the Life of William Penn ..., &c. To which is added, A brief Description of the said Province, ... between the years 1760 and 1770. ... •.• Vol. 1, 2. [Portrait and Map.]

Philadelphia, 1797, '98. 8° (6.6X3.2).

1, 2.

PRout, William, M.D., F.R.S., a Scottish physician & chemist; 6. 1786. d. 1830.

1 Chemistry Meteorology and the Function of Digestion considered with reference to Natural Theology *** Meteorological Map.]

London, 1834. 8° (6X3.5), pp. 570. Note.- Ilalf-title, “ Bridgewater T'reatises ... Treatise VIII. ... 21 ed.” PROVERBES 2 Dramatiques. Tom. 1-8.

Paris, 1768-'81. 8° (5.3X3). PROVERBES 3 Dramatiques, Manuel de. *. Portland, 1830. 12° (5.1X3). PROVERBS, Book of. See BIBLE,-in locis. PRYNNE, William, an English lawyer & politician; b. 1600. d. 1669.

4 Brevia Parliamientaria rediviva. Conteining several Catalogues of the

Numbers, Lates of all Bundles of Original Writs of Summons and Elections newly found, or formerly extant in the Tower of London during the Reigns of K. Edw. 1, 2, 3. R. 2. H. 4, 5, 6. and E. 4...: &c. &c.

London, 1662. 4° (5.9X3.1). 5 Breviate (A) of the Life of VVilliam Laud Arch-bishop of Canterbury:

extracted (for the most part) verbatim, out of his owne Diary, and other Writings, under his owne Hand. ... ••. [Plate of Laud's Trial.]

London, 1644. 2° (8.9X5), m. d., pp. 35. 6 Brief necessary Vindication (A) of the old and new Secluded Members,

from the false malicious Calvmnies; and of the Fundamental Rights, Liberties, Privileges, Government, Interest of the Freemen, Parliaments, People of England, from the late avowed Subversions 1. of John Rogers, in his un-Christian Concertation with Mr. Prynne, and others. 2. of Mr. Nedham, in his Interest will not lie. ... ***

London, 1659. 4° (6.1X3.2), m. b., pp. 62. 7 Conscientious, serious, theological and legal Quæries, propounded to the

twice-dissipated, self-created Anti-Parliamentary Westminster Juncto, and its Members.

London, 1660. 4°, m. r., pp. 48. 8 Histrio-Mastix : The Player's Scourge, or Actor's Tragedie.

London, 1633. 4° (5.9X3.3), m. r., pp. 100€+. Note. — Imperfect, wanting title-page. 9 Moderate, seasonable Apology for indulging just Christian Liberty to

truly tender Consciences, conforming to the Publike Liturgy. In, not bowing at, or to the Name of Jesus ; and not kneeling in the Act of receiving the Lords Supper ; according to His Majesties most gracious Declaration ... *

London, 1662. 4° (5.8X3.3), m. r. 10 New Discovery (A) of the Prelates Tyranny, in their late Persecutions

of Mr. William Pryn; Dr. Iohn Bastwick; and Mr. Henry Burton.

... *** [Portraits.] London, 1641. 4° (5.5 X3.4), m. r. Il Re-Publicans (The) and others supekious good old Cause. Briefly and truly anatomized.

[London,] 1659. 4°, m. n., pp. 18. 12 Second Part of a brief Register and Survey of the several Kinds and

Forms of Parliamentary VVrits. ... London, 1660. 4° (5.9X3.4), m. r. 13 Second Part (The) of the signal Loyalty and Devotion of Gods true

Saints and pious Christians under the Gospel, (especially in this our
Island) towards their Christian Kings and Emperors, ... Together
with the various forms of Prayers, Supplications, Collects, Votes and
Acclamations used at the Coronations of Emperors and Kings, ...

London, 1660. 4° (5.9X3.5), m. r. PryxXE, William, continued.

| Short, legal, medicinal, usefull, safe, easie Prescription (A); to recover

our Kingdom, Church, Nation from their present dangerous, distractive, destructive Confusion, and worse than Bedlam Madnesse.

London, 1659. 4°, pp. 9. 2 Ten considerable Quæries concerning Tithes, the present Petitions and Petitions for their total Abolition.

London, 1659. 4°, pp. 6. Psalms. The Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New Testa

3 ment, faithfully translated into English Meeter. For the Use, Edifica

tion and Comfort of the Saints in public and private, especially in New England. ...

London, 1697. 16° (5.3 X 2.9), pp. 84. Note. – A late edition of the Bay Psalm Book.' Imperfect, waiting from p. 81. 4 Psalıns (The), Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New-Testament: faithfully translated into English Metre: for the Use ... in

New England. *** 26th ed. Boston, 17-14. 16° (4.4 X 2.1 irr.). 5 Psaumes (Les) de David, mis in Rime Françoise, par C. Marot, et T.

de Beze. •*. [Prefixed are, The Offices of Baptism, Marriage, &c. The Articles of Faith, &c., in French.]

Amsterdam, 1699. 12° (4.9X 2.7). Psalms, Book of. See BIBLE, — in locis. PUBLISHERS' Circular. See AMERICAN Publishers' Circular. PUFFENDORF, Samuel, Baron, a German publicist ; 6. 1632. d. 1694.

6 Droit (Le) de la Nature et des Gens, ou Systeme General des Principes

les plus importans de la Morale, de la Jurisprudence, et de la Politique. Traduit du Latin de M. le Baron de Pufendorf, par J. Barbeyrac. Avec des Notes du Traducteur ; & une Préface, qui sert d'Introduction ... 2de éd., revue & augmentée ... Tom. 1, 2. ... [Portrait.]

Amsterdam, 1712. 4° (7.3X4.9), m. n. 7 Introduction (An) to the History of the Principal States of Europe.

Begun by Baron Puffendorf; continued by M. de la Martiniere. Improved by J. Sayer. *** ... Vol. 1, 2. New ed., revised ...

London, 1774. 8° (6.4 X3.1), m. b. PUFFER, Rev. Reuben, D.D., of Berlin, Mass.; b. 1756. d. 1829.

8 Discourse on Revealed Religion ; delivered in University in Cambridge,

May 11, 1808, at Dudley Lecture. Cambridge, 1808. 8°, pp. 24. Pugix, Augustus, an English architectural draughtsman; d. 1832.

9 Pugin and Le Keux's Specimens of the Architectural Antiquities of Normandy. [80 Plates.)

London, 1841. 4° (9X7). Note. – For “ Historical and Descriptive Essays ” to accompany, see Britton, J. 10 Specimens of Gothic Architecture; selected from various Ancient Edi

fices in England: consisting of Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Parts at large, calculated to exemplify the various Styles, and the Practical Construction of this admired Class of Architecture; accompanied by historical and descriptive Accounts, by E. J. Willson. Vol. 1, 2. [114 Plates.]

London (1923). 4° (7.6 X 5.3). Vite. – Also for “Glossary of Technical Terms,” &c., to accompany this work,

see Willson, E. J. PUGNET, Jean François Xavier, a French army surgeon; b. 1765. d. 1830. 11 Mémoires sur les Fièvres de mauvais caractère du Levant et des An

tilles, avec un Aperçu physique et médical du Sayd, et un Essai sur la Topographie de Saint Lucie. [Plate.] Lyon, 1804. 8°(6X3.4). PUISSANT, Louis, a French military engineer, &c.; b. 1769. d. 1843.

1 Traité de Géodésie, ou Exposition des Méthodes trigonométriques et

astronomiques, applicables soit a la Mesure de la Terre, soit a la Confection des Canevas des Cartes et des Plans topographiques. 2me éd. Tom. 1, 2. [Plates.]

Paris, 1819. 4° (7.2 X 4.7). 2 Traité de Topographie, d’Arpentage et de Nivellement. 2me éd. [Plates.]

Paris, 1820. 4° (7.2 X 4.7). PULASKI, Casimir, (Polish,PULAWSKI, Kazimierz,] Count, a Polish patriot, af

terwards Brig.-Gen. in American Revolution ; b. 1747. d. 1799. 3 Life, by J. Sparks. See SPARKS, J. (American Biogr., 2d Ser., vol. 4.) PULLEN, P. H.

4 Pestalozzi's Intellectual, or Intuitive Arithmetic: exemplifying the Doc

trine of Mental Calculation, ... London, 1821. 12° (5.5X3). PULLER, Christopher, of the Inner Temple, London.

Joint Author. See BOSANQUET, J. B. Reports of Cases, &c. PULMANNUS, properly POELMAN, Theodor, a Dutch commentator; 6.1510. d.1580.

Editor. See CLAUDIANUS, C. Opera. PULTENEY, William, Esq.

5 Effects to be expected from the East India Bill, upon the Constitution

of Great Britain, if passed into a Law. 2d ed. corrected. With a Postscript.

London, 1783. 89, pp. 53. 6 Thoughts on the Present State of Affairs with America, and the Means of Conciliation. 3d ed.

London, 1778. 8° (6.3X3.3). PUNCHARD, Benjamin Hanover, a merchant of Andorer, Ms.; b. 1799. d. 1850. 7 Memoir of B. H. Punchard.

Andover, 1857. 8°, pp. 43. PUNCHARD, Rev. George, of Plymouth, N.H.

8 View (A) of Congregationalism, its Principles and Doctrines; the Tes

timony of Ecclesiastical History in its Favor, its Practice, and its Advantages. With an introductory Essay, by R. S. Storrs. 3d ed., revised and enlarged.

Boston, 1856. 12° (5.6X3.3). PURITANS. Brief and impartial History of the Puritans; representing their 9 Principles and Sufferings, with Observations.

London, 1772. 12°, pp. 82. PURSUITS of Literature; a Satirical Poem. See MATHIAS, J. M. PUTNAM, Rev. George, D.D., of Roxbury, Mass.

10 True Grounds of Christian Unity. Boston, 1838. 12°, pp. 27. PUTNAM, George P., a book publisher, of New York City. 11 Putnam's Home Cyclopedia. Hand-Book of Chronology and History,

The World's Progress, a Dictionary of Dates : with Tabular Views of
General History, and a Historical Chart. 6th ed. "..

New-York, 1832. 12° (5.8 X3.5), pp. 692. PUTNAM, Israel, Major-Gen. in Revolution ; b. in Danvers, Ms., 1718. d. 1790.

12 Essay on the Life of Gen. Putnam. See HUMPHREYS, D.

13 Life, by 0. W. B. Peabody. See SPARKS, J. (American Biog., vol. 7.) PUTNAM's Monthly Magazine of American Literature, Science, and Art. Vol. 14 1-3. January, 1853–-June, 1854.

New-York, 1853–54. 8° (7.5 X 4.3), 2 cols. PYCROFT, Rev. James,

15 Course (A) of English Reading ... with Anecdotes of Men of Genius.

With Additions by J. G. Coggsvell. New-York, 1845. 12° (5.4x3.2). Pre, Charles,

1 New Dictionary (A) of Ancient Geography, exhibiting the Modern in addition to the Ancient Names of Places. ...

Boston, 1803. 8° (7X3.4), 2 cols. Pem, John, an English patriot & statesman; b. 1584. d. 1643.

? Life, by J. Forster. See FORSTER, J. (Lives of Eminent British States

men, vol. 3.) (Statesmen of the Commonwealth of England, vol. 2.) PTTHAGORAS, a Greek philosopher; b. in Samos, about 580 B.C. d. 504 B.C.

3 Carmina Aurea. See BRUNCK, R. F. P. (Gnomici Poetæ Græci.) 4 Carmina Aurea, translated. See STANLEY, T. (History of Philosophy.)


QCARRY, Col. Robert, Judge of Admiralty in N.Y. & Penn.; d. about 1712.

5 Memorial on the State of the American Colonies, 1703. See Mass.

Hist. Society. (Collections, 3d Series, vol. 7.) QUARTERLY Christian Spectator (The). Edited by a Society of Gentlemen.

6 Vol. 1-10. 1829–1838. New Haven, [1829–38]. 8°(6.7X3.8). [2 sets.] QUARTERLY Register (The American). See AMERICAN Education Society. QUARTERLY Review (The). Vol. 1–112. February, 1809--October, 1862. Vol. 1-21, New-York; 22–30, Boston ; 31-110, London, 1809–’62.

8° (6.6X3.9). XOTE.– Vol. 20 is General Index to vol. 1-19; vol. 40, to vol. 21-39; vol. 60, to vol.

41-59; vol. 80, to vol. 61-79; vol. 100, to vol. 81-99. QUARTERLY Review (The Foreign). See FOREIGN Quarterly Review (The). QCESSEL, Pasquier, l'Abbé, a French theologian; b. 1634. d. 1719.

• Ingénu (L'), Histoire veritable, tirée de Manuscrits du Père Quesnel by Voltaire).

Utrecht, 1767. 8° (5X3). Quick, John, a minister, of London.

9 Synodicon in Gallia Reformata : or, The Acts, Decisions, Decrees and

Canons of those famous National Councils of the Reformed Churches in France. ... Collected and composed out of original Manuscript Acts ... 2 vols. [Portrait and Frontispiece.]

, London, 1692. 2° (10.4 X 5.4), m. r. [2 copies.) XTE. - Presentation copies, with autograph lives of the author, one to John Car

thew, of Boston, the other to Dr. Increase Mather. The latter copy contains also

manuscript references of Dr. Mather. QUILLET, Claude, a French physician; b. 1602. d. 1661.

10 Callipédie (La), ou la Maniere d'avoir de Beaux Enfans; [in the original,

and] traduite du Poëme Latin. Paris, 1749. 12° (5.1X3 irr.). QUILLET, Pierre Nicolas, French Minister of War; 6.1766. d. 1837.

11 Etat actuel de la Législation sur l'Administration des Troupes; ... Nouv. éd., revue, et augmentée. •** Tom. 1-3.

Paris, 1805–06. 12° (5.4X3), m. b. Quixcy, Edmund, a merchant, of Boston ; b. 1703. d. 1788. 12 Treatise of Hemp-Husbandry.

Boston, 1765. 4°, pp. 32. QUINCY, John, M.D., of London. 13 Lexicon Physico-Medicum; or, A New Physical Dictionary; ... 2d

ed., very much altered ... London, 1722. 8° (6.5X3.7), 2 cols. 14 Quincy's Lexicon-Medicum ; with Glossary. See HOOPER, R.

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