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QUINCY, Hon. Josiah, Jun., a lawyer, of Boston ; b. 1744. d. 1775.

1 Memoir of the Life of Josiah Quincy, Jun. See Quincy, Josiah.
2 Observations on the Boston Port Bill; with Thoughts on Civil Society
and Standing Armies. ***

Boston, 1774. 89, pp. 81. Note. — Also, with original title-page, in Memoir of his Life, by Josiah Quincy. QUINCY, Josiah, LL.D., son of preceding, Pres. of Harv. Coll., &c.; b. 1772.

3 Address delivered at the Fifth Anniversary of the Massachusetts Peace Society, Dec. 25, 1820.

Cambridge, 1821. 80, pp. 32 4 History (The) of Harvard University. Vol. 1, 2. ... [Engrarings,

Cambridge, 1840. 8° (6.7x3.8), m. b 5 Memoir of James Grahame, LL.D. See Mass. Hist. Society. (Collec

tions, 3d Series, vol. 9.)
6 Memoir of the Life of John Quincy Adams. ... [Portrait.i.

Boston, 1858. 80 (6X3.5) 7 Memoir of the Life of Josiah Quincy, Jun. of Massachusetts. ..

Boston, 1825. 2° (5.8X3.4), pp. viii., 498 8 Memory (The) of the late James Grahame, the Historian of the l'. S.,

vindicated from the Charges of “ Detraction" and "Calumny" preferred against him by Mr. George Bancroft, and the Conduct of Mr. Bancroft

towards that Historian stated and exposed. Boston, 1846. 8°, pp. 59. 9 Oration delivered before the Washington Benevolent Society of Massachusetts, April 30th, 1813.

Boston, 1813. 8°, pp. 32. 10 Plea (A) for Harvard. See HARVARD COLLEGE.—Miscellaneous. 11 Remarks on the Nature, &c. of the Voluntary System in the Studies of

Latin and Greek. See HARVARD COLLEGE.— Miscellaneous. 12 Speeches in Congress. See WILLISTON, E. B. (Eloq. of U.S., vol. 2. 3.) QUINTAXA, Manuel Josef.

13 Poesias selectas Castellanas, desde el tiempo de Juan de Mena hasta nuestros dias. Tom. 1-3.

Madrid, 1807. 8° (5X2.2 irr.). QUINTILIANUS, or QUINCTILIANUS, Marcus Fabius, a Roman rhetorician;

Spain, about 40. d. about 118. 14 Declamationes vndevigenti, his accesserunt Fragmenta alia, hoc est, qur

ex CCCLXXXVIII. supersunt cxvi. Declamationes. ... Item, Calpurnii Flacci Excerptæ X. Rhetorum minorum LI. vnà cum Dialogo de Oratoribus siue de Causis corruptæ Eloquentiæ. ...

Francofvrti, 1629. 8° (5.6X3), pp. 553+. 15 Institutionum Oratoriarum Libri duodecim ad usum Scholarum accommodati . . ., et brevibus Notis illustrati a C. Rollin. Tom. 1, 2.

Paris, 1736, '37. 12° (5 X 2.5), m. b. 16 Institvtionvm Oratoriarvm Libri duodecim, ... recogniti ac restituti.

Nouæ huic Editioni adiecit Fabianarum Notarum Spicilegivm subcisirvm
D. Parevs. ... Cum Indice ...

Francofvrti, 1629. 8° (5.6X3), m. n., pp. 690+. 17 M. Fabii Quinctiliani de Institutione Oratoria Libri duodecim. Cum du

plici Indice; ... Ex tribus codicibus MSS. & octo impressis emendavit, atque Lectiones variantes adjecit E Gibson. ...

Oxoniæ, 1693. 4° (6.8 X 4.2), m. b., pp. 645+. 18 Opera ... Praemittitur Notitia Literaria Studiis Societatis Bipon

tinae. [Vignettes.] Vol. 14. Biponti, 1784. 8°(5.7X3.3).

QUINTILIANUS, Marcus Fabius, continued.

I Quinctilian's Institutes of Eloquence: or, The Art of Speaking in Pub

lic, ... Translated . . . with Notes, critical and explanatory, by W.

Guthrie. ... ... Vol. 1, 2. London, 1805. 8°(6.2X3.5). Quitman, Maj.-Gen. John Anthony, Gov. of Miss.; b. in N.Y., 1799. d. 1858.

2 Obituary Addresses on the Death of Hon. John A. Qıritman, and Hon.

Th. L. Harris; delivered in the Senate of the United States, 5th and 17th of January, 1839. Baltimore, 1859. 8°, pp. 16. [2 copies.]


RIBAUT DE SAINT-ETIENNE, a Protestant minister, of Nismes ; 6.1743. d. 1793.

3 History (The) of the Revolution of France. Translated from the French of M. Rabaut de Saint-Etienne [by J.White).

London, 1792. 8° (5.8X3.2). 4 History (The) of the Revolution of France. Translated from the French of M. Rabaut de Saint-Etienne [by J. White).

Dublin, 1793. 8° (5.8 X3.2). RABELAIS, François, a French physician & author ; 6. 1483. d. 1553.

5 Euvres. Nouv. éd. augmentée . . . et accompagnée de Notes explica

tives et d'un Notice historique contenant les Documents originaux relatifs a la Vie de Rabelais par L. Jacob.

Paris, 1843. 12° (5.4 X3.4), pp. lxxii., 575. 6 Works. Translated from the French. By Sir T. Urquhart and Mot

teaux; with explanatory Notes, by Duchat, Ozell, and others. New ed.,

revised, ... Vol. 1, 2. [Portraits.] London, 1855. 8°(5.3X3.2). RABENER, Gottlieb Wilhelm, a Germun moralist; b. 1714. d. 1771.

? Satiren. 10te auflage. Th. 1-3. Leipzig, 1771. 8° (5.4X3). RACCOLTA di Lirici e Satirici Italiani Vol. 1 [Portraits.]

Firenze, 1835. 8° (6.6X4), 2 cols., pp. 852+. Raccolta di Novellieri Italiani Parte I.-III. 3 vols. [Portraits.

Firenze, 1833–34. 8° (6.6X4), 2 cols., pp. 2502. RACINE, Jean, a French tragic poet; b. 1639. d. 1699.

10 Euvres complètes de J. Racine, précédées de son Éloge par La Harpe. Nouv. éd. Tom. 1-5.

Paris, 1828. 8° (5.7 X3.3 irr.). Rae, John

11 Statement of some New Principles on the subject of Political Econo

my, exposing the Fallacies of the System of Free Trade, and of some other Doctrines maintained in the “ Wealth of Nations." **

Boston, 1834. 8° (6.7 X3.7). RAFFLES, Rev. Thomas, D.D., LL.D., of Liverpool ; b. in London, 1788.

12 Life (The) of Rev. Thomas Spencer, of Liverpool: with an Appendix, containing a Selection from his Papers, &c.

New-York, 1835. 8° (8.1X4.9), 2 cols. RAFx, Carl Christian, a Danish archæologist; b. 1796.

13 Cabinet d'Antiquités Américaines à Copenhague.-Rapport. See Royal

Society of Northern Antiquaries. RAGOIS, l'Abbé LE; of about 1680.

14 Instruction sur l'Histoire de France et Romaine, avec un Abrégé de

Géographie, des Proverbes ou Sentences, Recueil de Bons Mots & des Pensées choisies, Abrégé de l'Histoire poétique, & des Metamorphoses d'Ovide. Nouv. éd., avec Figures. Tom. 1, 2.

Paris, 1764. 12° (5.37 2.9). RAILROAD Jubilee in Boston, 1851. See Boston, City of.- Miscellaneous. Rait, Rev. William, of Dundie, Scotland.

| Vindication (A), of the Reformed Religion, from the Reflections of a Romanist:... ***

Aberdene, 1671. 12° (4.7X2.6). RALE, RALLE, RASLE, or RASLES, Sébastian, a missionary from the French

Jesuits to the N.d. Indians ; b. 1653. killed at Norridgewock, Me., 1724. 2 Abnaki Indian Dictionary; with Introductory Memoir, and Notes, by

J. Pickering. See AMERICAN Academy, &c. (Memoirs, New Ser., vol. 1.) 3 Life, by C. Francis. See SPARKS, J. (Amer. Biogr., 2d Ser., vol. 7.)

4 Memoir of Ralle. See Mass. Hist. Society. (Coll., 2d Series, vol. 8.) RALEIGH, Sir Walter, an English adventurer ; b. 1552. beheaded, 1618.

5 Abridgment of Raleigh's History, with a Continuation to 1708. See

GENERAL History of the World, &c. 6 Historie (The) of the World, in five books. ... [Chronological Tavle, &c. Portrait, Frontispiece and Maps.]

London, 1666. 2° (10.5 X 6.2), 2 cols., m. r., pp. 1143+. 7 Memoirs of Life of Sir Walter Raleigh. See Thomson, Mrs. A. T. 8 Report of the Truth of the Fight, about the Islands of Azores, August,

1591, betwixt H. M. Ship Revenge and an Armada of Spain. See

PINKERTON, J. (Collection of Voyages, &c., vol. 1.) RAMBLER (The). See Johnson, S., LL.D. RAJOND DE CARBONNIÈRES, Louis François Elisabeth, Baron, a French saran;

b. 1753. d. 1827. 9 Journey to the Summit of Mount Perdu. See PINKERTON, J. (Collec

tion of Voyages, &c., vol. 4.) RAMSAY, Andrew Michael, LL.D.; b. in Ayr, Scotland, 1688. d. 1743.

10 Discours de la Poesie epique, et de l'Excellence du Poëme de Telemaque.

See FÉNÉLOX, F. de S. DE LA MOTHE. Les Advantures de Telemaque.

Paris Edition. Tom. 1.-Pp. i.-xxxi. 11 Travels (The) of Cyrus. With a Discourse upon the Theology and My. thology of the Ancients. By the Chev. Ramsay.

Boston, 1795. 12° (5.5X3). 12 Voyages (Les) de Cyrus, avec un Discours sur la Mythologie. Par M.

Ramsay. Tom. 1, 2. [Frontispiece.] Paris, 1727. 12° (4.5X2.6). RAMSAY, David, M.D., of Charleston, S.C.; 6. 1749. d. 1815. 13 IIistory (The) of the American Revolution. ... Vol. 1, 2.

Philadelphia, 1789. 8° (6.6X3.4), m. d. 14 History (The) of the American Revolution. New ed. ... Vol. 1, 2.

London, 1793. 8° (5.8 X3.3), m. d. 15 History (The) of the Revolution of South-Carolina, from a British Province to an Independent State. ... Vol. 1, 2. [Map.]

Trenton, 1785. 8° (5.8X3.3). RAMSAY, William, Prof. of Humanity, Univ. of Glasgow.

16 Elegiac Extracts from Tibullus and Ovid: with English Introductions and Notes.

Glasgow, 1840. 12° (5.9 X3.2). RAMSAY, Rev. John, of Langdon, in Kent.

17 Sermon preach'd to the Protestants of Ireland, now in London, Octo

ber 23, 1713. Anniversary Thanksgiving for the Deliverance of the Protestants of that Kingdom, October 23, 1641. 3d ed.

Dublin, 1713. 8°, pp. 24. RAMSEY, Col. Albert C.

1 Other Side (The): or Notes for the History of the War between Mexi

co and the United States. Written in Mexico. Translated from the į Spanish, and edited, with Notes, by A. C. Ramsey. With Portraits ..., Plans of Battles, &c. &c.

New-York, 1850. 12° (5.5X3.5). Raxts, Peter, or Pierre de LA RAMÉE, a French grammarian & logician; b.

1502 or 1515. killeil St. Bartholemew's night, 1572. 2 Commentariorum de Religione Christiana, Libri quatuor, eivsdem Vita

a Th. Banosio descripta. .. Francofvrti, 1577. 8°(4.9 X 2.7). 3 Dialecticæ Libri duo: recèns in usum Scholarum hàc formâ distinctiùs et ... excusi. Cum Commentariis G. Dounami annexis.

Londini, 1669. 8° (3.5X3.2), m. r., pp. 5017. RASBY, John, Esq. 4 Doubts on the Abolition of the Slave Trade. By an Old Member of Parliament (J. Ranby).

London, 1795. 8° (5.9X3.2). 5 Observations on the Evidence given before the Committees of the Privy

Council and House of Commons in Support of the Bill for Abolishing

the Slave Trade. [By J. Ranby.] London, 1791. 8° (6X3.3). RAND, Rer. Asa, of Gorham, Me.

6 Doctrine (The) of the Cross the only Gospel. Sermon at Ordination of Rev. Francis Brown, at North Yarmouth, January 11, 1810. [Ch., by

S. Eaton ; R.H., by W. Miltimore.] Portland, 1810. 89, pp. 35. 7 Familiar Sermons. .

Portland, 1825. 12° (5.5 X 3.2). 8 Word (A) in Season, in behalf of the Holy Scriptures; to which is added, A brief Reply to the “Observations" of Friend Edward Cobb. ***

Portland, 1818. 12° (5.4X3.2). RASDALL, Rev. George M., D.D., of Boston.

9 Why I am a Churchman. See (PITTS-STREET Chapel Lectures). RANDALL, Henry S., LL.D. 10 Life (The) of Thomas Jefferson. *** ... Vol. 1-3. [Portraits, Fac-similes, &c.

New-York, 1858. 8° (6.5 X3.9). RANDALL, Hon. Samuel S., Sup't of Schools, New York City.

Joint Editor. See AMERICAN Journal (The) of Education, &c. RUDOLPH, Edmund, Gov. of Va., Sec'y of State of U.S., &c.; d. 1813.

u Speeches. See WILLISTON, E. B. (Eloquence of U. S., vol. 1, 4.) 12 Vindication (A) of Mr. Randolph's Resignation.

Philadelphia, 1795. 8° (6.6X3.8). RANDOLPI, John, of Roanoke, Va., U.S. Repr. & Sen., &c.; b. 1773. d. 1833. 13 Speech on the Increase of the Army. See WILLISTON, E. B. (Eloquence

of U. S., vol. 2.) Random Recollections of the House of Commons, from the year 1830 to the 14 close of 1835: including Personal Sketches of the leading Members

... By one of no party. Philadelphia, 1836. 12° (5X3.1). [2 copies.] RANDOM Recollections of the House of Lords, from the year 1830 to 1836: in15 cluding Personal Sketches of the leading Members. By Author of Re

collections of House of Lords. ... Philadelphia, 1836. 12° (5.3X3.2). RAXKE, Leopold, a German historian; b. 1795. 16 Ecclesiastical and Political History (The) of the Popes of Rome during

the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. Translated from the German by S. Austin. ... Vol. 1, 2. Philadelphia, 1841. 8° (5.7X4). RANKE, Leopold, continued.

1 History of the Reformation in Germany. 2d ed. Translated by Sarah Austin. Vol. 1, 2.

London, 1645. 8° (6X3.6). RAPIN THOYRAS, Paul DE, a French historian ; 6. 1661. d. 1725.

2 Histoire d'Angleterre, par Mr. De Rapin Thoyras. Tom. 1-12. Con

tenant ce qui s'est passé depuis l’Invasion de Jule Cesar, jusqu'à . .. l'Avenement de George I. a la Couronne. ... *.. (Portraits, Maps, &c.]

La Haye, 1724–35. 4° (7.3X4.4), m. b. RASK, Rasmus Christian, a Danish philologist; b. 1787. d. 1832. 3 Danish Grammar edited by T. G. Repp. 2d ed.

Copenhagen, 1846. 8° (6.3X3.5). 4 Grammar (A) of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue, with a Praxis, by E. Rask. New ed., enlarged and improved by the author. Translated from the Danish, by B. Thorpe.

Copenhagen, 1830. 8° (6.3X3.5). RASLE, or RasLES, Sébastien. See RALE, S. Raspe, Rudolph Eric.

Translator, &c. See Born, I. Travels through Temeswer, &c.

Translator, &c. See FERBER, J.J. Travels through Italy, &c. Ratio Disciplinæ, or, The Constitution of the Congregational Churches. See

5 UPHAM, T. C. Ratio Disciplinæ Fratrum Nov.-Anglorum. See Mather, C. Rauch, Frederick August, D.D., Pres. of Marshall Coll., Pa.; b. 1806. d. 1841. 6 Psychology; or, A View of the Human Soul: including Anthropology,

New York, 1840. 8° (5.8X3.3). RAVAIssox, Félix. 7 Essai sur la Métaphysique d'Aristote ... Tom. 1, 2

Paris, 1846, '47. 8° (5.6X3.5). Ravis, or RAVIUS, Christian, Prof. of Orient. Langs. at Utrecht; 6.1603. d.1667.

Annotator. See UDALL, J. The Key of the Holy Tongue. RAVISI, Jean TIXIER de, Prof. of Rhet. at Navarre; b. 1480. d. 1524. 8 Epistolæ. ...

London, 1595. 16° (4.8X2.6). Rawle, William, an American lawyer; b. in Phila., 1759. d. 1836.

9 Inaugural Address. See Penn. Hist. Society. (Memoirs, vol. 1.)
10 View (A) of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Philadelphia, 1825. 8° (6.6 X3.5). RAWLEY, William, D.D., Chaplain to Lord Bacon, &c.; b. 1588. d. 1667.

Editor. See Bacon, F. Resvscitatio. Sylva Sylvarum. RAWLINS, Thomas, an English architect.

11 Familiar Architecture; consisting of original Designs of Houses ..., Parsonages, &c. ...

London, 1768. 4° (8.9X6.5). RAWLINSON, Rev. George, brother of following.

12 Historical Evidences (The) of the Truth of the Scripture Records stated

anew, with special reference to the Doubts and Discoveries of Modern Times. In eight Lectures, delivered in the Oxford University Pulpit, in the year 1859, on the Bampton Foundation. From London ed., with the Notes translated, by A. N. Arnold. Boston, 1860. 12° (5.8X3.5). Translator, &c. See HERODOTUS. The History of Herodotus.

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