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VAN DER KEMP, Francis Adrian, LL.D.; b. in Holland. d. in N.Y. 1829.

1 Oration, delivered at Utica, N.Y., March 11, 1814, commemorative of the Emancipation of the Dutch from French Tyranny.

Utica, n. d. 8°, pp. 32. VANE, Sir Henry, the Younger, a Seeker,' 4th Gov. of Mass., Sec'y of State to

K. Charles I., &c.; 6. 1612. d. 1662. 2 Life. See Forster, J. (Lives of Eminent British Statesmen, vol. 4);

(Statesmen of the Commonwealth of England, vol. 3.)

3 Life, by C. W. Upham. See SPARKS, J. (American Biography, vol. 4.) VANE, Lieut.-Gen. Charles William, Marquis of Londonderry, 4 Narrative of the War in Germany and France, in 1813 and 1814. [Map.]

Philadelphia, 1831. 12° (5.3X2.9). Van ERPEN. See ERPENIUS. Van HEUSDE, Philippus Wilhelmus. See HEUSDE, P. W. van. Vax HEYTHUYSEX, F., a barrister-at-law of London.

5 Equity Draftsman (The); being a Collection of Precedents, drawn by

some of the leading men at the Equity Bar: ... Selected and arranged so as to form a Companion to Mitford's Pleadings. With a copious digested Index. 1st American ed.

New-York, 1819. 8°(7X4), pp. 658, xxxii. VANIÈRE, Jacques, a French Jesuit, & Latin poet ; 6. 1664. d. 1739.

6 Prædium Rusticum; nova editio cæteris emendatior, cum Indice. ... Accedit Vita Autoris ...

Parisiis, 1786. 12° (4.3X 2.4 irr.). VAN MARUM, Martinus. See MARUM, M. van. VANS KENNEDY, Licut.-Col. - , of the British Bombay Milit. Establishment.

7 Researches into the Origin and Affinity of the principal Languages of

Asia and Europe. •*. [Plates.] London, 1828. 4° (7.6 X5.5). VAN TROOSTWYK, A. PAETS. See PAETS VAN TROOSTWYK, A. VANUXEM, Lardner.

8 Geology of New-York. Part III. Comprising the Survey of the Third

Geological District. [Engravings.] Albany, 1842. 4° (7X0.5). VAN VECHTEN, Jacob.

9 Memoirs of John M. Mason, with Portions of his Correspondence. ... [Portrait.]

New-York, 1856. 8° (6.5X4), pp. 551. VAN WINTER, Madame – 10 Germanicus, Poëme, en seize chants. Traduit du Hollandois. Vig. nette.]

Amsterdam, 1787. 8° (4.9 X 2,7). VARENIUS, Bernhardus, a Dutch physician; flourished 1640–50.

il Geographia generalis, in qua Affectiones generales Telluris explicantur. Ab I. Newton. Ed. 2da.... [Plates.]

Cantabrigiæ, 168i. 8° (6.1X3.5), pp. 511. VARLO, Charles, Esq.

12 New System (A) of Husbandry, . . . suitable for the Land and Climate

of America. ... Vol. 1, 2. Philadelphia, 1785. 8° (6X3.4). Vasari, Giorgio, an Italian painter & architect ; 6. 1512. d. 1574.

13 Vite de' più celebri Pittori Scultori e Architetti dal 1200 al 1568. Con

l'Aggiunta delle altre di lui opere minori edite e inedite cioè; Descrizione delle Pitture del Palazzo Vecchio e della Cupola del Duomo di Firenze; LV. Lettere pittoriche, storico-politiche ; Sonetti ; etc. ... Con 155 Ritratti. 12 vols.

Firenze, 1827. 12° (4.7 X 2.7). NOTR. — Also with second title-pages, "npora. Vol. 1-7. Pirenze, 1822-'93."

VATTEL, Emmerich DF, of Neufchâ'el, in Switzerland; b. 1714. d. 1767.

i Droit (Le) des Gens, ou Principes de la Loi naturelle, appliqués à la

Conduite & aux Affaires des Nations & des Souverains. Par M. de Vattel. *** Tom. 1, 2.

Londres, [Neufchâtel,] 1758. 4° (6.8 X 4.6), m. b. Note. - The place of publication, given • Londres,' is fictitions. 2 Law (The) of Nations ; or Principles of the Law of Nature: applied to the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns. By M. de Vattel. ... Translated from the French.

Dublin, 1792. 8° (6.4X3.3), m. b., pp. Ixii., 728. 3 Law (The) of Nations, or, Principles of the Law of Nature : applied to

the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns. From the French of M. de Vattel. ... New ed....

London, 1797. 8° 17.1X3.7), m. b., pp. lxvi., 500. [2 copies.] VAUGHAY, Benjamin, M.D., LL.D., b. in Jamaica, 1751. M.P. in 1792. came

to Hallowell, Maine, 1797. d. 1835. 4 Letters on the subject of the Concert of Princes, and the Dismemberment of Poland and France; first published in the Morning Chronicle, between July 20, 1792, and June 25, 1793. With Corrections and Additions: by a calm Observer [B. Vaughan). 4th ed. ***

London, 1794. 8° (6.3X3.4). 5 Memoir, by R. H. Gardiner. See MAINE Hist. Society. (Coll., vol. 6.) 6 Rural Socrates (The); or, An Account of a celebrated philosophical

Farmer, lately living in Switzerland, and known by the Name of Kli

yogg. [By B. Vaughan.] *** Hallowell, 1800. 8° (6.8X3.8). VaugiaX, Rer. Charles John, D.D., Head Master of Harrow School.

7 Personality (The) of the Tempter, and other Sermons, doctrinal and occasional, ...

London, 1831. 8° (6X3.3). VAUGHAN, David James, A.M., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, Eng.

Joint Translator', &c. See PLATO. The Republic of Plato. VAUGHAX, Henry, an English poet ; 6. in South Wales, 1621. d. 1695.

8 Sacred Poems and Pious Ejaculations. With a Memoir by Rer. H. F. Lyte.

Boston, 1856. 16° (4.8 X 2.8 irr.). VAUGHAN, Rice, Esq., of London.

9 Discourse of Coin and Coinage: ... London, 1675. 12° (4.8X2.7). Vauguix, Robert, D.D., Pres. of Independent College, at Manchester, Eny.

10 ... History (The) of England under the House of Stuart, including

the Commonwealth. [A.D. 1603–1688.] Part I. James I.--Charles I. II. Commonwealth; Charles II. ; James II. ... 2 vols.

London, 1840. 8° (6.6X3.8), pp. 935. Note. — The two volumes are paged coutimuusly 11 Life (The) and Opinions of John de Wycliffe, D.D. illustrated princi

pally from his unpublished Manuscripts; with a preliminary View of the Papal System, and of the State of the Protestant Doctrine in Europe, to the Commencement of the Fourteenth Century. Vol. 1, 2. 2d ed.,

much improved. *** [Portraits.] London, 1831. 8°(6.5X3.5). VAUGHAN, Robert Alfred, A.M. 12 Hours with the Mystics A Contribution to the History of Religious Opinion 2d ed. revised and augmented by the Author ... Vol. 1, 2

London, 1860. 16° (5.3X3.2). VAUGHAN, William, F.R.S., of London, brother of B.V.; 6. 1752. d. 1840.

1 Collection (A) of (seven] Tracts on Wet Docks for the Port of London, with Hints on Trade and Commerce, and on Free-Ports. (Plans.)

London, 1797. 8° (6.3X3.5). 2 Narrative (The) of Capt. David Woodard and Four Seamen, who lost

their ship . . . [near] the Island of Celebes. ... With an Introduction, and an Appendix, containing Narratives of various Escapes from Shipwrecks, ... *** 2d ed. (Portrait and Maps.]

London, 1845. 8°(6X3.3). [2 copies.] 3 Tracts on Docks and Commerce, printed between the years 1793 & 1800

..; ; with an Introduction, Memoir, and Miscellaneous Pieces. ••• [Portrait and Plans.]

London, 1839. 8°(6.3X3.5). Vaux, Roberts, Judge, of Philadelphia ; d. 1836.

4 Memoir of the Locality of the Great Treaty between William Penn,

and the Indian Natives, 1682. See Penn. Hist. Society. (Memoirs, vol. 1.) Vaux, W. S. W., Asst in the Dept of Antiquities, British Museum.

5 Nineveh and Persepolis ; an Historical Sketch of Ancient Assyria and

Persia, with an Account of the Recent Researches in those Countries.

3d ed. enlarged. [Engravings.] London, 1851. 8° (5.7X3.5). VEGA, Garcilasso DE LA. See GARCILASSO DE LA VEGA. VEGA-CARPIO, Lope Felix DE, an eminent Spanish poet ; b. 1562. d. 1635.

6 Life and Writings. See HOLLAND, H. R. VASSALL, 3d Lord. VEILLÉES (Les) du Chateau; Cours de Morale. See GENLIS, F.S. D. de F. A. de. VEITCH, John, Prof. of Logic, &c. at St. Andrew's College, Oxford.

Joint Editor. See HAMILTON, Sir W. Lectures on Metaphysics, &c. VEITIA-LINAGE, Joseph DE.

7 Rule (The) establish'd in Spain for the Trade in the West Indies. ... Translated from the Spanish by Capt. J. Stevens. ...

London, n. d. 8° (6X3.2), m. b. VELLEIUS PATERCULUS, Caius. See PATERCULU's, C. Velleius. Velly, Paul François, a French historian; b. 1709. d. 1759.

8 Histoire de France, depuis l'Établissement de la Monarchie, jusqu'au

Règne de Louis XIV. Par M. l'Abbé Vally. Tom. 1-7. Par M. Villaret. Tom. 8–16. Tom. 17. Commencé par M. Villaret, & achevé par M. Garnier. Par M. Garnier. Tom. 18–30.

Paris, 1775-86. 12° (4.9X 2.5), m. b. VENEL, Gabriel François, a French physician & chemist; b. 1723. d. 1775.

9 Examen chimique d'un Eaux minérale nouvellement découverté à Passy.

Par les Srs. Venel & Bayen. . Chambéry, 1778. 80, pp. 32. VENERONI, properly VIGNERON, Jean, Italian Sec'y to the French King, 1700.

10 Complete Italian Master (The); containing ... Rules for attaining that Language. By Signor Veneroni. Translated ... New ed. ...

London, 1772. 8° (5.4X3). 11 Italian and English Dictionary. (London, 1772.] 80 (5.4X3), 2 cols.

Note. — Appended to the preceding work. VENN, Rev. Henry, of Huddersfield, Yorkshire; b. 1725. d. 1796. 12 Complete Duty (The) of Man: or, A System of Doctrinal and Practical Christianity.

New-York, 1836. 8° (8.1X4.9), 2 cols. Vere, Maximilian Schele DE. See De Vere, M. S.

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VERGII., Polydore, Archdeacon of Wells, &c.; b. in Italy. d. about 1550.

1 Rerum Inventoribvs (De) Libri VIII. et de Prodigiis Libri III. Cum Indicibus locupletissimis. . . *

Lvgdyni Batavorvm, 1844. 12° (4.2x2.2), pp. 565, 209+. Note. - Also with second title-page, embellished. VERHANDELINGEN uitgegeeven door de Maatschappy ter Bevordering van den 2 Landbouw te Amsterdam. DI. III., Stuk 2.

Amsterdam, 1784. 8° (6.7X3.2). VERMIGLI, Pietro Martiere, known as PETER MARTYR, an Augustine monk, aft.

a Protestant reformer, Prof. of Divin. at Oxford; b. 1500. d. 1562. 3 Loci Communes, ex variis ipsius Libris & Commentariis collecti; præ

fixa est Oratio de Vita et Obitu Authoris, annexa sunt Epistolæ, Theses et Orationes. Heidelbergæ, 1622. 2° (10.8X5.5), 2 cols., m.b., pp. 505+.

Note.— Imperfect, wanting title page. 4 Selectissimam (In) D. Pavli Apostoli Priorem ad Corinthios Epistolam ad Edvardum VI. Commentarii doctissimi. Ed. 3tia ... ***

Tigvri, 1579. 2° (9.3X5.3), m. b. VERMILYE, Rev. A. G., of Newburyport, Mass.

5 Memoir of Rev. J. Murray. See MAINE Hist. Society. (Coll., vol. 6.) VERNOx, Edward Johnston, B.A., of Magdalen Hall, Cambridge.

6 Guide (A) to the Anglo-Saxon Tongue: a Grammar after Erasmus Rask ; Extracts in Prose and Verse, with Notes, etc. ... ***

London, 1855. 12° (5.4X3.3 irr.). VERNON, James, M.D., of Jumaica.

7 Dissertatio Medica Inauguralis de Diabete; Academia Edinburgenæ pro

gradu doctoris subjecta. Edinburgi, 1796. 8°, pp. 34. [2 copies.] VERPLANCK, Gulian Crommelin, Esq.

8 Discourses and Addresses on subjects of American History, Arts, and Literature.

New-York, 1833. 12° (5.5X3.2). 9 Essay (An) on the Doctrine of Contracts; being an Inquiry how Con

tracts are affected in Law and Morals, by Concealment, Error, and inadequate Price.

New-York, n. d. 8° (6.4X3.6). VERS à Soie, Conseils aux nouveaux Educateurs. See BOULLENOIS, F. de. VERSUCHE 10 aus der Literatur und Moral. Stick 4. Leipzig, 1769. 8°(5.5 X 3.4). VERTOT D'AUBEUF, René ALBERT, Abbé DE, a French hist.; 6.1655. d. 1735. 11 Histoire des Révolutions de Portugal. Par Vertot.

Paris, an 4me (1796). 8° (5.4X3.1). 12 Histoire des Révolutions de la République Romaine. Par Vertot. Tom. 1-3.

Paris, an 4me (1796). 8° (5.5 X3.3). 13 Histoire des Révolutions de Suède. Par Vertot. Tom. 1. Histoire de

la dernière Révolution de Suède, arrivée le 19 Aout 1772. Pour servir de suite à celle de Vertot. Tom. 2. 2 vols.

Paris, an 4me (1796). 8° (5.7 X3.2). 14 History (The) of the Knights of Malta, by M. l'Abbé de Vertot. ... Vol. 2.

London, 1728. 2° (9.9 X5.2), m. h. VERZEICHNISS der Bücher, welcher auf der Hamburgischen Commercien-Bib15 liothek befindlich sind. 1771.

Hamburg, 1771. 4° (6.5 X 4.6). VESTIGES of the Natural History of Creation. New York, 1815. 12° (5.1 X3.2). VETROMILE, Rev. Eugene, S. J., India Patriarch; b. in Magna Grecia.

Note. - Attributed to Robert Chambers.

| Abnaki Indians (The). See MAINE Hist. Society. (Coll., vol. 6.)
2 Indian Good Book, made for the benefit of the Penobscot, Passamaquod-
dy, St. John's, Micmac, and other Tribes of the Abnaki Indians. 1858.
.. 3d ed. [English and Indian, facing. Engravings.]

New York, 1858. 12° (3.8 X 2.8), pp. 586. 3 Vetromile's (Of) Noble Bible. Such as happened! Great-Truths. For

the benefit of the Penobscot, Micmac, and other Tribes of the Abnaki Indians. ... 1853. [English and Indian, facing. Portrait and Ergravings.]

New York-Village, 1860. 12o (4.6 X 2.8), pp. 571. VETUS TESTIMENTUM. See Bibli, -in locis. Vico, Giovanni Battista, Prof. of Rhet, at Naples ; b. 1670. d. 1744.

4 Oeuvres choisies de Vico, contenant ses Mémoires, Écrits par lui meme,

la Science Nouvelle, les Opuscules, Lettres, etc. Précélées d'une Introduction sur sa Vie et ses Ouvrages par M. Michelet. Tom. 1, 2. [Frontispiece.]

Paris, 1835. 8° (5.4 X3.2). 5 Opere. Ordinate ed illustrate coll'analisi storica della mente di Vico in

relazione alla scienza della civiltà da Giuseppe Ferrari. Vol. 1-5. [Portrait.]

Geneva, 1835–36. 8° (6X3.4). VIDUA DE Gonsavo, Charles, Comte DE, a noted voyager ; d. 1733. 6 Inscriptiones Antique in Turcico Itinere collecte. [51 Plates. ]

Lutetiæ Parisiorum, 1826. 8° (5.4 X3.2), pp. 50. Vies des premiers-Peintres du Roi, depuis M. Le Brun, jusqu'à présent. Tom. 1.

Paris, 1752. 12° (4.1X 2.5). VIGER, François, a French Jesuit ; b. at Rouen. d. 1647.

8 Praecipvis (De) Graecae Dictionis Idiotismis Liber. Cvm Animadversionibus Henr. Hoogeveni, qvibvs adivnxit et svas Ioan. Car. Zevnirs.

Lipsiae, 1777. 8° (6.5 irr. X3.6), pp. 676+. VILLARET, Claude, a French historian; 6. 1715. d. 1766.

9 Histoire de France, Tom. 8-17. See VELLY, P. F. Histoire de France. VILLEMAIN, Abel François, a l'rench littérateur ; b. 1791.

10 Cours de Littérature Française. Par M. Villemain. Tableau du Dir. huitième Siècle. P'tie 2-4. 3 vols. [Portrait.]

Paris, 1828–29. 8° (5.5 X 3.1). Translator, &c. See CICERO, M. T. La République de Cicéron. VILLERS, Charles François Dominique, Cher. DE; V. in Lorraine, 17:54. d. 1815.

11 Essay (An) on the Spirit and Influence of the Reformation by Luther. ... By C. Villers. Translated ... by B. Lambert.

Dover, N.H., 1807. 8° (6.1 X3.5). VILMAR, A. F. C.

12 Geschichte der deutschen National-Literatur. Bd. 1, 2. 7te vermehrte auflage.

Marburg, 1857. 8° (5.8X3.6). VINALL, John, a schoolmaster of Boston. 13 Preceptor's Assistant (The) or Students' Guide ; being a systematical

Treatise of Arithmetic, ... *** Boston, 1792. 12°15.6X3.1). VINCE, Rev. Samuel, F.R.S., Prof. of Astron., &c., Univ. of Cambridge.

14 Astronomical Introd. to Pinkerton's Geography. See PINKERTOX, J. 15 Complete System (A) of Astronomy. Vol. 1-3. [Plates.]

Cambridge, 1797-180S. 4° (7.8X3.3). 16 Principles (The) of Fluxions: designed for the use of Students in the

University. 3d ed., enlarged Canıbridge, 1805. 8° (6.5X3.5).

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