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VINCE, Rer. Samuel, F.R.S., continued.

1 Principles (The) of Hydrostatics : designed for the use of the Students

of the University. 3d ed. [Figures.] Cambridge, 1806. 8° (6.5X3.5). 2 Treatise (A) on Plane and Spherical Trigonometry; with an Introduction, explaining ... Logarithms. 2d ed. [Plates.]

Cambridge, 1803. 8° (6.5X3.5). 3 Treatise (A) on Practical Astronomy. [Plates.]

Carnbridge, 1790. 4°(7.2X4.9). VINCENT, A. J. H., Prof. of Math., College of St. Louis, Paris.

4 Cours de Géométrie élémentaire. Revu conjointement par l'auteur et par

M. Bourdon. ... 5me éd. [Plates.] Paris, 1844. 8° (6X3.5), pp.516. VINCENT, Martin R., Prof. at Troy University, N.Y.

Joint Translator. See BENGEL, J. A. Gnomon of the N. T. VINCENT, Rer. Philip, a clergyman, of England, came to America, in 1637.

5 Memoir, by Rev. J. Hunter. See Mass. Hist. Society. (Collections,

4th Series, vol. 1.) 6 True Relation of the Battle in New England between the English and

the Pequots. See Mass. Hist. Society. (Collections, 3d Series, vol. 6.) VINCENT, Rer. Thomas, of London; 7. 1634. d. 1678.

7 Christ's sudden and certain Appearance to Judgment. *** Also, An

Account of the Destruction of Jerusalem; an absolute and irresistible
Proof of the Divine Origin of Christianity.

Philadelphia, 1830. 12° (5.5X3.4). 8 True Christian's (The) Love to the Unscen Christ, a Discourse. * * With Life of the Author.

New York, 1812. 24° (4.3x2.8). VINCENT, William, D.D., Dean of Westminster, &c.; 6. 1739. d. 1815.

9 Voyage (The) of Nearchus from the Indus to the Euphrates, collected

from the original Journal preserved by Arrian, and illustrated by Authorities ancient and modern ; containing an Account of the First Navigation attempted by Europeans in the Indian Ocean. ... [With) three Dissertations : two, on the Acronychal Rising of the Pleiades, by S. Horsley; and by W. Wales: and one by Mr. de la Rochette, on the First Meridian of Ptolemy. *** [Map and Portrait.]

London, 1797. 4° (6.7X5), pp. 530. VINCENTIUS, St., a French monk, of Lerins ; d. before 450.

10 Commonitory concerning the Primitive Rule of Faith, translated, and

with Notes. See REEVES, W. Apologies (The) of Justin Martyr, &c. VIXET, Alexander, D.D., Prof. of Theol., Lausanne, Switzerland.

11 Studies on Pascal. Translated from the French, with an Appendix of

Notes, partly taken from the Writings of Lord Bacon and Dr. Chalmers, by T. Smith.

Edinburgh, 1859. 8° (5.5X3.5). VIO, Thomas DE, surnamed CAJETAN, Cardinal; 1. in Naples, 1469. d. 1534.

Commentator. See THOMAS AQUINAS, St. Totivs Theologiæ Symma. VIRGILIUS MARO, Publius, a Latin poet ; 6. near Mantua, 70 B.C. d. at Brun

dusium, 19 B.C. 12 Æneid (The) of Virgil. Translated by Mr. Pitt. ... Vol. 2. [Book VII.-X11.) .

London, 1740. 4° (7.8 X 5.2 irr.). 13 Bucoliques (Les) de Virgile, précédées de plusieurs Idylles de Théocrite,

de Bion et de Moschus; suivies de tous les passages de Théocrite que Virgile a imités ; traduites en vers Français (with Latin, facing), par

Paris, 1806. 8° (5.2X3 irr.).

F. Didot.

VIRGILIUS Viro, Publius, continued.

i Eneidde (L') di Virgilio tradotta da A. Caro Coi cenni sulla vita dell'

autore e del traduttore Tom. 1, 2 Firenze, 1827. 24° (4.3 X 2.5 irr.). 2 Georgics (The) of Virgil translated: by W. Sotheby. [Vignette.]

London, 1800. 8°(5.8X3). [2 copies.] 3 Euvres (Les) de Virgile traduites en Français, le Texte vis-a-vis la Traduction, avec des Remarques, par M. l'Abbé des Fontaines. Nouv. éd. Tom. 1-3.

Paris, 1754. 8° (5.3X3.1). 4 (Euvres de Virgile, traduites en Français, le Texte vis-a-vis la Traduc

tion, avec des Remarques; par M. l'Abbé des Fontaines. Nouv. éd. Tom. 1-4. [Plates.]

Paris, 1802. 8°(3.7 X3.2). 5 Opera, cum integris Commentariis Servii, Philargyrii, Pierii. Accedunt

Scaligeri et Lindenbrogii Notae ad Culicem, Cirin, Catalecta. Ad Cod.
MS. Regium Parisiensem recensuit Pancratius Masvicius. Cum indicibus
& figuris ... Tom. 1, 2. *** Leovardiae, 1717. 4°(7.4 irr. X 5.6).

Note.- Vol. 1 has also second title-page, einbulished.
6 Opera, varietate Lectionis et perpetua Adnotatione illustrata, a C. G.
Heyne. Accedit Index uberrimus. Ed. 3tia emendatior et auctior.
Tom. 1. Bucolica et Georgica. 2. Æneidos, Lib. I.-VI. 3. Eneidos,

Lib. VII.-XII. 4. Carmina Vinora. Londini, 1793. 8° (6.3X3.3). 7 P. Virgilii Maronis Codex antiqvissimvs a Rvfio Tvrcio Aproniano V.C.

distinctvs et emendatvs qvi nvnc Florentiae in Bibliotheca Mediceo-Larrentiana adservatvs. ... [Vignette.]

Florentiae, 1741. 4° (6.8X 4.4 irr.), pp. 459. 8 Traduction nouvelle [with the Lutin, facing) des (Euvres de Virgile, avec des Notes et des Discours preliminaires. Par M. le Blond. Tom. 1-3.

Paris, 1782-83. 12° (5X2.9). 9 Virgile [Latin and French, facing] de la Traduction de M. de Martignac. Tom. 2. [L'Entide, lib. 1.-X71.] - , 1681. 12° (1.5X2.4).

Note. — Imperfert, wanting title-pagu. 10 Works (The) of Virgil, in Latin and English (facing]. ... The E

neid translated by C. Pitt. The Eclogues and Georgics, with Notes on the whole, by J. Warton : with several new Observations by V. Holdsworth, M. Spence, and others. Also, a Dissertation on the Sixth Book of the neid, by Mr. Warburton. On the Shield of Eneas, by W. Whitehead. On the Character of Japis, by Dr. Atterbury. And, Three Essays on Pastoral, Didactic, and Epic Poetry, by the Editor. ...

Vol. 1-4. [Portraits, Map and Plates.] Dublin, 1753. 12° (5.5X2.8). VIRGINIA. Annual Report of the Eastern Lunatic Asylum in Williamsburg, Va.,

Il for 1844; 1846 ; 1851; 1832–3. Richmond, 1844-53. So, pamps. 12 Address of the Fifty-eight Federal Members of the Virginia Legislature

to their Fellow-Citizens, January, 1779. Augusta, 1779. 8°, pp. 39. 13 Proceedings of the Virginia Assembly, on the Answers of sundry States

to their Resolutions, of December, 1795. Philadelphia, 1800. 8°, pp.JI. VITÆ Selectorum aliquot Virorum. See Bates, W. V@MELIUS, Dr. Johann Theodore, Rector of Gymnasium at Frankfort.

Editor. See DEMOSTHENES. Opera, Græce et Latine. Voigt, Johann Carl Wilheim. 14 Mineralogische Beschreibung des Hochstifts Fuld und einiger merkwür

digen Gegenden am Rhein und Mayn. Mit einer petrographischen Landcharte.

Dessau, 1783. 8° (5.9X3.4).

Voigt, Johann Carl Wilhelm, continued.

i Mineralogische Reisen durch das Herzogthum Weimar und Eisenach und

einige angränzende Gegenden, in Briefen. Th. 1, 2. Mit VI illuminirten Kupfertafeln.

Dessau, 1782. 8° (5.9X3.4). VOLLSTÄNDIG Braunschweigisches Gesang-Buch, darin nicht allein alle des H.

2 Lutheri und anderer erleuchteten Männer geistreiche Kirchen-Gesänge

sondern auch viele schöne Lieder, so theils aus andern gezogen, theils auch vorhin nie in Druck gekommen, befindlich sind; mit bekanten Melodeyen und dreyen nützlichen Register versehen. Nebst einem andäch

tigen Gebet-Buchlein. Braunschweig, 1772. 8°(5.8X3.5), 2 cols., pp. 714. VOLNEY, Constantin François CHASSABEUF, Comte DE, & Peer of France; b.

1775. d. 1820. 3 Ruines (Les), ou Méditations sur les Révolutions des Empires. Par M.

Volney. * * * Nouv. éd.... [Plates.] Paris, 1792. 8° (5.2X3.1). 4 Ruins (The): or a Survey of the Revolutions of Empires. New Trans

lation from the French. •* Philadelphia, 1799. 8° (5.7X3.2). 5 Simplification des Langues Orientales, ou Méthode nouvelle et facile

d'apprende les Languages Arabe, Persane et Turque, avec des caractères

Européens. *** . Paris, an 3 [1795]. 8°(5.6X3.5). 6 Travels through Syria and Egypt in the years 1783, 1784, and 1785. ... Translated from the French. ... Vol. 1, 2.

Dublin, 1793. 8° (6.1X3.1). 7 Travels through Egypt and Syria, in the years 1783, 1784, and 1785. ... Translated from the French. ... Vol. 1, 2. [Portrait.]

New-York, 1798. 8° (5.8X3.4). 8 View of the Climate and Soil of the United States of America : to which

are annexed some Accounts of Florida, the French Colonies on the Scioto, certain Canadian Colonies, and the Savages or Natives : translated from the French. With Maps and Plates.

London, 1804. 8° (5.6X3.3), pp. xxiv., 491. [2 copies.] 9 View (A) of the Soil and Climate of the United States of America: with

supplementary Remarks upon Florida ; on the French Colonies on the
Mississippi and Ohio, and in Canada; and on the Aboriginal Tribes of
America. Translated, with occasional Pemarks, by C. B. Brown. With
Maps and Plates.

Philadelphia, 1804. 8° (5.8X3.6). 10 Voyage en Syrie et en Égypte, pendant les années 1783, 1784, et 1785. ... [Maps and Plates.] Tom. 1, 2. ***

Paris, 1787. 8°(5.4X3.1). [2 copies.] 11 Voyage en Syrie et en Égypte, pendant les années 1783, 1784, et 1785. ... 2de éd. revue et corrigée. *** Tom. 1, 2. [Maps and Plates).

Paris, 1787. 8° (5.4X3.1). 12 Voyage en Syrie et en Égypte, pendant les années 1783, 84 et 85. 3me éd., augmentée. Tom. 1, 2. [Maps and Plates.]

Paris, 1799. 8°(5.5x3.2). Annotator. See MACKENZIE, Sir A. Voyages from Montreal, &c. VOLTAIRE, François Marie AROUET DE ; b. near Paris, 1694. d. 1778.

13 Age (The) of Lewis XIV. Translated from the French of M. de Voltaire. Vol. 1, 2. ....

Glasgow, 1753. 12° (5.3X 2.9). 14 Age (The) of Louis XV. ... Translated from the French of M. de Voltaire. ... Vol. 1, 2. ... London, 1774. 12° (5X2.7). VOLTAIRE, François Marie AROUET DE, continued.

1 Commentary on Beccaria's Essay on Crimes and Punishments. See

BECCARIA, C. B. 2 Correspondance de Frederic II. Roi de Prusse et M. de Voltaire. See

FREDERIC II. Euvres posthumes. Vol. 4-6. 3 Critical Essays on Dramatic Poetry. With Notes by the Translator.

London, 1761. 12° (4.7 X 2.7). 4 Geheime Nachrichten zu Voltaires Leben von ihm selbst geschrieben.

Aus dem Französischen übersetzt. Berlin, 1784. 12' (4.5 x 2.5). 5 Lettres à M. Bailly. See BAILLY, J. S. Lettres, etc. 6 Life, with Memoirs by himself. See CONDORCET, M.J. A. N. C. de. 7 Life. See BROUGHAM, H. (Men of Letters and Science, &c., vol. 1.) 8 Oeuvres complètes de Voltaire. [Arec des Notes, et une vie par Condor

cet. Imprimés aux frais de Beaumarchais par les soins de M. Decroix.] Tom. 1-70. [Portrait.]

Société littéraire typographique, [Kehl,] 1785–89. 8° (6X3.5). Note. — Each volume has also half-title, expressing respective contents. 9 Romans et Contes de M. de Voltaire. Tom. 1-3.

Bouillon, 1778, 12° (4x2.2). 10 Vie de Voltaire par Condorcet ; suivi des Mémoires de Voltaire ecrits

par lui-même. (Vol. 70 of Oeuvres, ante.)

Editor. QUESNEL, P. Ingenu (L'), Histoire véritablé. Von TROIL, Uno, D.D.

11 Letters on Iceland. See PINKERTON, J. (Voyages, &c., vol. 1.) VORST, or Vorstius, Johann, Librarian at Berlin; b. 1623. d. 1676. 12 Latinitate (De) falso suspecta, deque Latinæ Linguæ cum Germanica convenientia, Liber. ...

Franequeræ, 1698. 8°(4.7X2.9). 13 Latinitate (De) merito suspecta, deque Vitiis Sermonis Latini, quæ vul

go fere non animadvertuntur, Liber. Franequeræ, 1698. 8o (4.7 x 2.9). VOYAGE to the World of Cartesius. See DANIEL, G. VOYAGE en Sicile. et dans la Grande Grèce, adressé par l'auteur a son ami Vr. 14 Winckelmann, traduit de l'Allemand, accompagné de notes du traducteur

[F. Grasset), et d'autres additions. Lausanne, 1772. 12° (4.8X2.5). VOYER, René Louis De, Marquis D'Argenson; b. at Paris, 1694. d. 1757

15 Essays ... Written after the Manner of M. de Montagne: interspers.

ed with Characters. By Marquis D'Argenson. Translated from his ... Manuscripts. 1st American ed. Worcester, 1797. 12° (5.5X3.1).

V . W- ., A- The Enchantments of Jannes and Jambres discovered: or

16 the Errors and Blasphemies of the Secession, in their Principles on Magistracy, exposed. In a letter to Mr. J—. H

Edinburgh, 1765. 12°, pp. 48. WAAGEN, Dr. Gustav Friedrich, Director of Royal Gallery of Berlin ; 6.1794.

17 Treasures of Art in Great Britain: being an Account of the chief Col

lections of Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, illuminated MSS., &c. &c.

By Dr. Waagen. ... Vol. 1-3. London, 1854. 8° (6.6X3.9). WABASH COLLEGE, at Crawfordsville, Indiana. Annual Catalogue of the Of18 ficers, Students and Alumni of Wabash College, for 1860.

Indianapolis, 1859. 89, pp. 34. Wace, Robert, Merk of the Chapel to Henry II., &c.; d. about 1184.

I Mister Wave, his Chronicle of the Norman Conquest from the Roman
De Rou. Translated with Notes and Illustrations by Edgar Tavlor.

London, 1837. 8° (5.4 X3.1). WACHSMUTH, Wilhelm, Prof. of Hist., Univ. of Leipzig.

2 Hellenische Alterthumskunde aus dem Gesichtspunkte des Staats. 2te umgearbeite und vermehrte ausgabe. Bd. 1, 2.

Halle, 1846. 8° (6.4X3.7). 3 Historical Antiquities (The) of the Greeks with reference to their Political Institutions Translated from the German by E. Woolrych Vol. 1, 2

Oxford, 1837. 8° (6.4X3.5). WACKERBARTII, A. Diedrich.

Translator. See Beowulf, Tale of. Beowulf. WACKERNAGEL, Wilhelm

4 Deutsches Lesebuch. Th. 1. Altdeutsches Lesebuch. Poesie und Prosa

vom IV. bis XV. Jahrhundert. 4te auflage. 2. Proben der Deutschen Poesie seit dem Jahre MD. 2te auflage. 3. Bd. I. Proben der Deutschen Prosa von MD. bis MDCCXL. 3. Bd. II. Proben der Deutschen Prosa von MDCCXL. bis MDCCCXLII. · 4 vols.

Basel, 1859, 247, '47, '43. 8° (6.6 X 4.8), 2 cols. WADDINGTON, Rev. Edward, D.1).

5 Sermon, preached before the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, Feb. 17, 1720.

London, 1721. 4°, pp. 72. WADDINGTON, Rev. George, A.M.

6 ... History (A) of the Church, from the Earliest Ages to the Reformation. ... Vol. 1, 2.

London, 1831. 8° (7.4X4). WADSTROY, C. B.

7 Essay (An) on Colonization particularly applied to the Western Coast

of Africa, with some free Thoughts on Cultivation and Commerce; also brief Descriptions of the Colonies already formed or attempted in Africa. ... 2 vols. Illustrated with a Map and Plates.

London, 1794, '95. 4° (7.1 X 4.8). WADSWORTH, Rer. Benjamin, A.M., Pres. of Harrard Coll. ; b. 1670. d. 1737.

8 Journal of a Tour to Albany, in 1694. See Mass. Hist. Society. (Col

lections, 4th Series, vol. 1.) WADSWORTH, Rev. Benjamin, D.D., of Danvers, Mass.; b. 1750. d. 1826.

9 Youth a Flower. Discourse, Nov. 20, 1820, on the Death of Betbiah Sheldon and Benjamin H. Flint.

Andover, 1821. 8°, pp. 30. WAEYEN, Johannes vander.

10 Dissertatio de Aiyw adversus J. Clericum. See RITTANGELIC's, J. S.

Libra Veritatis, etc. 11 Limborgianæ Responsionis Discussio. See RITTANGELICS, J. S. Veri

tas Religionis Christianæ, etc. Wailly, Noel François DE, a French philologist; b. 1724. d. 1801.

12 Principes généraux et particuliers de la Langue Française, confirmés par

des Exemples choises ... des bons Auteurs. Par M. de Wailly. 10me éd., augmentée. ..

Paris, 1786. 12° (5X 2.9), pp. 567. 13 Treatise on French Versification. See WANOSTROCHT, N. French Grammar, &c. Translator, &c. See CESAR, C. J. Les Commentaires de César.

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