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WAINWRIGHT, Jonathan Mayhew, D.D., Bp. of New-York ; d. 1854.

1 Choir (The) and Family Psalter: being the Psalms of David ; together

with the Canticles of the Morning and Evening Prayer, and occasional
Offices of the Church. Arranged for Chanting. To which is prefixed
a Selection of Chants. By J. M. Wainwright, and W. A. Muhlenberg.

New York, 1851. 4° (8.4 X 6.5). [2 copies.] WAKE, William, D.D., Archbp. of Canterbury; b. 1657. d. 1737.

2 Bishop of Lincoln's (The) and the Bishop of Norwich [Dr. Trimnell]'s

Speeches in the House of Lords, March 17th, at the Opening of the
Second Article of the Impeachment against Dr. Sacheverell.

London, 1710. 89, pp. 29. 3 Correspondence between Dr. Wake, and certain Doctors of the Sorbonne

at Paris, relative to a Project of Union between the English and Gallican Churches. See MOSHEIM, J. L. von. Ecclesiastical History. Vol. 6.

Appendix III. 4 Genuine Epistles (The) of the Apostolical Fathers, S. Barnabas, S. Ig

natius, S. Clement, S. Polycarp, The Shepherd of Hermas, and the Martyrdoms of St. Ignatius, and St. Polycarp. ... Translated and publish’d, with a large preliminary Discourse, ... by William [Wake, Lord Bishop of Lincoln. 2d ed., corrected.

London, 1710. 8° (5.9 X 2.8), m. r. 5 State (The) of the Church and Clergy of England, in their Councils,

Synods, Convocations, Conventions and other Publick Assemblies; historically deduced from the Conversion of the Saxons, to the Present Times. With a large Appendix of original Writs, and other Instruments. ....

London, 1703. 2° (10x5), m. r., pp. 622, 245. WALDECK, Johann Peter, Prof. of Law at Göttingen.

6 Institvtiones Ivris Civilis Heineccianae emendatae atqve reformatae. Ed. altera emendatior.

Gottingae, 1794. 8° (6.1X3.3), m. b. WALDIE, Elizabeth.

7 Rome in the Nineteenth Century; . . . Letters written during a Resi

dence at Rome, in 1817 and 1818. [By E. Waldie.] *** 1st American, from 4th Edinburgh edition. ... Vol. 1, 2.

New-York, 1827. 12° (5.4 X3.1). WALES, William, F.R.S., an English astronomer; b. about 1734. d. 1798.

8 Astronomical Observations, made in the Voyages which were undertaken

... for making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere, and successively performed by Comm. Byron, Capt. Wallis, Capt. Cartaret, and Capt. Cook. ... Illustrated with Maps ....

London, 1788. 4° (7.5 X 5.6). 9 Dissertation on the Acronychal Rising of the Pleiades. See VINCENT,

W. The Voyage of Nearchus, &c.

Editor. See ROBERTSON, John. Elements of Navigation. WALKER, A., of London.

10 Philosophical Estimate of the Causes, Effects, and Cure of Unwhole

some Air in Large Cities; with a Philosophical Dissertation on the

Causes and Cure of Smoking Chimnies. London, 1777. 8°, pp. 43. WALKER, Sir Edward, Sce'y of War to K. Charles I., &c.; d. 1677.

al Historical Discourses. ... London, 1705. 2° (10 X 5.2), m. b. WALKER, Sir Edward, continued.

1 Perfect Copies of all the Votes, Letters, Proposals and Answers, relating unto ... the Treaty held at Newport in the Isle of Wight, September - November 1648, between K. Charles I. and a Committee of the Lords

and Commons of Parliament. London, 1705. 2° (10.3X 6), pp. 98. WALKER, James, D.D., President of Harvard College.

2 Discourse on the Law of Spiritual Life. Boston, 1835. 12°, pp. 14. 3 Exclusive System (The). 3d ed.

Boston, 1832. 12°, pp. 34. 4. “ To the Law and to the Testimony.” A Discourse on the Deference

paid to the Scriptures by Unitarians. Boston, 1837. 120, pp. 32. 5 Philosophy (The) of Man's Spiritual Nature in regard to the Foundations of Faith.

Boston, 1834. 12°, pp. 22. 6 Spirit (The) proper to the Times. Sermon, preached in King's Chapel, Boston, May 12, 1861.

Boston, 1861. 12°, pp. 12. 7 Unitarianism vindicated against the Charge of Skeptical Tendencies.

Boston, 1839. 12°, pp. 27. WALKER, Rer. James B., of Cincinnati, O.

8 Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation. ... By ... [J. B. Walker).

With an Introductory Essay by C. E. Stowe. *** New ed., with a supplementary Chapter.

Boston, 1857. 12° (5X3). 9 Philosophy of Skepticism and Ultraism, wherein the Opinions of Rev.

Theodore Parker, and other writers, are shown to be inconsistent with

sound Reason, and the Christian Religion. New York, 1857. 12°(5X3.2). 10 Sacred Philosophy. God revealed in the Process of Creation, and by

the Manifestation of Jesus Christ; including an Examination of the Development Theory contained in the “ Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation.” [Plate.]

Boston, 1857. 12° (5.4X3.4). Walker, John, a teacher of Elocution, in London, &c.; b. 1732. d. 1807.

11 Critical Pronouncing Dictionary (A), and Expositor of the English

Language. ... *** Dublin, 1794. Thick 8° (7.2 X 4.2), 2 cols., n. p. 12 Critical Pronouncing Dictionary (A), and Expositor of the English Language: ... *** 3d American from last London ed.

New-York, 1807. 8° (6.9X 4.3), 2 cols., pp. cxxxi., 962. 13 Elements of Elocution: ... 2d ed., with ... additions. *** [Portrait and Plates.]

London, 1799. 8° (5.5x3.3). 14 Key (A) to the Classical Pronunciation of Greek and Latin Proper

Names, ... with References to Rules which show the Analogy of Pro-
nunciation. To which is added, A complete Vocabulary of Scripture
Proper Names, ... Concluding with Observations on the Greek and
Latin Accent and Quantity. ... *** [Portrait.]

London, 1798. 8° (7X3.8). WALKER, John, Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin.

15 Expostulatory Address (An) to the Members of the Methodist Society in Ireland. • * .

Edinburgh, 1807. 129, pp. 50. 16 Expostulatory Address (An) to the Members of the Methodist Society in Ireland. With ... Letters to A. Knox. ***

Edinburgh, 1807. 12° (5.3 X 2.9). WALKER, Rer. Joseph, of Paris, líc., grad. Boud. Coll., 1818; 6. 1792. d. 1851. 17 Glance (A) at Dean's 120 Reasons for being a L'niversalist.

Portland, 1828. 12° (4.3x2.7).

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WALKER, Ralin, on Jimairn.

1 Treative IV w VI 13"ctism, with a Description and Explanation of a Meridional and lamith Compass, for ascertaining the Quantity of Variation. ... With Tables of Variation.

London, 1794. 8° (6.2X3.3). WALKER, Rev. Robert, of Edinburgh ; b. 1716. d. 1783. 2 Sermons. ... Vol. 1, 2.

Albany, 1796, '97. 8° (6.4X3.6). WALKER, Rer. Samuel, Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford. 3 Christian (The). ... * *

Dublin, 1758. 12° (5.4 X 2.8). WALKER, Sears Cook, Esq.

4 Ephemeris of the Planet Neptune. Pp. 32, 10, 10, 10. See SMITHSONIAN

Institution. (Contributions, vol. 2, 3.)
5 Researches relative to the Planet Neptune. Pp. 60. See SMITHSONIAN

Institution. (Contributions, vol. 2.)
WALKER, ker. Timothy, of' Concord, N.H.: b. 1711. d. 1782.

6 Those who have the Form of Godliness, but deny the Power thereof,

described, and cautioned against, in a Discourse, delivered Mar 12th, 1771, at Concord.

Salem, 1772. 89, pp. 30. WALKER, Timothy, LL.D., Judge, of Cincinnati, O; b. 1803. d. 1856.

7 Reform Spirit (The) of the Day. An Oration before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Ilarvard University, July 18, 1850.

Boston and Cambridge, 1850. 89, pp. 38. WALL, Rev. William, D.D., Vicar of Shoreham, in Kent ; 6. 1646. d. 1728. 8 Critical Notes on the Old Testament. ... Vol. 1, 2.

London, 1734. 8° (6.2X3.2). 9 History (The) of Infant-Baptism. Part I. ... Passages in the Writers

of the four first Centuries as do make for or against it. II. ... Things

that do illustrate the said History. 2 vols. London, 1705. 8°(6.4X3.1). WALLACE, Horace Binney, Esq., of Philadelphia; b. 1817. d. 1832. 10 Art, Scenery and Philosophy in Europe. ... [With a Memoir.)

Philadelphia, 1855. 12° (5.6X3.2). WALLACE, Robert, D.D., of Edinburgh.

1 Disse tation (A) on the Numbers of Mankind, in Ancient and Modern Times. * * * 2d ed.

Edinburgh, 1809. 8° (6X3.5). WALLACE, Thomas, of Dublin.

12 Essay (An) on the Manufactures of Ireland, in which is considered, to

what Manufactures her Natural Advantages are best suited; and the best

Means of improving such Manufactures. Dublin, 1798. 8°(5.9X3.3). WALLACE, William, LL.D., Prof. of Math., Unir. of Edinb.; b. 1768. d. 1843.

Joint luthor. See MURRAY, H. Account of British India. WALLACE, William Clay, M.D. 13 Accommodation (The) of the Eye to Distances.

New York, 1850. 8°, pp. 36. WALLERIUS, Johann Gottschalk, a Swedish naturalist; 1. 1709. d. 1785.

14 Hydrologie, ou Déscription du Règne aquatique, divisée par Classes, Genres, Espéces et Variétés. ...

Paris, 1753. 8°(3X3.1). Note. — Appended to Vol. 2 of " Minéralogie,” etc. 15 Minéralogie, ou Déscription générale des Substances du Règne minéral.

Traduit de l'Allemand. Tom. 1, 2. Paris, 1753. 8° (5.3X3.1).

WALLERIUS, Johann Gottschalk, continued.

1 Origine (De l') du Monde, et de la Terre en particulier; ouvrage dans

lequel l'Auteur ... donne, en quelque manière, un Abrégé de tous ses Ouvrages : par M. Wallerius. Traduit par J. B. D **

Varsovie, 1780. 12° (4.7X2.7). 2 Physisch-chemische Betrachtungen über den Ursprung der Welt beson

ders der Erdwelt und ihrer Verănderung. Aus dem Lateinischen übersetzt und mit Anmerkungen versehen von C.F. Keller. ... Mit einem Kupfer.

Erfurt, 1782. 8°(5.5X3). 3 Systema Mineralogicum, quo Corpora mineralia in Classes, Ordines, Genera et Species . . . divisa describuntur, atque Observationibus, Experimentis, et Figuris æneis illustrantur. Tom. 1, 2.... Ed. altera correcta. [Portrait.]

Vindobonæ, 1778. 8° (6X3.8). WALLIN, Rer. Benjamin, A.M.

4 Ancient Believer's (The) Transition from Mortality to Life. Sermon on Death of Mrs. Hannah Munn.

London, 1779. 8°, pp. 36. WALLIS, John, D.D., Prof. of Geometry, Univ. of Oxford; b. 1617. d. 1703.

5 Operym Mathematicorvm Pars I. Qua continentur, Oratio Inauguralis.

Mathesis Universalis ; sive, Arithmeticum Opus integrum. Adversus
Meibomii, de Proportionibus Dialogum, Tractatus elencticus. [Figures.]

Oxonii, 1657. 4° (6.3X3.8), m. b.
NOTE. – Each treatise has also independent title-page and paging.

Joint Author. See SHERWIN, H. Mathematical Tables, &c. WALPOLE, Horace, Earl of Orford; b. 1717. d. 1797.

6 Letters to Sir Horace Mann, British Envoy at the Court of Tuscany. ... Edited by Lord Dover. ... Vol. 1, 2.

New-York, 1833. 12° (6X3.4). WALPOLE, Robert, Earl of Orford, Lord Chancellor, &c.; 6. 1674. d. 1746. 7 Short History of the Parliament.

London, 1713. 8°, pp. 15. WALSH, Robert, LL.D., Chaplain to Lord Strangford, at Constantinople. 8 Narrative of a Journey from Constantinople to England.

Philadelphia, 1828. 12° (5.3X3.2). 9 Notices of Brazil in 1828 and 1829. ... Vol. 1, 2. [Plate.]

Boston, 1831. 12° (5.8X3.3). Walsh, Robert, jun., Esq., of Philadelphia ; 6. 1784.

10 American Quarterly Review (The). [Edited by R. Walsh.] Vol. 1-22.

March, 1827, to December, 1837. Philadelphia, 1827–37. 8° (6.3X3.7). 11 American Review (The) of History and Politics, and General Repository of Literature and State Papers. [Edited by R. Walsh.] Vol. 1.

Philadelphia, 1811. 8°(6.5X3.6). 12 Appeal (An) from the Judgments of Great Britain respecting the United

States of America. ... *** Philadelphia, 1819. 8° (6.4X3.4). WALSH, R. M.

Translator. See SKETCHES of Living Characters of France. WALSINGHAM, Sir Francis, Sec'y of State to Q. Elizabeth ; b. 1536. d. 1590.

13 Mémoires et Instructions pour les Ambassadeurs ou Lettres et Négotia

tions de Walsingham, Ministre & Secretaire d'Etat, sous Elisabeth. Avec les Maximes politiques de ce Ministre, & des Remarques sur la Vie des principaux Ministres & Favoris de cette Princesse. Traduite de l'Anglois.

Amsterdam, 1700. 4° (7X5.2), m. d., pp. 662. WALSINGHAM, Sir Francis, continued.

1 Secret (Le) des Cours, ou les Mémoires de Walsingham, Secret. d'Etat

sous la Reine Elisabeth.... Avec les Remarques de R. Nanton sur le Règne & sur les Favoris de cette Princesse. (Frontispiece.]

Lyon, 1698. 24° (4.4X2.2). Note. – Walsingham's authorship of this work is not authenticated. WALTER, Rev. Nathanael, of Roxbury, Mass.; 6. 1709. d. 1776.

2. Thoughts (The) of the Heart the best Evidence of a Man's Spiritual

State ; a Discourse from Prov. XXIII. 7. Boston, 1741. 12°, pp. 31. WALTER, William Bicker, A.M., grad. Bowd. Coll., 1818; b. 1796, d. 1822.

3 Sukey; a Poem. [By W. B. Walter.] Boston, 1821. 8°, pp. 72. WALTON, Brian, D.D., Bp. of Chester ; b. 1600. d. 1661.

4 Considerator (The) considered: or, A brief View of certain Considerations [by Dr. Owen) upon the Biblia Polyglotta. ...***

London, 1650. 16° (4.8X 2.8).
Editor. See BIBLE,The Old and New Testaments. Biblia Sacra

Polyglotta, Londini, 1655–57.
Walton, Isaac, the 'Father of Angling; b. at Stafford, 1593. d. 1683.

5 Complete Angler (The); or, The Contemplative Man's Recreation. By

I. Walton. And Instructions how to angle for Trout or Grayling in a clear Stream, by C. Cotton. With copious Notes ..., a Bibliographical Preface . . ., and a Notice of Cotton and his Writings, by the American Editor. To which is added an Appendix, including illustrative Ballads, Music, Papers on American Fishing, and the most complete Catalogue of Books on Angling, &c. ever printed. Also, a general Index to the whole Work. Pt. I., II. [Fac-similes and Engrarings.]

New York, 1848. 12° (5.6X3.5). Note. - Pt. II. has also independent title-page and paging. 6 Life of Hooker. See HOOKER, R. (Prefixed to Works.) 7 Lives (The) of Donne, Wotton, Hooker, Herbert, and Sanderson.

[Edited,] with some Account of the Author and his Writings (by Ale. Young). Vol. 1, 2.

Boston, 1832. 16° (4.6x2.7). 8 Lives (The) of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Mr. Richard Hook

er, Mr. George Herbert, and Dr. Robert Sanderson. With some Account of the Author and his Writings, by T. Zouch. New ed., with illustrative Notes, etc. Pt. I., II. 2 vols. **•

New York, 1846. 12° (5.6X3.5). [2 copies.] WALTON, J.

Joint Trenslotor. See IIEGEL, G. W. F. The Subjective Logic of H. Walton, William, A.M., of Trinity College, Cambridge.

Editor. See Gregory, D. F. Examples of Calculus. Walz, Christianus, Prof. at Tübingen.

9 Rhetores Graeci. Ex Codicibus Florentinis Mediolanensibus Monacer

sibus Neapolitanis Parisiensibus Romanis Venetis Taurinensibus et l'indobonensibus emendatiores et auctiores edidit suis aliorumque Annotationibus instruxit Indices locupletissimos adiecit C. Walz. Vol. 1-9.

Stuttgartiae et Tubingae, 1832–36. 8° (6X3.5). WANOSTROCHT, N., LL.D.

10 Grammar of the French Language, with practical Exercises. 8th Ameri

can, from last London ed. ... Also, A Treatise on French Versiication, by M. de Wailly, Boston, 1825. 12° (5.6X3.5). [4 copies.)

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