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CHINESE LANGUAGE. Dissertation on the Language and Characters of the Chi

Inese. Rules of Conduct by a Chinese Author. The Little Orphan of the House of Chao: a Chinese Tragedy.

12° (4.5 X 2.5). Note. — Imperfect, wanting title-page. † CHOATE, R. Discourse delivered before the Faculty, Students, and Alumni

2 of Dartmouth College, July 27, 1853, commemorative of Daniel Webster.

Boston and Cambridge, 1853. 89, pp. 100. CLARK, Rev. Ephraim, of Boston.

3 Discourse on Justification by Faith; the Substance of two Sermons de

livered to the New Congregational Church in Boston; with an Account

of the Founding, &c. of the Church, Boston, 1751. 8°, pp. 44. CLARKE, H. Operation for clearing the Apparent Distance of the Moon from 4 a Star or the Sun of the Effects of Refraction and Parallax. [Plates.]

Bristol, 1800. 4°, pp. 19. Clavis Homerica, sive Lexicon Vocabulorum omnium quæ in Iliade Homeri,

5 nec non potissime Odysseæ parte continentur. Opus primum in Anglia concinnatum. ...

Roterdami, 1662. 8° (5.2X3.1). CLAYTON, Sir Richard, Bart.

Translator, &c. See (in Catalogue) SAINTE CROIX, G. E. J. GUILHEM
DE CLERMONT-LODÈRE. Critical Inquiry into the Life of Alexander the

CLEMENT XIV., Pope; b. at St. Archangelo, 1705. d. 1774.

6 Interesting Letters of Pope Clement XIV. (Ganganelli.) To which are

added, Anecdotes of his Life: translated from the French edition, published at Paris, by Lottin, jun. ... Vol. 1, 2.

Dublin, 1793. 12° (5X2.7). [2 copies.] NOTE. — These Letters are generally considered unauthentic. COBB, Isaac. 7 Sylvan Poets. * * *

Boston, 1851. 80, pp. 80. COGSWELL, Joseph Greene, LL.D., Sup't of Astor Library, N.Y.

Compiler. See Astor LIBRARY. Catalogue.

Editor. See (in Catalogue) New York Review (The). COMMERELL, — l'Abbé DE. Mémoires et Instruction sur la Culture, l'Usage, et

8 les Avantages de la Racine de Disette. Paris, 1786. 89, pp. 44. CONANT, Rev. Sylvanus, of Middleborough, Mass.; d. 1777. .

9 Anniversary Sermon, Plymouth, 1776. Boston, 1777. 8°, pp. 31. CONANT, Prof. Thomas J., D.D., an American Biblical scholar; b. 1802. 10 Defence of the Hebrew Grammar of Gesenius against Prof. Stuart's Translation.

New York, 1847. 8°, pp. 53. CONDIE, Thomas. History of the Pestilence, commonly called Yellow Ferer,

11 which almost desolated Philadelphia, in the Months of August, September & October, 1798. By T. Condie & R. Folwell.

Philadelphia, n. d. 8°(6.5X3.5). CONSIDERATIONs on the Measures carrying on with respect to the British Colo12 nies in North America.

Boston, reprinted, 1774. 8°, pp. 64. CONSIDERATIONS on two Papers published at Antwerp, respecting a Loan for

13 3,600,000 Guilders to be subscribed at the Houses of Messrs J. E. Verbrouck and C. J. M. de Wolf, of that City. 2d ed.

London, 1791. 8°, pp. 74. CONTROVERSIAL Letter of a New Kind to Rev. Dr. Price, from a Clergyman of 14 the Church of England.

London, 1790. 8°, pp. 40.

COOPER, William. Report upon the Mollusca. See UNITED STATES. Explora

I tions and Surreys. (Reports of Explorations, &c. for a Pacific Rail

road, vol. 12, P. II.) CORNUTOR (The) of Seventy-Five: a genuine Narrative of the Life, Adven

2 tures, &c. of Don Ricardo Honeywater. London, n. d. 8°, pp. 29. Coste, John Francis, M.D.

3 Oratio habita in Capitolio Gulielmopolitano in Comitiis Universitatis Vir

giniæ, die XII Junii 1782. De antiqua Medico-Philosophia orbi novo adaptanda.

Lugduni Batavorum, 1783. 8° (5.2X3.1). Cox, G. V., A.M., Fellow of Univ. of Oxford.

Translator. See NEANDER, J. A. W. The Emperor Julian, &c.

Translator. See (in Catalogue) ULLMANN, C. Gregory of Nazianzum. CRAWFORD, Adair, M.D., F.R.S., &c.

4 Esperiments and Observations on Animal Heat, and the Inflammation of Combustible Bodies. 2d ed.

London, 1788. 8° (6X3.3). CURRAN, John Philpot, an Irish orator; b. 1750, d. 1817.

5 Curran and his Contemporaries. See PHILLIPS, C. CUSHING, Thomas, LL.D., Lieut.-Gov. of Mass.; b. 1726. d. 1788.

6 Letters, from 1767 to 1775. See Mass. Hist. Society. (Collections,

4th Series, vol. 4.) DAMPIER, William, an English navigator; b. about 1652.

7 Life and Voyages. See Lives and Voyages of Drake, &c. Dana, Charles A. Joint Editor. See New American Cyclopædia. D'ANVERS, Caleb. The Craftsman extraordinary; containing an Answer to the

8 Defence of the Enquiry into the Reasons of the Conduct of Great Britain.

London, n. d. 8°, pp. 66. 9 Three Letters to the Members of the present Parliament, with a Discourse on Kings and Ministers of State, and a Letter to Sir J. Philip.

London, 1847. 89, pp. 54. Dext, Rev. Giles.

10 Thanksgiving Sermon, preach'd May 1, 1707, on occasion of the happy

Union between England and Scotland. London, 1707. 4°, pp. 31. DIVINE Glory brought to View in the Condemnation of the Ungodly. In Reply

11 to [Chauncey's] “Salvation for all Men." Boston, 1782. 8°, pp. 51. DODGE, Daniel L., a merchant, of New York City ; b. 1775. d. 1852.

12 Mediator's Kingdom (The) not of this World; but spiritual, heavenly, and divine. Illustrated in Remarks upon John, Ch. XVIII. v. 36.

New-York, 1814. 8°, pp. 35. NOTR. – The first peace tract published in America. 13 War inconsistent with the Religion of Jesus Christ, as it is inhuman,

unwise, and criminal. *** New York, 1815. 12° (5.2X3). Dove, Henry, D.D. Sermon preached before the House of Commons at St.

14 Margaret's, Westminster, Nov. 5, 1680. London, 1680. 4°, pp. 30. DRAKE, Sir Francis, an English navigator; b. about 1540. d. 1595.

15 Life and Voyages. See Lives and Voyages of Drake, &c. DUMONT, M. - Mémoires historiques sur la Louisiane, ... composés sur 16 les Mémoires de M. Dumont, par M. L. L[e] M[ascrier). Enrichi de Cartes et Figures. Tom. 1, 2.

Paris, 1753. 12° (4.6X2.4). EASTWICK, Lieut. - Translator. See (in Catalogue) BOPP, F. Compara

tive Grammar of the Sanscrit, Zend, Greek, &c.

ELLET, Charles, jun. Contributions to Physical Geography of U. S. Part I. On

1 the Physical Geography of the Mississippi Valley, with Suggestions as to

the Improvement of the Ohio and other Rivers. Pp. 64, and one Plate.

See (in Catalogue) SMITHSONIAN Institution. (Contributions, vol. 2.) EVENINGS with the Old Story Tellers. Select Tales from the Gesta Romano2 rum, etc.

New York, 1845. 12° (5.5X3.5). FERRI, Paul, a learned divine ; b. at Metz, 1591. d. 1669.

3 Scholastici Orthodoxi Specimen, hoc est, Salutis nostræ Methodus analytica. ... ***

Genevæ, 1616. 8° (5.2X2.6), pp. 559. FESSENDEN, William Pitt, LL.D., Senator of Maine; b. 1806.

4 Speech on the Message of the President, transmitting the Lecompton Constitution, delivered in the U. S. Senate, Feb. 8, 1858.

Washington, 1858. 8°, pp. 24. FISHER, Rev. Nathaniel, of Salem, Mass. ; b. 1742. d. 1812.

5 Sermon (A): delivered at Salem, Jan. 14, 1796, occasioned by the Execution of Henry Blackburn.

Boston, 1796. 8°, pp. 21. Flint, Charles L., Sec'y Mass. Board of Agriculture.

6 Agricultural Reports. See (in Catalogue) MASSACHUSETTS.—Common

wealth. Agriculture. First-Eighth Annual Report of Secretary, &c.

Editor. See HARRIS, T. W. Insects injurious to Vegetation. FOLWELL, Richard. Joint Author. See CONDIF, T. History of Yellow Fe

7 ver in Philadelphia, in 1798. FOSTER, Rev. Daniel, of New-Braintree, Mass.

8 Election Sermon, Mass., May 26, 1790. Boston, 1790. 8°, pp. 35. FRÄDERSDORFF, J. W., Ph. D. Copious Phraseological English-Greek Lexi

9 con (A); founded on a work prepared by J. W. Frädersdorff: revised, enlarged, and improved by T. K. Arnold, and H. Browne. 2d ed.

London, 1860. 8° (7.5 X 4.3), 3 cols., pp. 654. FRANCOIS DE NEUFCHATEAU, Nicolas, a French publicist; b. 1750, d. 1828. 10 Discours sur la Disette du Numéraire a Saint-Domingue et sur les Moyens d'y remédier. ...

Metz, 1788. 8° (5.5X3.1). FRESNEL, Augustin Jean, a French physicist; b. 1788. d. 1827.

11 Life. See ARAGO, D. F. J. (Distinguished Scientific Men.) FURNESS, Rev. William Henry, D.D., of Philadelphia ; b. in Boston, 1802. 12 Brief Statement of the Christian View of the Atonement.

Boston, 1845. 12°, pp. 14. 13 Genius (The) of Christianity. 3d ed. Boston, 1832. 8°, pp. 24. GANGANELLI, Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio, Clement XIV. See CLEMENT XIV. GARDINER, Hon. Robert Hallowell, of Gardiner, Me.

14 History of the Kennebec Purchase. See MAINE Hist. Society. (Col

lections, vol. 2.)

15 Memoir of B. Vaughan. See MAINE Hist. Society. (Collections, vol. 6.) GÉRARD DE RAYNEVAL, Joseph Mathias, a French diplomat ; b. 1746. d. 1812.

16 Institutions du Droit de la Nature et des Gens; par le Cen. Gérard de Rayneval. 2de éd.

Paris, 1803. 8° (5.3X3.2). Gillot, C. L., French Minister of Safety.

17 Dictionnaire des Constitutions de l'Empire Français et du Royaume d'

Italie. Par C. L. G[illot). Tom. 1, 2. Paris, 1806. 8°(5.6X3.3). † GOETHE, J. W. von. Conversations of Goethe with Eckermann and Soret. 1 Translated from the German by J. Oxenford. ... Vol. 1, 2.

London, 1850. 8° (5.4 X3.1). † GOOD, J. M., M.D. 2 Memoirs of Life, &c. See GREGORY, O. G. + GOODRICH, C. A. Editor. See (in Catalogue) WEBSTER, N. An American

Dictionary of the English Language. GOQUILLOT, Prof. - Tarif général de toutes les Contributions tant di

3 rectes qu'indirectes décrétées par l'Assemblée Nationale en 1790 et 1791. Par Goquillot et Blavier.

Paris, 1791. 8° (6.6X3.8). GRANT, Robert, F.R.A.S., &c.

4 History (The) of Physical Astronomy, from the Earliest Ages to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century. ...

London, [1852). 8° (6.9X4), pp. 637. Joint Translator. See ARAGO, D. F. J. Biographies of Distinguished

Scientific Men. Popular Astronomy. + GREGORY, O. G., LL.D. Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Character, literary,

5 professional, and religious, of John Mason Good, M.D. With the Sermon occasioned by his Death, by C. Jerram. [Portrait.]

Boston, 1829. 12° (5.5X3.2). + GRISWOLD, A. V., D.D., Bp. 6 Memoir of. See STONE, J. S. GUÉ-TROUIN, M.- DU, a French naval officer ; b. 1673.

7 Mémoires de M. du Gué-Trouin. Amsterdam, 1730. 12° (4.1 X2.2). GUTHRIE, Charles Gardiner, M.D., Ass't Surgeon Royal Westminster Opthalmic

Hospital, London. 8 Cataract (On): and its appropriate Treatment by the Operation adapted

for each peculiar case. [Plate.] London, 1845. 8° (6.2X3.7). + HAGENBACH, K. R. Lehrbuch der Dogmengeschichte. Th. 1, 2. ... 2te 9 verbesserte auflage.

Leipzig, 1847. 8°(6.6X3.8). + HALLIWELL, J. O. On the Character of Sir John Falstaff, as originally exhib10 ited by Shakespeare in the two Parts of King Henry IV. *

London, 1841. 16° (4.4 X 2.7), pp. 55, viii. HARDENBERG, Friedrich von, better known by his pseudonym of Novalis, a

German mystical & romantic writer ; b. 1772. d. 1801. 11 Henry of Ofterdingen: a Romance. From the German of Novalis.

Cambridge, 1842. 12° (5.2X3). HARMAR, John, Prof. of Greek, &c. at Oxford, Eng.; 6. 1595. d. 1670. 12 . . . Catechesis Religionis Christianæ compendiosior, a Conventu ...

Theologorum, qui Westmonasterii consederant ..., in Linguam Græcam & Latinam traducta, & in lucem edita. ...

Londini, 1698. 24° (4.6X2.5). [2 copies.] + HARRIS, T. W., M.D. A Treatise on some of the Insects injurious to Vegeta13 tion. New edition, enlarged and improved, with Additions from the

Author's Manuscripts, and original Notes, and illustrated by Engravings

... Edited by C. L. Flint. Boston, 1862. 8° (6.3X3.7), pp. 640. † HARVARD COLLEGE. Astronomical Observatory. 14 Annals of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College. Vol. 1Pt. I., II.

Cambridge, 1856, '55. 4° (8.3X6). HASKELL, Rev. Daniel, Pres. of Burlington College, Vt.; 6. 1784. d. 1848. 15 Doctrine of Predestination maintained; a Discourse delivered at Burlington, Vt., Jan. 5, 1817.

Burlington, n. d. 8°, pp. 24. HASKELL, Rev. Daniel, continued.

1 Remarks on “Some Communications first published in the Brattleborough Paper;" by W. Wells.

[Burlington, 1816.] 8°, pp. 16. HAWTIIORNE, Nathaniel, an American author; b. in Salem, Mass., 1804.

Editor. See BRIDGE, H. Journal of an African Cruiser. + HERSCHEL, J. F. W.2 Life. See ARAGO, D.F.J. (Dist. Scientific Men.) HEYSE, Dr. J. C. A. Leitfaden zum gründlichen Unterricht in der deutschen

3 Sprache für höhere und niedere Schulen. ... 19te verbersserite auslage. ...

Hannover, 1858. 8° (6.9X3.9). + HOLCOMBE, H., D.D. 4 Eulogium on his Life, &c. See RHEES, B. R. HUMPHREYS, H. Noel. Coin Collector's (The) Manual ...: comprising an

5 historical and critical Account of the Origin and Progress of Coinage,

from the Earliest Period to the Fall of the Roman Empire; with some Account of the Coinages of Modern Europe, more especially of Great Britain. ... Vol. 1, 2. [Illustrations.]

London, 1853. 16° (5.5X3.4), pp. 726. Note. — The two volumes are paged continuously. IRELAND. Candid Enquiry into the Causes and Motions of the late Riots in 6 Munster, Ireland.

London, 1767. 8°, pp. 71. IRVING, Pierre M., nephew of following. 7 Life and Letters of Washington Irving. Vol. 1-4. [Portraits.]

New York, 1862–63. 8° (5.7 X3.5). + IRVING, W. Life and Letters. See IRVING, P. M. † ISOCRATES. 8 Orations. See (in Catalogue) LYSIAS. Jackson, Rev. William. Full Report of all the Proceedings on the Trial of Rev.

9 Wm. Jackson, at the Court of King's Bench, Ireland, on an Indictment for High Treason.

London, 1795. 8° (6.3X3.3). † JAMES, G. P. R. The History of Charlemagne. [Portrait.] (Harper's Family 10 Library, No. 60.)

New-York, 1833. 18° (4.5X2.7). Jounes, Arthur James, Esq.

11 Philological Proofs of the Original Unity and Recent Origin of the Human Race. ... * * *

London, 1843. 8° (6.3X3.7). 7 JULIANUS, F. C. 12 The Emperor Julian, &c. See NEANDER, J. A. W. JUSSIEU, Adrien DE, M.D., Museum of Paris ; b. 1797. d. 1853. 13 Elements (The) of Botany. Translated by J. H. Wilson. [Illustrated.]

London, 1849. 12° (5.6X3.3), pp. 750. + KIDDER, F., of Boston. The Abenaki Indians. See MAINE Hist. Society,

14 (Collections, vol. 6.) + KIRKLAND, J. T., D.D. 15 Discourse on his Life, &c. See Young, Alex. KNAPP, Georg Christian, D.D., Prof. of Theol. at Halle; 6. 1753. d. 1825. 16 Lectures on Christian Theology. Translated by L. Woods, jun. ... Vol. 1, 2. [Portrait.]

New-York, 1831, '33. 8° (6.3X3.8). † LAPLACE, P. S., Marquis DE. Life. See ARAGO, D. F.J. (Distinguished

17 Scientific Men.) LA VILLEMARQUÉ, Th. Hersart de. Barzaz-Breiz. Chants populaires de la

18 Bretagne recueillis et publiés avec une Traduction Française, des Argu

ments, des Notes, et les Mélodies originales, par Th. Hersart de la Vil. lemarqué. 4me éd., augmentée ... Tom. 1, 2.

Paris, 1846. 12° (5.3X3.1).

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