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+LE MASCRIER, J. B., l'Abbé. Mémoires historiques sur la Louisiane, composés

I sur les Mémoires de M. Dumont. See DUVONT, M. + LEE, C. Memoirs of the Life of the late Charles Lee, Major-General, &c. To

2 which are added, his Political and Military Essays; also, Letters to and

from many Distinguished Characters. New York, 1792. 12° (5.5 X3.2). Lee, Thomas J., Capt. U.S.T.E.

3 Collection (A) of Tables and Formulæ useful in Surveying, Geodesy

and Practical Astronomy, including Elements for the Projection of Maps.

... 2d ed., with additions. Washington, 1853. 8° (5.5X3.3). LETTERS to the Rev. W. E. Channing, on the Existence and Agency of Fallen

4 Spirits. By Canonicus. *** Boston, 1828. 12° (5.6X3.2). † LEVETT, C. Voyage to New England, in 1623. See MAINE Hist. Society.

5 (Collections, vol. 2.) LIVERMORE, Hon. George, of Cambridge.

6 Historical Research (An) respecting the Opinions of the Founders of

the Republic on Negroes as Slaves, as Citizens, and as Soldiers. Read before the Massachusetts Historical Society, August 14, 1862.

Boston, 1862. 8° (6.2X3.8), m. b. LIVERMORE, Edward St. Loe. Oration delivered at Boston, July 4th, 1813.

Boston, 1813. 8°, pp. 40. Lives and Voyages of Drake, Cavendish, and Dampier ; including an introduc

8 tory View of the Earlier Discoveries in the South Sea, and the History

of the Bucaniers.... [Portraits.] (Harper's Family Library, No. 30.)

· New-York, 1832. 18° (4.5 X 2.7). LOMBARD, Peter, or PETRUS LOMBARDUS, surnamed Master of Sentences," an

Italian theologian; b. about 1100. d. 1164. 9 Magistri Sententiarum Libri IV. ... * * *

Lvgdvni, 1618. 8° (5.7X3.7), m. r. Mahon, Charles, Viscount. See STANHOPE, Charles, 3d Earl. Malus, Etienne Louis, a French physicist & engineer ; b. 1775. d. 1812.

10 Life. See ARAGO, D. F.J. (Distinguished Scientific Men.) MANUEL des Instituteurs, Professeurs, et Elèves des Ecoles primaires et secon

11 daires, des Lycées et des Écoles spéciales, civiles et militaires. Ier supplément.

[Paris, 1803.] 80, pp. 55. MANUEL lexique, ou Dictionnaire portatif des Mots François dont la significa12 tion n'est pas familiere a tout le monde. ... Nouv. éd. Tom. 1, 2.

Paris, 1755. 8°(5.9X3.3), 2 cols. [2 copies.] MANUEL 13 de Proverbes dramatiques. *** Portland, 1830. 12° (5X3). MANUFACTUREN 14 (Von) und Commercio. *** Franckfurt, 1740. 8°(5.7X3.3). MARCANDIER, M. - Abstract of Parts of a late Treatise on Hemp, trans

15 lated from the French of M. Marcandier. Boston, 1766. 8°, pp. 30. MARTIN, S. 16 Essay upon Plantership. London, 1765. 8°, pp. xvii., 62. MARTINEZ DE LA Rosa, Francisco, a Spanish statesman & poet ; b. 1789. 17 Obras literarias Tomo 1-4

Paris, 1827–28. 8° (5.1 X2.8). MATTEO, Pier, Bp. of Æsium, in Italy.

18 Poesie sacre, morali, e spiritvali. Iesi, 1685. 12° (4.6X2.5), pp. 550. + METASTASIO, P. A. D. B., l'Abbé. Memoirs of bis Life and Writings. See

19 (in Catalogue) BURNEY, C.

MEYER, Johann. Newe Landesbeschreibung der zwey Hertzogthümer Schles

I wich und Holstein ... Chorographicê elaborirt, durch C. Danckwerth zusammen getragen und verfertigt. ...

[No imprint] 1652. 2° (13.1x7.4). Note. - Title-page is embellished. MILLER, William Allen, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S., an English chemist; 6. 1817.

2 Elements of Chemistry: theoretical and practical. *** Part I. Che

mical Physics. II. Inorganic Chemistry. III. Organic Chemistry. 3

vols. 2d edition, with additions. London, 1860. 89 (7.2X4). + Mills, C. History (The) of the Crusades, for the Recovery and Possession 3 of the Holy Land. * * * 1st American from 3d London ed.

Philadelphia, 1826. 8° (6.6X3.7), pp. 529. † MILTON, J. Epistolarum Familiarum Liber unus: quibus accesserunt, ejus4 dem, jam olim in Collegio Adolescentis, Prolusiones quædam oratoriæ.

Londini, 1674. 12° (4.8X2.5). MINER, Rev. Alonzo A., A.M., Pres. of Tufts College.

5 Addresses at Inauguration of Pres. Miner. See TUFTS COLLEGE. † MOLIÈRE, J.B. POQUELIN. La Comtesse Descarbagnes, Comédie. La Prin

6 cesse d'Elide, Comédie. Les Fêtes de Versailles. Le Malade imaginaire, Comédie. [English and French, facing.] Paris, n. d. 12° (4.9X3).

Note. — Each play has only independent title-page. + NEANDER, J. A. W. The Emperor Julian and his Generation. An Historical 7 Picture, by A. Neander. Translated by G. V. Cox. ***

London, 1850. 16° (5.1X3). NEw (The) American Cyclopædia: a Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge. 8 Edited by G. Ripley and C. A. Dana. Vol. 1-16.

New York, 1858–63. 8°(7.8X4.9), 2 cols. Nitzsch, G. W. Historia (De) Homeri maximeque de Scriptorum Carminum

9 Aetate Metelemata. Fasc. 1, 2. Hannoverae, 1830, '37. 4° (6.2X 4.9). Novalis, a pseudonym. See HARDENBERG, F. von. ORIGIN 10 of the Material Universe.

Boston, 1850. 12°, pp. 83. † OXENFORD, J. Translator. See GOETHE, J. W. von. Conversations. PEACE and Reform, against War and Corruption. In Answer to a Pamphlet,

11 written by Arthur Young, Esq., entitled “The Example of France, a Warning to Britain." ...

London, 1794. 8° (6.2X3.5). PEET, Rev. Josiah, of Norridgewock, Me.; b. 1781. d. 1852.

12 Memoir and Sermons. See SHEPLEY, D. PETRUS LOMBARDUS. See LOMBARD, P. PHILLIPS, Charles, Esq., an Irish barrister ; 6. 1789. d. 1859. 13 Curran and his Contemporaries. • * • [Portrait.]

New York, 1851. 12° (5.6X3.2). PHILLIPS, Samuel, LL.D., Lieut.-Gov. of Mass., &c.; b. 1752. d. 1802.

14 Memoir of Judge Phillips. · See TAYLOR, J. L. + PINDARUS. 15 Carmina. See BERGK, T. (Poetae Lyrici Graeci.) POETAE Lyrici Graeci. See BERGK, T. POLYMNERES, George. Aežixov 'Ayyagaa nuixov. Evrtce Ev xai Exdo983 7205 Xer16 σιν των Σπουδαζοντων την Αγγλικής Γλωσσαν.

'Ey 'Equoufolkl, 1854. 8° (6.6 X 4.2), 2 cols. + POPERY. 17 Rise and Fall of Papacy.

89, pp. 70. NOTE. -- Imperfect, wanting title-page.

+ Powell, Rev. B. Joint Translator. See ARAGO, D. F. J. Biographies of

Distinguished Scientific Men. + REED, H. Lectures on English Literature, from Chaucer to Tennyson. 4th I ed., revised and corrected. [Portrait.]

Philadelphia, 1858. 12° ( 5.1X3.1). RHEES, B. Rush, M.D. Eulogium on the Life and Character of Rev. Henry 2 Holcombe, D. D.; delivered June 29th, 1824.

Philadelphia, 1824. 8°, pp. 44. † RIPLEY, Rev. George. Joint Editor. See New American Cyclopædia. SANGER, George P. Editor. See AMERICAN Almanac, &c. SAPPHO, a Greek lyric poetess; b. in island of Lesbos. fl. 630-570 B.C.

3 Reliquiæ, Græcè. See BERGK, T. (Poetae Lyrici Græci.) SHEPLEY, Rev. David, grad. Bowd. Coll., 1825 ; b. 1804. 4 Memoir with Sermons, of Rev. Josiah Peet. *** [Portrait.]

New York, 1854. 8° (6X3.5). SIMONIDES, a Greek lyric poet; b. in Island of Ceos, 556 B.C. d. 467. B.C.

5 Epigrammata, Græcè. See BERGK, T. (Poetae Lyrici Graeci.)
6 Epigrammata, Graecè. See (in Catalogue) BRUNCK, R. F. P. (Gnomici

Poetæ Græci.) + Simpson, T. Select Exercises for Young Proficients in the Mathematics. ...

7 New ed. Revised by J. H. Harding. London, 1810. 8° (5.8X3.3). + SMITHSONIAN Institution. Construction of the Catalogues of Libraries, and

8 their Publication by means of separate stereotyped Titles. With Rules

and Examples. By C. C. Jewett. 2d ed. Washington, 1853. 8°, pp. 96. Smyth, William Henry, LL.D., F.R.S., &c., Admiral British Nary.

9 Cycle (A) of Celestial Objects, for the use of naval, military and pri

vate Astronomers. Observed, reduced, and discussed. Vol. 1. Prolegomena. 2. The Bedford Catalogue. [Illustrations.]

London, 1844. 8° (7X3.9). Joint Translator. See ARAGO, D. F.J. Biographies of Distinguished

Scientific Men. Popular Astronomy. STANHOPE, Charles Mahon, 3d Earl, an English physicist ; 6. 1753. d. 1816. 10 Principles of Electricity. ... By Charles Viscount Mahon. (Plates.]

London, 1779. 4° (6.8X5). Stone, John L., D.D., Rector of Christ Church, Brooklyn, N. Y.

11 Memoir of the Life of Rt. Rev. Alexander Viets Griswold, D.D., Bishop

of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Eastern Diocese. With an Appendix. To which are added a Sermon, Charge, and Pastoral Letter of

the late Bishop. [Portrait.] Philadelphia, 1844. 8° (6.3X3.4), pp. 620. STRATTON, William C., Librarian of California State Library.

Compiler. See CALIFORNIA.—State Library. Catalogue. TAYLOR, Rev. John L., of Andover, Mass. 12 Memoir (A) of his Honor Samuel Phillips, LL.D. • • . [Portrait.]

Boston, 1856. 8° (6.1X3.8). TheoGNIS, a Greek elegiac poet, of Megara; fl. about 548 B.C.

13 Sententiæ, Græcè. See BERGK, T. (Poetae Lyrici Gnomici.)
14 Sententiæ, Græcè. See (in Catalogue) BRUNCK, R. F. P. (Gnomici

Poetæ Græci.)


THORNTON, G. S. The Melodist, comprising a Selection of the most favorite i English, Scotch, and Irish Songs, arranged for the Voice, Flute or Violin.

New York, 1820. 120 (6X3.5). + Thornton, J. W. Landing (The) at Cape Anne; or the Charter of the first

2 permanent Colony on the Territory of the Massachusetts Company.

Now discovered and first published from the original Manuscript. With an Inquiry into its Authority and a History of the Colony. 1624-1628.

... *** [Fac-simile and Map.] Boston, 1854. 8° (6.7 irr. X3.9). + TREMELLIUS, E. Book (A) to instruct the Chosen of God. [Hebreu.] **

London, 1820. 12° (4.7X2.8). Tufts COLLEGE, at Cambridgeport, Mass.

4 Addresses at the Inauguration of Rev. Alonzo A. Miner, A. M. as Presi

dent of Tufts College, July 9, 1862. Boston, 1862. 89, pp. 39. UNITED STATES. Prospectus of a National Institution to be established in the 5 United States.

Washington, 1806. 80, pp. 44. 6 Reports of Cases argued and adjudged in the Supreme Court of the United States. August Term, 1801-December Term, 1815. By W.

Cranch. Vol. 1-9. February Term, 1816—January Term, 1827. By · H. Wheaton. Vol. 1-12.

Washington, Philadelphia, New-York, 1804–27. 8°(6.9X3.6), m. b. + Watt, J. 7 'Life. See Arago, D. F.J. (Distinguished Scientific Men.) + WHEATON, H., LL.D. Reporter. See UNITED STATES. Reports of Cases,

argued and adjudged in Supreme Court, 1816-1827. | Willis, W. History (A) of the Law, the Courts, and the Lawyers of Maine,

8 from its first Colonization to the Early Part of the Present Century. [Portraits.]

Portland, 1863. 8° (6.1X3.7), pp. 712. Wilson, James Hervetson, F.L.S., &c.

Translator. See JUSSIEU, A. de. Elements of Botany. · + Young, Alex. Discourse (A) on the Life and Character of Rev. John Thorn

9 ton Kirkland, D.D., &c. delivered in the Church on Church Green (Bos. ton], May 3, 1840.

Boston, 1840. 8° (6.3X3.7). + Young, T. 10 Life. See ARAGO, D. F.J. (Distinguished Scientific Men.)



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