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AFRICAN Institution, London. Third Report of the Directors of the African Institution, read March 25, 1809; with List of Subscribers.

London, 1809. 89, pp. 62. AFRICAN Repository (The). See AMERICAN Colonization Society. AGASSIZ, Louis John Rudolph, LL.D., Prof. of Nat. Hist. at Neuchatel, 1832–

'45, since at Harvard College; b. in Switzerland, 1807. 2 Classification of Insects from Embryological Data. Pp. 28, and one Plate.

See SMITHSONIAN Institution. (Contributions, vol. 2.) 3 Contributions to the Natural History of the United States of America. ... Vol. 1-4. [Plates.]

Boston, 1857–62. 4° (8.6X6.3). 4 Memoir of Hugh Miller. See MILLER, H. (Prefixed to Footprints of

the Creator, &c.) 5 Nomenclator Zoologicus, continens Nomina systematica Generum Ani

malium tam Viventium quam Fossilium, secundum ordinem alphabeticum disposita, adjectis auctoribus, libris, in quibus reperiuntur, anno editionis, etymologia et familiis, ad quas pertinent, in singulis classibus. Auctore L. Agassiz. Adjuvantibus Princ. C. L. Bonaparte; H. Burmeister; T. a Charpentier ; etc. *** [Numerous pagings.]

Soloduri, 1842–46. 4° (7.9X6.7). 6 Notice of the Fossil Fishes. See BLAKE, W. P. (Report of a Geologi

cal Reconnaissance in California.) 7 Sketch of the Natural Provinces of the Animal World and their Relations to the different Types of Man; with Tableau and Map. See Nott, J. C. (Types of Mankind.) Joint Editor. See AMERICAN Journal of Science, &c., 2d Series, vol.

16-32. AGNEW, John Holmes.

8 General Index to the American Biblical Repository, Vol. 1-24. January, 1831-October, 1844.

New York, 1845. 8° (6X3.4). Editor. See BIBLICAL Repository (The), &c. AGREEMENT of the associated Ministers of the County of Essex, England, as 9 to Baptism, Ordination, &c.

4° (6.3X3.9), pp. 33. Note. - Imperfect, wanting title-page. Dating about 1700. AGRICOLA, Georg, a German physicist; b. 1490. d. 1558.

10 Bergwerck Buch:... [Plates.] Basel, 1621. 2° (9.6 X 5.4). Il Re Metallica (De) Libri XII. ... *** [Plates.]

Basilex, 1657. 2° (106), pp. 708+. AHRENS, Heinrich Ludolf. 12 Graecae Linguae Dialectis (De). Liber I. De Dialectis Aeolicis et Pseudaeolicis. II. De Dialecto Dorica. 2 vols.

Gottingae, 1839, '43. 8° (6.2X3.6). NOTE. – Each book has also independent title-page, and independent paging. AIKEN, Rec. Silas, Pastor of Park St. Church, Boston. 13 Posthumous Influence. Sermon on the Death of Hon. Samuel Hub

bard, LL.D.; preached Jan. 2, 1848. Boston, 1848. 8°, pp. 40. AIKEN, Rer. Solomon, of Dracut, Mass.; 6. 1757. d. 1832. 14 Oration (An), delivered before the Republican Citizens of Newburyport, July 4, 1810.

Newburyport, 1810. 8°, pp. 15. AIKIN, Arthur, M.D.; b. 1784. d. 1854. 15 Annual Review (The); and History of Literature; for 1802–1808. ... Vol. 1-7.

London, 1803-'09. 8° (7.9X 4.6), 2 cols. AIKIN, Arthur, M.D., continued.

1 Dictionary (A) of Chemistry and Mineralogy, with an Account of the Pro

cesses employed in ... Chemical Manufactures. ... By A. & C. R. Aikin. Illustrated with fifteen Engravings. Vol. 1, 2.

London, 1807. 4° (7.8X3.6), 2 cols. Editor. See DENON, D. V. Travels in Egypt.

Joint Editor. See ANNALS of Philosophy. Vol. 11, 12. AIKIN, C. R.

Joint Author. See AIKIN, A. Dictionary of Chemistry, &c. AIKIN, John, M.D., a popular English author; b. 1747. d. 1822.

2 Letters from a Father to his Son,. ., relative to Literature and the Conduct of Life. Vol. 2. ... 2d ed. * * *

London, 1803. 8° (5.2 x 2.6). 3 View (A) of the Life, Travels, and philanthropic Labors of the late John Howard. * * *

Boston, 1794. 24° (4 X2.5). Joint Author. See BARBAULD, A. L. A. Evenings at Home.

Translator. See BAUMÉ, A. Manual of Chemistry. AIKIN, Lucy, daughter of preceding. 4 Memoirs of the Court of King James I. ... Vol. 1, 2.

Boston, 1822. 8° (6.1X3.5). AIMÉ-MARTIx, Louis, a French writer; d. 1846.

5 Études sur la vie de Fénelon. See FÉNELON, F. de SALIGNAC DE LA
MOTHE. (Euvres.—Tom. 1, pp. iii.-xxxi.
Editor. See FÉNELON, F. de SALIGNAC DE LA MOTHE. Euvres.

Editor. See JEROME, E. St. (Euvres de S. Jérome. *AINSLIE, Whitelaw, M.D.

Joint Author. See MURRAY, H. Account of British India. AINSWORTH, Robert ; b. near Manchester, Engl., 1660. d. 1743.

6 Thesaurus Linguæ Latinæ compendiarius; or, A compendious Dictiona

ry of the Latin Tongue ... New edition, with great Additions and Amendments. ... By T. Morell.

London, 1796. Thick 4° (9.2 X 6.4), 2 cols., n. p. [2 copies.) 7 Abridgment of Ainsworth's Dictionary. See MORELL, T. AIRY, George Biddell, A.M., Astronomer Royal of England ; b. 1801.

8 Astronomical Observations, at Greenwich, 1836–47; Magnetical and

Meteorological Observations, at Greenwich, 1840–247; Astronomical,
Magnetical, and Meteorological Observations, at Greenwich, 1848-'58 ;
Reduction of the Observations of the Moon, made at Greenwich from
1750 to 1851 ; &c. See GREAT BRITAIN. Observations at Royal Ob-

servatories. Greenwich.
9 Figure (The) of the Earth. See (ENCYCLOPÆDIA Metropolitana, vol. 5).
10 Gravitation: an elementary Explanation of the principal Perturbations in
the Solar System. ...

London, 1834. 12° (5.1X3.1). 11 Mathematical Tracts on the Lunar and Planetary Theories, the Figure

of the Earth, Precession and Nutation, the Calculus of Variations, and the Undulatory Theory of Optics. ... 4th ed., corrected and improved. [Plates.]

Cambridge, 1858. 8° (6.7 X 3.8). 12 Six Lectures on Astronomy, delivered ... in March, 1848 : with an Introduction. 4th ed. (Plates.]

London, n. d. 12° (6X3.8). 13 Tides and Waves, See (ENCYCLOPÆDIA Metropolitana, vol. 5).

AIRY, George Biddell, A.J., continued.

1 Trigonometry. See (ExcYCLOPÆDIA Metropolitana, vol. 5). AKEYSIDE, Mark, M.D., an English poet ; b. 1721. d. 1770. 2 Poetical Works. Edited, with a Life, by A. Dyce. [Portrait.]

Boston, 1854. 18°(4.8 X 2.8 irr.). ALAMANNI, Luigi, an Italian Poet; b. 1495. d. 1556. 3 Alamanni, Ruccellai, Tansillo, Baldi, Didascalici del Secolo XVI. ***

Venezia, 1786. 12° (4 X 2.5). ALBANIS-BEAUMONT, J. F.

4 Mémoire sur l'Origine, le Produit et l'Amelioration d'un Troupeau de

Mérinos établis depuis cinq années a la Chaumière pastorale de Vernaz, etc., et sur les Progress de l'Agriculture de ce domaine, 1798-1807.

Genéve, n. d. 8°, pp. 34. ALBERONI, Guilio, Cardinal, and Spanish statesman; b. 1664. d. 1752.

5 Testament politique, recueilli de divers Mémoires, Lettres, & Entretiens,

par A. M. Traduit de l'Italien, par le C. de R. B. M. P'tie I., II. 2 vols.

Lausanne, 1754. 12° (4.7 x 2.6). ALBERTI, Johann, D.D., Prof. of Theol. at Leyden ; b. 1698. d. 1762.

Editor, &c. See HESYCHIUS. Lexicon Græcum. ALBERTINI, Carlo, of Verona.

Editor. See PETRARCA, F. Le Rime del Petrarca. ALBINUS, a Platonic Philosopher; flourished about A.D. 200.

6 Introduction to the Dialogues of Plato. See Plato. (Works, Ed. 1848

-'59, vol. 6.) ALBRO, John A., D.D., of Cambridge, Mass.

7 Life of Shepard. See SHEPARD, T. Works.— Vol. 1, pp. vii.-cxcii. Alcxors, a Platonic Philosopher, of uncertain age.

8 Introduction to the Doctrines of Plato. See PLATO. (Works, Ed. 1848

-'59, vol. 6.) ALCORAN (The) of Mohammed. See MOHAMMED. ALCOTT, William A., M.D.; b. near Wolcott, Conn., 1798.

Editor. See AMERICAN Annals of Education. Vol. 7, 8.
ALDEN, Ker. Timothy, D.D., Pres. Alleghany College, Penn.; b. 1771. d. 1839.

9 Contributions. See AMERICAN Academy, &c. (Memoirs, vol. 3.)
10 Sermon (A) delivered at Portsmouth, Jan. 5, 1800; occasioned by the
Death of George Washington.

Portsmouth, 1800. 8°, pp. 23. ALEMBERT, Jean le Rond d', a French Mathematician; b. 1717. d. 1783.

11 Correspondance de Frederic II. Roi de Prusse, et M. D'Alembert. See

FREDERIC II. Euvres posthumes.— Vol. 7, 8. 12 Recherches sur la Précession des Equinoxes, et sur la Nutation de l'Axe de la Terre, dans le Système Yeutonien. Par M. D'Alembert.

Paris, 1749. 4° (5.8 X 4.1). Editor. See ExCYCLOPÉDIE ou Dictionnaire raisonne des Sciences. ALESSANDRO, Pietro d'.. 13 Monte Auburno Poemetto

Cambrigia, 1835. 12°, pp. 22. ALESANDER, called The Great', King of Macedon; 6, 356 B.C. d. 323 B.C.

14 Critical Inquiry into the Life of Alexander the Great by the ancient His


15 Life and Actions of. See Williams, Rev. J. ALEXANDER, Archibald, D.D., Prof. in Princeton Theol. Sem. ; 6. 1772. d. 1851. 16 Brief Outline (A) of the Evidences of the Christian Religion. * * *

Philadelphia, 1829. 12° (4.2X 2.5). ALEXANDER, Archibald, D.D., continued.

1 Introd. Essay to Bates' Harmony of Divine Attributes. See BATES, W. 2 Objections obviated, and God glorified, by the Success of the Gospel

among the Heathen. Sermon at Albany, Oct. 7, 1829, before the A. B. C. F. M.

Boston, 1830. 80, pp. 35. ALEXANDER, Joseph Addison, D.D., son of preceding, Prof. of Biblical & Eccl.

Hist., Princeton Theol. Sem.; b. 1809. d. 1859.
3 Acts (The) of the Apostles explained. ... Vol. 1, 2.

New York, 1857. 12° (5.8X3.6). 4 Earlier Prophecies (The) of Isaiah.

New York & London, 1846. 8°(7.4X4.4), pp. 652. 5 Gospel (The) according to Mark explained.

New York, 1858. 12° (5.8X3.6). 6 Later Prophecies (The) of Isaiah.

New York & London, 1847. 8°(7.4X4.4), pp. 501. ALFIERI, Vittorio, Count, an Italian tragic poet ; b. 1749. d. 1803.

7 Quindici Tragedie . . .; dedicate all' Autore Medesimo; ed aggiuntevi

sue Memorie Letteraire, con La Merope di Maffei, e L'Aristodemo di Monti. Dall' Editore A. Montucci. Vol. 1-3.

Edimborgo, 1806. 16° (4.3x2.8 irr.). 8 Tragedie Vol. 1–6 [Portrait and Plates.]

Firenze, 1824. 8° (6X3.5 irr.). 9 Tragedie. [Portrait.]

Firenze, 1832. 8° (6.6X4), 2 cols. ALFORD, Rev. Henry, Dean of Canterbury; b. 1810. 10 Quebec Chapel Sermons. Vol. 1, 2. Preached in . . . 1854.

London, 1856, '55. 16° (5.1 X2.8).
Note. — Vol. 1 is 2d edition.
Editor, Annotator, &c. See BIBLE,The New Testament. The Greek

Testament, &c.
ALGAROTTI, François, Comte; b. at Venice, 1712. d. at Pisa, 1764.

11 Letters, military and political. ... London, 1782. 8° (5.5X2.8). Alison, Rev. Archibald, LL.B., F.R.S., &c., of Edinburgh ; b. 1757. d. 1839.

12 Essays on the Nature and Principles of Taste. From Edinburgh edition.

Boston, 1812. 8° (6.4 X3.6). 13 Sermons, chiefly on particular Occasions. From Edinburgh edition.

Boston, 1815. 8° (5.8X3.5). Alison, Sir Archibald, Bart., D.C.L., &c., son of preceding; b. 1792. 14 History of Europe from the Commencement of the French Revolution in 1789, to the Restoration of the Bourbons in 1815. ... Vol. 1-4.

New York, 1858. 8° (7.8X4.5), 2 cols. 15 History of Europe from the Fall of Napoleon in MDCCCXV to the Accession of Louis Napoleon in MDCCCLII Vol. 1-3

New York, 1859, '59, '58. 8°(7.8 X 4.5), 2 cols. Note. – Lettered, “History of Europe. Vol. V.-VII.” ALLEINE, Joseph, Nonconformist Minister of Taunton ; 6. 1633. d. 1668.

16 Alarm (An) to Unconverted Sinners in a serious Treatise on Conversion.

(Evan. Fam. Library, vol. 9.) New-York, n. d. 24° (4.4 X 2.8). 17 Call (A) to Archippus; or, An humble and earnest Motion to some ejected Ministers, . . . to take Heed to their Ministry, that they fulfil it. *

London, reprinted, 1703. 4° (6X3.8), pp. 31. ALLEINE, Richard, a Nonconformist English Clergyman; b. 1611. d. 1697.

i Godly-Fear: or, The Nature and Necessity of Fear and its Usefulness. ... * * • By R. A[lleine].

London, 1674. 16° (5.4 X3). 2 Heaven opened; or, A brief and plain Discovery of the Riches of God's Covenant of Grace. Third Part of Vindiciæ Pietatis. By R. A[lleine].

London, 1671. 16° (5.7X3.2). ALLEMAND, Judah D'.

Editor. See BIBLE, — The Old Testament. Biblia Hebraica. ALLEN, David O., D.D., Missionary to India, 1827–53.

3 India Ancient and Modern. Geographical, historical, political, social, and religious; with a particular Account of the State and Prospects of Christianity. [Map.]

Boston, 1856. 89(6.6X4), pp. 618. ALLEN, Brig.-Gen. Ethan, of Colchester, Vt.; b. in Connecticut, 1739. d. 1789.

4 Reason the only Oracle of Man, or a compenduous System of Natural Religion. ...

Bennington, 1784. 8° (6X3.4). 5 Life, by J. Sparks. See SPARKS, J. (American Biography, vol. 1.) ALLEN, Hon. Frederic, LL.D., of Gardiner.

6 Early Lawyers of Lincoln and Kennebec Counties. See MAINE Hist.

Society. (Collections, vol. 6.)
ALLEN, Rer. Jonathan, of Bradford, Mass.; b. 1749. d. 1827.

7 Sermon preached at the Ordination of Rev. Benjamin Thurston, at NorthHampton, Nov. 2, 1785.

Exeter, 1786. 8°, pp. 32. ALLEN, Paul, Esq., of Providence, R. I.; b. 1775. d. 1826.

8 History of the Expedition under the command of Captains Lewis and

Clark, to the Sources of the Missouri, thence across the Rocky Mountains, and down the River Columbia to the Pacific Ocean. Performed during the years 1804–5–6. ... Vol. 1, 2. [Maps, &c.]

Philadelphia, 1814. 8° (6.4X3.6). ALLEN, Rec. S., Pastor of Methodist Church in Waterville.

9 Bible (The) and National Prosperity: a Thanksgiving Discourse at Waterville, Nov. 27, 1851.

Waterville, 1851. 8°, pp. 24. ALLEX, Hon. Samuel C. 10 Eulogy on Hon. John Wheelock, LL.D., late President of Dartmouth Uni

versity, who died April 4, 1817, pronounced in the University Chapel, Au

gust 27, 1817, Commencement Day. Hanover, 1817. 8°, pp. 19. ALLEX, Thaddeus. 11 Inquiry (An) into the Views, Principles, Services, and Influences of the

leading Men in the Origination of our Union, and in the Formation and Early Administration of our present Government. * * *

Boston, 1845. 8°, pp. 86. ALLEN, Reo. Thomas, of Pittsfield, Mass.; b. 1743. d. 1810.

12 Election Sermon, Mass., May 25, 1808. Boston [, 1808]. 8°, pp. 20. ALLEX, William, D.D., Pres. of Bowd. Coll., 1820–39; b. in Pittsfield, Ms.,1784. 13 Accounts of Shipwreck and of other Disasters at Sea, designed to be

interesting and useful to Mariners, with ... Dr. Payson's Address to Seamen, and a few Prayers ... Compiled by a Friend of Seamen [W. Allen).

Brunswick, 1823. 12° (5.6 X3.1). [2 copies.] 14 Address delivered at Northampton, Mass., October 29, 1854, in commemoration of the Close of the Second Century since the Settlement of the Town.

Northampton, 1855. 8°, pp. 56.

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