The Writings of James Monroe: Including a Collection of His Public and Private Papers and Correspondence Now for the First Time Printed, Volumen3

G. P. Putnam's sons, 1900

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Página 381 - A view of the conduct of the executive in the foreign affairs of the United States, connected with the mission to the French republic, during the years 1794, 5, & 6.
Página 381 - In the month of May, 1794, I was invited by the President of the United States, through the Secretary of State, to accept the office of minister plenipotentiary to the French Republic.
Página 391 - Paria, dated June 10, 1794, while insisting " upon compensation for the captures and spoliations of our property, and injuries to the persons of our citizens by French cruisers...
Página 382 - I was at this time a member of the Senate of the United States, for the State of Virginia, which station I had held for several years before. It had been, too, my fortune to differ from the administration upon many of our most important public measures.
Página 374 - I avail myself of this occasion to tender to you the assurance of the high respect and consideration with which I have the honor to be, sir, Your most obedient, humble servant.
Página 383 - Morris's known political character and principles, that his appointment — especially at a period when the French nation was in a course of revolution from an arbitrary to a free government — would tend to discountenance the republican cause there and at home, and otherwise weaken, and greatly to our prejudice, the connection subsisting between the two countries.
Página 441 - Self-importance appears here. " Whether I have performed my duty to my country, as I ought to have done, in the various, contradictory, and embarrassing situations, in which I was placed by the administration, is a point upon which my country will determine, by the facts and documents submitted to it. Upon this point I fear not the result.
Página 384 - I also thought, from a variety of considerations, it would be difficult to find, within the limits of the United States, a person who was more likely to improve, to the greatest possible extent, the mischief to which the measure naturally exposed us. This last example took place only a few weeks before my own appointment, which was on the 28th of May, 1794.
Página 385 - Did not this derangement proceed from the injurious conduct of the French, in their violations of the 23d and 24th articles of the treaty with the United States, and the application of the latter for redress? " My instructions enjoined it on me to use my utmost endeavours to inspire the French...
Página 334 - Retolved, that the Governor be requested to correspond with the President of the United States, on the subject of purchasing lands without the limits of this state, whither persons obnoxious to the laws or dangerous to the peace of society may be removed.

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