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11 My days are gone like a fhadow: and I am withered like grafs.

12 But thou, O Lord, fhalt endure for ever; and thy remembrance throughout all generations.

13 Thou shalt arife, and have mercy upon Sion: for it is time that thou have mercy upon her, yea, the time

is come.

14 And why? thy fervants think upon her ftones: and it pitieth them to fee her in the duft..

15 The heathen fhall fear thy Name, O Lord: and all the kings of the earth thy Majefty;

16 When the Lord fhall build up Sion: and when his glory fhall appear;

17 When he turneth him unto the prayer of the poor deftitute and defpifeth not their defire.

18 This fhall be written for those that come after: and the people which shall be born fhall praife the Lord.

19 For he hath looked down from his fanctuary: out of the heaven did the Lord behold the earth;

20 That he might hear the mournings of fuch as are in captivity and deliver the children appointed unto death; 21 That they may declare the Name of the Lord in Sion and his worship at Jerufalem;

22 When the people are gathered together: and the kingdoms alfo, to ferve the Lord.

23 He brought down my ftrength in my journey: and fhortened my days.

24 But I faid, O my God, take me not away in the midst of mine age: as for thy years, they endure throughout all generations.

25 Thou, Lord, in the beginning haft laid the foundation of the earth: and the heavens are the work of thy hands. 26 They fhall perifh, but thou fhalt endure: they all fhall wax old as doth a garment;

14] Formerly they regarded lightly the fanctuary, and finned against it, but they now fought after it, honouring even the duft thereof; how much more the building, if it might be built.

26] The frequent changing of clothes is a piece of eaftern magnificence: how wonderfully fublime then, in this view, is this representation of the grandeur of God, Thou shalt change thefe heavens as a prince changes his vefture.

27 And as a vesture fhalt thou change them, and they fhall be changed: but thou art the fame, and thy years fhall not fail.

28 The children of thy fervants fhall continue: and their feed fhall ftand faft in thy fight.

Pfalm ciii. Benedic, anima mea.

PRAISE the Lord, O my foul: and all that is within

me praise his holy Name.

2 Praife the Lord, O my foul: and forget not all his benefits;

3 Who forgiveth all thy fin: and healeth all thine infirmities;

4 Who faveth thy life from deftruction: and crowneth thee with mercy and loving-kindness;


Who fatisfieth thy mouth with good things: making thee young and lufty as an eagle.

6 The Lord executeth righteoufnefs and judgment; for all them that are oppreffed with wrong.

7 He fhewed his ways unto Mofes: his works unto the children of Ifrael.

8 The Lord is fuli of compaffion and mercy: longfuffering, and of great goodness.


9 He will not alway be chiding: neither keepeth he anger for ever.

10 He hath not dealt with us after our fins: nor rewarded us according to our wickedneffes.

II For look how high the heaven is in comparison of the earth: fo great is his mercy alfo toward them that fear him.

Pfalm ciii. This is a folemn acknowledgment of the great mercies of God, especially that of pardoning his fin, and not exacting the punishment due to it; a confideration which must be interwoven in every mercy which finful men experience. It is thought to have been compofed by David upon his recovery from sickness.

5 Eagle] This bird, even when old, cafts its feathers, and is furnished with new ones.

6] It might have been observed before, that there is no fubject of complaint to which more frequent allufions occur throughout the book of Pfalms and the other books of the Old Teftament, than the perverfion of public juftice by corrupt judges. It was one of the great national fins among the Jews.

12 Look how wide alfo the eaft is from the weft: fo far hath he fet our fins from us.

13 Yea, like as a father pitieth his own children: even fo is the Lord merciful unto them that fear him.

14 For he knoweth whereof we are made: he remembereth that we are but duft.

15 The days of man are but as grafs for he flourisheth as a flower of the field.

16 For as foon as the wind goeth over it, it is and the place thereof fhall know it no more.


17 But the merciful goodnefs of the Lord endureth for ever and ever upon them that fear him and his righteoufuefs upon children's children;

18 Even upon fuch as keep his covenant: and think upon his commandments to do them.

19 The Lord hath prepared his feat in heaven: and his kingdom ruleth over all.

20 O praife the Lord, ye Angels of his, ye that excel in ftrength: ye that fulfil his commandment, and hearken unto the voice of his words.

21 O praife the Lord, all ye

of his that do his pleasure.

his houfe: ye fervants

22 O fpeak good of the Lord, all ye works of his, in all places of his dominion: praise thou the Lord, O my foul.



Pfalm civ. Benedic, anima mea.

RAISE the Lord, O my foul: O Lord my God, thou art become exceeding glorious, thou art clothed with majefty and honour.

2 Thou deckeft thyfelf with light as it were with a garment and fpreadeft out the heavens like a curtain.

17 Children's children] He will fhew mercy unto thousands in them that love him, and keep his commandments. "A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children." Prov. xiii. 22.

Pfalm civ.] This is a moft pious and beautiful meditation upon the power and wisdom of God in making and preserving all the creatures in the world.

3 Who layeth the beams of his chambers in the waters and maketh the clouds his chariot, and walketh upon the wings of the wind.

4 He maketh his angels fpirits: and his minifters a flaming fire.

5 He laid the foundations of the earth: that it never fhould move at any time.

6 Thou coverest it with the deep like as with a garment the waters ftand in the hills.

7. At thy rebuke they flee: at the voice of thy thunder they are afraid.

8 They go up as high as the hills, and down to the vallies beneath: even unto the place which thou haft appointed for them.

9 Thou haft fet them their bounds which they shall not pass neither turn again to cover the earth.

10 He fendeth the fprings into the rivers: which run among the hills.

11 All beasts of the field drink thereof: and the wild affes quench their thirft.

12 Befide them fhall the fowls of the air have their habitation and fing among the branches.

13 He watereth the hills from above: the earth is filled with the fruit of thy works.

14 He bringeth forth grafs for the cattle; and green herb for the fervice of men;

15 That he may bring food out of the earth, and wine that maketh glad the heart of man: and oil to make him a cheerful countenance, and bread to ftrengthen man's heart.

16 The trees of the Lord alfo are full of fap: even the cedars of Libanus which he hath planted;

3 Waters] Thofe fuperior waters in the upper regions of the air, mentioned in Gen. i. 7.


The water ftood above the mountains," (Bib. transl.) at the time of the creation.

11 Wild affes] This is here peculiarly remarked of the affes in the dry, remote, and fandy deferts. They are taught by Providence the way to the waters; and there is no better expedient for the thirsty traveller, than to obferve the herds of them defcending to the streams.

17 Wherein the birds make their nefts: and the firs trees are a dwelling for the ftork.

18 The high hills are a refuge for the wild goats: and fo are the ftony rocks for the conies.

19 He appointed the moon for certain feafons: and the fun knoweth his going down.

20 Thou makeft darknefs, that it may be night: wherein all the beafts of the foreft do move.

21 The lions roaring after their prey: do seek their meat from God.

22 The fun arifeth, and they get them away together: and lay them down in their dens.

23 Man goeth forth to his work, and to his labour: until the evening.

24 O Lord, how manifold are thy works: in wisdom haft thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches. 25 So is the great and wide fea alfo: wherein are things creeping innumerable, both small and great beasts. 26 There go the fhips, and there is that Leviathan: whom thou haft made to take his pastime therein.

27 Thefe wait all upon thee: that thou mayeft give them meat in due feafon.

28 When thou giveft it them, they gather it: and when thou openest thy hand, they are filled with good.

29 When thou hideft thy face, they are troubled : when thou takest away their breath, they die, and are turned again to their duft.

30 When thou letteft thy breath go forth, they shall be made and thou fhalt renew the face of the earth. 31 The glorious Majefty of the Lord fhall endure for ever: the Lord fhall rejoice in his works.

32 The earth fhall tremble at the look of him if he do but touch the hills, they shall smoke.

33 will fing unto the Lord as long as I live: I will praise my God while I have my being.

34 And fo fhall my words please him my joy shall be in the Lord.

35 As for finners, they fhall be confumed out of the earth, and the ungodly fhall come to an end: praise thou the Lord, O my foul, praife the Lord.

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