Technologisches wörterbuch, deutsch-englisch-französisch ...: bd. English-German-French. 4th ed. completely rev. and cor. 1891

Ernst Otto Röhrig, Karl Dill, Egbert von Hoyer
J.F. Bergmann, 1870

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Página 176 - Séchage m. ŕ l'air chauffé par la vapeur. Drying s. the malt (Brew.) Das Trocknen, das Darren, die Austrocknung. Dessiccation f. Drying adj. Trocknend. Séchant, -e. • luid
Página 155 - Defect s. of the glazing of china (by which it bears a resemblance to the shells of eggs) (Porcel.) Die fehlerhafte Glasur des Porzellans, wenn es wie Eierschalen autsieht.
Página 186 - Iliibelle-enamel s. (thé design, after having been worked out in relief on a plate etc. of earthen-ware, is covered with an enamel of one colour. Those parts of the design where the layer of this enamel is thinnest show the lightest colour, while those where it is thickest, and where therefore the impression of the design has been deepest, appear darkest). Die Schmelzmalerei ton llubelles.
Página 328 - Machine s. serving to draw the slivers of long wool and to make several of them Into one (Spinn.) Der Enlfiher, die Kammicahenmaschine.
Página 447 - ... connected it with the walls of the building; but in the Decorative construction it appeared to rest on a range of arches or mullions below. Rood-lofts are formed both of stone and wood. Rood-tower, or steeple, a tower or steeple at the intersection of the nave and transept of a church Roof, the part above the miner's head; that part of the strata lying immediately upon the coal Roofs, or coverings to buildings, are variously formed, both as to materials and construction, although certain essential...
Página 372 - ParbuckUng-*kid *. (for mounting and dismounting guns by parbuckle, forming an inclined plane for the gun to be mounted on its carriage, etc.) (Artill.) Der Schrotbalken. Poutrelle f. pour manœuvres de force, poutrelle f. de manœuvres. Parcel s. (a heap of ore dressed and ready for sale in Cornwall) (Min.) Der Erihaufe», dot Loos.
Página 19 - Porter l'arme f. dans le bras droit (de la position de l'arme sur l'épaule gauche). to Advance va arms (from the present). Das Gewehr schullern. Porter l'arme f. dans le bras droit (de la position de: présentez vos armes). to Advance t>. a. arm
Página 115 - When the seam crops out at surface. Doggy — An underground superintendent, employed by the butty. Downfall — A downthrow. Dialling— Surveying the different ramifications of the mines by means of the magnetic needle. Dressei — A large pick, used for preparing the large coals...

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