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20 ladies were assembled, who im- cided, that the law should be remediately rose. Sidi Mahmoud produced under another form in saluted them with dignity. At the next session, and that if it dinner he seemed to relish all the should not be adopted, some other dishes, and took care to say, that means should be resorted to, to inhis physicians had ordered him to demnify Messrs. Rothschild. Meandrink wine for his health. He time, to facilitate their operations, preferred Champagne. The mode and to relieve them from the nein which the repast was served up, cessity of selling a portion of the 5 and the brilliant uniforms of the per cents, with which the house company, seemed greatly to excite was incumbered, the Treasury his attention. Sidi Mahmoud, who advanced to Mr. Rothschild is 30 years of age, is very fat: his 30,000,000 francs in royal bons. head is very fine, and his com- After the adoption of the new meaplexion that of a very dark French- sure, the minister demanded back man. He speaks tolerably good his 30,000,000, but Mr. Rothschild Italian. His costume is simple having stated that these funds but elegant; he wears a white were employed, and that he could dolman, embroidered with sky not pay them to the Treasury withblue, and fastened with gold clasps. out selling 5 per cents to an enorHis turban is composed of two red mous amount, and consequently Cachmere shawls; and a very fine without losing a proportion of the white shawl is thrown negligently advantage which he presumed across his shoulders. At ten would attach to the conversion, a o'clock in the evening, Sidi Mah- negotiation took place, and it is bemoud retired, saluting the ladies, lieved that the minister of finance and addressing a compliment to the has consented to hold as security baron.

2,000,000 of 5 per cent rentes, 7. Paris. The "Aristarque" of which the house of Rothschild may this morning contains the follow- have the option of converting into ing article:

3 per cents, provided they still re“There has been a good deal of main pledged to the Treasury until public conversation respecting a the payment of the 30,000,000 in loan of 30 millions of francs made full.” by the Treasury to the house of 8. Loss OF THE STEAM-BOAT Rothschild. The following is the MECHANIC, OFF MARIETTA.—The true statement of the circumstances steam-boat Mechanic, chartered at of this transaction :

Nashville, for the conveyance of “ The rejection of the law of re- general La Fayette, departed from duction last year occasioned a con- thence on Friday morning, con, siderable loss to the house of Roths- taining himself and suite ; general child, on account of the sacrifices Carroll and staff; governor Coles, they were obliged to make in order of Illinois; general O'Fallon, to raise and support for some major Walsh, of Missouri ; and months the 5 per cents above other gentlemen, as passengers. par. This loss was estimated at Governor Coles and general O‘Fal10,000,000 francs. The minister, lon quitted her at Shawneetown, in this delicate crisis, thought him- leaving the residue on board. On self bound not to abandon his the night of Sunday, about twelve friends; it was consequently de- o'clock while ascending the Ohio, near the mouth of Deer creek, this evening produced. It is from about 125 miles below Louisville, the pen of Mr. J. S. Knowles, the an alarm was created by the boat author of the tragedies of Virginius striking something in the water. and Gracchus, and partakes, in a In a few minutes, captain Hall, very considerable degree, of the who had immediately gone to as- peculiarities, both of style and certain the fact, came into the construction, by which those , cabin and observed to the pas dramas are distinguished. The sengers, “ Take care of yourselves, play commences at the moment the boat is snagged, and must very when the manifold oppressions of soon sink.” Captain Hall then Gesler have caused the Swiss peaproceeded immediately to the stern santry to organize a conspiracy of the boat, and while general La against his life and power. William Fayette was aroused and dressed; Tell is anxious to strike the blow drew up the yawl in haste, for the immediately, but his compeers disconveyance of him and other pas- suade him from his purpose. They. sengers to the shore. It was evi- wish that the tyrant may


perdent that the boat would sink in a petrate some deed sufficiently atrovery few minutes, and captain Hall cious to call forth the undivided gave his unceasing exertions in energies of the Swiss people against conveying general La Fayette and his government. Tell's dagger, the other passengers to the shore, sent by a faithful emissary to his in which he was finally successful. friend Erni, is agreed upon as the During the confusion of the mo- signal of general revolt, when overment, and while the attention of whelming circumstances shall rencaptain Hall was wholly devoted der it necessary. The tyrant, on to the safety of his passengers, his some slight pretence, causes Melchsecretaire, containing 1,300 dollars, tal, the father of Erni, to be dewas left in the boat, and most pro- prived of sight. The old man prebably was thrown into the river sents himself in this piteous plight when the boat turned on one side to William Tell, who at once reand sunk. The accident was such solves that Gesler shall no longer as neither prudence nor foresight live. He directs his son, Albert, could have avoided. The snag to carry the dagger, the signal of which produced this disaster was revolt, to his friend Erni. The concealed some distance under child, in the course of his perilous water, and at a distance of more journey, is overtaken by a violent than 50 yards from the shore. storm. The same mishap has beThe depth of the water where the fallen Gesler, whose attendants boat sunk was not less than 18 feet. have separated from him during a

Fortunately, the steam boat hunting excursion. When on the Paragon coming down the river point of sinking beneath the effects a few hours after the accident, the of hunger and cold, he is discovered commander, Mr. W. H. Neilson, by Albert, and safely conducted to took the whole party on board, the castle of Altorf. But Albert's and conveyed them to Louisville. refusal to divulge the name of his

10. DRURY-LANE THEATRE. father excites the suspicion of the A new historical play, founded on jealous governor, and he seizes on the well-known story of William the youth. At this juncture, Tell, Tell, and bearing that title, was who has insulted the guard of




Albert, and torn down the cap of to endeavour to decoy some females the tyrant which had been set up from their companions. After rein the market place as an object maining absent two or three days, of worship, is dragged in chains she returned, and stated that she before him. Gesler is impressed expected some of the native girls with the belief that the boy whom to join them very shortly. In the he has in custody is the son of night-time she contrived to secrete William Tell. They are a musket, the only one they had. fronted together; but they deny Next morning a band of blacks all knowledge of each other, until came down and murdered them, the tyrant decrees that they shall without their being able to defend both die. Dissimulation is now themselves, or make the least reat an end, their relationship is sistance. A man who had been avowed, and, as the price of liberty, left in charge of the boat, having Gesler

proposes that the father got some intimation of the fate of shall, with an arrow, cleave an his companions, had just time to apple placed on the head of his get away with the boat, when the

After a long struggle with natives arrived on the beach with his feelings, Tell accepts the offer, the intention of despatching him and succeeds. The piece now

also. hastes rapidly to its conclusion. 16. DRURY-LANE THEATRE The tyrant detains the father and Under the title of Faustus, a new

the people revolt Tell romantic drama of “the Satanic escapes from his captivity, and hav- school,” the joint production of ing wreaked his vengeance on

Mr. Soane and Mr. Terry, was Gesler, hastens to assault the ty- produced. All who have heard of rant's strong hold. The attack is the exploits of the thrice-renowned successful, the life of Albert is Faustus can, in a moment, conceive preserved, and with the triumph what stuff this romance is made of virtue and liberty the play con

of. Faustus, having acquired a cludes. The general style of this perfect knowledge of the whole drama is too declamatorý.

circle of science, sighs for the atMURDER OF A SEALING PARTY. tainment of more extended know

-Accounts have been received ledge. He dives deep into the of an attack recently made upon study of astrology ; and is at length a party of sealers in Bass's Straits, enabled, by “conjurations horrible by the natives of Van Dieman's to hear,” to “call spirits from the land, in which all the men be- vasty deep.” He “ sells his eterlonging to the boat, except one, nal jewel to the common enemy were massacred. It appears that of mankind,” on condition that the leader of this party had, wealth and pleasure shall be his. about three years ago, got hold Under the guardianship of Mephisof a native girl, with whom tophiles he commences his career he had since cohabited, and that of wickedness. He seduces Adine, this girl was with them in the the niece of an Italian count, boat. When out sealing one day, murders her brother Enrico, and they resolved to run ashore and forcibly carries off her cousin Roamuse themselves in the coun- salia. As the time approaches at try. When they landed, they which his contract with the fiend sent this girl to a party of natives, is to terminate, the latter suffers

his dupe to fall into the hands of it was placed on a block, and the the Inquisition. Here Mephisto- executioner, striking at the wrist philes counsels him to murder the with an axe, missed his aim, and keeper of the prison, as the only separated only two or three fingers. mode by which he can effect his The wretched culprit screamed escape. Faustus, who is not utterly with pain and terror; a second abandoned of heaven, refuses to blow was struck, and the hand comply. Mephistophiles, however, that had deprived a father of life, determined that he shall commit fell mutilated among the crowd. murder, transports his votary from The cries of the parricide were the dungeon of the Inquisition terrific, and did not cease till the into the palace of the king of knife falling upon his neck, left Milan, and so works on his am- him a headless trunk. bitious nature, that he destroys the EFFECTS OF JEALOUSY.-A reking, and ascends the throne in markable trial for murder took his room.

The moment for the place lately at Auch, near Borfulfilment of his contract now ap- deaux. Josephine Duprat, the proaches. Adine, who still loves accused, an interesting female, him, and who knows the peril in about 22 years of age, was chargwhich he stands, vainly intreats ed with the murder of her hushim to abjure his hellish league, band, a man of 24, to whom she and turn to heaven for mercy. In had been married about eight the midst of her affectionate ex- months, after a mutual attachment hortation, the allotted hour ex- of some standing. Josephine was pires, when Mephistophiles seizes inclined to jealousy, and her hushis prey, and bears him, not down, band, although not absolutely unwards, but upwards to the infernal faithful, had frequently, by his regions. In the commencement assiduous attention to other feof the piece, there are some gleams males, given her cause to accuse of fancy and spirit, but dulness him of inconstancy. He seldom prevailed throughout the whole of took any notice of these reproaches, the second and third acts.

and only ridiculed her for the sus17. A monster, who took his picions to which she abandoned trial a few weeks since, for the herself. About a month previous murder of his father, underwent to his death, the unfortunate husthe sentence of the law at Amiens. band became acquainted with a The culprit was a young man, not young man, whose sister, 18 years 25 years of age. He was seated of age, was remarkable for her in a cart, his back turned to the beauty and fascinating manners. horses, his hair cut off, his feet Josephine, though acquainted with bare, and his neck and shoulders this young female, had, since her also free from clothing, with the marriage, but few opportunities of exception of a black thick veil that meeting with her. On one occacovered him to the waist, as a man sion, however, chance brought them unworthy to behold the light of together, when the unsuspecting heaven. He was supported by girl spoke of the other's husband two persons. When he had mount- in terms that raised all the jealous ed the scaffold, his right hand, passions in the breast of Josephine. which till that moment had been The husband had not informed tied behind his back, was loosened; Josephine that he had even seen

or spoken to this lady. She re- the rest of the family. Mr. and proached him with his deceitful Mrs. Solomons, and a number of conduct, and added, that she was the servants, made their escape, convinced that he had bestowed and the


ladies were carried his affections on her friend. He out fainting. The fire spread so made no answer to these reproofs, rapidly, that the flames were seen but walked quietly out of the bursting from almost every winhouse, saying that he would return dow, and some of the female doin an hour, and proceeded to the mestics, who had not effected their residence of the young girl, for the escape, were seen at the windows purpose of cautioning her how she in the top of the house, imploring trifled with the feelings of his wife, assistance. It was impossible to and also to ascertain what conver- enter the house, and they were sation had passed between them directed to drop from the roof on relating to him. The young girl that of an adjoining building, a was absent from home: with the fall of 15 feet, which they did intention of waiting her return without material injury; two of he sat down by a table, on which them escaped from a back window preparations for a dinner for two by a ladder. The fire raged with persons had been made. He had such fury as to render the efforts not been in the house more than made to save any part of the prohalf an hour, when his wife rushed perty ineffectual. The fire engines into the room, frantic with pas- arrived without delay, but were sion, and observing him sitting at impeded in their operation by want table, apparently waiting for the of water. The mansion, which arrival of his supposed mistress to contained forty-eight rooms, with dine with her, seized a knife that its superb furniture, was entirely was on the table, and plunged it destroyed; the houses on either into his breast. He felī


the side were but slightly injured. floor, and expired in two hours. The total loss is estimated at She was unanimously found Guilly 30,0001., for about half of which of murder without premeditation, sum Mr. Solomons was insured. and sentenced to hard labour for 24. Loss of the TIMBER-SHIP life.

COLUMBUS. The Dolphin, of 23. FIRE AT ST. MARY AXE. Teignmouth, arrived in Cork, havAbout one o'clock in the morning, ing on board the captain (Daniel a fire broke out in the spacious Nesbitt Munro), and crew, 73 house occupied by Levy Solomons, in number, of the great timberesq., a Jew diamond merchant of ship Columbus. This immense immense wealth, in Bury-street, vessel sailed from the Downs on St. Mary Axe. The family retired the 26th of April, in ballast, for to rest at the usual hour on Sun- St. John's (New Brunswick), day night; some time after the with favourable weather. On the young ladies heard the crackling of 17th of May, in lat. 46. 54. N. wood, as if burning, and perceived long. 29. 2., a storm arose, with a smoke in their room. They rose the wind W. N. W., which occaand opened the chamber door, sioned the vessel to roll in such a when they found the house was on manner, as to render her almost fire, and the flames making a rapid unmanageable. The gale comprogress. Their shrieks alarmed menced at an early hour of the Vol. LXVII.


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