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the prisoner paid his wages, by Mr. tember, about ten o'clock. He was Fyfe, at Falkirk. He got il. 17s.6d. alone, and walking quick, and had He was offered 21. and was asked a big whip beneath his left arm. to give in the change, but could Prisoner said he had come from not; and was then paid with a one- Meldrum that morning, and had pound note, a five-shilling piece, got a dram when coming out of it. and other silver. Went with the Old Meldrum is on the high road prisoner afterwards as far as Cupar from Fyvie to Aberdeen. Prisoner Angus. Did not see him have any went on the road. other crown piece than the one he The Jury, after being enclosed got from Mr. Fyfe.

about 15 minutes, returned an (The prisoner had said, in his unanimous verdict of Guilty. declaration, he got the two-pound He was then sentenced to be notes found on him from Mr. executed at Aberdeen on Friday, Fyfe.)

the 10th of February. Margaret Duguid, servant to 29. High COURT OF JusWilliam Barron, vintner, at Kirk- TICIARY.-Case of the Daviot, proved that panel and Their lordships met soon after deceased slept in one bed in her nine o'clock, and proceeded to the master's house on Friday night; consideration of a bill of suspendescribed panel's dress and whip sion and liberation for Duncan the same as other witnesses. They M'Innes, late master of the Comet left Daviot a quarter before six on steam-boat, prisoner in the Tol. Saturday morning.

booth of Edinburgh, by virtue of a Jane Bruce, daughter of James sentence pronounced by the judge Bruce, farmer, at Cowhill, on the of the High Court of Admiralty, on road between Daviot and Fyvie.- the 22nd inst. Saw two men pass her father's The Lord Advocate stated, that house, between seven and eight in he was about to save the Court the morning in question, one a some trouble by at once acknowyoung and the other an old man. ledging, that he did consider the The old man had a plaid like that proceedings in this case liable to shown her. They were going to- an objection of a technical nature, wards Fyvie. Described the young as touching the mode of making man's dress; it was like that shown up the record, which would render her. He had a stick in one hand, it, in his opinion, not fitting for and a whip in the other-like the the public prosecutor to insist on whip in court. She afterwards sustaining the sentence against saw a young man at Fyvie, a pri- the pursuer. The libel set forth

She knew him to be the in the major proposition two one she had seen in the morning. crimes—the one culpable homicide The prisoner was the man. -the other negligent steering of a

Jean Ironside, servant in Mains steam-boat, by which lives were of Fyvie, saw the prisoner there on lost. Though these crimes were the day a man was hurt near Fyvie. nearly of the same nature, yet the It was between nine and ten o'clock

prosecutor having set them forth in the morning. He was alone, as separate crimes, was bound to and went towards Comieston. hold them as such ; and the in

Alexander Pratt saw the prisoner dictment proceeded to say, not on the morning of the 17th of Sep- that the pursuers were "guilty of


the said crimes, or one or other of Coffee into Liverpool, average five them, but that they were guilty of previous years, 4,600 chests; the said crime actors or art and 15,300 bags and barrels. part;" thus leaving it uncertain Rest of Great Britain, year 1825, which of the two crimes so set 29,100 casks; 187,380 bags and forth the prosecutor meant to

barrels. charge them with.

Ditto, average five previous years, The following judgment was 31,110 casks ; 102,700 bags and then read by the clerk of court :- barrels.

“ The Lord Justice Clerk and Rum into Liverpool, year 1825, up Lords Commissioners of Justiciary, to Dec. 31, 4,780 puncheons ; having considered the foregoing 1,490 hogsheads. bill of suspension and liberation, Ditto, average five previous years, and what is above represented in 8,240 puncheons; 1,460 hogsregard to the mode in which the heads. record was made up, in respect Rest of Great Britain, year 1825, that the Lord Advocate does not 27,320 puncheons; 2,740 hogsinsist in maintaining the sentence

heads. of the Judge Admiral, suspend the Ditto, average five previous years, sentence complained of simpliciter, 39,130 puncheons; 1,940 hogsand grant warrant to, and ordain heads. the magistrates of Edinburgh and

HAMBURGH. The number of keepers of their Tolbooth, to set the said Duncan MʻInnes at liberty.

ships arrived here in the course

of this year was, 1,863, of which MʻInnes was liberated accord

there were from England, iningly. LIVERPOOL.-Colonial Imports of West Indies

cluding those in ballast... 757 Liverpool, compared with those East Indies...


4 of the rest of Great Britain. Cotton Wool into Liverpool, year South America

North America


125 1825, up to December 31, Mediterranean

80 703,352 bags. Ditto, average five previous years, Portugal.



22 468,200 bags.

Rest of Great Britain, year 1825, Sweden and Norway


29 111,210 bags.

Denmark and the coast....

46 Ditto, average five previous years, Holland, East Friesland, and 88,500 bags.

the coasts

377 Sugar into Liverpool, year 1825,

Sailed, 1,858 ships. up to Dec. 31, 100 chests; 3,200 boxes.

SUICIDES IN WESTMINSTER.Ditto, average five previous years, The following is an authenti

1,600 chesis ; 6,100 boxes. cated monthly statement of the Rest of Great Britain, year 1825, number of males and females

4,700 chests; 243,000 boxes. whose deaths were occasioned by Ditto, average five previous years, suicide, during the year 1825, in

4,000 chests; 19,700 boxes. the city and liberties of WestCoffee into Liverpool, year 1825, minster, and upon whom inquests

up to Dec. 31, 5,040 casks ; were held before the coroners of 12,4.90 bags and barrels.

that district.


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Jan. Two men and two women, Withdrawn-12 Scotch, 1 Engby hanging themselves.

lish, 1 Irish-Total 14. Feb. One man, by hanging

Dismissed for want of prosecuhimself; and another, by cutting tion--2 Scotch. his throat.

Struck out on Report from ApMarch.-One man, by hanging peal Committee-3 Scotch. himself.

Heard—66 Scotch, 11 English, April. One woman, by throw- 11 Irish, 1 Welch..Total 80. ing herself out of a window.

Decided60 Scotch, 11 Enga May.-One woman, by taking lish, 9 Irish.-- Total 80. poison.

Remaining for Judgment - 6 June.-One man, by hanging Scotch, 2 Irish, 1 Welsh. Total 9. himself.

Remaining for Hearing --61 July.-One woman, by poison ; Scotch, 10 English, 26 Irish.another, by cutting her throat; Total 97. and also one man, by poison.

Writs of Error. Aug.-One man, by cutting his throat, from jealousy.

Heard in former sessions, but Sept.-One girl, and a man, by remaining undecided-2 English.

Deduct from above, decided in poison.

Oct-One woman, by hanging present session-1 English. herself; one man and one woman,

Remaining undecided-3 Scotch. by poison ; and also one man, by session, 1824, after deducting those

Remaining on the list of last shooting himself. Nov. – One man, by taking Scotch, 5 English, 3 Irish.-


not appointed for hearing -- 4 poison.

12. Dec.-Two men, by hanging

Presented in the session 1825themselves ; and another, by cutting his throat.

19 English

Withdrawn—2 English. HOUSE OF LORDS. - Account of Non Prosed-11 English.

Appeals and Writs of Error re- Heard-2 Scotch, 6 English, 1 maining undecided and standing Irish.—Total 9. in the cause list as appointed, Decided-5 English, 1 Irish. and not appointed for hearing: Total 6. Appeals.

Remaining for judgment - 2 Heard in former sessions, but Scotch, 1 English.-- Total 3. remaining undecided-4 Scotch, 2

Remaining for hearing - 2 English, 1 Irish. Deduct from Scotch, 5 English, 2 Irish. Total above, decided in the present ses

9. sion ; 1 Scotch, 2 English, 1 Irish.

Summary, 1825. Remaining undecided, 3 Scotch. Total Appeals for Hearing.. 205 Remaining on the list of last Total Writs of Error

31 session, 1824, after deducting those not appointed for hearing-113

236 Scotch, 8 English, 27 Irish, 1 Disposed of

130 Welch.-Total 149.

Presented in the session 1825- Remaining for Hearing .. 106

Scotch, 14 English, 11 Irish. Note.The number of days on Total 56; total on the list, 205. which the House sat upon Appeals

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December.: 7

376 16 0

... 70



and Writs of Error, including those Prices of Consols.
occupied in the consideration of

Average causes, from the first day of this 1798 March 97

74 19 9 session to the 6th day of July inclusive, was 89.

1794 to 1816, incluFLUCTUATIONS IN THE FUNDS. sive (23 years,)

70 1 2 -Average price of the 3 per cent one average only Public Funds, in each year since reached 1786, as shown by the rate of the Six others

66 ) 0 purchases of the Commissioners for Nine were under 60 0 0 the reduction of the national debt. Two of the nine 51 0 0

Average Price. 1817 March .... 68
Years ending

£. s. d.

November.. 83
January 31, 1787 75 10 6

1818 March 78
8 74 2 10

78 1 5

September.. 74 )
174 7 9 1819. March

1790 76 15 11

November.. 68

71 19 3 1 76 17 3

1820 April.... 2 84 8 10

68 12 0

October.... 67
89 12


1821 April...... 72 4 74 19 9

74 15 5

October.... 78 5 66 14 11

1822 April.... 792 6 66 8 11

October.... 82

79 15 0 7 60 2 5

1823 April...... 73 8 50 1 0

80 5 10 October.... 83 50 12 0

It appears by these averages that 1800 59 10


the extreme high prices of 97 and 1 63 3 3

83 have only been maintained for 2 61 6 0

a short period, and that 80 may 3 70 1 2 considered a high price, as only 4 57 3 3

three averages (from 1786 till 5 56 16 6

1824), have reached that price. In 1806 58 14 0

respect of the great advance of 7 61 2 8

1817 and 1824, it may be observ8 62 17 3

ed, the sudden reduction in the 9 66 11


rate of interest of money operated 1810 68 8


at both periods as the principal 1 67 16 3 2 63 12



SUMPTION.There are upwards of 4

58 15 9 6,000 acres of ground cultivated as 5 66 11


gardens, within 12 miles of the 6 ... 58 13 9 metropolis, giving employment to 7 62 1 2

30,000 persons in winter, and three January 5, 1818

76 16 0 times that number in summer. 9 78 1 5 There were sold in Smithfield 1820 71 19 3 market, in the year 1822, 149,885 1 68 12 0

beasts, 24,609 calves, 1,507,096 2 74 15


sheep, and 20,020 pigs. This does 3 79 15


not, however, by any means, form 4 80 5 10


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the total consumed in London, as of butter in London amounts to large quantities of meat in carcasses, about 11,000, and that of cheese to particularly pork, are daily brought 13,000 tons. The money paid anfrom the counties round the metro- nually for milk is supposed to polis. The total value of the cattle amount to 1,250,000l. The quansold in Smithfield is calculated at tity of poultry annually consumed 8,500,000l.; it is supposed that a in London is supposed to cost bemillion a-year is expended in fruits tween 70,0001. and 80,000/. That and vegetables. The consumption of game depends on the fruitfulof wheat amounts to a million of ness of the season. There is noquarters annually; of which four- thing, however, more surprising fifths are supposed to be made into than the sale of rabbits. One bread, being a consumption of 64 salesman in Leadenhall-market, millions of quartern loaves every during a considerable portion of year in the metropolis alone. An the year, is said to sell 14,000 rabadvance of one farthing on the bits weekly: he disposes of them, quartern loaf, forms an aggregate by employing between 150 and 300 increase, in expense for this article men and women who hawk them alone, of upwards of 13,000l. per through the streets. week. The annual consumption

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