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Samuel Bedford Edwards, of Arsley, esq. Berkshire

Ebenezer Fuller Maitland, of Shinfield, esq. Buckinghamshire James Dupré, of Wilton Park, esq. Cambridge and Hunt- Sir C. E. Nightingale, of Kneesworth, bart.

ingdon.. Cheshire

John Smith Daintry, of Sutton, esq. Cornwall.

William Baron, of Tregear, esq.

Matthew Atkinson, of Stain-Gills, esq.
Sir C. A. Hastings, of Willesley-Hall

, bart. Devonshire

George Strode, of Newnham-Park, esq. Dorsetshire,

Christopher Spurrier, of Upton, esq. Essex

Peter Du Cane, of Braxsted Lodge, esq. Gloucestershire Sir James Musgrave, of Barnsley-Park, bart. Herefordshire Thomas Andrew Knight, of Downton-castle, esq. Hertfordshire. Thomas Nash Kemble, of Gubbin-Park, esq. Kent

George Daniel Tyssen, of Foley-House, esq. Lancashire

John Hargreaves, of Ormerod-House, esq. Leicestershire. Charles March Phillips, of Garenden, esq. Lincolnshire

Sir John Trollope, of Caswick, bart. Monmouthshire James Proctor, of

Chepstow, esq. Norfolk ...

John Harvey, of Thorpe Lodge, esq. Northamptonshire Sir R. H. Gunning, of Horton, bart. Northumberland. Anthony Gregson, of Bowsden, esq. Nottinghamshire G. Gregory, of Rempstone, esq. Oxfordshire

Sir Francis Desanges, of Aston-Rowant, knt. Rutland

John Neal, of Belton, esq. Shropshire

John Whitehall Dod, of Cloverley, esq. Somersetshire John Quantock, of Norton-sub-Hanadon, esq. Staffordshire

Sir G. Pigot, of Patshull, bart. County of Southampton Henry P. Delmé, of Cams-Hall, esq. Suffolk.

Sir Henry Edward Bunbury, of Great Barton, bart. Surrey.

John Barnard Hankey, of Fetcham-Park, esq. Sussex.

James Henry Slater, of Newick-Park, esq. Warwickshire. Chandos Leigh, of Stoneleigh-Abbey, esq. Wiltshire

Ernle Warriner, of Conock, esq. Worcestershire Sir Thomas Phillips, of Middle-Hill, bart Yorkshire

John Hutton, of Marske, esq.

SOUTH WALES. Breconshire

Henry Allen, of Oakfield, esq. Caermarthenshire .. David Jones, of Pantglas, esq. Cardiganshire Edward Price Lloyd, of Wernewydd, esq. Glamorganshire John Bennet, of Lalestone, esq. Pembrokeshire G. Bowen, of Llwyn-y-gwair, esq. Radnorshire

Peter Rickards Mynors, of Evenjob, esq.

NORTH WALES. Anglesea..

Thomas Meyrick, of Cefncock, esq: Carnarvonshire H. D. Griffith, of Caerhûn, esq. Denbighshire William Egerton, of Gresford Lodge, esq. Flintshire

John Lloyd Wynne, of Plasnewydd, esq. Merionethshire F. Roberts, of Gerdebluog. Montgomeryshire Phillip Morris, of Trehelig, esq.


27. The lady of Alexander Dobie,

esq. a son. JANUARY.

29. At his house in Chapel-street,

West, May-fair, the lady of Edward 1. The lady of Thomas Burch W. Jake, esq. a son. Western, esq. of Tattingstone-place, The lady of Abraham Tozer, Suffolk, a son.

esq. a son. 2. At Cheltenham, the lady of - In Belgrave-place, Mrs. Berescapt. James Scott, of his majesty's ford Eyton, a son. ship Harlequin, a daughter.

30. At Kensington, the lady of 4. At Thurston, the lady of the Thomas Robinson, esq. a daughter. rev. Edgar Rust, a son.

31. In Conduit-street, the lady of - Ať Chatham, the lady of lieut. William Gilpin, esq. a son. Burgoyne, R. E. a daughter.

- At Hampstead, the lady of 5.° At Montagu-street, Montagu. Edward Toller, jun. esq. a son. square, the lady of Frederick Solly

At Dulwich, the lady of RoFlood, esq. a daughter.

bert Warner, esq. a son. 6. At Spetchley, the lady of Robert Berkley, jun. esq. a son.

FEBRUARY. 7. At Stackpole-court, lady Cawdor, a daughter.

8. At Hackney, the lady of lieut. 1. At Bloomsbury-square, the John Lamb, R. N. a son.

lady of William Ward, esq. & 10. At Cambridge, the lady of daughter. David Charles Guthrie, esq. a son. - At Calais, the lady of Roderick

11. The lady of Andrew Spottis- Rickandes, esq. of Penglais, Abewoode, esq.of Bedford-square, a son. rystwith, a son.

- At Castle Hill, Devon, lady At his majesty's victualling Catharine Fellowes, a son.

yard, Deptford, the lady of James 12. At Woburn-place, Russell- Marr Brydone, esq. a daughter. square, the lady of William John

2. At Brighton, the lady of J. Sclater, esq. a son.

Newton Wigney, esq. of Regency14. In Byranstone-square, the square, a daughter. lady of George Bankes, esq. a 5. In Hertford-street, May-fair, daughter.

the lady of sir G. F. Hampson, a 18. In Pall Mall, the lady of daughter. Hugh Hammersley, esq. a son. 6. In Chancery-lane, "the lady of 17. The lady of T. R. Thelluson, H. A. Merewether, esq. a son.

8. In Harley-street, the lady of 22. The lady of William Holborn,

R. W. Hall Dane, esq. a son. esq. of Grove cottage, Peckham- The lady of James Winson, grove, a daughter.

esq. of Upper Bedford-pl., of a son. 23. At the house of her father, 10. In Portland-place, the lady of the right hon. sir Henry Russel, his excellency M. Hurtado, the bart. in Wimpole-street, the lady envoy from Colombia for London, of Thomas Green, esq. a daughter

25. At his house, Grosvenor-st. 13. Mrs. Skinner, of Great Portthe lady of Dr. Drever, adaughter. land-street, a son.

26. În Saville-row, the lady of 14. The lady of Cuthbert Rippon, the hon, and rev. Henry E. Bridge- esq. of a son.

18. The lady of T. R. Kemp, esq. man, a son.

At Carshalton, the lady of M. P. a daughter. John Plummer, esq. M. P. a son. 19. At Gloucester-place, the lady

27. At the Hermitage, Stamford of George Simpson, jun. esq. a Hill, the lady of Samuel Philip daughter. Rickman, esq. a son.

20. At Conyngham Hall, near

esq. a daughter.

a son.

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BIRTHS. Knaresborough, the wife of Dr. 26. At Vale Cottage, Green-lanes, Harrison, a daughter.

Hornsey, the lady of Joseph Thorp, 20.At Bath, the wifeof hon.Charles esq. a daughter. Clifford, a son.

27. The lady of Charles Calvert, 22. At Burton Rectory, the wife esq. M. P. a daughter. of rev. George Davenport White- - At Caher, the lady of George head, a son.

Mechan, esq. 3rd Dragoon guards, In Great Cumberland-street, a daughter. the wife of Thomas W. Coventry, 28. In Upper Wimpole-street, the of North Cray-place, Kent, à right hon. lady Amelia Sophia daughter.

Boyce, a son. The wife of rev. Mr. Spring 29. At Irnham Hall, Lincolnshire, M. A. chaplain to the hon. East the seat of the right hon. lord ClifIndia company, a daughter. ford, the hon. Mrs. Clifford, a

25. At Spring Gardens, hon. Mrs. daughter. Agar Ellis, a son and heir.

The lady of John Constable, 28. At West Hill Lodge, the right esq. a daughter. hon. lady Henry Paulet, a son. - At Dessington Hall, Northum

berland, the lady of Edward CollingMARCH

wood, esq. a daughter.

30. In Upper Montagu-street, 2. At Neasdon House, the wife Montagu-eq., the lady of captain R. of the hon. William Fraser, a son. J. Maclean, 65th Foot, a daughter.

- At Langton Hall, Leicester, 31. The lady of D. Maclean, esq. Mrs. J. P. Ord, a daughter. of Brunswick-square, a daughter.

4. At Erskine House, Renfrew- At Pattenham Priory, in the shire, lady Blantyre, a daughter. county of Surrey, the lady of

6. The lady of sir Thomas Farqu- Richard Sumner, esq. a son. har, bart. a daughter.

The lady of Martin Manglis, At Crowood, the wife of J. esq. Herne Hill, Surrey, a son. Richmond Seymour, esq. adaughter. 8. At St. Leonard's Nazing, Essex,

APRIL. the wife of capt. Caulfield, a daughter.

1. In Paris, the lady of Charles 12. At Thoresby Park, Notts, Thellusson, esq. a son. countess Manvers, a son.

The lady of Charles Ellis 14. At Paris, lady Julia Manners Heaton, esq: a daughter. Lockwood, a son and heir.

2. In Gloucester-place, the lady 20. The lady of N. S. Chauncy, of M. Macnamara, esq. a son. esq. a son.

The lady of John Barclay, - The lady of Ambrose Weston, esq. of Devonshire-place, a son. esq. of Guildford-street, Russell- 3. The lady of John Sims, esq. square, a son.

M. D. a son. 23. At Bath, the lady of the hon. 4. In St. James's-place, the lady Hugh Francis Manners Tollemache, of Ralph Deane, esq. a son. a daughter.

5. At Harperley Park, Durham, At Hoddesdon, Berks, the lady the lady of G. H. Wilkinson, esq. a of P. C. Cazalet, esq. a daughter.

24. At Pudlicott House, Oxon, 6. At Mark's Hall, the lady of the lady of sir Simon Stuart, bart. W. P. Honywood, esq. M. P. a son. a daughter.

At Apprington House, near 25. At Haines Hill, the lady of Totness, the lady of major-general capt. Garth, R. N. a daughter. Adams, a son.

26. In Wimpole-street, Cavendish- 7. At Brasted Park, Kent, the square, the lady of John Goldie, lady of Edmund Turton, esq. a son esq. a son,

and heir.


BIRTHS. 7. The lady of George Bishop,

MAY. esq. a son. 11. The lady of D. E. Morris, esq.

1. At Lewisham, the lady of Pall Mall east, a daughter.

James Stewart, esq. a daughter. 12. The lady of the hon. Henley 4. The lady of sir Alexander Eden, a son and heir.

Don, bart. M. P. a son. 13. At Roehampton, the lady of

5. At Castle House, Torrington, C. G. Wynne, esq. à son.

Devon, the lady of A. M. J. Deane, 14. The lady of capt. Slegg, of esq. a son. the Royal Dragoons, a son.

6. At Abercromby-place, EdinThe lady of R. Gurney, esq. burgh, the marquise de Riazio of the Inner Temple, a son.

Sporza, a daughter. 15. The lady Charlotte Berkeley, - At Clifton, the lady of Charles a daughter,

A. Elton, esq. a son. The lady of J. H. Tremaine, The lady of Dr. Mayo, Tunesq. M. P. a son.

bridge Wells, a daughter. The lady of S. Burn, esq. 8. At Calais, the lady of Robert King's-street, Cheapside, a daugh- Gunn, of Mount Kennedy, a daughter.

ter, 16. At Norwood, the lady of 9. The lady of R. Bernal, esq. Francis Tuke, esq. a son.

M. P. Park Crescent, a son. 19. At Walton House, in the 10. At Walton Castle, the lady of county of Cumberland, the lady of John Coulson, esq. a son. W. Ponsonby, esq. a daughter. 12. At Friar's-place, near Acton,

22. In Lower Brook-street, the the lady of Charles B. Curtis, esq. hon. Mrs. Barrington, a son. a daughter.

In Gower-street, Bedford- 13. In Grosvenor-square, the lady square, the lady of Thomas Wyatt, of - Calthorpe, a son. esq. of Prickler's Hill, Hertford- 19. The lady of R. Frankland, shire, a daughter.

esq. M. P. a daughter. 23. The lady of H. C. Berkeley, 20. In Upper Portland-place, the esq. of Montague-street, Russell- lady of H. St. John Tucker, esq. a square, a son.

daughter. The lady of colonel Chichester At his house, in York-place, Crookshanks, a son.

Portman-square, the lady of Henry 25. At Bath, the lady of the hon. Charles Hoare, esq. a son. and rev. Francis Howard, a son and At his seat in Herefordshire, heir.

the lady of sir George Cornwall, 26. In Edinburgh, the lady of sir bart. a daughter. James Milles Riddell, bart. a son. 21. At Sibton, Kent, the lady of

27. At his house, Great Russell- John Uniacke, esq. a daughter. street, Bloomsbury, the lady of The marchioness of Anglesea, James Loch, esq. a son.

a daughter. 28. At Canterbury, the hon. Mrs. 23. At the Royal Military Asylum, J. Boscawen, a daughter.

Southampton, the lady of lieut.-col. 29. In Torrington-square, Mrs. Evatt, a daughter. Mercier, a daughter,

26. At Roehampton, the right 30. At his lordship’s house, in hon. lady Gifford, a son. Connaught-place, the marchioness - In Harley-street, the lady of of Exeter, a son and heir.

lieut.-general sir George Townshend In Bernard-street, Russell Walker, G. C. B. a son. square, the lady of F. G. Francis, 27. At Ranger's Lodge, Oxfordesq. a son.

shire, the lady of sir Henry Lam- At Fulbourn, near Cambridge, bert, bart a son. the lady of Richard Greaves Town- 28. At Stadwyck, near Leyden, ley, esq. a son.

the seat of the hon. A. V. Alphen,


a son.


BIRTHS. the lady of James Du Puy, esq. a J. Adeane, esq. of Babraham, Cam

bridgeshire, a son and heir. 30. At Munster House, Fulham, 26. At Barnhain Wood, the lady lady Jane Lawrence Peel, a son.

of the hon. col. Knox, a daughter. At Gladwins, Essex, the lady - At Woburn Vicarage, Bucks, of rev. Thomas Clayton Glyn, a the lady of rev. Alexander Dallas, daughter.

31. The hon. Mrs. Carleton, a 28. At the Residentiary House, daughter.

the lady

of the rev. Wm. V. Vernon,

Canon Residentiary of York CatheJUNE.

dral, and son of his Grace the Arch

bishop, a son and heir. 1. At Hampton Court Palace, the At Overlegh Hall, near Chester, lady of the rev. George Fauquier, a the lady of captain J. Patterson, a son. daughter.

29. At Eccleshall Castle, the hon. 2. The lady of Henry Rouse, esq. Mrs. Ryder, lady of the hon. and Montague-street, Russel-square, à right rev. the lord bishop of Lich

field and Coventry, a son. 3. The lady of Dr. Seymour, 30. The lady of Adolphus MeetGeorge-street, Hanover-square, á kerke, esq. of Julians, Herts, a daughter.

daughter. In Stratton-street, the lady of Lately, in Stratton-street, PiccaSamuel Whitbread, esq. M. P. a dilly, lady Jane Peel, a daughter. daughter. - The lady of Frederick Tyrrell,

JULY. esq. a son,

5. At his lordship's house, in 2. At Holdernesse House, ParkUpper Brook-street, the countess of lane, the marchioness of LondonKinnoul, a daughter.

derry, a son. 7. At Collier's Wood, in the coun- 5.At Alderton Hall, Suffolk, ty of Surrey, the lady of Boyd Mrs. Rodwell, a son. Miller, esq. a son.

13. At Combe, Herefordshire, 8. At Forest Hill, near Windsor, the lady of T. B. Ricketts, esq. a son. the lady of W. F. Riley, esq. a 15. The lady of rev. R. Clowes, daughter.

vicar of Knutsford, a daughter. 10. At High Wycombe, the hon. 17. At Burroughs Hill, Hendon, Mrs. Crewe, a daughter.

the right hon. lady Mary Isabella - In New-street, Spring-gardens, Willis, of Redburn, a daughter. lady Maria West, a daughter.

18. At Elton, Durham, Mrs. G. 11. In Montague-place, the lady W. Sutton, a son. of Thomas Abbel, esq. a son,

19. At Walkington Lodge, York12. In Gloucester-place, the ladyshire, the lady of John Ditmas, esq. of the very rev. Dr. Calvert, warden of twins. of Manchester, a son and heir.

At Edwinsford, Carmarthen14. The lady of Alfred Chapman, shire, lady Mary Hainlyn Williams, esq. a daughter.

a daughter. 15. The lady of O. S. Reynolds, 20. At Rusbden Hall, the lady esq. a son.

of Thomas Williams, esq. high -The lady of Ashly Smith, sheriff of Northamptonshire, a son. M. D. a daughter.

24. At Paris, the lady of hon. 19. At Edinburgh, the lady of sir Hercules-Langford Rowley (eldest John J. Scott Douglas, bart. a son son of lord Langford), a son and heir, and heir.

30. At Morestead, near Winches21. At Dundalk, the lady of Dr. ter, the lady of Edw. Mount Gale, Barry, Royal Dragoons, a son.

esq. a son. 24. At Ramsgate, the lady of H. Lately, at Garboldisham, Nor, VOL. LXVII,


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